Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Nail Lacquer

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.40 oz.) is a darkened blue with just the slightest touch of teal. It does not look teal to me in any light–it always reads rather blue to me. Whenever I look at it on my nails, I’m reminded of jeans. This was almost a one coater, though I still ended up with two to ensure it was perfectly opaque. The formula is medium-thick in consistency and applies smoothly without streaking. I love that this color doesn’t turn black even in low lighting.

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Nail Lacquer

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit Nail Lacquer

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.4 fl. oz.) is a dusty, gray-tinged hunter green cream. The formula packs quite a lot of pigment and is almost opaque in one coat (but the swatches are with two). Rescue Beauty Lounge’s formula is on the thicker side, but they apply beautifully; very smoothly and evenly, and the majority of shades–from my experience–are opaque in two coats.

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

Rescue Beauty Lounge Housewives of Tudor England Collection

Rescue Beauty Lounge Tudors

Going English with Rescue Beauty

Rescue Beauty Lounge just launched their Housewives of Tudor England Collection. It features four shades: Anne (bewitching olive green with a pink-gold metallic iridescence), Catherine (royal purple with a fine pewter sheen and hints of blue and fuschia shimmer), Catherine H. (shimmering Wedgewood blue hue with a hint of a gold- and pink-flecked darkening sky), and Jane (pale gray pearl with sheer washes of pink and gold). Each retails for $18.00 (for 0.4 fl. oz.).

  • Anne is a dark, luxurious olive green with a mix of pink and gold micro shimmer. The shimmer seems really fine but plentiful; it’s like it was strewn through the color base. It has a very slight yellow undertone, but this is definitely more olive green than green-green. Two coats.
  • Catherine is a grayed purple with pink and gray micro-shimmer laced with the color. There’s a subtle cool undertone running through this, despite it’s eggplanty-red base. Two coats.
  • Catherine H. is a medium-dark periwinkle blue with lilac shimmer and iridescent blue microglitter. It is just the slightest bit purple-toned, but it’s still predominantly a blue shade. Two coats.
  • Jane is a muted gray-beige creme with flecks of pale gold microglitter hovering in the base; it’s the least glittery/shimmery of the four. I couldn’t detect any pink in this, even under direct light. Two coats.

I found the formula on these a little thinner than the majority of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes that I’ve tried, which isn’t a bad thing, just something I noticed from the get-go. I only needed two coats for all four of these, though Jane may be one that you may go three coats on. Otherwise, these are rather pigmented on the whole. Application went smoothly with no streaking and even color and shimmer distribution.  They dry down to a semi-shiny finish, so I’d definitely recommend a glossy top coat for these to look their best (I used Zoya’s).

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: The colors are perfect for fall; they have a certain depth to them that makes them particularly elegant on nails.

AVAILABILITY: Rescue Beauty Lounge

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Lacquer (Scrangie, Under the Stars, Black Russian)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.4 fl. oz.) is a formula that always hits the right notes. It’s never thick, clumpy, or streaky–application is incredibly easy with a flawless, smooth finish in two coats (on average). Lasts a full week for me (that’s about as long as I wear a single shade) without chipping.

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Rescue Beauty Lounge:  Scrangie, Under the Stars, Black Russian

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Lacquer (No More War, Diddy Mow, 360)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Lacquers ($18.00) are a big splash amongst nail polish fanatics, and I didn’t even realize that they’re the same brand that does all the soaps I have in my house! (I love that they have a hand soap with the word Pamplemousse in its name! One of my favorite French words ever–say it ten times and you better be giggling!)  Last week, I purchased several shades from the website to give ’em a spin for myself…

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Rescue Beauty Lounge