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Giorgio Armani #402 (Chinese Lacquer) Lip Maestro

Giorgio Armani #402 (Chinese Lacquer) Lip Maestro
Giorgio Armani #402 (Chinese Lacquer) Lip Maestro

Giorgio Armani #402 (Chinese Lacquer) Lip Maestro ($32.00 for 0.22 fl. oz.) is a bright, orange-toned red with a semi-matte finish. Guerlain Genna has a satin finish. Hourglass Raven is matte and a bit brighter. MAC Ruffian Red isn’t as orange. Clarins Red Prodige is sheerer. MAC Strut Your Stuff is slightly shimmery. OCC Stalker is a touch darker.

I love Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestro; it’s so comfortable but incredibly long-wearing. The texture is a mix of gel and velvet, and it definitely feels like there are silicones in it (and there are), so it sits well on the lips without settling, and the lip color applies evenly and smoothly. It’s fully opaque in color, and it takes very little product to get there. This shade lasted eight hours on me, and it did leave a light stain behind. Even over an eight hour period, my lips never felt dry and at the end, they felt lightly hydrated still. It has a light, natural sheen initially, but it fades after an hour and settles into a matte finish that’s modern.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #402

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Illamasqua Superstition Nail Varnish

Illamasqua Superstition Nail Varnish
Illamasqua Superstition Nail Varnish

Illamasqua Superstition Nail Varnish ($17.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “bright fuchsia pink.” It’s a bold, magenta pink with a jelly-cream finish. It is similar to the base color of Hare Polish Party Palace. NARS Ratin Jot is a bit less magenta (pinker). Illamasqua Obsess seemed really similar to me; perhaps a little purpler and lighter (and this has a true cream finish). If you have Obsess, I’d skip this (unless you’re a die-hard fan of Illamasqua’s formula, wear this kind of color all the time, or really want the jelly finish this has), because they are very, very similar. Deborah Lippmann Makin’ Whoopee is similar but has a shimmer finish.

The formula is everything I’ve come to expect from Illamasqua: perfection. It’s not too thick or too thin, so it applies beautifully without bubbling, streaking, or pooling along the edge of the nail. It flows well across the nail and is opaque in two coats. The finish is more of a hybrid between jelly and cream; it didn’t look as squishy as a typical jelly is, and this shade was more opaque than a lot of jelly polishes I’ve seen have been. Illamasqua’s formula lasts seven days on me with very minor tip wear, but it easily extends to ten to fourteen-day wear if I let it go that long.

Illamasqua Superstition Nail Varnish


Bobbi Brown Nude Beach Collection for Summer 2013

Bobbi Brown Nude Beach Collection
Bobbi Brown Nude Beach Collection

Face & Body Bronzing Duo ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi’s cult classic bronzer goes double-duty for face and body so you get a true, allover glow. Use each shade separately or blended together—the generous compact makes it easy to sweep bronzer over the face, neck, décolletage and arms. Create a sun-kissed, natural-looking tan whether you’re headed to the beach or want to look like you just came from one.

Sheer Color Cheek Tint ($26.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi’s new Sheer Color Cheek Tint gives cheeks natural-looking color. The translucent, lightweight formula glides on and blends evenly into skin. Packaged in a travel-sized swivel-up stick for convenient and easy application.

  • Nude Beach
  • Summer Pink
  • Sunlit Nude

Tube Tint ($19.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi has brought back her most popular shades from past collections for pretty, hint-of-color glosses. A range of limited edition shades in easy-to-use tubes give lips a sheer, beachy tint. Wear them solo or over your favorite lipstick – without ever feeling heavy. Ideal for warm weather beauty.

  • Air Kiss
  • Bronzed Pink
  • Naked
  • Pink Cloud

Sunless Tanning Gel for Face & Body ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

Skip the sun and achieve a natural-looking tan from head to toe with Bobbi’s Sunless Tanning Gel.

Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick ($28.00) (New)

  • Golden Bronze
  • Sunlight Gold

Shimmer Nail Polish ($18.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Pink Pearl

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom; May 2013 at Bobbi Brown counters

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OCC Makeup Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duos featuring Willam, Detox, and Vicky Vox

OCC Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duo
OCC Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duo

Celebrity drag queens Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox become the first faces of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. These drag queens are amongst Hollywood’s most famous and can be seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Rihanna’s music videos, Nip/Tuck, American Wedding (to name a few) and now on to the packages of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Making their debut on May 7th, 2013 you can find this dynamic trio wearing their favorite matching Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars and Nail Lacquers in a collection exclusive to Sephora.com and select Sephora stores. The celebrity drag queen collection of Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duo Packs will each come with a mini Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Brush and an inserted card that Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox can be seen on.

This makeup-loving trio is a natural choice to sport Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics long-lasting Lip Tar, which goes on slick and moist but dries down to a satin finish and densely pigmented Nail Lacquer. Celebrity drag queen Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duo Packs will be offered in Anime, Black Dahlia, and Kava Kava at a special price of $22.50 each.

Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duo ($22.50) (Limited Edition)

  • ANIME (Featuring WILLAM) – Bright Neon Pink Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
  • BLACK DAHLIA (Featuring DETOX) – Super Blackened Red Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
  • KAVA KAVA (Featuring VICKY VOX) – Neutral Peach Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
  • NSFW (Featuring WILLAM) – True Balanced Red Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
  • STRUMPET (Featuring DETOX) Deep Purpled Burgundy Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer
  • GRANDMA (Featuring VICKY VOX) Clean, Classic Coral Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer

Availability: May 7th online @ Sephora and select Sephora stores

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Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow
Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows

Sugarpill CrhomaLust Loose Eyeshadows ($12.00 for 0.18 oz.) currently has a range of eighteen permanent shades, which I have covered as they’ve been released. Like the eyeshadows, I wanted to re-do swatches so they can be added to the Swatch Gallery. This post includes swatches of all eighteen, as well as photos of them (originally taken when I first covered the product, so the product photos are not new).

  • Absinthe is a brightened, light-medium green with yellow undertones and a chartreuse shimmer-sheen.
  • Asylum is a brightened orange-red with copper shimmer and a metallic sheen.
  • Birthday Girl is a muted, medium-dark pink with a pink shimmer. It almost has a matte base.
  • Darling is a green-teal with a frosted sheen.
  • Decora is a warm-toned pink-red with lighter pink shimmer and a frost finish.
  • Goldilux is a rich, molten gold with antique gold and brown undertones and a metallic finish.
  • Hysteric is a medium-dark purple with subtle warm undertones and a frosted, metallic finish.
  • Junebug is a forest green with subtle warm, brown undertones and a frosted finish.
  • Lumi is an iridescent blue-teal-white with a frosted, metallic finish. This shade works best layered over other products.
  • Magentric is a darkened raspberry pink with a frosted, metallic finish.
  • Magpie is a dark, smoky blue with a frosted, metallic finish.
  • Paperdoll is a lavender with a matte base and silver sparkle.
  • Royal Sugar is a rich, cobalt blue matte base with lighter blue sparkle.
  • Starling is a medium-dark blue with a metallic finish.
  • Stella is a deep, dark black with subtle warm undertones and multi-colored shimmer.
  • Tiara is a warm silver-gray (almost pewter) with a frosted finish.
  • Tipsy is a warm-toned, grassy green with a frosted, metallic sheen.
  • Weekender is a cool-toned, medium purple with a silver-ish shimmer/sheen.

Generally, they have so-so to good color payoff when applied dry, and then all of them intensify when applied damp (I just used water). The only ones I don’t like are a couple that have mostly matte bases, because they can be a little powdery and hard to apply evenly and with good intensity (Paperdoll is my least favorite, and Birthday Girl performs somewhat better but is fussy); Royal Sugar has a mostly matte base but works quite well when applied damp (it doesn’t get uneven, as mattes often do when applied damp).

The texture of ChromaLusts is very, very finely-milled, so it feels very soft. The only shade that doesn’t feel quite as smooth as the rest is Tiara, which is a bit more sparkly in comparison to other shades. Some of these are prone to staining (greens, blues, and teals in particular), so you may want to wear a base underneath to minimize staining potential. When I wear ChromaLusts without a base, I get between eight and nine hours of wear, and when applied over a primer, I haven’t seen any signs of wear even after twelve hours.  Because they’re so finely-milled, they bind together well, but because they are loose, you’ll want to pat the product onto the lid rather than sweep to minimize fall out during application.

Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadows Review & Swatches


Sugarpill Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Sugarpill Eyeshadow
Sugarpill Acidberry Eyeshadow

Sugarpill Eyeshadows ($12.00 for 0.14 oz., each) currently has a range of thirteen permanent shades, which I have covered as they’ve been released. Because the initial launch was a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to re-do swatches so that they can be included in the Swatch Gallery (which requires everything be shown individually). This morning, I was like, “DO IT!” And so it has been done. I’ve also included four shades that were more recently released in the Heartbreaker palette (which didn’t need to be redone) for completion. Note that the photos of the eyeshadow pans are old (just updated the swatches).  (There is also @#$%!, which was a limited edition shade, but need to take full photos of it prior to swatching, as I’ve never used it before!)

  • 2AM is a pink-plum with a very subtle satin finish (looks mostly matte applied).
  • Acidberry is a light-medium green with yellow undertones and a satin finish.
  • Afterparty is a medium blue with a cool undertones and a frosted finish.
  • Bulletproof is a black with a matte finish.
  • Buttercupcake is a brightened, medium yellow with a matte finish.
  • Dollipop is a bold, fuchsia pink with a matte finish.
  • Flamepoint is a bright, red-toned orange with a matte finish.
  • Love+ is an orange-toned red with a matte finish.
  • Midori is a subtly cool-toned, medium-dark green with a pearly sheen.
  • Mochi is an aqua blue with a subtle satin shimmer over a matte finish.
  • Poison Plum is a deep purple-plum with strong red undertones and a matte finish.
  • Tako is a white with a matte finish.
  • Velocity is a bold, cobalt blue with a satin finish.

Sugarpill is a fantastic brand, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the creatrix behind the brand, Amy, and she is as fun in person as she seems online. It’s a brand that you can tell takes their time to development new products and shades; that has a goal in mind and doesn’t waver from it. I very much remain impressed by Sugarpill’s range and how they’ve grown over the years. If you like bolder shades, definitely consider their pressed eyeshadows, which tend to be bold, bright, and have mostly matte finishes.

You’ll notice that all of the shades have good pigmentation, with some being incredibly intense and others being mostly opaque. Many of them will stain if applied over bare skin, so I recommend applying over a primer which will bridge the gap between 90% opacity and 100% as well as minimize the potential to stain. They have a soft, finely-milled texture that blends easily and smoothly. Not so soft that they turn powdery, but not dry or stiff so they aren’t problematic to blend. When worn alone, I get eight to nine hours of wear without fading or creasing; with primer, I’ve seen wear as long as twelve hours.

Sugarpill Eyeshadows Review & Swatches


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