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5 Shades of Juicy Watermelon

For me, summer and juicy, sweet watermelon go hand-in-hand.  This post is inspired by that connection and my personal love for watermelon!  These are five lovely shades of pink and red-coral!

  1. Giorgio Armani No. 06 Fluid Sheer — a luminous watermelon pink for your cheeks
  2. Revlon Wild Watermelon — a gllosy coral-red for lips
  3. Givenchy Rose Dressing — a warm, luminous pink
  4. Chanel Elixir — glossy coral-red for nails
  5. Giorgio Armani #519 — ultra-glossy coral-pink

What’s your favorite pink-coral?

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Dior Aventure (081) & Cosmos (281) Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadows

Dior Aventure (081) Fusion Mono Eyeshadow
Dior Aventure (081) Fusion Mono Eyeshadow

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadows ($30.00 for 0.22 oz.) were recently released, and they come in a total of eight shades. The new Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow formula is supposed to have a mousse-gel texture “that easily glides onto lids and sets with a mirror-shine effect.” It is supposed to have “vivid, multidiemsnional color and luminous finish.” The formula also provides for a “three-in-one makeup look,” which means it can be applied softly when used with a finger, more intensely when applied with a brush, and then used with a liner brush as an eyeliner (so says the press release). I bought four initially and have been working with them over the past week, and on Friday, I received the remaining four, so I hope to have reviews for all of them available soon.

The texture is squishy, pressable, and definitely a cross between a mousse and gel. It applies and feels like a cream eyeshadow when you skim your brush across the product. It remains movable and blendable for about thirty seconds or so, but it is not too emollient, so it doesn’t settle into creases or lines while you wait for it to set. I’ve worn the formula for as long as fourteen hours, and I haven’t experienced any creasing. I have seen slight fading along the outer edge after nine hours or so, and then there is some noticeable fall out after eight to ten hours of wear. Because the shimmer is very fine, it is not as obvious as larger glitter fall out, but there are some that catch the light. I experienced the most fall out when worn without any primer, which I’d describe as slight–less than moderate, enough for me to notice (probably not anyone else – I asked my husband, and he didn’t see it). I tried layering them over NARS Smudge Proof as well as NYX Milk, and both minimized the fall out but did not completely eliminate it–not too noticeable unless you’re really looking for it.  For application, I like firm, flat brushes (think concealer brushes).

If you’ve tried Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadows, these are very similar, but there were two major differences: the first was that the sparkle in Dior’s seemed even finer, so it had more of a dazzling, sparkling effect; and the second was that Dior’s contain 0.22 oz. (and cost $30), as compared to Chanel’s, which contained 0.14 oz. (and cost $36). They are similar in texture to MAC Electric Cool and Buxom Stay-There.

Aventure (081) Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow ($30.00 for 0.22 oz.) is a darkened gray and bronze-shimmered black-brown. It’s almost like a dark, smoldering taupe, but it’s almost so dark that it reads more black-brown. It was mostly opaque when applied–swatches show a single pass, and then a single pass that’s been sheered out as more of a wash of color. Marc Jacobs The Starlet #7 is lighter. Disney Midnight Hour #4 is less shimmery. theBalm Selfish is lighter. Urban Decay Armor is similar. Urban Decay Mushroom is slightly lighter. MAC Satin Taupe is warmer. Giorgio Armani #4 is very similar. bareMinerals Wanderlust is less sparklt. See comparison swatches.

Cosmos (281) Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow ($30.00 for 0.22 oz.) is a blackened navy blue with light blue, aqua, and green shimmer. It was mostly opaque when applied, but buildable to full opacity. When sheered out as more of a wash, it had a darker coloring. Disney Midnight is similar. Urban Decay Occupy is more silvered. Illamasqua Android is less blue. Make Up For Ever #81 is bluer. Make Up For Ever #147 is less sparkly. See comparison swatches.

I actually fell completely in love with the finish of these. They’re so sparkling–they look almost wet on the lids and have a very pretty glimmering effect like the way sunlight dances on moving water. If you tend to love sparkling finishes, I would most definitely give these a try.

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow Aventure (081)
Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow Cosmos (281)
Cosmos (281)

Inglot 16BJF Face Brush & 20T Synthetic Face Brush Review & Photos

Inglot 16BJF Face Brush
Inglot 16BJF Face Brush

Inglot 16BJF Face Brush ($36.00) is made out of goat hair and is recommended for bronzing powder (or “applying large amounts of intense color, ideal for contouring.” The brush measures approximately 7.5 inches (19 centimeters) long in total, with the handle length at 4.5 inches (11 centimeters), ferrule length at 2 inches (5.25 centimeters), and the brush head at 1 inch (2.5 centimeters). The brush head is 1.75 inches at its widest part (the top) and just under 1 inch at its base. It tapers upwards and flares out with a flat top. The brush is soft and dense, and it reminded me a bit of a buffer brush, just with a flatter top and a much longer handle. I like it for buffing and blending out other powder products, but I also liked it for applying loose setting powder. I’ve washed it half a dozen times, and I haven’t had any issues with dye bleeding, funny smells, or shedding. It does widen and spread out after the first wash, so it is not as narrow as it appears when you first get it.

20T Synthetic Face Brush ($24.00) is made out of Taklon (synthetic bristles) and is recommended as a cream foundation brush (or “perfect for contour and highlight”). The brush measures approximately 7.25 inches (18 centimeters) long in total, with the handle length at 4.25 inches (11 centimeters), ferrule length at 1.75 inches (4.5 centimeters), and the brush head at 1 inch (2.75 centimeters). The brush is 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) across and 5mm thick. The edge of the bristles is white, while the majority of the bristles are a black-brown color, so though it looks almost like it has a jagged edge in the photos (because the edge gets lost against the white background), it has an angled edge that goes straight (just at an angle). It’s a flatter, firmer brush with a little give but no floppiness or fluffiness. The synthetic bristles make this ideal for cream products, as the product won’t get absorbed by natural hairs. It is soft against the skin and glides nicely. I didn’t experience any shedding, dye bleeding, or funny smells after washing the brush several times. It does work well for laying down more precise contour lines, and then you can lightly feather it away to blend out the contouring color.

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YSL Corail Hold Up (105) Rebel Nudes Glossy Stain

YSL Corail Hold Up (105) Rebel Nudes Glossy Stain
YSL Corail Hold Up (105) Rebel Nudes Glossy Stain

YSL Corail Hold Up (105) Rebel Nudes Glossy Stain ($34.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is described as a “pink coral.” It’s a coral-orange with only a hint of pink–it looks more pink-coral soaked on the applicator, but swatched and applied, it is warmer and more true coral than pink-coral. There is a light gold and pink shimmer running through the stain. The color also darkens as it stains, so it does appear darker applied than it does in the tube or swatched (just a heads up!). Revlon Kiss me Coral is similar but a true gloss. Guerlain Candy Stripe is also similar but is a gloss. Hourglass Nectar is pinker, less shimmery, gloss. See comparison swatches.

The consistency feels slick and water-like when it is initially applied, but it thickens in about five minutes or so, and then the consistency is a lightly tacky gel. It delivered semi-opaque color (and looked very much like your traditional lip stain in terms of color and effect), plus shimmer. It applied fairly evenly and didn’t settle much into lip lines (only the deepest ones, which are on my lower lip in the middle) but the shimmer helped to minimize the visibility of that. It wears five and a half hours well, and then the glossiness has faded away and the color remains for another hour or so. It was neither drying nor hydrating.  One of the nice things about this product is because it doesn’t have the traditional feel of a gloss, it also builds and can be re-applied easily–it doesn’t look splotchy if you re-apply. It has a fruity, grape-like scent to me, which disappears after fifteen to twenty minutes. It reminds me sangria.

YSL Rebel Nudes Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Corail Hold Up (105)

Caudalie Divine Scrub Review & Photos

Caudalie Divine Scrub
Caudalie Divine Scrub

Caudalie Divine Scrub ($38.00 for 5.3 oz.) is described as a “softening scrub with brown sugar and four natural plant oils, featuring [their] signature Divine fragrance.” It’s noted to “gentlye exfoliate” for “soft, delicately fragranced skin.” Caudalie recommends using it twice a week on damp skin, then rinsing.

The consistency is almost solid, and as you dig through and use the product, it gets more pliable, but it’s a product that you dig and scoop out (I did get a lot underneath my nails when doing so). I wish the consistency was looser, so it would be easier to apply and I would feel like I could get just the right amount out rather than too much or too little. It’s a sugar-based scrub, so the granules are less abrasive than a salt-based scrub. As you work the scrub against the skin, it emulsifies into a milky consistency and the granules melt in about twenty seconds.

If you like gentle exfoliation that doesn’t feel like you’re scraping skin off your body, you may like this. I, on the other hand, do like a grittier scrub, as this didn’t really feel like it was working away the dead skin cells. I think the natural oils included in the product did more than the sugar, as they did leave the skin feeling soft, smooth, and lightly hydrated. I get really dry skin on my legs, and the scrub alone wasn’t hydrating enough to keep scales at bay, but it was enough hydration for my arms and torso. The product has a sweet, woody scent with a hint of pepper and rose. Many people love the scent, and of the Divine products I’ve tried, it was the least scented and noticeable. I couldn’t smell it once I stepped out of the shower unless I put my nose to my skin, and after two hours, I couldn’t even detect it then.

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5 Splurge-Worthy Eyeshadows

These are five eyeshadows that I think are worth splurging on! They’ll all set you back $20 or more, but over time, these are shades that have stuck with me.

If you could recommend someone splurge on one eyeshadow, what shade would you recommend?

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