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Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection Exclusively at Sephora

There is a 48-hour early access preview sale going on today and tomorrow, so you can check out the shades and products available for early access at Sephora.

Marc Jacobs proudly announces the launch of his namesake cosmetics line, Marc Jacobs Beauty. The breakthrough brand debuts with 120 products august 9, 2013 – exclusively at Sephora and select Marc Jacobs stores.

As with his fashion, Marc’s rule-breaking creativity is at the heart of his makeup vision. For Marc, it’s about the spirit of youth, confidence and experimentation. He inspires you to push the boundaries and create your own style. So indulge in the impeccably-exquisite textures, take liberties with provocative shades, and play with daring designs.

Marc redefines beauty as imperfectly perfect. “I see beauty in many things and I am attracted to all sorts of imperfection, to style, to confidence or experimentation. It’s unexpected and surprises you.”

Inspiration stems from the spirit of “the girl” and her makeup ritual. “I think the idea of transforming into this person you want to be, is a lot of fun…it’s this idea of a young woman enjoying creating her look, getting ready for her night out, or her night after her night out.”

Marc Jacobs Beauty is an assortment of 16 innovative complexion and color cosmetics, and four chic and luxurious makeup brushes.

Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation ($48.00)

Features best-in-class gel performance with first-to-market buoyancy gel technology. This anti-aging foundation protects and hydrates skin with coconut water extracts. Buildable from natural to full coverage, the multi-tasking formula transforms your skin to its ideal radiance and clarity. Available in 16 shades. Best applied with the Face I ($48) Liquid Foundation Brush.

  • Ivory Light (10)
  • Ivory Medium (14)
  • Bisque Light (22)
  • Bisque Medium (26)
  • Beige Light (32)
  • Beige Medium (34)
  • Beige Deep (36)
  • Golden Light (42)
  • Golden Medium (44)
  • Golden Deep (46)
  • Fawn Light (62)
  • Fawn Medium (64)
  • Fawn Deep (66)
  • Cocoa Light (82)
  • Cocoa Medium (84)
  • Cocoa Deep (86)

Remedy Concealer Pen ($39.00)

With exclusive, Anti-Aging Remedy Complex. this all-in-one eraser, corrector and brightener is the perfect fix for flaws or the aftermath of last night. The patented palladium tip cools and smoothes skin on contact. Available in 7 shades, plus 1 universal brightener (bright idea) and 1 universal corrector (stand corrected).

  • Stand Corrected (00)
  • Bright Idea (0)
  • Rendezvous (1)
  • Wake-Up Call (2)
  • Up All Night (3)
  • Late Show (4)
  • Last Call (5)
  • After Hours (6)
  • Past Curfew (7)

Perfection Powder Featherweight Foundation ($46.00)

Features a patented formula. This breakthrough, ultra-lightweight powder foundation diffuses flaws, instantly brightens and removes shine. Ideal for all-day wear or mid-day touchups. Available in 10 shades. Best applied with the face ii ($48) sculpting foundation brush for a seamless look.

  • Ivory (120)
  • Ivory Bisque (200)
  • Bisque (240)
  • Beige (300)
  • Golden (360)
  • Golden Fawn (400)
  • Fawn (450)
  • Fawn Cocoa (500)
  • Cocoa (600)
  • Cocoa Deep (800)

Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Eyeliner ($30.00)

It is a waterproof liquid liner in a shade so intensely black, it’s Blacquer. The calligraphy-shaped pen enhances ease of use, while giving you an expertly precise line every time.

Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara ($26.00)

It is a revolutionary mascara containing e-lash-tic lash™ technology that works like spandex to make lashes lifted, curvaceous and voluminous. No lash curler needed. It offers extreme wear that`s flake-proof, run-proof, life-proof. Yet, washes off with warm water. Available in Blacquer, the blackest black.

  • Blacquer Blackest black

Highliner Gel Crayon ($25.00)

It is an innovative waterproof pencil eyeliner. The transformative gel formula allows the richest pigments and the smoothest application for intense color. Available in Blacquer and 5 unique shades.

  • Th(ink) (44) Purple
  • Jazz(berry) (46) Berry
  • Ro(cocoa) (48) Bronze
  • N(ice) (50) Silver
  • Intro(vert) (52) Green
  • Blacquer Black

Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl ($28.00)

An effervescent, plumping lipgloss with ultimate shine. Color-drenched (full) or with light-hearted (sheer) color, this champagne-grape infused formula satisfies your lipgloss craving. Available in 12 music-inspired sheer and full shades, each with patented paddle applicators.

  • Paint It (202) Soft rose
  • Gypsy (204) Orange
  • Fame (206) Plum
  • Truth or Dare (208) Berry
  • Boom Boom (210) Bright berry
  • No Regrets (212) Red
  • Kissability (302) Shimmering lilac pink
  • Overprotected (304) Shimmering pastel pink
  • Sweet Escape (306) Shimmering beige
  • Heart Shaped (308) Shimmering baby pink
  • Studded Kiss (310) Shimmering berry lavender
  • Lust for Life (312) Shimmering reddish raspberry

LoveMarc Lip Gel ($30.00)

A highly pigmented, gellified lipstick with sleek, hydrating shine. Enough to make you fall in love, this habit-forming formula gently plumps with unique 3-D optical volumizers. Available in 16 vivid shades, each inspired by Marc`s favorite movies.

  • Strange Magic (102) Beige
  • TBA* (104) Warm beige
  • Moody Margot (106) Neutral beige
  • Have We Met (108) Rosy pink
  • Role Play (110) Mauve
  • Severine (112) Brown
  • Understudy (114) Rosy mauve
  • Happy Ending (116) Pink
  • Roll the Dice (118) Fuchsia
  • Voila! (120) Fuchsia red
  • All the Way (122) Orange
  • Surrender Dorothy (124) Red
  • Neo-Noir (126) EDeep red
  • Seduce Me (128) Berry
  • Little Pretty (130) Purple
  • Saboteur (132) Wine

Shameless Bold Blush ($30.00)

Inspired by Marc’s “shameless” tattoo. This patented powder brings unprecedented vibrancy to your cheeks. It excites with pure, unadulterated color. Available in 9 original shades. Best applied with the Blush ($38) Angled Blush Brush.

  • Naughty (202) Rosy beige
  • Obsessed (204) Burnt rose
  • Reckless (206) Plum
  • Provocative (208) Rust
  • Irresistible (210) Copper
  • Outspoken (212) Violet
  • Promiscuous (214) Berry
  • Rebellious (216) Pink berry
  • Tantalizing (218) Deep berry

Style Eye-Con No. 3 Plush Shadow ($42.00)

Richly pigmented shadow palettes with the creamiest finish. Color harmonies feature shimmering metallics, buttery mattes and lustrous sheens. Style eye-con no.3 is available in six varieties.

  • The Ingenue (102) DIrty beige, taupe, warm taupe
  • The Punk (104) Gray, violet, eggplant
  • The Rebel (106) Beige, fuchsia purple, blackened eggplant
  • The Glam (108) Warm cream/metallic bronze with gold shimmer/peachy copper sheen
  • The Shoe Grazer (110) Bronze, brown, blue
  • The Mod (112) Eggshell white/black with iridescent shimmer/light grayish taupe

Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow ($59.00)

Richly pigmented shadow palettes with the creamiest finish. Color harmonies feature shimmering metallics, buttery mattes and lustrous sheens. No.7 is available in four varieties. Palette names inspired by the spirit of “the girl”.

  • The Tease (202) Shades of purple
  • The Starlet (204) Shades of the earth
  • The Lolita (206) Shades of beige and brown
  • The Vamp (208) Shades of plum, green, gray

O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan ($49.00)

It is a super-sized bronzer with a unique radiant-matte finish. Available in Tantric, a universal shade that instantly beautifies skin. Best applied with The Bronze ($78) Bronzer Brush.

  • Tantric Universal

Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer ($18.00)

A superior nail polish with unprecedented shine. The plasticized, wet-look finish mirrors 30 coats of lacquer. Patented formula. Available in 24 shades, including Jezebel and Shiny – seen on Marc Jacobs fall 2013 runway.

  • Daisy (102) Rosy beige
  • Funny Girl (104) Beige
  • Baby Jane (106) Taupe
  • Secret Lover (108) Purple
  • Gatsby (110) Metallic taupe
  • Le Charm (112) Rose gold
  • Snap! (114) Orange
  • Shocking (116) Fuchsia
  • Oui! (118) Magenta
  • Delphine (120) Deep taupe
  • Ultraviolet (122) Vibrant purple
  • Lux (124) Chartreuse
  • Nirvana (128) Forest grewen
  • Sally (130) Teal
  • Blue Velvet (132) Blue teal
  • Lola (134) Red
  • Desire (136) Shimmering red
  • Jezebel (138) Burgundy
  • Petra (140) Shimmering brown
  • Fluorescent Beige (142) Iridescent beige
  • Evelyn (144) Gray
  • Stone Jungle (146) Silver
  • Glinda (148) Shimmering silver
  • Shiny (150) Top coat

Lip Lock Moisture Balm ($24.00)

Contains refreshing mint, nurturing precious oils and SPF 18 protection to create an addictive burst of hydration. Available in Makeout.

  • Makeout Translucent

Brow Tamer Grooming Gel ($24.00)

Features a tack-free and soft hold formula to lift and define brows. The custom applicator takes brows from wild to tame in one swipe. Available in Invisible.

Marc Jacobs Beauty will be available August 9th, 2013 exclusively in Sephora stores and select Marc Jacobs stores, as well as by calling 1-877-SEPHORA or logging on to Sephora.com, marcjacobsbeauty.com or marcjacobs.com via computer or smartphone.

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MAC Illustrated Smoldering Eye Bag (2013)

MAC Illustrated Smoldering Eye Bag
MAC Illustrated Smoldering Eye Bag

MAC Illustrated Smoldering Eye Bag ($46.50) includes three full-sized products: a Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo, Eye Kohl, and False Lashes Mascara. The duo is worth $21, pencil is worth $16, and mascara is worth $20, so the total value of the set is $57, plus a full-sized makeup bag. The bag is actually the same size as the Illustrated bags that were released alone, and those retailed at $36, so the maximum possible value would be $93. The bag seemed to be made out of the same material as the Illustrated standalone bags. Keep in mind, This or That came out in 2011, and the eyeliner and mascara are both part of the permanent range.

This and That #1 is a warm, creamy white with a satin finish. It had good color payoff applied dry, and it had great color payoff applied damp. MAC Chill is cooler-toned, matte. MAC Mylar is yellower. See comparison swatches.

This and That #2 is a warm, pale golden peach with a frosted, metallic finish. It had so-so color payoff applie dry, and when applied damp, the pigmentation remained the same but the texture was smoother. Disney Splendid is similar. Buxom Collie is a cream and more golden. See comparison swatches.

Smolder is a rich black with a matte finish. It had good color payoff, and the consistency was lightly creamy and glided across the skin well. This is part of the permanent range. I’ve reviewed this in the past, and it has numerous dupes since it is a black eyeliner and many brands make them (see black eyeliner comparisons)./

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo This or That
This or That
This or That
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MAC Illustrated Brush Kits Reviews & Photos

MAC Illustrated Brush Kit
MAC Illustrated Brush Kit

MAC Illustrated Brush Kits ($49.50) are available in two selections, one for just face, one for face and eyes. Both kits come with a brush roll, which holds five brushes with a clear plastic flap that protects the brush heads. The brush roll itself is made out of a vinyl-like material. If you recently purchased any of the Illustrated bags, it’s made out of the same material as that. Smooth, slick plastic that’s not quite as shiny as vinyl. The brush roll has a 3/4″ wide black strap that ties the roll together. Each brush has a shiny black handle with a matte black ferrule.

All Over Brush Kit features the 168SE, 287SE, 224SE, 219SE, and 266SE. The 168SE is not as dense or as soft as the full-sized version, but it wasn’t scratchy. I actually felt like the 219SE was softer here than the one I have in full-size, but the 266SE is very scratchy and would work better for brows than on the lid. The 224SE seemed a bit floppy, but it wasn’t scratchy. The 287SE wasn’t scratchy and was soft when I patted and brushed it across my eyelid.

Face Brush Kit features the 129SE, 188SE, 190SE, and 195SE. The 129SE is a big longer and floppier compared to the full size version, which felt slightly denser, too, but it was as soft as my full-size (which isn’t my favorite brush, as it is somewhat scratchy at times). The 188SE is less dense and a bit floppy–seemed narrower at the base. The 190SE and 195SE seemed comparable to my full-size brushes.

Both kits are available exclusively at Nordstrom, as part of their Anniversary sale.

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Dior Constellation (864) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Constellation (864) Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Constellation (864) Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Constellation (864) Eyeshadow Palette ($61.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a purple-themed palette that consists of five eyeshadows with star patterns on four of the five shades. It’s part of the fall collection, Mystic Metallics, and is limited edition and exclusive to Nordstrom.  Overall, the palette was fairly good, with the center shade (the pink one) being the “worst” performer as just a so-so eyeshadow, as the color payoff was sheerer.  If you like your purples slightly warmer, this might be a palette that will interest you.  My favorite shade was #1 (upper left corner), as it’s a shade that isn’t readily duped, and it’s a versatile color.  I wore #3 on the inner third of the lid, #2 in the middle of lid, #4 on the outer lid, #1 in the crease and above the crease, and #5 directly in the crease.  All five eyeshadows lasted eight hours well (no primer), and there was only some slight fading after nine hours.

Constellation (864) #1 is a cool-toned, gray-tinged purple with a satin finish. It had nice color payoff and a soft, finely-milled texture. MAC Tropica is brighter, less gray. Tom Ford Enchanted #3 is warmer. NARS Flowers 1 #2 is slightly darker. MAC Look at the Eyes is less shimmery. See comparison swatches.

Constellation (864) #2 is a sparkling, golden pewter with a metallic finish. It is the sparkliest shade out of the five, but it binds well together and applies smoothly without causing fall out. MAC Greenluxe #2 is lighter, more golden. MAC Antique Diamond is darker, cream. See comparison swatches. I thought it was going to be easier to dupe, but shades I thought would be similar were much darker.

Constellation (864) #3 is a subtly warm-toned, iridescent pale pink with a metallic finish. It had decent to good color payoff and applied smoothly. MAC Joy & Laughter #1 is more frosted. MAC Seedy Pearl is pinker. MAC Young Venus is similar. MAC Maribu is more metallic. See comparison swatches.

Constellation (864) #4 is a medium-dark, shimmery purple with hints of plum and pink. It had fairly good color payoff, and while the texture had a metallic dryness to it, it was still blendable and buildable on the lid. Urban Decay Tornado is darker. theBalm All the Way Annie is less pink. MAC Plush is less shimmery, warmer. Urban Decay Freakshow is a touch brighter. Urban Decay Vice is similar. MAC Highly Charged is less shimmery, cream. Guerlain Attrape-Coeur #3 is similar, pinker. See comparison swatches.

Constellation (864) #5 is a muted, gray-mauve with a pearly finish–there is a very fine dusting of rose gold micro-shimmer that gives it a slight glow. It had nice pigmentation and had a soft, smooth feel. Clinique Lavish Lilac is cooler-toned, cream. Tom Ford Enchanted #3 is lighter. Illamasqua Queen of the Night is darker. Urban Decay Rapture is purpler, darker. NARS 413 BLKR #1 is similar. MAC Tendersmoke is similar. MAC Joy & Laughter #2 is grayer. MAC Smoky Mauve is pinker. Giorgio Armani #27 is warmer. See comparison swatches.

Dior 5 Couleurs Star Eyeshadow Palette Constellation (864)
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Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 Launches in August

Introducing a new approach to makeup: Simple, intuitive, natural. Gabrielle Chanel’s sense of liberation and love of the outdoors is radiantly brought to life in new LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15. This innovative, versatile powder makeup gives women freedom in their beauty routine to declare their personal style.

With an effortless touch, seven no-fail shades allow each woman to enhance, brighten or bronze the complexion for a custom glow. On its own, LES BEIGES heightens skin’s natural beauty; over foundation, the makeup provides a sheer, luminous finish. Advanced technology protects against skin-dulling environmental stressors, while White Rose and Cotton Flower offer absolute comfort for even the most sensitive complexions. A sculpted half-moon brush, contoured to the curves of the face, delivers seamless application of sheer colour for a look of instant vitality year-round.

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 ($57.50)

  • No. 10
  • No. 20
  • No. 30
  • No. 40
  • No. 50
  • No. 60
  • No. 70

Availability: Pre-order now @ Chanel.com; August 2013 at Chanel counters and boutiques

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OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar
OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar

OCC Fragmented Metallic Lip Tar ($18.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “metallic acid green shade.” It’s a brightened, chartreuse green with gold and lime shimmer and a metallic finish. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but I don’t know of any other lip color like this–the best I could suggest would be to take a loose eyeshadow or crumble up a pressed one in a chartreuse hue and pat onto lips. You could add a little gloss to help it mix together.  MAC Spring Bean is somewhat similar, but it is a gloss and is sheer.

The sheerness of this may make it more “wearable” for more people, and according to OCC, it’s supposed to have a glaze finish to be in line that’s almost gauzy–so it’s not designed to be opaque.  The consistency had more slip than other Metallic Lip Tars, and it felt a bit like the Stained Gloss Lip Tars but with a metallic finish because of the glossier, higher slip feel. I applied two thin layers to get semi-sheer color that was still even; more than that, and it started to look uneven and noticeable color settled into lip lines.  Fragmented lasted for five hours when I wore it.

It will be available at Comic Con in San Diego, but it will make its full debut in August at Sephora and OCC.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Metallic Lip Tar Fragmented

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