NARS Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo ($35.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a mix of a light rose with copper sparkle and pinky-lavender with violet and teal sparkle. Both shades are jam-packed with sparkle, so there is fall out while they are worn, and I would suggest a lightly tacky base or glitter adhesive to combat it. If you love your sparkle, don’t mind a slightly sheerer look, then you may really like these. They have a lot of the same downfalls as we’ve seen with similarly sparkly eyeshadows, so while they’re definitely pretty on, the formula itself isn’t perfected. I think they could also work well layered over cream eyeshadows and bases.

Parallel Universe (Left) is described as an “iridescent pink lilac.” It’s a brightened, light rosy pink with copper and teal flecks of sparkle and shimmer over a more metallic finish. This is a tough color to truly capture, because there are teal flecks that sparkle but seem to get lost entirely in photos. Instead, coppery-red flecks dominate in photographs but sit in the background in real life when there’s a fair amount of light coming into wherever you are, while in dimmer light (say walking down a hallway during the day, so there’s some natural light but little direct or flooded light), the red flecks take centerstage. The color itself isn’t really a duochrome (I tried angling my arm to capture the flecks, but the base color doesn’t shift). The texture is soft, lightly powdery, and I tried using it both wet and dry. NARS’ eyeshadow formula is touted as wet/dry, though I don’t find that true with all their finishes (e.g. mattes), but it seemed to be fine to use a damp brush with this product. It had semi-sheer pigmentation applied dry and was more sparkly with less of the base color coming through, and it was prone to fall out during application and wear. When I applied it damp, it was smoother and more pigmented, but it appeared lighter as the brighter base color was more noticeable; it was also easier to apply to the lid. I had seven hours of wear out of this shade before it creased. I can see this being a really pretty, sparkly wash of warmth over the lid for those who like one-and-done shades. bareMinerals Rose Gold (P, $14.00) is darker. MAC After Dusk (P, $16.00) is darker, less metallic. Tom Ford Beauty Enchanted #2 (LE) is less wamr-toned. Urban Decay Provocateur (LE, $18.00) is lighter.MAC Mineral Mode (LE, $21.00) is darker. MAC Rose Light (LE, $32.50) is cooler-toned. Giorgio Armani #29 (LE, $33.00) is less sparkly. Too Faced Mauvelous (LE) is similar. Get comparison swatches / compare dupes side-by-side.

Parallel Universe (Right) is described as an “iridescent violet.” It’s a light-medium lavender with subtle, cool undertones and a mix of copper and teal sparkle. Applied dry, it had semi-opaque pigmentation that tended to sheer out more readily as the eyeshadow didn’t bind as much with itself, so it had a drier, more powdery appearance on the skin. Applied damp, it was smoother with a higher, more reflective finish and was easier to work with on the lid without losing intensity. On me, it showed signs of creasing after seven hours of wear and had some fall out over time. Maybelline Hibiscus Heartbreak (125) (LE, $6.99) is less sparkly, cream. Giorgio Armani #14 (P, $32.00) is warmer. Make Up For Ever D926 Blueberry (P, $21.00) is darker. Illamasqua Charm (P) is warmer, less sparkly. MAC A Party of Pastels #3 (P, $21.00) is less sparkly. Kat Von D Arcadia (LE) is cooler-toned, less sparkly. MAC Tropica (LE, $21.00) is cooler-toned, less sparkly. L’Oreal With a Twist (LE, $7.99) is darker, cooler-toned. Urban Decay Grifter (P, $18.00) is cooler-toned. NARS Marie-Galante #1 (LE, $24.00) is cooler-toned. MAC Amethyst (P, $21.00) is lighter. MAC Kitschmas (P, $21.00) is less sparkly. Get comparison swatches / compare dupes side-by-side.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow Parallel Universe
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Sneak Peek: NARS x Christopher Kane Collection Photos & Swatches

NARS x Christopher Kane Collection
NARS x Christopher Kane Collection

NARS x Christopher Kane Collection is an upcoming collection featuring a single eyeshadow, duo eyeshadow, two Illuminating Multiples, two powder blushes, and four lipglosses. Each is limited edition and the packaging for all the products features the collection’s logo on it. The collection launches online at NARS on the 15th and everywhere else on May 1st. Full reviews are coming soon! :)

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NARS x Christopher Kane Collection for Summer 2015

NARS x Christopher Kane Collection for Summer 2015
NARS x Christopher Kane Collection for Summer 2015

London Fashion Week collaborators since 2012, Christopher Kane and NARS share a passion for vivid colors amplified by unconventional creativity. For Summer 2015, NARS introduces The Christopher Kane for NARS Collection – NEONEUTRAL, a limited edition collection of unexpected shades and formulas inspired by the nature of neon and the nude shades that complement them.

The collection, which showcases Christopher Kane’s unexpected and edgy design aesthetic with NARS’ iconic and bold beauty philosophy, is the first fashion collaboration to feature a full line of Eyeshadows, Blushes, Illuminating Multiples, and Lip Glosses. Eyes are enhanced with iridescent rose gold, pink lilac, and violet. Cheeks are flushed with soft beige or hot pink. And lips are saturated in high-shine shades of neon pink and coral that subtly stain after the gloss is gone.

Single Eyeshadow ($25.00)

  • Outer Limits Iridescent rose gold (Limited Edition)

Duo Eyeshadow ($35.00)

  • Parallel Universe Iridescent pink lilac / soft iridescent violet (Limited Edition)

Lip Gloss ($26.00)

  • Mezmer Sheer neon pink (Limited Edition)
  • Nebulous Neon coral (Limited Edition)
  • Nucleus Seashell pink (Limited Edition)
  • Glow Pink Sheer fuchsia (Limited Edition)

Blush ($30.00)

  • Starscape Neon pink (Limited Edition)
  • Silent Nude Soft beige (Limited Edition)

Illuminating Mulptiple ($39.00)

  • Violet Atom Sheer iridescent violet (Limited Edition)
  • Quantum Sheer iridescent magenta (Limited Edition) (Exclusive to NARS)

Availability: April 15th, 2015 at NARS, May 1st, 2015 at all other retailers

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5 Beautiful Berry Lipsticks for Spring

If you tend to gravitate towards deeper shades in the spring, how about a few gorgeous berry-hued options? Here are five that are well-worth considering!

  1. NARS Fanny — a lighter, purpled-berry with a satin finish
  2. Bite Beauty Aubergine — a satiny berry-red
  3. MAC Rebel — a cool-toned berry with faint shimmer
  4. Urban Decay Venom — a cool-toned berry with pearl
  5. YSL Forbidden Burgundy — a glossy berry

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Round-up: NARS Dual-Intensity Blush Overview & Thoughts

NARS Dual-Intensity Blush ($45.00 for 0.21 oz.) was an interesting concept, but I think that the texture could have been differentiated a bit more from the eyeshadows, because–as we have learned this year–that what makes a good eyeshadow may not always make a good blush and vice versa. Most blush brushes are less dense and often cut with more tapered fibers compared to a lot of eyeshadow brushes, but the texture of this formula is firmer (like the eyeshadows), so it can require some experimentation with tools and techniques to get decent to good pigmentation out of it.

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NARS Last Resort Collection for Spring 2015

NARS Last Resort Collection for Spring 2015
NARS Last Resort Collection for Spring 2015

Tahiti Bronzer ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

An extravagant exclusive for skin, steeped in NARS’ iconic Laguna bronzing powder and mini Ita brush. Intoxicating warmth. Instant tan. The golden life.

Tattoos ($35.00)

The pulse of Tahiti, the mark of a moment: a set of four limited-edition temporary tattoos transport and transform with exhilarating edge.

Body Glow ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

The burnished aura of high noon tropics, captured in an addictive blend of shimmer and shine. Part glistening monoi oil, part gardenia-infused coconut oil—pure paradise.

Monoi Body Glow II ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

Escape into the senses with the essence of Tahiti. Monoi oil imparts instant hydration and exaltation with the sumptuous splendor of gardenia, refined in coconut extract.

Availability: Now at NARS and Sephora; April 1st at specialty and department stores

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