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NARS Gina Blush

NARS Gina Highlighting Blush
NARS Gina Blush

Fresh-Squeezed with Gina

NARS Gina Blush ($28.00 for 0.16 oz.) is described as a “true tangerine.” It’s a softened orange with a satiny sheen. It’s not vibrant, not an intense orange, but it’s much more orange and richer than peach (hm, I am amused that all descriptions are fruit-related!). This is actually one of the closest shades I’ve seen to Illamasqua Expose, which is darker, richer–but when worn softly, they look nearly the same. Illamasqua Lover is lighter, brighter. MAC Solar Ray is more shimmery and golden-tinged.

I really liked the texture of this shade, as it was so soft, smooth, and finely-milled without being powdery.  The color was true-to-pan, and it’s a buildable blush.  A light tap of product gives a warm cloak of color, while a swirl of the brush in the blush (say that five times fast!) yields full color.  The softness lends to effortless blending on the skin, and the subtle sheen is both glowy and natural so it doesn’t emphasize pores.  The lightness inherent in the shade keeps it from looking red-toned or burnt on the cheeks.  Gina wore well for eight hours and started to have noticeable fading after nine hours.

NARS Powder Blush Gina

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NARS Gifting for Fall 2012

Get Ready to Give with NARS

NARS introduces three exciting new offerings for Fall 2012. Two limited edition eyeshadow palettes feature top-selling and iconic shades for endless beauty combinations, while a travel brush set helps achieve a look that makes an impact, on the go.

New Wave ($55.00)

  • Pandora (I) Sheer white shimmer
  • Jolie Poupée (I) Vibrant violet
  • Rated R (I)– Shimmering chartreuse
  • Outremer Bright true blue
  • Pandora (II) Matte black
  • Daphne Matte deep violet

American Dream ($55.00)

  • Bellissima (I) Shimmering beige with subtle glitter
  • Alhambra (II) Golden champagne
  • Silk Road (II) Rose gold with golden flecks
  • Galapagos Bitter chocolate infused with gold
  • Bali Neutral taupe
  • Tzarine (II) Steel grey

Travel Brush Set ($75.00)

Includes Blush Brush, Eye Shader Brush, Small Dome Brush, Push Eyeliner Brush in convenient travel sizes.

Availability: Now @ NARS

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NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

Please Stay Dressed, NARS

NARS Undress Me The Multiple ($39.00 for 0.5 oz.) is described as a “ballerina pink with silver shimmer.” That should be upgraded to silver glitter–it’s much, much chunkier than sparkle. I don’t think I’d describe it as micro-glitter but regular glitter or a mix of small and large-sized glitter particles. The color itself is a pale, just slightly cool-toned, pink. MAC Lazy Sunday has a similar effect and look on, though it has no sparkle. MAC Full of Joy is much cooler-toned, to the point that it looks almost lilac. MAC New Order has gold sparkle and is slightly darker. Make Up For Ever #303 would have a similar effect on cheeks, though it has a frosted finish and is slightly cooler-toned.

Multiples are supposed to work for eyes, cheeks, lips, and body with a cream-to-powder formula that is creamy, has sheer color, and blends effortlessly. Lots and lots of readers love Multiples, and as much as I’d like to fall in love, I haven’t. Maybe I haven’t tried the right shades–Undress Me certainly isn’t one of those right shades. It’s very, very sparkly in a way that emphasizes pores and has noticeable flecks of glitter that just seem randomly dispersed. The glitter also traveled to places unknown (and known places included my hair line, nose, and chin) while I wore it. One of the problems I have with Multiples is their short wear time; Undress Me looked noticeably faded after four hours (and much of the glitter had tried to escape by that point as well) and was completely gone after six hours.

The texture is a little dry; it’s definitely a cream-based product, but it’s stiff. This was agony on the lips; I took photos, but I had visions of the photos making their way into the bowels of the internet. They were… not pretty and were wrong on so many levels. On the lips, it was unbearably dry, and the glitter was gritty. I don’t like Multiples on the lips, but this had to have been the worst I’ve attempted using on lips.

It’s not disco-ball highlighter–it’s something else entirely. I don’t think it’s flattering, and the problem with glitter is that if it’s not catching the light, it just looks like a chunk of silver.  Without the glitter, I think this might be more manageable, but with it, it’s riddled with problems.  The short wear time, traveling glitter, and dry, difficult-to-blend texture make this a no-go for me.  I kept trying to find ways to make it work over the past few weeks, but it was always the same story.  It’s best on bare skin, because it’s most blendable there, and it tended to just smear my liquid foundation around if I used this over it.

NARS The Multiple Undress Me
Undress Me

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5 Ocean-Inspired Eyeshadows

5 Ocean-Inspired Eyeshadows

When I think of the ocean, I think of blue, green, and teal all merged into one. Depending on the depth and clarity of the water, you might a really smoldering blue, maybe something closer to blackened blue, and at other times, a beautiful translucent aqua blue. I could have easily chosen five more shades for this topic, LOL! There were so many amazing shades to choose from.

What color best represents the ocean in your stash?

NARS Gilda Blush

NARS Gilda Highlighting Blush
NARS Gilda Blush

Gilda the Good Blush

NARS Gilda Blush ($28.00 for 0.16 oz.) is described as a “perfect coral with a hint of red.” It’s an orange-coral with a little burnt red tinge and matte finish. NARS Exhibit A is much more intense, deeper, and redder. MAC Modern Mandarin is brighter with a satin finish. Make Up For Ever #5 is richer in color but similar in color. MAC Out for Fun is a cream blush but very comparable in color.

The hint of red is readily apparent in this blush, and for some, it may bring out any underlying redness and give that sunburned look that’s less-than-lovely.  If you don’t have a lot of natural redness in your cheeks, this should read prettily on your skin.  The texture is soft, finely-milled, and looks natural against the skin. Despite the matte finish, it doesn’t look dry or flat, and it never accentuates pores or skin imperfections.  Gilda has good color payoff, though you don’t have to fear too much about overdoing it–you don’t need a feathery hand like you do with Exhibit A. It’s buildable, blendable, and a good alternative to Exhibit A if it just seems too intense for you. When I wore this, Gilda lasted for a full eight hours and didn’t have any fading at all.

NARS Powder Blush Gilda

NARS Gaiety Blush (Updated)

NARS Gaiety Highlighting Blush
NARS Gaiety Blush

Once More with… Gaiety!

I reviewed this blush just seven months ago when it originally launched with NARS’ spring collection. This is mostly a summary and an update with newer, better quality photos along with the diffused flash/studio lighting for the full face photos along with an updated list of potential dupes (based on added product swatches).

NARS Gaiety Blush ($28.00 for 0.16 oz.) is described as a “bright candy pink.” It’s a cool-toned cotton candy pink with strong blue undertones and a mostly matte finish. I remember some readers inquiring about its similarity to NARS Desire, which I did not own previously, but now that I do, I can say that it’s far, far different–Desire is darker, richer, much more intense overall. MAC Full of Joy is lighter, more purple. MAC Peony Petal is darker, pinker. MAC Azalea Blossom is more purple. MAC Briar Rose is pinker.

Gaiety has a soft, touchable texture that’s finely-milled but not powdery. It delivers decent color payoff, but with it being a lighter color, it will take some layering to achieve true-to-pan color on medium to dark complexions. On lighter skin tones, it’s a very wearable pale pink with blue undertones–perfect for those with similarly cool undertones. I re-tested the wear, and it still wore well; a solid eight hours with very minimal fading along the edges.

NARS Powder Blush Gaiety


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