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Nude & Champagne Eyeliners: Swatches, Dupes, and Comparisons

Nude Eyeliners
Nude & Champagne Eyeliners

Nude & Champagne Eyeliners: Your Guide

Two years ago, I went through and swatched every eyeliner I owned by color, so that they could easily be compared.  It’s time for a re-do, because we have so many more shades to add to our comparisons!  Our first part of this on-going series is a comparison of the various nude and champagne eyeliners I have on hand.  This shade is typically used on the lower lash line or water line to help brighten and open up eyes.

  1. BAREMINERALS 5AM is a pewter–it’s a dirty, cool-toned gold with a silvered sheen. I didn’t expect it to be similar to anything here, but it didn’t fit well with golds either.
  2. MAC GILDED WHITE is a warm white gold with a metallic sheen. (LE)
  3. MAC NC15/NW20 is a light beige/fleshy shade. It is a hair darker than NARS Rue Bonaparte.
  4. MAC NW25/NC30 is a darker version of NW15/NC20. Almost looks like a darkened peach.  It is very similar to Givenchy #2.
  5. MAC NC42/NW35 is darker version of NW25/NC30. It looks a bit peachy/orange on me.
  6. GIVENCHY #2 is a warm, peachy beige with yellow-beige undertones and a mostly matte finish. It is comparable to MAC NW25/NC30.
  7. NARS RUE BONAPARTE is a soft beige with a matte finish. It is just barely lighter than MAC NC15/NW20.
  8. MAC I GET NO KICK is a soft champagne nude with a metallic sheen. (LE) It is ever-so-slightly warmer than MUFE #23L but very comparable to UD Midnight Cowboy.
  9. MAKE UP FOR EVER #23L is a shimmering golden champagne with a nearly metallic finish. This shade is slightly less warm compared to MAC I Get No Kick and UD Midnight Cowboy.
  10. URBAN DECAY MIDNIGHT COWBOY is a shimmering champagne peach with a subtle metallic sheen. (LE) This is most comparable to MAC I Get No Kick.  An alternative to this shade would be Urban Decay’s Shadow Pencil of the same name.

TEMPTALIA PICKS:  #1 (high quality), #3-6 (good formula), #9 (versatile, readily available)

Behind-the-Series:  These swatches should not be used to judge the quality of an eyeliner.  Some eyeliners required one pass, some required five, and a few even more.  It was my intention to provide heavy, opaque swatches to provide an accurate color comparison.  When possible, the shade name (above) is linked to the original review.  If we’ve never done a review, there will be no link.  Shades that were limited edition will be marked with “(LE)” and shades that were discontinued will be marked with “(DC)” after the color description.  You can also find all comparisons on The Dupe List.

What’s your favorite champagne/nude eyeliner?

See more swatches!

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5 Rich Emerald Greens to Start 2013 With

Emerald Green is Pantone’s Color of 2013

Pantone has announced that emerald green will be the color of 2013, which means expect to see about 234879234 new shades of emerald green released in beauty (and, well, everything else) next year. The good news is, for me, I adore emerald green! Here are five favorites to the tune of emerald green 🙂

  1. Milani Green Safari — emerald green with a frosted sheen
  2. Inglot #385 — vibrant emerald green with a matte finish
  3. Zoya Holly — shimmering emerald green polish
  4. NARS Misfit — a teal-tinged emerald green with sparkle
  5. MAC Emerald Green — strong emerald green in loose form

What’s your favorite emerald green-colored beauty product?

NARS Beautiful Liar Lipstick

NARS Beautiful Liar Lipstick
NARS Beautiful Liar Lipstick

In Other News: NARS Can Be Beautiful

NARS Beautiful Liar Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.12 oz.) is described as a “sheer spiced coral.” It’s a vibrant coral-orange with coppered gold shimmer and a soft, frosted sheen. CoverGirl Temptation is more orange. Guerlain Bal de Mai is several shades pinker. MAC Hibiscus is brighter. MAC Drive Me Wild has more gold shimmer. Dior Belle de Nuit is redder, darker.

It’s semi-opaque on lips (doesn’t quite cover my lip freckle entirely) with a glide-on consistency that’s just creamy enough to deposit an even layer of color but not so creamy that it feels thick or moves around easily. The formula is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and Beautiful Liar lasted five and a half hours on my lips.  It was just a wee bit hydrating but definitely not drying.  The lipstick was scent- and taste-free.

Now, the only “downside” is that this is a lot more pigmented than described.  The hue is part of NARS’ Sheer Lipstick range, and while some shades are sheer and translucent as described, Beautiful Liar isn’t the only one that’s far more pigment-packed than you’d expect.  So, for those who prefer more opaque lipsticks, you’re in luck.  If you’re on the hunt for a sheer coral, you’ll want to keep looking.

NARS Sheer Lipstick Beautiful Liar

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NARS Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette

NARS Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette
NARS Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette

Another Disappointment from the NARS & Andy Warhol Collection

NARS Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette ($65.00 for 0.42 oz.) consists of one blush, one highlighter, and four eyeshadows, tucked into a matte black palette with a full-size mirror on the interior. Each shade sits in its own pan and well.

Shimmering Pink Champagne is a soft, rosy plum with silver sparkle. The sparkle is very, very loose and doesn’t bind at all to the underlying color, so it either doesn’t translate to the cheek or disappears throughout the day. It had a very dry, stiff texture, though the color payoff was so-so. It wore for seven hours when I tested it. NARS Oasis is a bit more muted, less pink. theBalm Cabana Boy has a soft sheen. MAC Plum Foolery is less pink, more frosted.

Brilliant Cream is a shimmery, pale beige. It had good color payoff, and it wasn’t dry–a little powdery–but not dry, at least. It was also blendable on, and it lasted for six and a half hours. NARS Albatross has a golden sheen. theBalm Promiscuous Pearl is more beige. MAC Snowglobe is similar.

Twinkling Purple is an eggplant purple with a matte finish. It was dry, powdery, and had dismal color payoff. Tarte Napa Grapes is more intense. Guerlain Boulevard du Montparnasse has a satiny sheen. BareMinerals Nightcap is very similar (more pigmented). MAC Fig. 1 is purpler (also more pigmented).

Sparkling Turquoise is an aqua-green with a satiny sheen. It had so-so color payoff, but this one was such a pain in the behind to use. It was very soft, powdery, and prone to pulling a disappearing act if you made any attempt to blend it. Sugarpill Mochi is very similar in color.

White Shimmer is a shimmery white with silver sparkle (that doesn’t bind with the base color, so it gets lost). There are so many shimmery white eyeshadows on the market, so there is no shortage of dupes. MAC She’s Got Class, Cinderella Ball Gown, MAC How to Marry, and MAC Crystal Avalanche are all very similar–just to name a few.

Starry Black is a matte black (with silver sparkle, but it never shows up and doesn’t even make it onto the swatch!). This shade had the best payoff of the four eyeshadows! It was stiff and a bit dry, but it wasn’t powdery. Like the white eyeshadow, matte black eyeshadows are numerous (it’s a classic, basic shade, and everyone should have at least one!). When you put out core/basic shades, you have to do them well, because there are too many options available to settle for less.

Technically, all four eyeshadows had silver sparkles in them, but they come loose as soon as the brush hits the pan–they just flake away or get caught in the bristles of your brush. It was a disappointing palette and not worth the $65 I spent on it. I had hoped that this palette would be better than the other Warhol palettes, because each product was in a separate well, but it was not meant to be. It’s hard for me to comprehend how the textures and payoff throughout the collection were so far off the norm for NARS.

Dry and powdery is one of the more frustrating textures to work, because you don’t even get the blendability and payoff that really soft eyeshadows (which can be powdery) have to their advantage.  The highlighter was the best product in the palette, but there was a general theme: poor color payoff, dry/stiff/powdery textures, and fading throughout the day.  Despite layering the eyeshadows over NARS’ own eyeshadow primer, these were looking very faded after eight hours (and without a primer, they had disappeared after six and a half).

P.S. — There is no step-by-step for this palette, because I tested and took photos prior to starting those!

NARS Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette


5 Great Layering Shades to Create Festive Lip Looks

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What’s your favorite holiday lip combo?

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