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NARS Anguilla Matte Multiple

NARS Anguilla Matte Multiple
NARS Anguilla Matte Multiple

NARS Anguilla Matte Multiple ($39.00 for 0.26 oz.) is described as a “ginger pink.” It’s a light-medium pink with warm, yellow undertones and a satin-matte finish. Hourglass Radiant Magenta (P, $35.00) is lighter. NARS Love (LE, $29.00) is darker, less pink. Physicians Formula Natural (P, $11.99) is more shimmery. Chanel Revelation (63) (P, $38.00) is brighter, pinker. See comparison swatches.

It has a near-matte finish that has enough to it (so hard to describe it as a sheen, as it is so subtle!) that it doesn’t look completely matte, but it won’t emphasize pores or skin imperfections as there’s no shimmer to the finish. It had excellent color payoff in a single pass, but it can be applied more sparsely for less coverage, as the formula has a velvety, silicone-like consistency that makes blending fairly easy. It can be applied wet for sheerer coverage from the start (drier application will yield more color payoff). As a blush, it wore well for seven hours before showing signs of fading. As a lip color, it lasted two and a half hours, and it was very drying and uncomfortable to wear, as it tended to cling and sink into lip lines over time. For more of an overview of the Matte Multiple formula, check out this post.

NARS Matte Multiple Anguilla

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NARS Altai Matte Multiple

NARS Altai Matte Multiple
NARS Altai Matte Multiple

NARS Matte Multiple ($39.00 for 0.26 oz.) are new (and permanent!) for spring. They’re supposed to be a lip-and-cheek multi-tasking product with a “creamy, lightweight formula that delivers buildable, long-lasting, hydrating color for lips and cheeks.” Application makes a difference: if you want sheerer color from the get-go, apply wet, and if you want color truest to what you see in the tube, use dry. I preferred to use a stippling brush to grab color from the tube and then to apply on the face (so not directly from the tube).

I’ve worked my way through four of them (reviews for all to come) so far, and Altai was the first one I tried. Three of the shades in the range can be thought of as closer to traditional bronzers or cream contour sticks–Altai is the lightest, followed by Vientiane and Cappadoce. All seven shades have a satin-matte finish–a very tiny amount of sheen to keep it the finish from being a really flat matte, but it’s not shimmery or a true satin finish either. The other four shades are the more traditional blush shades, but as always, “rules” (or even “guidelines”) are made to be broken, so any shades can be used on cheeks or lips. I don’t like these on lips at all; I find them uncomfortable, a little clingy, and just drying from start to finish. For me, they’re really hard to even wear and test on lips, because I can feel them sitting on the lips in a way that’s bothersome. Like the regular Multiples, it’s not a product I would wear on lips, as the product clings and dries out lips. On cheeks, they work a lot better, and I felt like the biggest takeaway was really how blendable the textures were. They remain blendable for a couple of minutes, so you don’t have to feel too rushed, but they won’t move around a lot. The texture feels silicone-like, almost velvety, light to medium weight, and smooth.  So far, the wear has ranged from seven to nine hours.  They wear well over as well as under liquid foundation, and of course, do well over bare skin.  I noticed that if you need to blend a lot (e.g. Siam is very, very intense in color and pigmentation), it will be problematic applied over foundation, but if you only do light to moderate blending, it is fine.

The original Multiples were one of the more expensive NARS products in the range, and the original range is $39.00 and contain 0.50 oz. The Matte Multiples still cost $39 a pop, but they contain a mere 0.26 oz. The tube is the same length, but it is noticeably skinnier. It’s such a drastic difference in size, so it’s disappointing to see the price remain the same despite a size reduction of nearly 50%. Will one tube last awhile? Absolutely. Does a tube of intensely pigmented lipstick last longer than a sheer tube of lipstick? Absolutely–but you don’t usually see a drastic size reduction/price difference in the same formula just because one is more pigmented than the other. I definitely think that there have been improvements in the formula–it feels smoother, less dry overall–compared to the original formula, but whether it’s worth it is for you to decide.  They’re online at narscosmetics.com as well as Sephora (but will be available wherever NARS is sold soon).

Altai Matte Multiple ($39.00 for 0.26 oz.) is described as a “rose bronze.” It’s a light-medium, warm-toned peach-brown with orange undertones and a satin-matte finish. It was intensely pigmented, though it was easily softened and sheered out (even with a dry application) if desired.  The texture is creamy, smooth, and very blendable, and this particular shade seemed to wear well for about seven hours on the cheeks and three hours on the lips. Guerlain Moyen Brunettes (05) (LE, $75.00) is darker. Clarins Splendours (LE, $35.00) is more orange. NARS Silvana (P, $29.00) is more shimmery. NARS Madly (P, $29.00) is browner, more shimmery. MAC Harmony (P, $21.00) is browner. MAC Refined Golden (P, $25.00) is darker. See comparison swatches.

NARS Matte Multiple Altai

Sneak Peek: NARS Matte Multiples Photos & Swatches

NARS Matte Multiples
NARS Matte Multiples

The new NARS Matte Multiples ($39.00 for 0.26 oz.) are now available online at Sephora and NARS. I just received these yesterday afternoon, so I’ve only had time to photograph and swatch but not yet do full-length wear test. I’ll be working through them this weekend, and I hope to have full reviews for you soon with more swatches, dupes, etc. I would greatly appreciate it if you could hold any questions until I’ve had a chance to test and review–stay tuned! 🙂

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NARS Matte Multiples – Early Launch & How-to Videos

NARS has released four of the new Matte Multiple shades early on their website! (As a bonus, NARS has free shipping on any order until 2/22, and you can use code FEBMINIDUO–$25+ purchase required–for a complimentary mini Orgasm Illuminator & mini Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil.) They also posted three videos featuring the new formula (two are how-tos), for those who’ve been curious about how these can be used.

Edited: Sephora is also selling six of the seven shades online now!

5 Cool-Toned Pinks for Spring

What are your favorite cool-toned pinks? It can be such a fun color to wear, because a lot of the blue-based pinks have a brightness to them, which I think is perfect during late winter/early spring when it can be gloomy and gray outside.

  1. NARS Gaiety — cool-toned, cotton candy pink with a matte finish
  2. OCC Mannequin — a pale, cool-toned pink with a matte finish
  3. Hourglass Ethereal Glow — a soft, cool-toned pale pink
  4. MAC Pink Nouveau — a cool-toned, blue-based light-medium pink with a satiny finish
  5. Milani Delizioso Pink (10) — a cool-toned, light-medium pink with a matte finish

NARS Matte Multiples for Spring 2014

NARS The Matte Multiple for Spring 2014
NARS The Matte Multiple for Spring 2014

NARS brings vibrant pops of color and sensual sun-kissed hues to lips and cheeks with the new Matte Multiple. Founder and Creative Director François Nars takes one of the brand’s most innovative and iconic products and adds a modern twist on the cult classic. Available in seven shades from ginger pink to golden bronze, the Matte Multiple features a creamy, lightweight formula that delivers buildable, long-lasting, hydrating color for lips and cheeks. This innovative formula can be applied dry for a soft yet vibrant matte effect or wet for a rich and vivid finish that melts into skin.

Matte Multiple ($39.00)

  • Altai Rose bronze
  • Anguilla Ginger pink
  • Cappadoce Golden bronze
  • Exumas Pink apricot
  • Laos Rose coral
  • Siam Poppy red
  • Vientiane Copper bronze

Availability: March 1st at NARS Boutiques and narscosmetics.com

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