Sunday, March 4th, 2012

5 Bright, Daring Pink Blushes

Don’t let bright pinks scare you! First, they can always be worn as soft and as sheer as you’d like; it’s all about application and the tools you use–opt for a stippling brush and a lighthand, and you’ll get subtler results. Second, you can let your cheeks become the focal point of the look by going lighter on eyes and lips!

  1. Tarte Amused — bright fuchsia pink
  2. Make Up For Ever #3 — bright, darkened fuchsia pink
  3. MAC Full Fuchsia — bright red-pink
  4. Make Up For Ever #75 — bright, dark pink
  5. Make Up For Ever #85 — brightened pink

What’s your favorite bright pink blush?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Make Up For Ever Gypsy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner
Make Up For Ever Gypsy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

Make Up For Ever Gypsy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

Make Up For Ever Gypsy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner ($18.00 for 0.04 oz.) is described as a “matte dark brown.” Unlike a lot of Make Up For Ever products, it’s limited edition–and it has a name, not a number! The Aqua Eyes formula is supposed to be waterproof, smudge-proof, fade-proof, and provide intense color. I like the range for its durability, as it really does last all day for me, and the large variety of colors available.

Gypsy is a warm, red-toned medium-dark brown with a matte finish. It’s fairly opaque in one pass. Chanel Brun-Teak is similar but less red-toned. MAC Brownborder is also similar. Urban Decay Corrupt is browner with less red. Tarina Tarantino Locket Book is warmer, more golden, less red. Tarina Tarantino Puppeteer is closer but shimmery and not as dark.

The texture of Gypsy was soft, lightly creamy, and had a good waxiness that enabled it to glide across the lash line without tugging.  Those with oilier eyelids sometimes prefer Aqua Eyes because of the drier texture, which somehow manages to stay on that fine line between creamy and dry.  I’ve had excellent experiences with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes formula; it doesn’t smudge, fade, or migrate during the day, and it wears a solid eight hours or longer on me.

The Glossover



This is a gorgeous, rich red-toned brown that's an excellent alternative to black eyeliner for everyday eyeliner. It works well on its own with a neutral eye or anchor a more intense look.











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Monday, February 27th, 2012

5 Pretty in Peach Blushes

Peach can be a really wearable color that can look natural on any skin tone.  Cooler complexions will find that peach-hued blushes can help mitigate any natural redness on the cheeks without emphasizing it like a pink blush might.  Warmer complexions are easily freshened up with a pop of peach on the cheeks.  Reader Sirinthorn wanted to see what my five picks would be for peach blushes, and here they are:

  1. Chanel Espiegle— peach-orange with a satiny sheen
  2. MAC Peaches — classic peach with subtle brown undertones
  3. Make Up For Ever #14 — soft peach
  4. NARS Sex Appeal — pale peach
  5. MAC Melba — dirty peach-brown with a matte finish

What’s your favorite peach blush?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

5 True Blue Eyeshadows

Blue eyeshadow is such an empowering shade to wear, because it’s so often the, “No way!” shade.  It’s vibrant and intense and there are so many good ones available!  If you’re hesitant to wear blue eyeshadow, try wearing it with neutrals–perhaps a little blue in the crease or on the lower lash line.

  1. MAC Freshwater
  2. MAC Blue Calm
  3. Inglot #426
  4. Make Up For Ever #167
  5. Inglot #322

What’s your favorite true blue eyeshadow?

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Make Up For Ever @ Cynthia Rowley NYFW Fall 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER was backstage creating the look at Cynthia Rowley this past week. MAKE UP FOR EVER ALLIANCE artist, Lottie, served as key make up artist for the Cynthia Rowley Fall 2012 show during New York Fashion Week. The look was inspired by the women of the 40s – effortlessly natural, empowered, and clean. The skin had a dewy finish with supple bare lips. To add a slightly masculine edge, Lottie groomed the brows creating a full and fluffy appearance.

  • Complexion: Lottie first mixed MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation with MAKE UP FOR EVER Uplight #12. She applied this mixture all over, which gave the models a flawless dewy canvas. To finish the look and set the make up, she used MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder.
  • Brows: Lottie brushed the brows upwards to create a fluffy appearance. For added fullness, she filled in individual hairs with MAKE UP FOR EVER Brow Pencil and MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector. The brows were then kept in place using MAKE UP FOR EVER Brow Seal.
  • Lips: The lips were supple and hydrated with MAKE UP FOR EVER Moisturizing Lip Balm.
Thursday, February 9th, 2012

5 Midnight Navy Blue Eyeshadows

This type of shade is popular, and there are so many wonderful versions available!  These are five of my favorites, from high-end to budget-friendly.

  1. Le Metier de Beaute Lapis
  2. MAC Deep Truth
  3. Make Up For Ever #308
  4. NYX Kiss in Casablanca
  5. Inglot #428

What’s your favorite navy blue eyeshadow?