Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Blush
Make Up For Ever HD Blush

Formulated with the perfect balance of oils, waxes, and powders, HD Blush combines the second skin look of a cream with the ease of a powder. Created for HD technology, this formula blends into skin with no visible texture for a truly natural flush of color. It’s completely weightless and can be worn over or under powder to flawlessly sculpt and highlight cheeks.

  • 210 Cool pink
  • 215 Flamingo pink
  • 220 Pink sand
  • 225 Peachy pink
  • 310 Rosewood
  • 315 Peach beige
  • 320 English rose
  • 330 Rosy plum
  • 335 Fawn
  • 410 Coral
  • 415 Light rust
  • 420 Indian rosewood
  • 425 Brown copper
  • 510 Raspberry
  • 515 Tangerine
  • 520 Black currant

Availability: Now @ Sephora

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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of weeks away, it seemed only appropriate to make a list of pretty in pink shades.  Whether you like pink on your lips, tips, cheeks, or eyes, I hope that you’ll find at least one shade to drool over. :)

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

You know what I look forward to? Seeing some radiantorchideyes eyeliners. Those are few and far between, particularly for permanently available options. I also look forward to seeing some intensely pigmented, radiantorchideyes-hued matte eyeshadows–or at least, that’s my hope.

What are your favorite orchid-hued eyeshadows/eyeliners?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Not everything released in the past year was impressive, and some products were downright disappointing! When I worked on compiling this list, I thought about cringe-worthy products; ones that I can’t wrap my head around at all. These are products that truly disappointed me with their performance and quality.  Every single brand mentioned below has products I love but not every product can be a winner.

What were the most disappointing beauty products you tried this past year?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

One of my favorite colors of all-time is emerald green. It has so much depth, and I love that it can be cooler or warmer and be so, so different.

  1. Zoya Logan — a very cool-toned, glittering emerald green polish
  2. Milani Green Safari — an amazing emerald green cream eyeshadow that can be used as eyeliner or as a base
  3. Illamasqua Violate — because I can’t have a list that doesn’t include an emerald green lip color
  4. Zoya Holly — vibrant, warm-toned emerald green
  5. Make Up For Ever #80 — a smoky, slightly blackened emerald green eyeshadow

Have you worn any emerald green beauty products before?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes
Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

Now that I’ve concluded my reviews for Make Up For Ever’s new Artisan Brush range, it’s time for a round-up (in case you missed any) and a few overall impressions/thoughts. I like the variety in brushes, as there are numerous shapes and sizes to choose from, though I was very disappointed in the crease brushes I tried as they weren’t practical for applying–very sharp, floppy, and narrow. Often, a brush can still be of high quality, even if it’s not a shape that makes sense for me (or someone else), but these were incredibly odd to use and just didn’t work. I also experienced a weird greasiness/oiliness that lingered in 4 of the 12 brushes I tested that would not rinse out with soap, despite washing all at least a dozen times. This is something I experienced with the face brushes, too, and it is the number one factor for why all the excitement about this range was deflated very quickly. I liked the #250 and #260 eyeliner brushes best, as they worked well and didn’t have any issues.  The #300 Lip Brush was also nice and did all that it was supposed to, but it’s not a style of brush I use every day personally–and it doesn’t feel any better (or worse) than a lot of other lip brushes on the market.