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MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick
MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “warm terracotta-plum with pearl,” and it has a lustre finish. Lustre finishes have sheerer color coverage, and it is definitely true with Viva Glam VI. This is a very easy to wear color, because it’s incredibly neutral–not just in the color itself, which is a rosy terracotta, but it”s not too warm or cool. Like many of the other shades in the Viva Glam family, it is wearable across skin tones.

It wears just under three hours on me (I typically average four), and I find that lustre finished lipsticks are not moisturizing.   I also find that this particular finish doesn’t always apply evenly.  It is vanilla-scented, like other MAC lip products are, and the tube has metallic red detailing in the logo and inside the tube in the spirit of Viva Glam. 100% of the selling price of each Viva Glam lipstick goes towards the MAC AIDS Fund.

MAC Lipstick Viva Glam VI
Viva Glam VI
Viva Glam VI

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MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder for Summer 2011 Official Info & Photos

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection

U.S. Launch Date: May 5th, 2011
International Launch Date: May 2011

In the height of summer, who doesn’t crave, suddenly, to feel, look AND be cooler – shine, oil and heat – all gone! You’ve longed for it. And now it’s captured: M·A·C Magically Cool Liquid Powder. An alchemical fusion of water and pigment that goes on as a loose powder but with the refreshing feel of an ocean mist. Light-diffusing pigments add to the appeal by softening lines and creating natural radiance. The cool-to-be-cool way to set and enhance the look of foundation. Hailed during an earlier limited-edition launch, this time round it’s here to stay.

Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Cajun Sheer bronze shimmer with reflects gold
  • Honey Rose Sheer rosy beige with multidimensional shimmer
  • Truth & Light Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink

See promo photos… 

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters
MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters ($23.00 for 0.12 fl. oz.) are a new and permanent product that will release in-stores on April 7th. There are three shades: Bright Forecast (mid-tone peachy coral), Light Boost (soft yellow cream), and Radiant Rose (light shell pink). They come in a twist-up, pen-type applicator. These highlighters are designed to provide a “sheer wash of color to highlight, brighten, and perfect.”

  • Bright Forecast is a soft peach with subtle orange tones. The peachy tones of this shade are good for brightening and lightening dark under eye circles without creating a green cast (that yellow-based correctors can cause). I found this one did the best to minimize my dark under eye circles while still looking natural.
  • Light Boost is a pale beiged yellow. Yellow is good for lightening darkness. This would work well as a subtle cheek or brow highlighter on those with yellow undertones.
  • Radiant Rose is a soft, pale pastel pink. Pink helps to brighten the skin tone. It can also be used to brighten the under eye area, like Benefit’s Eye Bright. This shade felt more opaque than the other two, and when I used it underneath my eye (without concealer on top), it was a little pale on me. I loved it more as an eyeshadow base and brow highlighter.

The Prep + Prime Highlighters come in a click-type brush pen that takes several initial twists to release the product, but after that, you should only need a couple clicks to dispense the product. Over time, I’ve become less of a fan of brush-type products, just because I hate the way the brush feels and looks as you use it and the product seems to just sit in there. I’d much rather use a separate brush that you can wash without fear of getting water back into the product. I did find that while it can be easily applied onto the skin with the applicator, blending and application went better using a fluffy brush like the 217 for small areas (or fingers).

I applied each shade over my cheeks and under eye area, because I really wanted the effect to stand out. I felt like when I just did the under eye, it was difficult to really see what was going on. I wouldn’t normally use these as I did for the swatch photos, but I figured what good are photos if you can’t spot the difference? These have a subtle effect, and if you layer concealer over them, the effect is even harder to pick up–not necessarily in a bad way (like, ooh, so subtle it’s not worth it), but it’s a subtle, natural effect that works well and looks lovely. More like, “Oh, you look pretty today, did you cut your hair?” kind of way.

These wore really well for me, and I even used Radian Rose as an eyeshadow base.  It looked really beautiful as a brow highlighter and lid brightener by itself, but it also held up as an eyeshadow base, too.  I didn’t notice any fading and certainly no creasing or settling into fine lines over eight hours of wear.

There are numerous brands with highlighter pens, including:

  • Dior (Sun Beam may be comparable to Bright Forecast; Roseglow to Radiant Rose)
  • Fresh (nothing seems comparable in color–these are skintone shades)
  • Fusion Beauty (nothing seems comparable in color–these are skintone shades)
  • Givenchy (Moon Light seems most comparable to Radiant Rose)
  • Guerlain (nothing seems comparable in color–these are skintone shades)
  • Sephora (#01 seems like Radiant Rose, #02 seems like Light Boost; #06 seems like Bright Forecast)
  • YSL (Light Peach seems comparable to Bright Forecast, Luminous Ivory to Light Boost, and Luminous Radiance to Radiant Rose)

These can help correct and brighten but they won’t necessarily conceal on their own. Bright Forecast can help a good deal with under eye circles, but it’s not opaque, so for some, it may be enough on its own. They’re definitely comparable to cult-favorite YSL Touche Eclat. Sephora also seems to offer a very comparable color range in their variation on the highlighter pen, and at $12 a pop, it might be worth trying (overall Sephora ratings show it to be good, though I have not tried it myself, so I cannot weigh in).

MAC is roughly half the price of the higher-end highlighter pens, and they seem to provide double the product (I saw many listed at 0.05 oz., a couple closer to 0.10 oz.), so the product seems to be priced in line with quantity and MAC’s price range.

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters


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MAC Quite Cute: Overall & Recommendations

MAC Quite Cute: Overall & Recommendations

OVERALL, Quite Cute is a cool-toned, pastel-themed collection that will prove tricky for those with warmer and/or darker complexions.  The lipsticks, nail lacquers, and plushglasses are the better products from the collection, based on quality, with Playing Koi being a total miss within the lipsticks launched (very dry, clingy texture).  Plushglasses are relatively sheer, as designed to be, and so they’re easier to wear and more suitable across skin tones than some of the other products from Quite Cute.  I found the mineralize blushes from this launch rather powdery, and combined with the pastel color palette, the blush can easily look more powdery and almost ashy on medium to dark complexions.

On the surface, Quite Cute is reminiscent of Sugarsweet, but this launch lacks balance.  Too many pastels, too many cool-toned colors without brighter, warmer, or contrasting colors to support the color palette of Quite Cute.  This collection will best suit those with paler skin tones, because pigmentation is lower overall, and then naturally, cooler undertones will find this more flattering than warmer skin tones.  Please understand that by no means am I saying warmer or medium/dark skin tones cannot wear this collection–but you may find it less flattering right out of the box and need to figure out how to pair it and with what–most likely products outside of the collection.  I’m a firm believer in anyone can wear any color–it’s about having confidence and how you wear it that matters.

If you love pastels, I think you may still like this collection–but the quality seems lower here and makes this a less-than-impressive collection.

Photos, Reviews, Swatches

Check out recommendations, what to check your stash for, what to skip, and recommendations by skin tone!

MAC Quite Cute Plushglass Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute:  Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglass ($18.50 for 0.14 fl. oz.) include four new and limited edition shades from the upcoming collection, which launches in-stores on April 7th. The four shades include: Bubble Tea (creamy pale nude), I Love U (creamy mid-tone purple), Fashion Fanatic (creamy pale pink), and Girl Love Boy (bright light blue pink).

  • Bubble Tea is a semi-sheer peach beige with soft white micro-shimmer.  It seems like it would be similar to Big Baby.  (Note:  this looks pinker/redder  on my lips, because my lips were reacting to the plumping ingredient in the formula.)
  • I Love U is a semi-sheer, pink-tinged lilac with soft white micro-shimmer. It’s a bit milky, though it doesn’t settle into lip lines too badly.  It seems similar to Ever So Rich, which was limited edition.
  • Fashion Fanatic is a sheer, pale yellow-based pink with white shimmer. On my lips, it doesn’t add much color, just adds glossiness and shimmer. Any clear gloss with shimmer will dupe this.
  • Girl Loves Boy is a semi-opaque, blue-based cotton candy pink with a cream finish. I hurried through the swatching of this, but I did try to even it out, since it moves around and will push and pull in places. It has some milkiness to it, so it will settle into lip lines. This is the most pigmented shade of the four. It’s more pigmented than Fashion Scoop but paler than Right Image.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Plushglass is heavily vanilla scented (sweeter and more potent than any other MAC lip product I’ve come across) and is a plumping gloss. These seemed to have a much stronger plumping factor (because I couldn’t wear them, see below) than I remember them having, but it has been years since I have tried one. Plushglass is non-sticky and tends to be sheer to semi-sheer. The texture is not quite as creamy as Cremesheen Glass but reminiscent of them.

I cannot wear Plushglass. It causes an allergic reaction (you can actually see how my lips are turning splotchy), so I swatched these as quickly as I could, so they are a bit messy — my lips were already splotchy just from doing one swatch, but I know that without lip swatches the post would be worthless. It is a bit weird, because previously, I don’t remember having problems wearing Plushglass and considered it a rather mild plumping formula (I actually remember not feeling any tingle before), but whether my reaction has changed or these are more potent, that is no longer the case for me.

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