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MAC Turquatic 50ml Perfume/Fragrance Photos

MAC Turquatic (50ml)
MAC Turquatic (50ml)

MAC Turquatic (50ml)

MAC Turquatic (50ml) ($49.50 for 1.7 fl. oz.) is new to the line-up, as it was previously only available in a 1 fl. oz. size. I reviewed the scent here, but I knew that with the repackaging, you would want to see photos, so I purchased this for photography.  I love the aesthetic of the bottle, even though the scent is not one I’m personally drawn to.  It debuts on August 11th and will be part of the permanent range–it is also available in Rollerball (0.20 fl. oz.), $20.00) and 1 fl. oz. bottle ($27.50).

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MAC Turquatic Rollerball Review, Photos

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball) ($20.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is housed in a slim, glass tube with a gradient of yellowed chartreuse to greenish-teal. The fragrance is inspired by the sea with a “crisp and energizing” feel. The notes, as included in the press release, are: mineral water, anemone, lotus, orris, and Corsican blue cedar.

It’s a fresh scent with a musky floral vibe–it dries down on me and smells heavier than one expect for a “crisp” fragrance. The sillage is low, which means the scent kisses the skin but doesn’t waft, so it ends up being a subtler scent that you can smell but others will barely notice. There is a light, watery element that keeps it from becoming too heady, sexy, or otherwise categorized as more of a musky scent, but there’s still an inkling of something darker lying beneath the surface. For me, the lotus and blue cedar dominate, but they work well together. If you have Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, this might smell familiar.

Turquatic’s scent doesn’t turn on me as it wears, but it only lasts a few hours (three to four) before being nearly indetectable on the skin. For a scent that already wears as close to the skin as it does, having to reapply it two or three times a day is not particularly palatable. Rollerballs are all about convenience–and you’ll pay for it–but contain little product inside. MAC has priced Turquatic where many other brands have priced theirs.

It will launch on August 11th and become part of the permanent range.  It is also available in 20ml ($27.50) and 50ml ($49.50) bottles–I will have photos of the latter up soon.

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MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Neutrals (Part 2)

MAC Eyeshadow

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Neutrals (Part 2)

More neutral MAC Eyeshadows! There will be one more set of neutrals, and then I only have the grays/blacks after that.

Grain is a soft, warm beige with a satin finish. It’s like a lighter version of MAC Arena.
Orb is a soft, pink-peach with a satin finish. It is pinker than Urban Decay Virgin. It is similar to Inglot #397, but it has a softer look and therefore looks darker/more pigmented.
Naked Lunch is a warm, peach-beige with a frost finish. Chanel Emerveille is similar in color.
Hush is a peach-pink with a subtle iridescence and frost finish.
Jest is a light-medium peach with a frost finish. theBalm Luscious Lani is a touch lighter.
Say Yeah is an apricot pink with a golden shimmer-sheen. It has a veluxe pearl finish, and it was a limited edition shade.
Ricepaper is a soft, warm yellow champagne with a frost finish. Inglot #393 is the closest but it has a more reflective finish.
Retrospeck is a paled gold with a lustre finish. It has a slightly gritty texture. Milani Beach Sand is slightly similar.
Femme-fi is a warm, yellow-toned white with a veluxe pearl finish. theBalm Devilish Danielle is similar, slightly more reflective.

Hush has sheerer color than one would expct, while Retrospeck has glitter in it, so it has a grittier texture and is prone to fall out. The other shades were true-to-color with good color payoff and smooth textures overall.

MAC Eyeshadow Hush

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MAC Seasonally Supreme Swatches – Sneak Peek

MAC Happy Hibiscus Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Seasonally Supreme Swatches – Sneak Peek

MAC Seasonally Supreme introduces more shades to the permanent range of Supreme Sheen Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.12 oz.). The formula is designed to have “the colour impact of a lipstick with the shine sheen of a lipglass.” It’s described as “lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply, and comfortable to wear.” The collection debuts in full on August 4th across North America, but for now, I do have five shades to share with you. They are: Fashion City (neutral coral pink), Happy Hibiscus (creamy white pink), Korean Candy (bright orange-red), Royal Azalea (bright mid-tone pink), and Tea Ceremony (neutral pink beige).

Once I’m able to purchase the rest, I will certainly have those swatches for you. Please note, you can find photos and reviews for Bare Again, Insanely It, and Supremely Confident from the initial launch. The shades I do not have at this time are: Asian Flower, Blossom Culture, Sheer Mandarin, and Supreme Style.

  • Fashion City is a darkened peach with opaque color coverage and a slightly milky appearance. It has subtle white shimmer and a glossy sheen. MAC might describe this as a pink coral, but it looked peach in the tube and when worn. It’s a touch pinker than Gotta Dash!, while Chanel Delicieuse is a bit darker.
  • Happy Hibiscus is an ultra-pale, pink-white with a creamy finish and opaque color. This color is extremely unflattering against my skin tone. MAC Mlle appears more lilac and darker, while MAC Playing Koi is darker and pinker. MAC Overtime is much darker and pinker. MAC Pretty Please is similar but less opaque. Supremely Confident, MAC Innocence, Beware, MAC Fleshpot, NARS Madere are less pink, more beige, but similar in lightness.
  • Korean Candy is a rich orange-red (more red than orange) with a glossy shine and opaque color coverage. It is redder than Giorgio Armani #405. MAC Strut Your Stuff is a bit more orange, while OCC Stalker is similar. Urban Decay Revolution is a little darker and redder.
  • Royal Azalea is a light, cotton candy pink with blue undertones and creamy, opaque color coverage. It is bluer in tone and lighter compared to Behave Yourself. It is a little paler compared to MAC All Styled Up and MAC Viva Glam Gaga. It is pinker than MAC Pink Friday. I imagine Snob will be quite close, too.
  • Tea Ceremony is a darkened peach-brown with a creamy finish and opaque color coverage. Korres #36 is a little browner and darker. MAC Mocha is a little pinker and darker, but it is similar.

The formula is lightweight overall, but some of the creamier shades are thicker when worn (think Happy Hibiscus). I get an average of three hours of wear on lighter shades and up to six hours with really rich, bold shades (think Korean Candy). The color coverage is semi-opaque to opaque. These are vanilla-scented, but I did not detect any taste.

I find the lighter shades have a tendency to settle into lip lines and the effect becomes more noticeable as they wear and fade.  Some of the creamy but pale shades have a chalky look on lips, because the consistency is just not quite even.  The finish of these is definitely glossier than the traditional lipstick. They are somewhat moisturizing, but after four or so hours, my lips could use more moisture. To read my original review (and more in-depth review, as well as a comparison against Slimshines), check out this post.

MAC Seasonally Supreme Swatches – Sneak Peek


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