5 Pops of Silver to Rock the New Year

When it comes to thinking of New Year’s Eve looks, I always think gold, silver, and GLITTER! Today’s edition of Five Ways features a few fun shades of silver 🙂

  1. Kat Von D Static Age — A Cool Silver with a Metallic finish.
  2. Zoya Cosmo — A Warm Silver with a Glitter finish.
  3. Lit Cosmetics Tinsel Town — A Cool Silver with a Glitter finish.
  4. NARS Interstellar — A Cool Silver with a Metallic finish.
  5. Urban Decay S&M — A Neutral Silver with a Metallic finish.

See side-by-side swatches!

5 Metallic Silvers for the Holidays

If gold isn’t quite your style when it comes to the holidays, how about silver? I personally love wearing silver as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow base for a smoky eye.

  1. Lit Tinsel Town — a glittering, holographic silver perfect for adding sparkle and dazzle to any look
  2. Maybelline Silver Strike — a bright, metallic silver that’s easy to use as an eyeliner or as a cream eyeshadow
  3. Urban Decay Cuff — a bright, silver eyeliner with a soft metallic sheen
  4. NYX Ice Glitter — silver and holographic glitter top coat to add just that touch of wintry dazzle to your nails
  5. Inglot #447 — a bright, light metallic silver powder eyeshadow that opens and brightens the eye

What are your favorite silver-hued beauty products?

5 Glittering Golds for the Holidays

Glittering golds… a go-to for New Year’s Eve, at the very least, but surely just as lovely throughout the winter–if only to brighten up some of those chilly days!

  1. Lit Cosmetics Rich & Famous — a holographic, glittering gold
  2. Zoya Kerry — bright, true yellow gold with glitter and sparkle
  3. Bobbi Brown Canary — a sparkling gold glitter gloss to be worn alone or layered
  4. Revlon Gold Coin — an almost-cool-toned metallic gold (or for a high-end, Illamasqua Swinger)
  5. Sugarpill Goldilux — a brightened, metallic, true yellow gold

What are your favorite glittery, sparkly, or metallic gold-hued shades?

Lit Cosmetics Disco Diva and Rich & Famous Glitter

Lit Cosmetics Disco Diva Glitter ($13.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a bright, vibrant violet purple glitter base with fuchsia-red, cyan blue, and tangerine multi-colored glitters. It is size S3, so it is a larger glitter.  I don’t have anything like this (not that I have a particularly extensive library of glitters).  This shade would work really well over violets, pinks, and golds for a festive look.  This shade is exclusive to Beautylish.

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Lit Cosmetics Disco Diva Glitter

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Daze Holographic Glitter Collection

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Daze Holographic Glitter Collection ($52.00 for 5 x 0.14 oz.) includes five holographic glitter shades, plus a 4ml bottle of Clearly Liquid Glitter Base and a small brush. This is less of a review and more of a, “ooh, look at the pretty glitters,” because the nice thing is there’s very little variance in quality from the glitters, as they’re all loose glitters, and they rely on the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base (which I’ve reviewed here and here!)–and that’s the same product, just being used with new-to-me shades.  It’s a very thin, water-like (in terms of consistency) adhesive base that keeps the glitter in place all day long but washes away with water when you’re ready to remove it.

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Lit Cosmetics Bar Star Glitter