Monday, February 14th, 2011

Lancome Taupe Craze Color Design Palette
Lancome Taupe Craze Color Design Palette

Lancome Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette: Taupe Craze

Lancome Taupe Craze Color Design Palette ($48.00 for 0.141 oz.) is one of ten new palettes from Lancome. It includes five shades, and each shade is labeled for a particular purpose. The way they are labeled is actually very much in the order that one would apply them. Of course, I think it is safe to say that one could easily use any combination of the five shades!

Taupe Craze is a cool-toned neutral palette; not all shades have strong, cool undertones, but overall, the palette leans cool. I liked how the palette was a mix of finishes–satin, shimmery, and almost matte. Initially, the two shimmery shades were concerning, because they looked almost glittery, but it seems like it’s more of the top layer than anything else–both shades are more shimmer than glitter.

The all-over color is a pale peach-beige with a satin-matte finish and excellent color pay off and a smooth texture. The lid shade is a neutral-cool medium brown with a soft taupe shimmer. The crease shade is a medium-dark taupe brown with a soft satin sheen. The highlighter shade is a smoky taupe with a bright metallic sheen and shimmer in its finish; when used wet, the metallic sheen is emphasized. I have no idea why Lancome would recommend this shade as a highlighter. Finally, the liner shade is a deep cool-toned taupe brown with silver flecks of shimmer; it is best used wet, if you want really smooth, richly colored line. The liner seemed the least pigmented–it’s a touch lighter swatched than what it is in the pan, but when used wet, it is a touch darker.

Both the shimmery shades (lid and highlighter) along with the liner shade worked whether wet/dry (with the liner shade being better wet). I did try the all-over base and crease shade wet, just to see if I could, and they worked better dry. There did seem to be a slight hardening and darkening over the crease shade from using it wet, though. I couldn’t find out whether these were to be used wet/dry on Lancome’s website, but from my experience, it did not negatively impact any of the shades, with the exception of the crease shade.

my thoughts on the formula: With the exception of the liner shade, the other four shades had very soft, smooth textures with nice color pay off. I really loved the all-over base shade–it had such a silky soft texture with beautiful pigmentation. It worked well as a lid shade and highlighter shade (which is good, because the “highlighter” shade is quite dark for a highlighter).

I’m disappointing in the quantity provided in the palette, though. Lancome’s Color Design Quads come in at 0.16 oz. and their Color Design Eyeshadow singles at 0.0458 oz., which works out to be $263/oz. and $371/oz. respectively. This palette is $340/oz., which makes it more expensive ($48 vs. $42) with less product (0.141 oz. vs. 0.16 oz) than the Color Design Quads.

I also know this palette invites a comparison to Urban Decay Naked Palette, but this one is cooler-toned, while Naked is warmer. If I had to pick the most similar shades, I would say Virgin (but Lancome’s all-over-base is much more pigmented and smooth, less shimmer), Toasted (Lancome’s lid shade is cooler), Buck (Lancome’s crease shade is cooler-toned, more taupe), while the highlighter and liner shades have no real similarities to shades from the Naked palette.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: This is a nice neutral palette for cooler skin tones, and there is a nice range of textures to create looks with depth. I wish they boosted up the quantity just a bit, perhaps to 0.18 to 0.20 oz.  It’s a shame how the below average value of this palette brings down the overall grade.

where to buy: Sephora

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Monday, January 24th, 2011

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush
Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

Lancome Spring 2011: Glowy Ballerine

Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush ($40.00 for 0.39 oz.) is an icy, pale pink blush that goes on barely-there. It has a silver glitter overlay, but the glitter disappears after the first use. On me (warm, medium skin tone), I get visibly pinker cheeks, but the effect is definitely subtle. The texture is soft, and it’s effortless to apply and blend out, partially owing to the softness in the color itself. It has an ultra soft sheen that looks more like a glow when applied, so there is no need to fear shimmery or glittery finishes here (and again, the glitter is only on the top layer).

Lancome says: “The new must have blush is an original twist of two incontrovertible items of the 70’s style: the bowtie and the butterfly designed by Alexis Mabille. In fashion, wearing a bowtie is the ultimate chic attitude, besides a way to express free-spirit and absolute lack of concern for what other people think. The butterfly is a multicultural symbol of free soul, feminity and beauty of nature.”

Lancome recommends using the pink shade as a blush, beige shade as a sculptor, and lavender shade to unify the complexion. This is all well and good, and I appreciate the directions overall, but you’re going to need a pretty small (and precise) brush to use any of the three shades alone–especially the lavender one.

The design is femine and pretty, though of course, it looks less elegant once you’ve used it a few times, but some of the features still linger (and as far as I know, and based on Lancome’s recommendation to use certain shades individually), there are three distinct shades that go all the way through. Also worth noting is that this is practically a brick of blush at 0.39 oz. (average blush is around 0.15 to 0.20 oz.). The included applicator worksin a pinch, but the bristles are rougher than I’d like, and they will kick up a lot of powder if you attempt to use it.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: This will be gorgeous on light to medium skin tones both cool and warm, but I think much of the effect will be lost on darker skin tones.

where to buy: Nordstrom

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Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Lancome Ultra Lavande Collection

Butterflies Fever ($40.00)

  • Glowy Ballerine

French Touch Absolu ($35.00)

  • Berry Rose (Limited Edition)

Color Design Minerale Quad ($42.00)

  • Cool Lavande
  • Warm Lavande

Color Fever Gloss ($26.00)

  • Beige Ballerine
  • Rose Ballerine
  • Lavande Ballerine

Ombre Magnetique ($25.00)

  • Ultra-Lavande
  • Disco Gold
  • Disco Silver

Le Vernis ($19.00)

  • Violet Groove
  • Le 54

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Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Lancome French Touch Color Design Eyeshadow Quad

Lancome French Touch Color Design Eyeshadow Quad

Lancome French Touch Color Design Eyeshadow Quad ($42.00 for 0.168 oz.) is a gorgeous, limited edition quad released for fall.  Aha! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to review this, but it is still available for purchase through HSN, and thus, I can.  It contains four shades:  a pale pink with satin sheen; warmed-up bronze; peachy pink with a gold metallic sheen; and berry burgundy.

The eyeshadows are rich in pigmentation and have a beautiful texture–soft, silky, and very easy to blend.  Everything about this palette is lovely except the amount you get — a pitiful 0.11 oz.!  We’re talking a palette here, which are usually a better value than singles, but whoa.  Most brands give you double the amount in this palette in their quads, so I was pretty disappointed by that.

(By the way, if someone could confirm the weight, that would be great–I am going by HSN’s page, as mine has a sample label with no box packaging, so there was no weight on my palette.  Does anyone else find it frustrating that brands do not always include the product’s size/weight?)

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: If they gave you more for your money, I’d be more inclined to recommend it.  If quantity isn’t a concern (like you don’t often finish eyeshadows), then it’s more of a non-issue.  The quality is very nice, though.


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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Lancome Artliner
Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner

Quick Review: Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner

Edited @ 8:26am: Fixed photos!

Lancome Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner ($29.00 for 0.05 oz.) is a liquid eyeliner with a nifty applicator that makes lining much, much easier than traditional brushes of liquid liners (which can be too thick, too long, too flexible, or too stiff!). They have a slightly watery texture, which means they glide on easily and never skip, but they may need a layer or two to look opaque. The applicator is a foam tip is pointed while having a little bit of give and flexibility, and you never have to worry about too much product on the applicator.

  • Noir is a dark black.
  • Navy is a medium-dark navy blue.

While the applicator is fantastic, so is the formula itself. It wears all day without smudging or budging, but they never feel dry or tight on the lid. When I tested it, it seemed waterproof, too, but I didn’t see that noted in the official description, though it certainly seems quite water-resistant at the very least.  If only the price weren’t so steep–even for high-end, it is an investment.

Welcome to Swatch-all-idays! To start 2011 off on the right foot (or post, as it may be!), Temptalia is going through a backlog of products we have photographed, swatched, and often tested but in a slightly different manner. Quick reviews may be partially incomplete, such as a blush may only be swatched on the arm rather than shown on the face. It is our hope that what we are able to provide is still helpful!

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you’ve struggled to apply liquid liner in the past, you may want to consider investing in Lancome’s Artliner–a tried and true liquid liner favorite.


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Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up All Over Face Color Quad

Ye Olde Swatches, Volume 1

Sometimes I get a little overzealous and swatch more products than I’m actually able to test. There are just so many new beauty products (and shades) releasing continuously through the year that I am not always able to conduct a full test for all of the ones I’d like to. But since I did take photos and do swatches, I can at least share those with you… No ratings/grades, because I did not finish testing these.

Would you rather at least see swatches and get a general at-a-glance kind of summary than nothing at all?  Or is it just confusing without a real review?

(Note, these do not and will never take the place of full reviews – but instead of relegating these images to the “unreviewed” folder, share them.)

  • Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up All Over Face Color Quad ($42.00) is designed to “bronze, luminize, highlight, and blush.” It has four different shades, but each square is on the smaller side, making individual use more difficult but still possible. When siwlred together, it creates a light bronze with a shimmer-sheen that would work best on light-medium to medium skin tones.
  • Aveda Uruku Bronzing Kit in Amazonia ($55.00) includes a pan of a dual-toned bronzer and a buffing brush. The brush uses non-anhimal fibers, so it is cruelty-free. It’s a very, very soft brush, and I love that the handle is made from 25% PCR. The bronzer is literally just a pan of bronzer, so you’ll need to have a palette to put it in or grab one from Aveda. The color itself is a muted medium-bronze brown with soft gold micro-shimmer. It’s a little sheer, so the effect will be subtle.
  • Lancome Luminous Rose Ageless Minerale Blush ($29.50) is a gorgeous shade of muted rose pink-brown with very soft shimmer-sheen. It’s really pretty, but I haven’t gotten around to wearing it on cheeks yet. I’m not sure if I will, so before it’s totally stale news, I thought I’d share the swatches with you.

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