Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Illamasqua Generation Q Collection

Generation Q is a celebration of individual self-expression. Ageless, and without limits or restrictions. It’s our declaration to the world that beauty is inclusive, not exclusive. In fact, Generation Q is a clear message to everybody, everywhere that beauty is not young, old, black, white, male or female, but anything, everything and everyone.

Illamasqua has become a lone voice in an industry controlled by the world’s beauty cartels – cartels, which we believe, have forced their soulless definitions of beauty onto the world.

We are proud to launch our new collection – Generation Q – a new, dynamic range that provides the industry’s only antidote to the cartels’ homogenised and prejudiced vision of beauty.

So in typical Illamasqua style, we have done something that no other brand would or could do. The Generation Q campaign will go against the industry’s despicable taboo, by featuring older models as well as young. In fact, Generation Q models aren’t models at all, but real make-up fans, with a real sense of their own beauty.

The future of beauty is changing and we are the new voice of a brand new generation – Generation Q, where beauty has no age limits.

Empower Palette ($42.50 / £34.00)

  • Synth Iridescent pale pink glitter
  • Fervent Reddish brown with multi-tonal shimmer
  • Blink Soft beige nude
  • Slick Charcoal grey metallic (Liquid Metal)

Complement Palette ($42.50 / £34.00)

  • Slink Soft champagne shimmer
  • Focus Cool brown metallic (Liquid Metal)
  • Forgiveness Rich chocolate plum
  • Queen of the Night Blackened plum

Powder Blusher ($24.00 / £18.00)

  • Allure Dusky rose pink shimmer
  • S.O.P.H.I.E. Golden coral shimmer

Gleam ($24.00 / £18.00)

  • Aurora Champagne

Intense Lipgloss ($20.00 / £14.00)

  • Boost Blueberry violet
  • Opulent Rainbow beige

Lipstick ($22.00 / £16.00)

  • Magnetism Deep raspberry pink
  • Underworld Iridescent blueberry violet, shimmer finish

Nail Varnish ($14.00 / £13.50)

  • Charisma Deep raspberry pink
  • Creator Magical black

Precision Ink ($27.50 / £17.00)

  • Wisdom Antiqued gold

Availability: September 6th @ Sephora

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Saturday, August 11th, 2012

5 Ocean-Inspired Eyeshadows

When I think of the ocean, I think of blue, green, and teal all merged into one. Depending on the depth and clarity of the water, you might a really smoldering blue, maybe something closer to blackened blue, and at other times, a beautiful translucent aqua blue. I could have easily chosen five more shades for this topic, LOL! There were so many amazing shades to choose from.

What color best represents the ocean in your stash?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Illamasqua’s Australia Fight for a Fair Beauty Price

We are Illamasqua and we are making a stand against the global giants of cosmetics, who force Australian customers to pay up to 61% more than UK prices. It’s entirely unjust that a woman in the UK pays just $24 for a lipstick, while a woman in Australia has to pay $40 for exactly the same product.

Illamasqua is an independent British colour cosmetics brand and, in the short time we’ve retailed in Australia, we’ve heard time and again your frustration over the inflated pricing of cosmetics compared to the rest of the world.

We have listened and want to slash our prices across our range in Australia. But first we need you to demonstrate to the industry that if we can make this change happen, you’ll commit to buying our products. So please sign your name, make your mark, tell your friends, clench your fist and cry “hell no!”

Learn more about the campaign here.

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Celebrate the Olympics with 5 Silver Medal-Inspired Hues

Luckily, none of these picks are runner-ups–they’re just absolutely gorgeous takes on silver! (Because gold isn’t for everyone!)

What’s your favorite silver-hued beauty product?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Illamasqua Swinger Nail Lacquer
Illamasqua Swinger Nail Lacquer

Stranger than Gold, It’s Swinger

Illamasqua Swinger Nail Varnish ($14.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “platinum gold.”  Yeah, I’d buy that.  To use my own words, I’d describe it as a champagne-gold with a little grit and dirt in it–it’s not a yellowy gold really, but it’s not quite dark and green-tinged enough to be an antique gold. Too gold to be a real pewter, but it’s all somewhere in there.  Revlon Gold Coin is a smidgen lighter and perhaps not as warm-toned, but they’re really quite close. Chanel Diwali is slightly warmer. Urban Decay Superfreak is lighter. Dior Timeless Gold is very similar. The only shade that I think is less similar is Diwali, which has a lot of warm undertones in comparison. Between the others, I don’t think one would really notice the difference if you weren’t really, really looking for them. Dior’s has the least amount of visible brush strokes (next to none), while Illamasqua and Revlon are tied with a few but hardly any really. I think Chanel shows the most out of the similar shades.

Swinger is fully opaque in two coats, and the formula was beautiful to work with.  It’s fluid, not too thick or too thin, and very easy to apply to the nail.  I didn’t experience any bubbling, streaking, or pooling of the polish along the edges of the nail.  There were a few visible brush strokes, but there were minimal ones overall for this type of finish. Illamasqua’s Nail Varnish is one of my top formulas, because it wears like iron.  When I go traveling, I regularly reach for a shade by Illamasqua, because I can count on them wearing for the length of the trip and not chipping with the abuse that comes from traveling.

The Glossover



Between Chanel, Dior, and Urban Decay, I'd go Illamasqua. If I were on a tighter budget, I'd go Revlon. I don't think you'd be disappointed with any of the versions of this fantastic shade of gold. The wear of Illamasqua is what pushes it to the top of my list, though.











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Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection for Summer 2012

A place where alter egos are laid bare and naked flesh is a source of unashamed inspiration. In this delicate tipping point between intimacy and pleasurable detachment, we revel in the unknown; exploring the distance between pure Monogamous, gilded Faithful and uninhibited Swinger. Exposed nude tones, adorned with rich licks of gold, leave you gasping for more. Don’t restrain yourself. Unless, of course, you enjoy it.

“Naked Strangers captures inner glows and depths. The deeply and darkly alluring exists alongside ethereal shimmering brilliance. We are complex and multifaceted whilst also being naked to the world.” — Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director.

“Naked Strangers represents everything about borderlines…the human edge between romance and permissive intimacy…a step beyond control, a step past the edge and a collection of gilded moments upon the tip of sensation. Beautiful nudes with metallic edge set amongst eclectic textures.” — David Horne, Illamasqua Director of Product Development.

Nail Varnish ($14.00 / £13.50)

  • Monogamous Matte, creamy flesh pink
  • Faithful Coppered metal
  • Swinger Glistening platinum gold

Intense Lipgloss ($20.00 / £13.00)

  • Stranger Platinum gold

Sheer Lipgloss ($20.00 / £13.00)

  • Intimacy Nude pink brown

Powder Blusher ($24.00 / £16.50)

  • Naked Rose Neutral beige brown

Cream Blusher ($24.00 / £16.50)

  • Zygomatic Naked pink brown

Availability: May 31st globally, (registered members can purchase now)

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