Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 Collection

Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 Collection
Giorgio Armani Summer 2013 Collection

Amber Face & Eye Palette ($88.00) (Limited Edition)

A gradation of golden bronze inspired by pleated lamé. Giorgio Armani’s signature engraved in the palette embodies the designer’s influence on the product. Meant to illuminate the face with a healthy sun-kissed glow, this bronzer enhances the skin’s natural radiance. An ultra fine film of vibrant color that blends perfectly, creates a veil of velvet on the eyelid and leaves a warm & natural sheer skin tone. April 2013.

Flash Lacquer ($29.00) (Permanent)

The new elastic shine formula fills in the lip lines to create an extremely smooth surface. For the first time, light reflects on every point of the lip. A new generation of selected crafted oils enables the purest transparent ingredients: the base is no longer yellow but as pure as crystal. This new approach allows using different light emollient oils for optimized comfort and hydration. The agent used to jellify the oils in a lip gloss has been replaced by a combination of elastic polymers. For the first time, the ingredient giving substance to the lip gloss truly fuses with oils, instead of absorbing them like a spongy powder. The ingredients are micro-connected creating a continuous elastic weave. May 2013 (Giorgio Armani currently has 18 available online.)

Twelve Pure Attitude Lacquers From candy corals to neon pinks, from the perfect red to the most glowing beiges, self-sufficient colors are blended in a pearl-free base strong color that brings attitude. The pure finish ensures elegance.

  • 100, 106, 107, 300, 301, 400, 519, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524

Twelve Pearly Japanese Enamels From oriental plums to cherry blossom rose, from spring corals to precious light wood hues, pretty and fragile colors fuse with a high proportion of micronized pearls. Kimono balanced shades bring tenderness and pearly finishes ensure sophistication.

  • 102, 103, 200, 302, 303, 500, 501, 503, 525, 526, 527, 600

Twelve Sparkling Midnight Shimmers From madreperla to gold carat beiges, from shimmering red plums to black pearls, strong rich colors blend with luminescent pearls. Precious stone colors bring timeless style and multifaceted reflections ensure a daring statement.

  • 108, 109, 202, 406, 505, 528, 529, 601, 607, 608, 700, 701

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Giorgio Armani Coral Bliss Face & Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Coral Bliss Face & Eye Palette ($88.00 for 0.44 oz.) consists of a face powder (Coral Bliss) and three eyeshadows (Open, Shimmer Greige, and Swimming Pool Turquoise). The blush contains 0.35 oz. of product (quite a bit for a blush!), while the eyeshadows are 0.03 oz. each (the average full-sized eyeshadow is usually around 0.05 oz.).

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Giorgio Armani Coral Bliss Face & Eye Palette