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Dior Night Golds Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Night Golds Eyeshadow Palette
Dior Night Golds Eyeshadow Palette

This’ll Make You Do a Double Take

Dior Night Golds Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a limited edition palette for the holidays that consists of five shades of eyeshadow. It will be available in October.

The first shade is a warm, subdued white-beige with a frosted finish. It had good color payoff and was very soft, smooth, and finely-milled. This shade was a little stark as a highlighter against my medium-colored skin (no effect on rating, just a note). MAC White Frost is similar but not as warm-toned. theBalm Tempting Tara is more metallic. theBalm Envious Erin is a smidgen golden. Tarina Tarantino Lovely is similar.

Next (on the upper right), there is a light-medium copper-shimmered bronze with a strong metallic finish and larger shimmer particles. It almost looks wet when applied and smoothed out. It had decent to good pigmentation. When I applied it on the lid, I didn’t experience any post-application fall out and only had some fall out during application. Urban Decay Penny Lane is more orange, slightly darker. Bare Escentuals Golden Iris is darker and more orange. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful is darker. Bare Escentuals Louder is a touch more bronze.

The center shade is a rich, burgundy-tinged deep brown with flecks of champagne sparkle. The color was very intense and easy to apply, and it went on smoothly. Guerlain Emilio Pucci is a bit darker, richer. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful is browner, less burgundy. Urban Decay Busted is a bit lighter. Dior Couture Gold had a shade that looked similar but performed much worse. NARS Ponderosa is similar but a cream. Wet ‘n’ Wild We’re Blasting Off is more purple. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone is similar. MAC Smut is a touch blacker.

The fourth shade (on the lower left) is a lightened yellowy gold with a frosted, metallic finish. The texture was soft, buttery , and it applied smoothly with excellent color payoff. MAC Sweet & Sour is a bit darker. Dior Couture Gold is similar. Urban Decay Blunt is similar, perhaps a touch lighter.

The last shade (on the lower right) is a pale champagne-bronze with a metallic finish. It looks almost taupe-like in the pan, but it doesn’t seem to have much gray in it when swatched. It had a soft, finely-milled texture that translated into a nicely pigmented shade. Dior Couture Gold is darker. Bobbi Brown Bronze is more antique gold-hued. Urban Decay Echo Beach is darker, less golden. Dior Couture Gold is more yellow/orange. Bobbi Brown Desert Sand is similar.

All in all, this palette is definitely similar to last year’s Couture Gold — dupe for dupe? No, not exactly, but there are certainly some overlapping shades and similarities. At a glance, the only difference is instead of a sparkly light gold, there’s a sparkly copper. I like this year’s better, as the quality across the five shades is much higher across the board with none of these shades having problems.  When I tested the palette on the eye, it wore for eight hours with no creasing or fading.

Dior Night Golds Eyeshadow Palette


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Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

She’s a True Diva!

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis ($26.00 for 0.40 fl. oz.) is a deep, dark black with just a hint of brown and multi-colored flecks of shimmer in fuchsia, gold, and bronze. China Glaze Midtown Magic is browner and has more shimmer. Dior Czarina Gold is also browner and has a lot more shimmer–also has a few bits of green sparkle. Chanel Strong almost similar in natural light, but it has a berry tone to it.

Now this shade is one that just might be worth picking up to get your hands on the packaging and feel good about doing so.  I think the way it looks in the bottle is gorgeous–all dark and foreboding with lots and lots of shimmer catching the light.  More importantly, it performs beautifully.  The consistency is just right, so it’s not so thick that it pools or bubbles, but it’s not so thin that you have to sacrifice pigmentation. It’s fully opaque after two coats, and it dries down a bit faster than average and finishes with a natural shine.  (For really glossy nails, I would still use a top coat.)  I typically get a full week of wear out of Dior’s polishes with no chipping and just minor tip wear.  It’s not a cinch to apply with the little cap of a handle, but at least what’s inside the bottle is quite nice.

P.S. — I know a few readers asked for brush photos, and I’m working on it, but this is what (usually) happens: I take too long and the review doesn’t go up. So, hoping to snap one next photo/swatch session, but until then, the ever-lovely Musings of a Muse has some! 🙂

Dior Diorific Vernis Diva

Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis

Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis
Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis

A Gold By Many, Many Names

Dior Diorling Diorific Vernis ($26.00 for 0.40 fl. oz.) is a sheer, shimmering champagne gold with flecks of copper-red. I’m pretty sure this is a renamed version of Golden Light (also known as Golden Era and or Lumiere or #207), and while it may be called Diorling, the number is #207. China Glaze Jingle Bells has a similar coloring, but it’s opaque and does not have any red shimmer/sparkle. Chanel Diwali is more of an antique gold (less yellow). OCC Cruising is a stronger yellow gold and has a lot more shimmer/glitter. Readers mentioned some great dupe potentials here as well! 🙂

After two coats, it’s still rather sheer. Without a color description from Dior, it’s hard to say what they were aiming for. I prefer to err on the side of a lower grade rather than give a brand the benefit of the doubt, but you may prefer this kind of sheer look. The consistency was on the thicker side–thicker than the version I had previously–which did cause a little unevenness in the texture of the polish as it applied. I did get some pooling along the sides, too. There are noticeable brush strokes from the metallic finish of the polish that become more visible under harsher light.  I don’t have any wear problems with Dior’s formula and typically see a week with minor tip wear and no chipping.

Since it was released previously, you can pick up the color regular Dior packaging as well. If you go that route, it’s less expensive at $23, but it does contain less product (0.33 fl. oz. compared to 0.40 fl. oz.). I think the regular packaging makes for easier application, but the packaging on this one may strongly sway some. It’s not comfortable to use to apply the actual polish, though the brush wasn’t the normal wider brush of Dior’s polish. The bottle I have from before seemed to apply better.  There are three other shades coming in this limited edition, holiday packaging, though–so maybe one of those will perform better!

Dior Diorific Vernis Diorling

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Dior Grand Bal Collection for Holiday 2012

Dior Grand Bal Collection for Holiday 2012

“Now that cinderella’s fairy godmother no longer exists, the couturier must be the magician,” said Christian Dior. From Monsieur Dior’s extravagant parties in Granville, his childhood home, to the Parisian balls of the Roaring Twenties, the couturier was profoundly fascinated by the transformative qualities of the ball gown and the fantasy of a fabulous fete. Now, Dior debuts a makeup collection inspired by Dior’s love for entertaining: the limited edition Palette Grand Bal, four new shades of Diorific, Dior’s most haute couture lipstick, two shades of Ultra-Gloss, and four new shades of Dior Vernis.

Palette Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage ($85.00) (Limited Edition)

Inspired by the dance cards held by young women in the 18th-century to help keep track of their dance partners, this essential beauty kit is bound to be a must-have for the modern day party girl. The glamorous gold clutch features a pearl eyeshadow duo of platinum and gold, two shades of gloss, a mirror, and deep black eyeliner for quick touch-ups.

Rouge Diorific ($36.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Diorling #037
  • Diva #038
  • Lady #039
  • Marilyn #040

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Lame Gold #424
  • Ceremony Red #774

Dior 5-Couleurs Eyesahdow ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

Night Golds #524
Fairy Golds #764

Diorific Vernis ($26.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Lady #011
  • Diorling #207
  • Marilyn #751
  • Diva #901

Dior Expert Eye Palette ($65.00) (Limited Edition)

This all-in-one compact features Dior’s must-haves for a sophisticated eye look: shadows in shades of brown, taupe, and champagne in a serum-infused base, brow liner, eyeliner, a Diorshow New Look Mini Mascara, and two double-sided applicators.

Dior Expert Lip Palette ($62.00) (Limited Edition)

The perfect rosy pink lip is just a few steps away with this ingenious palette. Prep the lips of Creme de Rose, mix and match three complementary shades of pink Rouge Dior lipstick, fill in with a pink mini lip liner and finish off with a boost of Dior Lip Maximizer.

Dior Holiday Mini Brush Set ($62.00) (Limited Edition)

Back for the holiday is a Dior favorite: the mini brush set. This chic, sleek patent case unfolds to reveal a powder brush, cheek brush, eyeshadow brush, and lip brush.

Dior Manicure Essentials Set ($62.00) (Limited Edition)

Housed in a classic black case, the Dior Manicure Essentials Set features all of Dior’s manicure must-haves: Mini Vernis Pelline Cuticle Remover, Mini Vernis Base Coat, Mini Vernis Top Coat, and a full size Creme Abricot. Orange wood cuticle sticks and a nail file round out this travel-friendly kit.

Golden Tattoos ($120.00) (Limited Edition)

From the early years of his career, Christian Dior was fascinated by gold and its mysterious powers. It wasn’t long before gold became a refined signature of the house and Dior’s most magnificent couture outfits were adorned with gold accessories. Now, Camille Miceli, Dior’s creative director of costume jewelry, has created a limited edition set of Golden Tattoos, comprised of 24-karat gold micro particles that melt onto the skin. The set includes seven exclusive designs: two wrist chains, a Dior Dollisimio charm, pearl drop charm with the Christian Dior logo, three rings, and a Line A interlaced bangles.

Grand Bal Lashes ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

Grand Bal Lashes are available in deep black or vibrant gold. Pearl Drops are available with silver pearl drops or soft gold.

Availability: October 2012

See more photos!

Dior Shadow Nail Lacquer / Vernis

Dior Shadow Nail Lacquer
Dior Shadow Nail Lacquer

A Deep Purple Emerges from the Shadows

Dior Shadow Nail Lacquer ($23.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as an “intense, shimmering purple.” It’s a dark eggplant purple with flecks of coppery red shimmer. Cult Nails Spontaneous is lighter. MAC Festive Finery is duller, slightly lighter, and has a cream finish. Cult Nails Enigmatic is browner. China Glaze Urban-Night has a stronger red undertone. You might be remembering Bobbi Brown Twilight from yesterday, but while both are dark, purple-ish shades, Shadow is much more of a purple-eggplant without all of the brown that Twilight had.

This is a Nordstrom-exclusive shade that launched with the retailer’s Anniversary sale, but it’s still available.  Shadow was opaque after two coats, and the formula wasn’t too thick or too thin.  It applied easily and evenly, without pooling along the sides or bubbling up.  Dior has a wider, curved brush, which has made it easier to apply polish for me, but I could see those with narrower nail beds having more difficulty.  I liked that the shimmer in this one was bright enough to actually show up even in low light.  I typically get a week of wear without chipping, just minor tip wear, with Dior’s formula.

Dior Vernis Shadow

Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick

Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick
Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick

They’ll Never Know with Color Like This

Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick ($30.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a subtly rose-tinted beige with a natural shine. Make Up For Ever #N40 is lighter, more beige. Tom Ford Blush Nude is lighter. Chanel Superstition is gold-shimmered. MAC Woo Me is several shades lighter. MAC Mellow Mood has a similar color but also has gold shimmer.

Talk about an effortless nude! I like to think of nude color as if your natural lip color and your skin color merged together to form something natural and infinitely flattering–on you.  This might be why it can be a challenge to find that perfect nude.  Many nudes are very pale, light, and don’t always work as nudes on a lot of complexions.  Incognito takes the natural pink and beige tones often found in the skin to create a nude that will work really well on light to medium complexions. It might be lighter than nude for medium-dark to dark skin tones (but it can still be worn–it just might not be your perfect nude, you know?).

After testing a bolder shade in the range, I wasn’t surprised that this one wasn’t long-wearing like Dior described it to be.  It does have mostly opaque color with a natural shine, but the wear is right around four hours, which is what I typically get with most lipsticks, including plenty of Dior shades from the past.  Incognito applies more evenly than Lucky when I was trialing it, but it had the same subtle translucency that gives it a really lush look on lips.  The texture is creamy enough that it slides across lips without tugging, but it’s not thick or heavy.  Not drying, lightly hydrating, it’s an all-around comfortable formula to wear.  It has a light perfume-y scent that I couldn’t notice once applied.

Dior Addict Extreme Lip Color Incognito

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