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Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots

Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots

Candles By Victoria Scent Shots ($1.95 for 2 oz.) are individually sized tarts that release their scent when melted. If you’re not familiar with tarts (I wasn’t!), you’ll also need to make sure to grab a tart warmer, too (I got mine via Amazon, since I did not realize I needed one when I placed my order). I decided on Scent Shots, because I couldn’t commit to a few scents and would have rather tried a wide variety to find my favorites for future purchases. I couldn’t even tell you which scents I ordered by memory, and I haven’t gotten through all of them, but I will describe the ones I have tried so far!

  • Bear Claws was a sweetened scent of nuts and caramel–definitely smells like the treat by the same name.
  • Christmas Kitchen is mostly a cinnamon spiced scent with a touch of orange.
  • Harvest is a decadent spiced scent that’s not as warm as Home Sweet Home.
  • Hazelnut Spice has the nuttiness of the hazelnut warmed by the spiciness of cinnamon.
  • Home Sweet Home was a warm, spicy blend that kind of reminded me of Christmas but not quite.
  • Poison Apple smelled like a mix of sweetened green apples and spice.
  • Sunflower had a floral scent with a lot of rose and jasmine that ended up smelling a little soapy to me.
  • Ylang & Amber is dominated by ylang ylang, which is a strong floral, with just a touch of amber.

Candles By Victoria carries an insane amount of scents (they boast “over 640″), and you can read through scent descriptions here.  I was entirely overwhelmed by the variety, but I am thankful they did have descriptions and broke out the scents into a few categories.

My friend Brooke always raved about the brand, so when they held a sale several months ago, I knew I had to bite the bullet! I’m really glad I did, because they do exactly what I want a candle to do–give me lots and lots of scent. The throw is fantastic, as my two-bedroom apartment smells of whatever I’ve melted. A lot of the candles I’ve used in the past (all of those used wicks and burned) failed to really permeate my living space (trust me, it’s not a lot — like 750 square feet).

I usually get 8-12 hours of melting time–I tend to just turn on the warmer and let it go for a few hours.  I’ve re-used the melted tarts (which will form a small disc) as well, and the scent is lessened but still noticeable (depends on how long you’ve already melted it for).  My best advice is to melt for a couple of hours and turn off, because the scent lingers for hours afterward so you can save the scent for the next day.

In fact, after writing this post, I placed an order for a few more scent shots that I haven’t tried and two candles (Hazelnut Spice and Christmas Kitchen).  They currently have 10% off if you use the code CBVICTORIA.  The only downside is while shipping is at a flat rate, it is $8.50, so make your order count or split with a friend/relative :)  Hey! Mother’s Day gift idea!

See more photos!

Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots

Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots

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27 thoughts on “Candles By Victoria – Scent Shots Reviews

  1. Emily

    Oh, I LOVE Candles by Victoria! I first heard about them from Brooke, too!
    I made my first order about six months ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since!
    I’ve never bought another candle since finding Candles by Victoria…I mean, why would I? They have EVERY scent you could ever imagine! ;D
    So glad you jumped on the bandwagon, Christine! I’m sure you won’t regret it!

  2. Cool! I like you doing other types of reviews too. It’s refreshing. I really trust you to be honest and not leave out any details. I wish you could review products from every aspect of daily life, haha.

    • Haha! I try to stay on topic, though candles somehow seem somewhat beauty-related though not TOTALLY on topic.

      Thank you!

      • Catherine

        I personnally dont care you not being always on topic! Your reviews are always sooo good that you can do it on anything and we will be pleased!

        • LOL! I wish I had more time, because I’d love to do more dog-related posts (which is why we started a dog blog eons ago, but lack of time is why it sucks and hasn’t been updated in forever, haha). If my palette was more sophisticated, food, too!

      • With It

        I agree with Jessi! Could you imagine if Temptalia branched out like that?! How exciting!
        I’d totally follow all of Christine’s recommendations. I’d be like “hmm… what kind of car should I buy? Oh, let’s see what Temptalia says!” haha! :)

  3. Maia

    Yay! I was going to place an order today thanks!

  4. Jenna

    When i saw this review I thought i was dreaming!! haha, so happy you decided to finally order from them! :)

  5. I have always wondered, but never been sure- are tarts basically candles that don’t have the wick?

    • That’s what they seem like to me – instead of burning the wick, you set them on a warmer which melts them down to a liquid (and then when you turn off the warmer, they solidify).

    • Summer

      Candles by Victoria Scent Shots are like candles without wicks but the wax is a different formulation. I’ve been purchasing both for over two years now and I LOVE THEM!

  6. Ashley Sarah

    I heard about this brand from xsparkage a while back. I’m glad to find another review on them since I haven’t tried them yet. They sound great especially with the wide variety and the fact you can buy tart sizes so can try so many scents.

  7. Sara

    Yay! So glad you finally reviewed CBV! I am a die hard fan of her candles & it is almost embarrassing to think about how many I have! Glad you enjoyed her candles too!! :)

  8. Sasha

    What tart warmer did you buy?

  9. Steph

    Ooh I’ll keep this in mind when Christmas comes around. My mother and I love nice scented candles, usually we get them at Bath and Body Works. But I’d love to try some of these scents out.

  10. ERIKA

    I love CBV!!!!!

  11. Becca

    these have the coolest name- candle shots!!! bahahah :)

  12. baby in a corner

    I don’t think these are available in Ireland but my favourite candles are Neom – I personally prefer essential oil candles as I find them less over powering. I also like diptique but I find the scent quite strong.

  13. uhhh i’m i the only one that HATE those? scents are ok, but there is SO much black smoke coming from them, that can’t be good for you

    • I’ve never seen black smoke come from them? I’ve never seen smoke, period, since they’re just being warmed.

    • Taylor

      Cut your wicks to a quarter of an inch every time you burn it. That should help the problem.

    • Megan

      I had a lot of black smoke come from the CBV candles too.. just have to cut the wick every time :/

  14. Oh I love them!! my favorite is Marshmallow Banana Dream cake! And I get what you mean, sometimes doing reviews on other types of products is very refreshing :)

  15. I wish they shipped international, I have been looking for melting tarts here in Sweden but I just can’t find any and the one I have found i US don’t ship international.

  16. Laura

    These sound gorgeous! Too bad they don’t seem to deliver internationally. Their website is *awful* though!