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I don’t think I have ever bought a fragrance without smelling it at least once in person. Ideally, I like to get a sample/tester bottle to not only smell the perfume, but to be able to wear it a couple times to see how I feel about the fragrance once it’s actually on me. I like to test strength, lasting power, and to see how the scent changes on me as I wear it. I’d probably only buy a scent unsniffed if it was the only way to get my hands on it, and if there was a good chance I would be satisfied with it.

Sure, specially when it’s locally unavailable! My biggest requirement though is at least, knowing the notes. From experience I’ve known what I do and don’t like and what works for me. Makes it soooo much easier now! basenotes.com is a good resource for me.

I think it’s tricky to purchase a fragrance without having smelled/wore it first, even with reading reviews, because everyone’s body chemistry is different. Although reading reviews that list the notes and general smell help me to decide which perfumes to sample.

I absolutely prefer not to, but for things unavailable, I’ll risk it if the description seems nice. Prime example: Pacifica perfumes. Can’t buy them anywhere in Australia, but I’ dying to get my hands on Tibetan Mountain Temple and another that I’ve forgotten the name of.

Never! I’m so picky about perfume that there’s only 3 that I have ever liked to wear. I’m always so disappointed by perfume samples that I get that I would never buy something without smelling and wearing it.

I am constantly buying BBW products this way. Reading a lot of reviews online and then asking a friend to get some stuff for me, since we only have two BBW stores both in the capitol city…

I have a rather complicated answer for this. Most conventional perfumes tend to trigger my scent sensitivity and make me sick. So, anything along that vein, I’d absolutely have to smell before I’d purchase it. There’s actually only one brand of traditional perfume I currently own, and that’s Demeter.

On the other hand, I have quite an extensive collection of perfume oils. They’re nearly all from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL). I initially purchased decants, but now I know which particular notes work poorly on me, or I dislike, or even make me ill in oil form… So I’ve purchased quite a bit of full-size product never sniffed from them and I’ve got, like, a 90-95% success rate in terms of scents that I found wearable and enjoyable. Usually my failure rate is me taking a chance outside my comfort zone and occasionally mispicking.

I have to try it on, not just sniff it on the little strips of card they like to put it on in the shops. I have found that some things smell totally different on my skin, due to body chemistry. Some sound perfect when you read what’s in them, but disappoint on. I’m so glad I was able to try the DKNY Pink Macaroon, Key Lime and Creamy Meringue ones – they sounded so good, but I was thoroughly disappointed when I tried them.

I did, however, buy Katy Perry Purr for the cute purple cat-shaped bottle, and it turns out to be a favourite perfume. The Dita Von Teese perfume was also bought untested, since nowhere near us sold it and I had to buy online. I love Dita, I love the classy bottle (and I have a thing for those little retro squeezy bulbs lol) so I just had to have it. The fact I like it is a bonus.

I can, although I do need to improve on my note-reading skills! I do prefer if I can get samples or decants first, though. Reviews doesn’t do that much to me when it comes to perfume, because it’s just too personal. Many reviewers hate smelling like cake while I prefer that than smelling like smoke and dirt, for example.

Nooooooooo!! Last week I was at Chanel talking about their No. 5 perfume and I said how sometimes I feel like some perfumes go straight up my sinuses and feel like they give me an instant headache. I don’t know if this is true but apparently those ones are the ones with mostly synthetic fragrance in them. She said that being around the Chanel perfumes all day is fine. So, nope. But if I like the scent and haven’t seen the bottle I would!

No way. I am sensitive to strong perfumes and in the past I have purchased perfumes that I just don’t ever wear because I don’t like the way the smell on me. I prefer a perfume to have a light soft hint of a scent, instead of being a strong presents on my body. So, in recent years I always smell, sample and wear a fragrance before purchasing a big bottle…. It’s the only way to know if I will truly be happy with it.

Nope, it’s way too risky! Even a perfume that smells good on paper could turn positively weird when it comes in contact with individual skin. I have to spray a perfume on several times before I make up my mind.

I do the same thing. I purchase decants or samples and try a scent out for a week or more. I also read Bois de Jasmin and Now Smell This Perfume. Even if you’re not interested in a particular scent, it’s nice to read about someone else’s experience with it. It’s tough buying a scent without smelling it because the notes may sound alluring, but the chemistry won’t always work.

No. It really doesn’t matter how many reviews I read, in the end I still have to smell it first before committing to a purchase (of anything bigger than a 1ml sample).

Even when given a review by a reviewer with similar taste to me I still want to smell the scent since sometimes a scent they like but don’t love ends up being a love for me and a scent they love ends up being only a like for me.

I own too many full bottles and decants to just buy scents that I merely like (because if I did then I would have a collection of over 100 bottles TBH). Now that I own more than 40 bottles and decants it needs to be enduring love for me to purchase anything more than a sample. Plus almost everything I like or love is more than $100 for the smallest size (and more like $200+ for some of them) a bottle so financially I can’t even begin to justify a purchase without trying and loving it first.

Though, if I was the type to just wear one or two scents exclusively and not buy another one until I used up my bottles I might be more willing to buy without trying. But I love scent and variety too much to even consider that. 😛

I have and I’ll probably be doing it again. I read reviews and notes breakdowns on websites like Fragrantica. Plus there’s a really great German online store Aus Liebe zum Duft which also lists notes and names of perfumers who created the scent, so I can get a fairly good idea whether I’ll like the scent or not (most of the brands they carry I anyway cannot sample before buying since they’re mostly niche brands not available at my local beauty stores).

I would only pruchase something I smelled. I almost bough D&G Light blue without testing because so many said it smelled like Anna Sui Secret Wish, I’m glad I didn’t cause it wasn’t close enough for me.

No, not possible, unfortunately. I’m mildly allergic to many types of fragrances (florals are the biggie), to the point where even entering a heavily perfumed area for a few minutes can leave me congested and watery eyed. I’ll get sample sizes, but that’s about it. I won’t risk spending extensive amounts of money on something I may not be able to wear.

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