Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick
Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick

Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick ($30.00 for 0.13 oz.) is a brightened warm pink that borders on pink-coral. Make Up For Ever Folk is slightly more coral. MAC Watch Me Simmer is brighter, slightly less pink. NYX Haute Melon is a bit more orange but has a similar look. Guerlain Nahema is much more coral. MAC Ultra Darling is slightly redder.  This kind of shade is flattering on both warmer and cooler skin tones, because it doesn’t have a lot of orange or coral in it.

Burberry’s Lip Cover formula is supposed to be hydrating, yield full color coverage, and feel lightweight against the lip.  It’s lovely during application–soft, smooth, which enables it to glide on effortlessly without pulling or tugging at the lips.  It also is able to deliver nearly opaque color coverage in a single pass; you don’t have to go back and forth with this shade.  The creamy consistency is very lightweight, though, and it gives the finish a luminous quality that makes lips look fuller.  I love how hydrating the formula is–my lips always feel good even after this has worn off four hours or so later.

The Glossover


Primrose Hill Pink

This shade will be beautiful on a variety of complexions, both warm and cool, pale and deep! It has excellent color coverage, feels lightweight and hydrating when worn, and has a natural sheen.











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Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick
Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick

Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick
Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick

Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick
Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick

Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick

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Nordstrom, $30.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Make Up For Ever Folk is slightly more coral. MAC Watch Me Simmer is brighter, slightly less pink. NYX Haute Melon is a bit more orange but has a similar look. Guerlain Nahema is much more coral. MAC Ultra Darling is slightly redder.

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59 thoughts on “Burberry Primrose Hill Pink Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. lilly

    :( I was hoping the swatches would look like turd. Looks like I’ll be giving Burberry $30 soon.

  2. Victoria

    I bought their lipsticks before but didn’t like how it is scented. Are they still scented?

  3. Constanze

    The colour is beautiful! ♥

  4. AmyD

    what a lovely spring color :)

  5. t_zwiggy

    Ooooh, pretty! I think I NEED this lol

  6. Hannah

    It sounds like a Butter London colour name!

  7. teresa

    Is it only me or the bullet is very very little?

    Amazing color btw, I wish I had 30$!

  8. Lisa

    This was on my “wishlist” but after this poster I just purchased it. I think secretly I was waiting for your opinion.

  9. Diana

    Are you not doing swatches in natural lighting anymore? I wish you would, because direct flash really washes the color out and when I go in person to check out the shades I see on here, they turn out to be much darker.

    • These are older swatches – unfortunately, if I went back and re-did everything I already spent hours on (I have about 6000 unedited photos I’ve taken of products I have tested that need to be reviewed), I’d never ever get through what I’d like to post! I only just moved into a place where I have room to take swatches in studio lighting (not natural lighting, just FYI, so there is no confusion! :)).

      • Rawr

        You take HOURS to take PICTURES? ……………………………….o.o……………………………………………………………………………………

        • It takes hours to photograph and swatch products – each photo takes approximately 30 minutes of time, from shooting to being posted on the blog. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it’s not. I’m sorry if you feel I am too slow – I always do my best! :)

          • Kj

            Don’t be sorry – you do an AMAZING job!! It is incredibly time consuming to get those pictures done and blog posts written, I don’t seriously think anyone can gripe about the amount of time you spend getting everything perfect!

            • You’d think it would be faster, but it isn’t! I am always on the hunt for suggestions on making it a faster process, though :)

              Thank you!

          • Jessica

            I for one appreciate every minute you take to do these reviews! I always check here first before I buy my make up. Thanks Christine! :-)

          • Gen

            Christine, your pictures and swatches are the best on the internet. You are NOT too slow!! Please don’t feel like you need to re-take any pictures, these are amazing too! Thanks for all your hard work, it is deeply appreciated.

            • Thank you, Gen! :) I always want to – like whenever there is a “big” change, I want to re-do everything, but I KNOW that I can’t. It’s like a buffet — I photograph/swatch more products than I can actually test and review, so I’m perpetually behind. Can’t let myself do things like re-takes when it’ll just put me behind further, LOL. I am working so hard to get through the backlog right now!

          • Jennifer

            I’m amazed at how quickly you move christine! I don’t have a blog, but when using photos for presentations, it takes me much longer than a half an hour per photo–I don’t know how you do it but I DEFINITELY appreciate it! :) P.s. I was amazed that even though it’s a bright shade in the tube, it was a perfect MLBB shade on you! :)

          • ellyp

            You are AMAZING, Christine!!! We totally appreciate your hard work. It’s come to the point with me that I often don’t buy anything unless I see a swatch of it on your site. If I do go ahead and buy it, it is then only because I TRULY like it and have tested it in person. Also, I have bought lip colors — Emotive from Chanel, for instance — that is so dark on me (but I love). Then, I check out your swatch and see how it compares to others and *wow* it doesn’t look that dark on you! Your swatches have helped me truly gauge how something might look on me. That’s given me confidence to judge colors better for me (and spend less money!!) and even buy makeup online.

            I REALLY appreciate all your hardwork!!! You are the best!

  10. Monica

    I LOVE that the love it or leave it buttons are back. Also, can I put a request in that you review Nars’ new tinted moisturizer? Thanks for all you do – I love this blog so much and I now have two drawers of makeup to prove it.

    • They are just temporary but will probably be removed, unfortunately – we were trying to rush it and get something for readers while we work on rebuilding it from scratch, but I have to deactivate it in order to approve and reply to comments – it is wreaking havoc on the site since we installed it. I don’t know if it’s something we can fix. We will spend a few more hours on it, but I’m sorry – it is likely going away again! Sorry again! :(

  11. Mini

    This looks quite similar to Mac crosswires…is it actually or is that just me misreading the colour on my computer screen?

  12. JC

    I love Burberry cosmetics. Ahhh!

  13. Sue Cairns

    Looks like I’m heading to the Burberry counter although it may not be here in OZ ’till the spring, hope not!!!!!

  14. Laia

    This is gorgeous. Even though I think it will look redder on me (I have olive undertones) I want this shade badly! Thanks for the review Christine :)

  15. Wow that is just perfect! I am in love with this!

  16. Mindy

    Primrose Hill looks lovely on you Christine. BTW, do you remember the blush you were wearing?

    Your blog is a delight to read. And I know it’s not something you just throw together, with photos and comments, and comparisons. It’s astounding that you make comparisons! It certainly benefits all the readers because you have a great command of the cosmetics industry. Your in-depth reports, recordings, swatches, and PHOTOS are all appreciated, regardless of low light, high light, flash, no flash. Don’t be put off by a tiny minority of readers who post petty criticism. I for one, and scores of many readers, appreciate your wonderful work. :) Big hug.

    • Thank you, Mindy! I think it is a common misconception – the idea that it doesn’t take a lot of time, when the reality is it takes a surprising amount of time!

  17. Laura Lee

    If you remember what blush you were wearing, please let us know! It’s so pretty!

  18. Stephanie t-p

    Is the color at all similar to viva glam
    Nicki? Because I love this color but I don’t want a dupe!!

  19. Judith

    Gorgeous color with just the right amount of shine. It is a nice pinkish coral color which I have been searching for to wear this Spring and Summer. But…at $30 a tube, it will never be in my budget. Too bad!

  20. Elysia

    woa-I was totally not expecting to love that as much as I do!

  21. Didi

    This looks sooo pretty on you!

  22. Melody

    Very pretty! I love all the bright mattes coming out but the glossy finish of this one is lovely.

  23. esther

    hey christine, how does this compare to bobbi brown’s nude rose rich lip colour? The colour looks very similar here..

  24. perfect pink color, I dont own any Burberry makeup but I think thats about to change..

  25. Elena

    Oh God, seems like all Burberry lipsticks are simply amazing! At least they are not limited edition, so I can get my hands on them anytime :)

  26. Wow! what a lovely color, I need this.

  27. Elly

    Wow…I think I need this! It’s one of the most flattering colours I’ve ever seen on you, hopefully it is on me too! Gorgeous!!

  28. artemis

    pretty 😀

  29. Laura

    Why do Burberry make such pretty lipsticks? They’re making me poor coz I have to have them :)

  30. Zozolina

    The colour is gorgeous, but it is probably even more expensive in Europe.

  31. Carolina

    What a beautiful colour. (Plus I’m loving your earrings :))