Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Bright Purples with Make Up For Ever by Nicholas Lujan

While I was in Las Vegas last week, there was one mission I KNEW I had to accomplish: visit the (relatively) newly opened Make Up For Ever Boutique in Sephora at the Venetian. I’ve never been to Make Up For Ever’s flagship boutique in NYC, and their range is more extensive than what you normally find at Sephora, so I really wanted to see what else they had! I popped by on Tuesday afternoon and met with the oh-so-fabulous Nicholas Lujan. He was absolutely phenomenal–so knowledgeable but even more? infinitely passionate about all things makeup and Make Up For Ever.

Over the years, I’ve found myself getting less and less “makeovers” by artists at counters because I recognize more now than I did before that for many, those are just jobs (and retail ones at that)–which is OK but we, as beauty aficiandos, have to understand that. Too often there is a lack of emphasis on artistry and technique, and instead, artists (even those who would love to teach and show more) are compelled to push product. If you’re lucky, you’ll find and connect with the artists that are passionate about their job and makeup, and then you can learn so much from them.

Make Up For Ever is ALL about artistry. Lujan (along with the others who work at the Las Vegas boutique) were trained in a one-month long makeup “bootcamp” and had hands-on training with Dany Sanz herself (founder of the brand). It’s easy to tell when someone is passionate about what they do, because you can hear it in their voice.  He knew the brand’s history, products’ history and development, and most importantly, he knew how to use everything.

I recommend visiting the boutique if you get the chance, and if you have some time, book a session with one of the artists working that day. They have shorter sessions (30 minutes or so, approximately $50 redeemable in product) and longer sessions (60 minutes or so, approximately $120 redeemable in product)–and it’s not hard to spend either amount on their products. My session was complimentary, as I came as press, but I could not leave without purchasing their Liquid Lift Foundation–I was willing to find a way to cram it into my quart-sized liquids’ bag!

The look you see in this post was created by the talented Lujan–I wanted to give him freedom to do something he thought would look good and work for me. Surprisingly, the black liner on the upper lash line was not as irritating as liner typically is, so I’ll be testing that out myself over the next few weeks.  He called this his “spotlight” look, because of the brightness popped onto the center of the lid.  Lujan also told me that my eyes are set far enough apart that I can get away with wearing dark eyeshadows on both the inner and outer creases/corners.  He also told me to go nuts with the lower lash line, because it works well with my eye shape!

You will need the following…

For eyes, Lujan applied #2 Aqua Cream with Eye Seal using the 6N brush. He then applied #116 eyeshadow in the creased with the 17S brush. He applied #92 eyeshadow in the corners with the 14S brush. He patted #940 Star Powder underneath the arch and the inner corner. He then mixed #940 Star Powder with #1 Diamond Powder onto the center of the lid. He lined the upper lash line with Aqua Black eyeliner. The eyes were finished with Aqua Smoky Lash on lashes.

For cheeks, he applied #6 HD Blush onto cheeks with #5 eyeshadow used as a highlight. Lujan contoured with #170 HD Foundation and set with #1 Velvet Finish.

For lips, he used #1C Aqua Lip Liner to line lips, and then applied #23 Rouge Artist Lipstick for a nude lip. He topped the lips with #16 Lab Shine Lip Gloss for shine and shimmer.

Check out more photos!

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208 thoughts on “Bright Purples with Make Up For Ever by Nicholas Lujan

  1. Brenda

    WOW – you are glowing!!!! This look is fantastic on you!

  2. Cait

    OMG. Now that is beautiful. Man, your eyes!!! Do they ever pop and the colour makes you look like you are glowing radiant. Holy. Wow. Just wow.

  3. Jennifer

    you look absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. sel

    love it, one of the best purple eye looks ive seen in awhile, thanks for sharing!

  5. alison

    i’d love to have an experience like that somewhere in chicago – you know, like have a makeup artist actually give me tips! like what he told you about being able to go bold in both corners because your eyes are a little more wide set, being able to go crazy on the lower lashline… gah, i want to go to vegas just to have a consult with this guy!

    the look is STUNNING. your eyes just pop, whoa. and i think i need that lip color…

  6. Eunice

    wow, this look is GORGEOUS!! Bravo Lujan!!!

  7. Ashley

    Christine this looks stunning! Wow your eyes look amazing, this really brings out your eye color!

  8. Lillian

    OH MY GOD YOU LOOK FABULOUS. I will definitely check out this location if I ever happen to be in the area!

  9. Perri

    great look!!

  10. Sass

    You look fabulous Christine! I’m sure you’ve tried this before, but out of curiosity, have you ever just tried using black eyeshadow as liner?

  11. Meg


  12. Oh wow, this has to be the best look I have seen thus far with purple

  13. Elise

    Great colors! I’ll definitely try to recreate it and adapt it to my eye shape. I have a question though. You say that he used the MUFE Liquid Lift (2) and I can’t find on the Sephora website. Is it really its name? And what about the Velvet Finish (1) too? Is it the Mat Velvel Foundation or is it some kind of powder? I’d really like to know because the finish look is amazing! I’m sure you got many compliments.

    • They are, essentially, pro products – you can only get them at boutique locations (so Sephora MUFE boutique locations or their flagship store in NYC).

  14. GIIIRRRLLLL I love you with top eyeliner! ga ga gorgeous!

  15. This looks gorgeous on you and really makes your eyes light up like I’ve never seen before in your pictures. Gorgeous!

  16. Constanze

    It looks amazing ♥ !

  17. inaya

    Christine, not only you; but i don’t think anyone has EVER looked so good!

  18. Aleeya

    Christine you look absolutely stunning! I have a thing for purple eyeshadow looks so I am going to have to try to do this look myself. Gorgeous!!

  19. Christine you are looking like a One Hot Fairy ….
    I couldn’t find a better word then Fairy … and this fairy is decked in hot hot colors
    flawless skin flawless makeup and the smile is the killer honey 😀 😀
    I sware you have got wonderful smile and your eyes speaks volume ….
    loved the purples on you sweetie

    stay happy and keep smiling 😀 😀

  20. Charito

    The look would be just as beautiful without the liner, imo. Lujan really did an amazing job.

    Re: liner on your upper lids. This might be dumb to suggest, but have you tried just using a wet shadow to line your eyes? Is it the formula of the liner that irritates or is it the proximity to your lash line?

    Btw, I think all your looks look great without liner on your upper lid!

  21. Sarah

    Love Love Love this look…beautiful purple…

  22. Miss Mercurial

    I’ve actually never noticed that you don’t line your upper lid most of the time, lol. Probably because I usually stick to swatch posts that you do; as much as I’d like to read and respond to them all, reading = my number-one distraction culprit, haha.

    I looovee purple, and really like MUFE (haven’t had reactions with anything from them, yay!) so this post had me all a-squee.
    The way he maps eyeshadow out on your eyes is my default way of wearing eye makeup, lol, but his blending skillz pwn mine XD.

    On the note of not being able to wear upper eye liner: I’m sure you’ve tried this before, but it would seem to me that using Mixing Medium or similar + powder eyeshadow would be a lot gentler on your eyes than actual liquid liner while still preserving some of the sharpness.
    My bet is that the preservatives in liquid liner are at fault (if I’m reading this correctly by assuming that you mean liquid liners are what trouble you on your upper lid, not liners in general). Since liquids are prime bacteria breeding grounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if cream/liquid eye products have more stuff in them to keep gross stuff at bay – not to mention whatever chemical components that would be necessary to keep the formula at a usable consistency and the color/pigment well-distributed.

    I’m just curious about your experiences because while I have little to no problem with liners on my upper lid, I cannot STAND wearing anything on my waterline – ever! I approve that Lujan seems to echo my sentiments, lol :P. It strikes me as counter-intuitive that either of the two sensitivities can apparently manifest with or without the other.

    TL;DR you look gawwgjuss, dahling, and I hope that you will one day find your OTL of upper-lid-liners :)

    • I think my lash line is just sensitive – because if I work too closely even with an eyeshadow brush, it can flare up a bit. It’s less reactive to say eyeshadow with a liner brush than a full-on liquid liner, but it does react to both. Even when applying my eyeshadow, I take care to really just skim across the very bottom of the lower lid so it’s not too much for the upper lash line area. More or less – as soon as I get between those lashes, it all goes downhill!

      • Miss Mercurial

        Curious and curiouser! If/when you do find a solution to your dilemma, I’d be interested in hearing about it for the sake of curiosity if nothing else.

  23. Jazz

    This look is fierce! So nice on you. I definitely need to make my way to a MUFE store.

  24. NeenaJ

    You look beautiful. I love this look because it’s intense but yet, so wearable! You could walk out of that store and go on with your day feeling like a million bucks.

    Everyone deserves to do their own thing without having a bunch of judgment heaped on them. You do things your way, and I’ll do them mine. But hopefully, we can all learn from the differences. I’ve learned a TON about color combos, blending and application from you, Christine. And, because it’s different from your normal methods, I’m sure you learned a ton from Lujan.

    I love the shape he created with not only the liner, but the amazing work he did on the lower lash line. Can you tell us more about what was used/technique on the lower lash area?

  25. san

    wow i cant stop looking at ur eyes…its amazing,can u do this same look by yourself at home ? again :)

  26. Lena Vaz

    AMAZING look! You can see it comes from a professional who loves what he does! And as usual, you look beautiful, girl! Just one thing: perhaps you could teach us how to do the “spotlight” eye? 😉

  27. Yazmin

    Omg. It looks so magical

  28. Rosie

    This is stunning, beautiful, and a head turner for sure!!!! I love this look you look great Christine :)

  29. kia

    he did an amazing job christine! really made your brown eyes pop! this is another favorite look of mine on you!

  30. jaspreet

    this is gorgeous!!!

  31. Oh my gosh Christine…that look is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am sitting here agape at how great you look. The purple shades are REALLY your kind of color. Wow! If ever there was a visual to encourage me to buy a brand’s product, this is it!

  32. Lana

    I love how bold this look is and I’m glad you had fun. You look beautiful!

  33. Lady MacLeod

    Speechless. Too stunning for words.

  34. This is AWESOME! Those purples work so well with your eye color—makes them like pop out of your head…lol.

  35. Gina

    Your eyes look unbelievable! There’s so much dimension to the eyeshadow.

  36. Eva

    Christine, you look absolutely gorgeous! This look is so, so beautiful–it’s perfect for your eyes!

  37. Shannon

    WOW that is LOVELY! I really like how he did with the darker shade on both inner and outer corners of the crease, and the spotlight is, well, spot on! I can really feel/see the difference between a fully trained passionate makeup artist vs someone you get at the counters…the final result you’ve shown in these pictures looks a lot like the advertisement photoshoots, it has that much more impact. awesome!

  38. Oooooh!! I LOVE this look on you! And that’s great news if you’ve found a liner that doesn’t irritate your upper lash line, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you!

  39. Mollie


  40. Kat Muniz

    omg you look amazing

  41. parisvioleta

    Nicholas Lujan YOURE THE BEST!

  42. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh I have never seen purple eyeshadow done so flawlessly and beautifully in my life!! Great post! Just wow.

  43. ImperfctAngel

    Wow! what a gorgeous look on you Christine! I was wondering though, why did he use the eye seal with the aqua cream? the aqua cream is creamy enough so i am confused as to why he used a liquid with a cream?!

  44. Stef

    OH.MY.GOD. WOW!!! The last pic – full face, blew my mind! You look stunning! And that eyeshadow… beautiful!!

  45. Violet

    Very beautiful. Sorry that you have to have such problems with liner. Ever tried taking a black eyeshadow, mixing it with Illamasquas sealer to make your own liner? Maybe that would work? Or just using a dark eyeshadow as is to define the lashline?

  46. Laura

    Wow your eyes look like they’re glowing it looks beautiful

  47. Steph

    This look is really gorgeous on you- the liner suits your eye shape so well! I hope you can enjoy upper liner more often now if this one doesn’t irritate your eyes. : )

  48. Jen

    hmm you finally did eyeliner on the top

  49. Melene

    So..pretty 😀

  50. ruru

    you look good in purples! tutorial!

  51. As a professional makeup artist I love to push the boundaries a bit with some clients. Too many prefer to stay with muted colors, the taupe’s etc. While looking natural for bridal makeup is fine, it’s fun to create an edgy look for parties or a special night out. Your purple eye makeup is dazzling and fun, just what every girl needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. I agree with not pushing products. While every makeup artist has their favorite products it’s not something clients want to deal with, it’s the finished look that matters to them most. Over the counter makeup artists will always push a product.

  52. Mia

    Wow, I love it when you wear black/dark eyeliner with your looks, they make your eyes look sooo amazing :)
    And you should wear more cool eyeshadows, they always look great on you.

  53. Amazing pictures and wonderful look – really a great idea, thank you for sharing

  54. Faerie

    You look amazing! I especially love the mix in the center of your lid. The shape of the eye makeup is beautiful.

  55. Your eyes looks STUNNING!!
    I loved those eyeshadows, works AMAZING on you!

  56. Stephanie

    That looks so beautiful! If I ever find myself in the US/Las Vegas, I’m definitely making my way there!

  57. miriam

    I finally got around to trying this look out on myself. It looked identical to what Nicholas Lujan did but I didn’t like the way it looked with my eye shape. He really knew how to accentuate your eye color and eye shape to their full potential. I wish it looked as beautiful on me as it did you.

  58. HannaH

    Oh god! This look is amazing!!
    Can you create a video for it?
    WAW lovely

  59. Arianna

    amazing, this color suits you better than anything else ive seen you wearing! 😀

  60. Emma

    soooo gorgeoussss

  61. Liz

    Christine, is eye seal like MACs version of mixing medium?

  62. Erika

    That last picture, when I saw the effect of the purple with your eye colour, totally made me gush!

  63. Natasha

    you look amazing! I love it!!

  64. Eleonora

    this is so gorgeous and it suits you perfectly!

  65. I haven’t commented in a long time, kind of fell out of my makeup obsession, but started going backward through your entries and came across this one. I usually see you do more neutral ‘looks’ than anything else, which do look good on you -but this purple look stopped me in my tracks. This looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous on you!! That purple really pops with your skin-tone and eye colors (by the way, you have amazing eyes), and I feel like it gives you this younger air (I am in no way calling you old, lol! Just a young-er look to you.)

    You should definitely rock out bold purples more often, this is a very striking and attractive look for you!:)

  66. I’m late to the comment party aren’t I… ^^;

    I have pretty hooded eyes so I generally just tightline and apply eyeliner only on the outer third of the lid, winging it out slightly. If I don’t line my upper lashline at all I always end up bringing too much attention to my dark circles. >.<

    I love how your eyes look with or without liner. I do envy your ability to pull together a look with just mascara, though! (My sad Asian lashes would never let me do that. 😛 ) I just can't imagine how it would feel to have all these people tell you you look less beautiful without — While you probably wish for an eyeliner that wouldn't irritate your sensitive eyes. *hugs*