Friday, October 24th, 2008

  • vedaMAMA Purify ($75.00) The vedaPURE™ skincare collection will support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating a portion of their proceeds from the vedaMAMA™ PURIFY detoxifying body cream to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • DuWop Pink Shimmer Brick ($18.00) DuWop proudly supports by donating 20% of proceeds from the shimmer brick to the Cosmetic Executive Women Cancer and Careers Foundation.
  • DuWop Lip Lingo in Pink ($32.00) DuWop has joined in the fight to support research by donating 20% of proceeds from Liplingo Pink to breast cancer research and the betterment of women living with cancer.
  • Philosophy She Colors My Day ($20.00) philosophy will donate 100% of its net proceeds from the sale of the she colors my day bath product to the entertainment industry foundation’s women’s cancer research fund.

Please consider participating in Temptalia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser!

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One thought on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Shop Pink for BCA Part 10

  1. RMH

    My mother and both my grandmothers died of breast cancer, one of my sisters had it 9 ago and is clear now, though I am a man I with this family history am at risk for it.

    Despite this I do not support the charities and walks, and never will.

    There are two reasons for this.

    The first simple, these things save companies tax dollars, which means we are merely paying their taxes and the money realy comes from our taxes, and the walks and such raise little money by the time expenses are paid, and then there are the city or town’s expenses to be paid, with our taxes. So why not just have the money come from the gov without the waste spent on publicity, and bags and badges that comes with charities and companies.

    The second reason is more important, none of these charities push for science education. If we furnished 1,000 labs state of the art with equipment to study cancer, they would sit empty. We do not have enough scientists to man them. I am in college now and in my math and science classes I am one of a few students who are more than two generations here in the USA. The american kids are taking media studies, communications, ethnic studies and the such.

    We need to push science and math in high school and primary school. Most schools spend more on football than on science and math. If you are any good at it, most schools just want to to sit quietly while the class goes on, bored and not expanding your skills.

    If a football coach benched the good players and told them not to cause trouble, and played the slow players, he would get death threats. And in fact this has happened.

    If you excell in science and math the school they do not even take the trouble to protect you from the jocks.

    There is no respect for us, that is why many of us like myself would rather work on weapons research than medicine. I have one friend who is doing this but he worries if he will be able to raise a family on the small wages a medical researcher, who is not working for a pharmaceutical company gets.

    It is us who will find the cures, not people walking, or running, not people feeling together, not ribbons, but us scientists support us and we will save you.