Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Bond No. Holiday 2011 Collection

At Bond No. 9, we’re bold and daring perfumers—but never more so than at holiday time. That’s when—we admit it!—we throw any hint of caution to the wind and present a limited-edition collection of gifts that are at least as sumptuous as the celebrations themselves—in fact, probably a lot more so. But this year, we’ve gone for a level of sheer, unadulterated radiance that frankly amazes even us. Here is a stunning array of treasures whose lustrousness, whose incandescence will boggle the mind and mesmerize the eye, just as much as our scents excite the senses. And for our keynote eau de parfum this season, the one that most warrants being surrounded by splendor, we’ve chosen the best-selling Scent of Peace—a male/female mélange of black current, lavender, and lily of the valley, which we’ve made available in several sizes and shapes. Of course we’ve included other Bond No. 9 scent favorites, as well. And as always at holiday-time, we offer a generously wide price range. So, the artisanal scents … the optics … the keepsake boxes … the luxury quotient: Bond No. 9 has got it all.

Fantasy-Stone Fountain of Peace ($7,500.00)

This year’s official, unabashed extravaganza gift is our now-perennial 42-ounce spigoted amphora vitrine, filled with the Scent of Peace, its gracefully curvaceous exterior glistening everywhere with a new Swarovski crystal design: a profusion of stones in varying sizes and shapes, carefully pieced together onto a surface as intricate and tactile as an incandescent moon-glow tapestry. True, perfume containers have always had an element of fantasy. But this one is ultimo in every way.

Incadescent Shooting Super Star ($1,000.00)

The Scent of Peace is likewise the eau de parfum chosen for the classic Bond No. 9 superstar bottle that’s been decked out all over with those Swarovski fanci-crystals—the moonlit exterior emphasizing the preciousness of the contents. Even the oval cap and the keepsake silver-toned presentation box are studded with stones.

Swarovski All-Stars Quartet to Go ($700.00)

What woman wouldn’t adore having her daily choice of four Swarovski pavé-studded pocket sprays—one in glistening fuchsia (Chinatown), one in cobalt blue (Nuits de Noho), one in silver-crystal (the Scent of Peace), and one in black (Bond No. 9 Perfume). Standing tall in their own neat golden coffret equipped with a handy gold-tone mini-funnel (yes, these pocket sprays are refillable), they add up to the perfect gift presentation for those who long to casually whip out an impossibly stunning perfume flacon from their handbag, wow everyone around with its jewel-like sheen—and then do it all over again the next day in a different color.

Coffret Trio ($550.00)

Fitted into a square gold-foil box, the Bond No. 9 signature coffret contains three of our most beloved top-sellers—the aforementioned Bond No. 9 Perfume, as well as Astor Place and Nuits de Noho. Their appeal is unabashedly to women who are romantically or seductively inclined—or both at once.

Peace Offering ($430.00)

The Scent of Peace once again, this time in a signature gift collection featuring a 100 ml. eau de parfum, body cream, and candle. Lovers of peace will find sublime contentment here.

Perfumista’s Perfect Ten ($250.00)

Imagine the Bond No. 9 superstar flacon precisely scaled down to 5 ml. How beguiling! Then imagine a wardrobe of ten such flacons—each containing a different best-selling eau de parfum–standing at attention in a beautifully embossed coffret. What an exquisite dream-gift that will turn any fashionista into a devout perfumista—and vice versa. The scents: Andy Warhol Union Square, Bleecker Street, Bond No. 9 Signature , Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Eau de New York , Hamptons, Nuits de Noho, The Scent of Peace and Wall Street.

Amethyst Serenity ($500.00, $225.00)

The Scent of Peace again, this time in a Swarovski amethyst pavé-covered superstar bottle; 50 ml, $500; and in a 7 ml pocket spray, $225. Both are refillable. Available separately: amethyst velvet pouches, sized to fit.

Oudissimo/Oud on the Skin ($170.00)

So in-demand is Bond No. 9 Perfume, our provocative East-West signature blend of oriental oud and beautifully balanced rose, along with edible almond and caramel that our customers absolutely insisted we create an accompanying body cream and candle. Here they are, enveloped in blazing gold, just in time for the holidays.

availability: November 1st, 2011

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35 thoughts on “Bond No. Holiday 2011 Collection

  1. Alisa

    wow thats an insane amount to spend on perfume…its pretty though

  2. Samantha

    omg the price o_0

  3. Wow, $7,500? That kind of money could pay for my remaining college tuition for the next two years! LOL. The bottle is very pretty, in any case.

  4. AngelWingz

    Imagine buying that set and not liking some of the perfumes in there…

  5. Sarah

    so gorgeous… so expensive

  6. I did a double take with those prices lol.

  7. Kimberly

    & I thought V&F Flowerbomb was expensive.

  8. beautiful….but I am not a perfume girl…unless it is a gift or I am trust fund baby, there is no way I would get this

  9. Amanda E

    Ok so this is obviously an extravagance- but there are some reasonable pieces in the collection- $250 for 10 mini bottles is not horribly bad… compared to the $7500 bottle. But it’s all so beautiful. Besides, this is not some cheap celebrity fragrance that is produced by the millions, it is the real deal!

  10. Amy

    well arent they making some money.

  11. Steph

    Wow, beautiful. This is luxury money can buy!

  12. cherryglass

    Does anyone know if the 10 piece set contains splash or spray bottles? There is something so awesome about fully functional miniatures of originals. I wish they’d kept the bottle design, though. Yes, Chinatown, I’m looking at you.

  13. Pawsha

    I think they are packaged all very beautiful. Regardless of the price; because either you pay it or you dont, but I don’t care for the smell of any of them.

  14. Maddie

    I love bond no 9!!
    These collections are lovely if you are Donald trump! Ridiculous price
    However. I buy the body lotions which are still pricey but are super nice
    I don’t wear many perfume as it is too strong
    Body lotion is fine. Ihave about 7 fav scents fro
    This amazing line

  15. Marianthi

    Thank God we’re in recession, otherwise who knows how much they would sell a bottle? At least now it is only SEVEN AND HALF T H O U S A N D !!!
    (what they will say on sales “NOW 7.499,99 ONLY” ?)

    • Jimmie

      Bond No. 9 doesn’t go on sale just like Tom Ford, Creed, Louis Vuitton etc. never go on sale. Part of the prestige image.

      • Rachel

        You spelled pretentious wrong.

        • Jimmie

          No, I’m pretty sure I spelled prestige correctly. I find it very interesting on Temptalia that the only time people BAY FOR BLOOD like someone hurt their child is when a fragrance dares cost more than people think it should.

          Fragrance junkies are a different breed than cosmetics junkies – the market can include men more easily, it supports vintage items (like 1950 vintage not 2003 vintage), collectors skew older which means they usually skew to a higher income, there’s a whole subset of people who just collect the BOTTLES, and so on. And that’s all pretentious and terrible and silly and just awful but we’ll all fight to the death in bidding wars over a tube of lipstick that will turn to crayon in two years.

          Interesting, isn’t it?

          • Amanda E

            Agree with Jimmie completely. The point of this website is luxury! The luxury of looking beautiful, the luxury of having nice, high quality items. The luxury of feeling good about ourselves and indulging our femininity. Tempatalia frequently features $50 lipsticks and $70 eye shadow palettes- are they extravagant? Yes! Sinful? No. If someone enjoys small luxuries in a way that is responsible, then why look down on them for a small indulgence? Besides- these products have artistic merit, can you put a price on that?

            PS, Jimmie: “bay for blood” is the best phrase I have seen on here in a long time!

        • Mariella

          LOL, Rachel! That is funny. I teach students from Somalia and I’m so haunted by what’s going in that country that I find such gratuitous spending like this sort of obscene. It’s an individual’s choice but, as I say, I’ve been so upset lately about all the desperate need in the world…

  16. Jimmie

    While I am a huge fan of pretty pretty packaging and I know this will be fun for the tax bracket it’s aimed at and the people who aspire to it, I’m just not a fan of Bond No. 9 fragrances – much like Creed, they have a checkered past when it comes to “inspirations”, the stories they tell regarding their products’ history and their management techniques. Having said that, if you love the scents and you can take the plunge this would be lovely to find under the tree.

  17. Ari

    Oh my. It’s so magnificently, ridiculously, deliciously overwrought that the whole, swarovski-studded mess has absolutely made my day. I have a passion for the incomprehensibly extravagant: things that I’d never buy even if I could afford them, but oh do my eyes love to look! *g* Thank you for posting these.

  18. Macaddict

    I am a BIG fan of the Bond No 9 perfumes. I do happen to own 15 of them so far and there are more that I want. The reason for the high price, besides the packaging, is that these ARE real perfumes (not fragrances). A little goes a looonngg waayy! A few spritzes will last you all day and the scents are very complex and have a lot of depth. They are handmade and not mass-produced and so the process is lenghtier and more costly. As well, the quality of the ingredients adds to the pricing.
    I am a fragrance collector and have had hundredes over the years and i can tell you that I would rather have 1 bottle of Bond No9 over a whole bunch of other fragrances that will smell way too much like alcohol and which scent will evaporate so quickly that one has to reapply every 4 hours or so.

  19. Litenoumjuq

    Unlike earlier comments I am quite unimpressed with most of the bottles and containers. The fantasy stone fountain of peace is absolutely beautiful yes, and the bottle on the fourth picture alike. But the vials and the bottle covered with unisized and mostly unicoloured swarovskicrystals are somehow to much for me, in a bad way. I love the idea of covering the bottles with swarovskicrystals, but i think it could have been done with some more creativity when it comes to pure luxury items like these ones. What I’m trying to say is that (with exeption of the fantasy stone fountain of peace) they are pretty, but not very tasteful.

    With all that negativity said I am curious on how the perfumes smell, how different they truly are from the usual massproduced perfumes and fragrances. And I like reading about the luxurious far-over-the-top products that are out there. But I couldn’t afford them, and probably wouldn’t buy them even if i could. I’ll stay with my CK perfume, that’s already pure luxury for me.

  20. Kathy

    Pretty but not $7500 pretty.

  21. Ana medina

    I’ve smelled this stuff and it’s not good or soft…. I think you pay more for the packaging, it smells like cheap old perfume

  22. I love Bond—I’m springing for the new I Love New York for Her perfume soon. It’s $105 for the bottle I want but if I decide I LOVE it, I’ll get the $175 bottle. I also need a bottle of Chinatown. Oh and Broadway Nite, too…lol.

  23. Deb

    Way, way, way out of my price range. They sell this perfume brand where I get my hair cut, but I’ve never seen anyone buy it.