Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Bobbi Brown Marrakesh Chic Collection for Fall 2011

Rich Color Eyeshadow ($24.00) (Limited Edition)

This creamy powder delivers intense, pigmented color. It blends onto lids like a cream and builds easily to a super rich shadow with smooth, long-wearing finish that doesn’t crease or smudge for up to 12 hours. An innovative soft press technology allows the natural waxes in the formula to melt into the powder, giving the shadow its unique creamy feel. Apply it on bare lids using your fingers, an eye smudge brush or angled eye shadow brush. Don’t worry about being too precise—this shadow looks most modern when it’s swiped on. For added impact, define your eyes with a gel liner.

  • Sand Dune Beige
  • Pink Silk Pink
  • Rich Kashmir Brown
  • Desert Lily Lavender
  • Rich Slate Gray
  • Wine Burgundy
  • Coffee Bean Brown
  • Royale Purple

Lip Color ($23.00)

  • Desert Plum Plum

Metallic Lip Color (Limited Edition)

  • Violet Glaze Plum

Rich Lip Color ($30.00)

  • Desert Rose Pink

Creamy Lip Color ($23.00)

  • Pale Plum Plum
  • Pink Blossom Pink

availability: September 2011; some items available for pre-order @ Neiman Marcus; still awaiting more details

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26 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Marrakesh Chic Collection for Fall 2011

  1. Why does the bit about not worrying about being too precise remind me of Big Bounce shadows?

  2. MilliVanilli

    These look fantastic! I can hardly wait!

  3. As always, love Bobbi Brown’s colors. There is nothing released that I wouldn’t be able to wear from the office to a night out. Especially loving the purples!

  4. Sarah

    REALLY boring. *yawn* :-) I do mean that in the nicest way!

  5. kimk

    Lovely – but $24 for one eyeshadow?? Isn’t that kinda steep, even for BB? It’d cost a fortune to own all the shadows – I wish they’d have just put them all in a palette, and shrunk the size of them. They truly are gorgeous colors, but I think at $24 a crack, I’ll likely be passing on this collex…:(

    • Collyermum

      I agree! Lovely colours but no chance I’m buying them at that price! MAC are bad enough and that is the priciest I am going!

    • Diane

      Wise choice to pass on these. I bought 2 of these in Nordstroms… Sand Dune & Rich Kashmir. Beautiful colors in the pan (and in the pictures here), but they have lousy color payoff on the lids. I use eyelid primer and wear eyeshadow EVERY DAY for many years, so I am no stranger to application. But these are just poorly formulated (IMO) compared to other Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. And the kicker is… they cost more! These are “cheaply made” and remind me of Clinique & Estee Lauder Pure Color eyeshadows, which I have never had any luck with in the pigmentation dept. either. I would advise people to pass on these from my experience.

      • Melissa

        This is delayed, but don’t use a primer with these. I’m a makeup artist for the company, and they work best and stay on longest if you apply them to a bare lid. Because of the wax base, anything under it will cause it to fall right off.

  6. Beth

    I know Bobbi does a lot of neutrals and subtle colors (and she does them well), but I expected a lot of saturated reds, pinks and oranges from a collection named “Marrakesh.” I think she could also have done something gorgeous with the packaging – maybe something enameled with silver or gold accents?

  7. Dovey

    I love the colors, however it looks like all the items took a huge price hike. I love BB, but I’ll pass since I could get Chanel for the same price tag.

  8. Suselew

    I have never found Bobbi Brown powder shadows to be pigmented enough. Hopefully, these don’t reinforce my negative opinion.

    • Diane

      Oh, I can promise you that they will…. heh, heh. (Reinforce that negative opinion.) I typically adore Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, but I found the (2) I purchased from this collection to be sadly lacking in pigmentation compared to her regular eyeshadow line. If you think her regular eyeshadows stink, don’t waste your money on these… they will definitely disappoint.

  9. Eibhlin

    Looks like my kinda thing but wowzers – the price! As someone else said, smaller sizes in a less expensive compact would have been perfect. :(

  10. Diane

    I was able to purchase two from this collection in advance from Nordstroms: Sand Dune & Rich Kashmir. Beautiful colors in the pan, but the trick is trying to get them to show up on your lids. I patted and patted, and it took quite a while to build the color to where you can see Sand Dune on the lid. Rich Kashmir was a little better, but I still had to go over the color several times with this one, too, in order to obtain the “rich color” that these shadows promise. I am fair-skinned (MAC NW20), so it’s not because I have dark lids; and I did apply these over my usual eyelid primer (BE Prime Time). I am disappointed in this formula, because I think Bobbi’s eyeshadows are usually superior to many competitor’s. These are poor quality and remind me of cheaper quality eyeshadows from other Estee Lauder companies, like the Estee Lauder Pure Color line & Clinique brand… except these will cost a whole lot more and are *not* worth the $24 price tag. I’m sorry to be negative about these, but I am only reporting the truth from my experience and feel the need to caution others before buying. This is just my opinion & experience, of course… your own mileage & preferences may vary. Good-luck if you decide to take the plunge! :^)

  11. artemis

    kinda boring but i guess colors that look boring are gorgeous on the eyes 😀 i like the teal-grey

  12. liz

    I bought the Desert Sand palatte from Sephora, Ltd Edition, $60.00 for an 8 shadow collection in a rather nice container (I am so sick and tired of expensive products in cheap plastic or cardboard). I really like the shadows, they go on so easily, good pigment, nice combo palatte. I will stick with this palatte after reading these comments – thanks to those that tried these out first as it saved me some $$$. I am always leary of these “new” products, always trying to get your money and not yet really accepted by customers, they should give away samples first

  13. ♥ the colors, hate the price..

  14. Lucy

    They look pretty but I have always had trouble with BB eyeshadow in that it goes all over my face especially under my eyes. The pigment is too loose. Have any of checked out the New Maybelline Runway colors Fall 2011 which was the official makeup used for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011? Now those are some gorgeous colors and below $10.00. Plus check the new Maybelline lipsticks like Beige Bombshell and Designer Pink. Identical to BB just not the price.

    • I just picked up the lipstick Beige Bombshell from the Maybelline Fall line. The color is sheer enough to work with, an I you want a more opaque look, just swipe a few more times. My skin tone in tan (I’m latina/Native American). I also picked up the lipstick in Must Have Mauve. This color reminds me of Born With It, without the slight shimmer that one has. Again, on the sheer side but buildable. Same scent. I love Maybelline lipstick! Regardless of the smell.

  15. Nancy

    I picked up two of these over the weekend. I am having trouble working with them. If I swatch them with my finger they seem nicely pigmented but when I put it on my eyelid it barely shows up. I Love Bobbi Brown and have quite a bit of her products and I want to LOVE these but I fear I may have to return them. I am going to try working with them 2 or 3 more times first to make sure. I also picked up each of her Tortoise shell Palettes and I love them so much.

  16. Miss Laurence

    Many thanks for this review. I am waiting for your swatches !!
    Price = 24$ each for a single/simple eye shadow ?? Really too much this time, definately. IF BB goes on proposing new products more and more expensive every time, I think I will let this brand down…in France it will be even more expensive. I’ll wait until Xmas to see if prices will increase again for the “festive collection”. The great BB product fan I am has her limits….in budget !!
    I personally think that Some nice warm Morroccan Colors were “forgotten” (plenty of soft or deep brands of browns) and some were added and not “typical” from this marvellous country (especially the Atlas mountains…).

  17. Melissa

    These shadows work only on a BARE LID. They have higher color payoff and last forever if used this way, because of how the wax base works with your BARE SKIN. Using my finger works well for me, or one of those little sponge applicators you would find with a CoverGirl shadow. I work as a makeup artist for the company, and that’s what we found works best. Anyone who sold you this at a counter should have explained use. Though they are different, they work really well when used in the proper way in which they were formulated for.