Monday, June 15th, 2009

Bobbi Brown Nudes Collection 2009

Bobbi Brown’s newest take on nude makeup—a concept she created. ‘Nude makeup doesn’t mean monochromatic, barely-there makeup. It means makeup that’s right for your skin,’ says Bobbi. Fall’s must-have eye palette takes you effortlessly from day to night with a sophisticated and universally flattering selection of nude shadows in three different textures: soft matte, lightly pearlized and metallic high-shimmer. Three eyeshadow duos come in a customizable 3-Pan Palette, which can also be filled with your choice of any Bobbi Brown eyeshadow or blush shades.

Nude Eye Palette ($60.00)

  • Contains Navajo/Pebble, Chino/Beige Linen Wash and Maple Sugar/Caviar duos, exclusive to this set.

Nude Shimmer Brick ($38.00)

The iconic Shimmer Brick is now available in the perfect everyday shade: Nude. This hand-made brick features five pure pearl pigments—pink, gold, bronze, beige and caramel—designed to be blended together to give all skin tones a soft, lit-from-within glow. Layer over blush as highlighter or use individual shades on lids for a sheer, pearlized look.

Creamy Lip Color ($22.00)

  • Rose Bud
  • Rose Garden
  • Soft Blush
  • Twilight

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($21.00)

  • Caviar Ink

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79 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Nudes Collection 2009

  1. NUDES??? From Bobby Brown??? WHAT??

    Sorry, just kidding. 😛

    But really, I swear Bobby Brown is out to make sure every woman in America owns nude makeup!! LOL!

  2. Is this at the counters yet?!?! I totally want it all!!!

  3. Wilcoa

    Love the palette and a couple of the lippies (though I’m pretty sure if I did buy, I’d only buy the palette). I’m wearing many more neutral tones now and unfortunately do not have a decent collection of them to do more than a wash across the lid. This collection really does appeal to me, especially since I missed MAC’s N Collection.

  4. Samantha

    I love this! This is probably her only collection that has caught my eye. I really want the shimmer brick and eyeshadows.

  5. MC

    Ohh… that shimmer brick looks lovely…

  6. I just got these items and LOVE everything!!!

  7. Jennifer

    Christine, do you think their Nudes palette in this collection will be similar to their Shimmering Nudes Palette last year? :X

  8. Jennifer

    p.s. i was initially scared by their promo pic this time…its a bit creeepy :/

  9. lisa

    I love nude looks!

  10. Briana

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like their makeup collection is covered in the “nudes” department. Dont get me wrong, i love nude and natural colors, but i almost feel like im basically covered in that area. MAC has excellent nudes and browns and having an abundance of them has made me feel like there’s no need to buy anymore. Does anyone else feel this way? Like its getting harder to be impressed with new lines?

    • Shefali

      I agree with you Briana!

    • lauren

      I know! I was just looking through my collection the other day to see if I needed to toss anything and I realized how dull and boring all the colors are. Nothing really stands out and I have noticed that I’ve been passing on many new collections……..

    • It took me a long time before I was covered, actually! I started off having to own all the colors, and I completely ignored neutrals for THE LONGEST TIME, ha!

      I definitely think the more makeup you own, the less impressed you are with new launches.

  11. sprut

    I like the look of the palette but not the lipsticks.

  12. bluematilda

    is it just me…or do all of the bobbi brown promo shots look so strangely photoshopped…

  13. claudia

    The promo shots is really badly photoshopped ! don’t like it !!

  14. Regina

    i need all this…must have

  15. cloudburst

    BB does “nudes” every fall, but I like buying the palettes, although I don’t know about this one because I have some of those shades already…I am liking the shimmer brick though!

  16. Meh…I think Bobbi Brown items are too expensive for what they are. Pretty pictures though.

  17. Inês Mariano

    CK used to say: “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”
    BB thinks that way too! 😀 Loved the powder and the lipsticks, but i’m a little disapointed with the model (the one on summer line was much more beautiful) and because there are no new cream blushes :(

  18. Heather

    The lipsticks are right up my alley.

  19. Kathleen

    Is it just me, or the model has an extremely small forehead.

  20. Macaddict

    I say blah to nudes! BB does mostly nudes and that’s why I don’t buy her products. For sure, the model’s facial features are REALLY disproportionate!!! She looks like a freak.

  21. Susanne

    I don’t like nudes…

  22. Mikki

    That palette looks RIDICULOUS, I have to have that one!

  23. Nathalie

    I have never tried Bobby Brown but I quite like some shades. How good are their make up?

    • Liliana

      I like BB, tried the matte and shimmer eye shadows, I prefer the latter, they are not too shimmery, just nice looking; they last well and so not crease. I did not try the metallic ones yet. There are BB counters in France, you can go and try some.

    • They’re good, but most things run on the sheerer/softer side!

  24. Sexy Sadie

    Like that palette, but 60$….

  25. oh man, i gave away my Copper Diamond shimmerbrick coz it’s too shimmery & too yellow.. but this Nude shimmer brick looks gorgeous!
    >.< *faints*

  26. actually the promo pic reminded me just a tiny bit of Grace Kelly. But sadly, not interested in MORE nudes from Bobbi Brown.

  27. I don’t really do nudes, but I love the look of the shimmer brick (I have almost all of them). How does this compare to the beige shimmer brick by the way? I don’t have that and been thinking about buying it, but I’m thinking I might as well wait for this nude one to come out now.

  28. Does anyone else have a huge problem with the “nude makeup—a concept she created” part of the PR blurb? Er, last time I looked, Bobbi Brown did not single handedly invent the colours beige, brown or taupe, nor the word nude. Jeez, every make-up line does nude colours, she’s just used it as her marketing angle more than others.

    Completely agree that the model looks weird and overly photoshopped, but I’ve thought that about all her previous campaign pictures. The current summer bronze one is the worst in my book.

    Nude Shimmerbrick……doesn’t it look like the Beige one, part of the permanent collection?

    I might cave on the eyeshadow palette if I’ve managed to get over my Bobbi Brown cranky grump fit by then. I can’t deny it does look nice!

    • LOL, Bobbi Brown cranky grump fit!

      I take most PR copy with a grain of salt. I just try to enjoy reading them — I have a penchant for Guerlain and YSL’s copy.

  29. Sue

    Those brows! Tooooo dramatic, I think.

  30. Luda

    I wish BB would come out with more colors instead of always doing the “natural” look. And I agree with everyone about the photoshop. I understand that ad/promo pictures need to be fixed up but lets not make them look like mannequins.

    • Since Estee Lauder owns Bobbi Brown and other brands, I do feel they target their brands to certain niches – so that’s one reason why I don’t think Bobbi Brown puts out a ton of colors. It also doesn’t seem like her style.

  31. happyhippo

    I couldn’t sleep last night! I was so looking forward for bb fall – I have been thinking about it since January!
    I love the palettes like shimmering nudes, stonewashed nudes and the new eye pastel palette, I was hoping for this format again will be the same with the brush! so disapointed….

    well – I did sleep, but I am still disapointed from this collection

  32. Wow that model is gorgeous…love nudes…so i of course am loving this collection!

  33. Meredith

    Saw the collection at Nordstrom today. This pallet is exactly the same as all of the other ones BB has put out…. just set up in a different way. The shimmer brick looks EXACTLY like the beige shimmer brick. BB needs to branch out and do a little something different. Even if she threw one thing into the collection that had a POP to it.
    I will not be buying any of the collection.

  34. I got the palette, shimmer brick and liner Saturday. Intially I wasnt impressed b/c nothing popped at me. However, I love that eye palette and the tones of the shimmer brick. I was skeptical about the shimmer brick but I compared it when i got home and it is different. I think nude looks can be very sexy. I generally use other brands if I need more color but the brights palette took care of that earlier this year for me.

  35. LadyT


    I know ‘nude’ is her shtick and I can respect that, but I really wish she’s do something a bit more dramatic or embrace color from time to time. How is this any different that what’s she been doing for ??? years?

  36. Susie

    I love almost anything Bobbi Brown does, and I totally love this Nude ’09 collection. I will definitely get the eye shadow palette and the nude shimmer brick. And here’s a tip for all you makeup lovers out there: I get up each week day at 3 am to go to the gym to workout and then on to the office. So I put on my eye makeup at 3 am! I wear only Bobbi Brown and Chanel shadows and liners, and Lancome mascara. It all stays on and looks good through 2 hours of hard cardio and weight training until I remove it in the pm. Now how’s that for a recommendation?

  37. sugarcrumb

    Anyone tested the lippies yet? Twilight looks like a very pretty shimmery brown with hints of pinked mauve …

  38. Sara

    whats the models namne? she is so beutiful

  39. Suzanna

    yeah who is the model? she is gorgeous :-)

  40. Chris

    I don’t have nudes by Bobbi Brown but this promo pic isn’t doing anything for me it’s kinda of creepy.