Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection for Fall 2009

Creamy Eye Pencil

  • Jet
  • Walnut
  • Charcoal
  • Caviar
  • Hunter
  • Midnight
  • Brown Plum
  • Mahogany
  • Dusk

Lip Crayon

  • Honeysuckle
  • Coral Pink
  • Raisin Berry
  • Posey
  • Dusty Nude
  • Wild Rose

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

  • Forest Shimmer Ink


  • Golden Leaf Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Bash Metallic Eye Shadow


  • Angle Eye Shadow Brush

Availability: August 2009.

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26 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection for Fall 2009

  1. Sexy Sadie

    Thsat gel liner…

  2. cloudburst

    Ha ha I think the promo pics are cheezy, but the makeup looks basic & wearble.

  3. Redhead (hi)

    If they’re long-wearing, I think the new eye pencils will be a hit!

  4. I want the gel eyeliner and the eyeshadows!

  5. Sass

    The jacket is cute. *shrugs*

  6. I think the promo pics are clever! This line looks like a mix of colors that would be great for a day to night look. I can so see some of them looking sophisticated during the day but great for dark eye makeup at night. Awesome!

  7. AYHM

    We’ll see about this one – it may not be anymore than being very similar to things I already own.

  8. I like the promo pic! Nice.

  9. Angie

    Pink Coral pencil YAYYAYYAY!

  10. Miss_M

    I hope the creamy eye pencils are perm since BB discontinued the old ones.

  11. Aline

    ARGG, Khaki/olive greens are my weakness!

    Really looking forward to the gel liner. I too hope it will be permanent since so many of my favorites (Sapphire Shimmer, *sniff*) were d/c’d.

  12. Kylie

    I started getting into BB less than a year ago, and have loved every collection since that first Shimmering Nudes palette. This one looks like it won’t disappoint either! And the promo pic is adorable!

  13. MC

    I like the idea! I think it’s pretty cute and different. I want to check out the lip crayons & the green eye pencil.

  14. Crissy

    Ooohh I love greens 😀

  15. I think the only reason why I’ll be buying this is because it’s called the Ivy League Collection and it reminds me so much of Gossip Girl.Lol.

  16. Jessie

    Yesss… I love BB and I love green. Sad that they discountinued Ivy Shimmer Ink, hope the Forest Shimmer Ink is lovely too..

    • Aline

      As far as I know the Ivy Shimmer hasn’t been discontinued. Sapphire & Bronze were the only shimmer liners that were discontinued.

      • Jessie

        Oh is it? Here in Malaysia the SA told me it will be discontinued. Weird..

        • Aline

          One of the ladies over on MUA (from the States) got a list of things to be discontinued from her SA, and the gel eyeliners were as follows:

          Gel Eyeliner Cobalt Ink
          Gel Eyeliner Hunter Ink
          Gel Eyeliner Bronze Shimmer Ink
          Gel Eyeliner Sapphire Shimmer Ink
          Gel Eyeliner Indigo Ink
          Gel Eyeliner Mahogany Ink

          From what I can tell, most of the discontinued colors are starting to phase out, with the popular ones like Sapphire Shimmer and Bronze Shimmer already sold out everywhere (I had to resort to eBay to get myself a back-up =/) The Ivy Shimmer is still available everywhere I’ve looked. I would seriously throw a fit if that one was discontinued too.

  17. IZzySA

    I think the collection is boring.. zzzz. Would not buy anything here and I love BB products.

  18. Hoonie

    i love green colour look

  19. Cole

    The look has a hint of early late 80’s early 90’s. Here in Southern California the style is going towards that genre, love this!

  20. I’m kinda sad there is no special packaging for this because I know I would definitely buy it.It’s kinda sad how much I want it only because it’s called the Ivy League collection and because I’m obsessed with the Gossip Girl scene kinda deal because I go to a New England prep school.Imma loser I know.

  21. Chris

    I love the promo pic, I want this collection especially the green and brown eyeshadow!