Monday, April 11th, 2011

Bobbi Brown Friends & Family Sale 2011 – 20% off!

Starting on Monday, April 11th, Bobbi Brown’s Friends & Family Event will kick off! Get 20% off all products from April 11th through 13th at  No code necessary, the discount is supposed to kick in automatically.  Shipping is free on $65+ orders.

Are you excited? Anything on your wish list?

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34 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Friends & Family Sale 2011 – 20% off!

  1. As a Canadian beauty consumer, I envy all those who live across the border because they get so much more benefit when it comes to make up products!!

    SO!! Jealous!! I wish they shipped internationally !! sigh

  2. Kelly C.

    I sort of want to get a pot of Peach Color Corrector for my undereye darkness, even though I don’t NEED it (Pixi Brightening Peach works plenty well).

  3. Rebekka

    Awww bummer, I wish they would do that in Europe, we never get these FF sales her, just placed an order with BB yesterday

  4. Carie

    Ooh, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this! I’ll be getting a gel liner for sure, and maybe a shimmer brick or blush. Possibly a lipstick or gloss as well. I’ve been meaning to try out some BB products forever, but I never do.

  5. As always, thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to let us know. You’re amazing!

  6. Jezi

    SUPER excited. I’ve been meaning to try her shimmer brick in Nectar and her concealers for a while, but I’ve been waiting for a sale! 😀

    • anna

      I have the nectar shimmer brick and love it! So much pretty peachy coraly goodness!

    • Eileen

      Nectar was a big hit last summer and will be gorgeous this summer as well. It’s one of the loviest of BB’s shimmer bricks.

  7. Im so excited!!! If shipping is free for Hawaii I am def getting some stuff! Thanks for sharing =)

  8. I want to try the corrector or maybe the concealer/correcter set (although I can’t tell if that includes the actual correcter) as well as a shimmer brick. It will be my first one. I’m debating between Pink Quartz or Nectar. I’m NW20-25. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  9. RAS

    Well, this is perfect timing! I have to order her products because there isn’t a retail outlet nearby that offers them, and UPS sent my foundation stick back because they insisted on delivering it while I am working. I’m finding myself completely out of BB foundation, which I cannot live without. This couldn’t have come at a better time!

    • Kalex

      Once UPS has tried and failed to deliver your package you can call their 1-800 customer service and have them hold it at the faciliy for you to pick up. I haven’t done that in awhile but it would be worth calling to see if they’ll still do that!

      • RAS

        I tried, but it seems to be up to the discretion of the sender, and Sephora elects to have items shipped back rather than to be held at a UPS facility. I’d have ordered it again, but I’m moving on Tuesday, and it would never arrive in time. My neighbors witnessed a grown woman throwing a minor hissy fit.

  10. Harley

    Perfect timing indeed! I’m off tomorrow to the BB counter at Nordstroms to test out the shimmer bricks and pot rouges that way I know what to order come Monday online.

  11. John

    I think I’m gonna pass on this and just wait for Sephora’s FF Sale, so that I can pick up everything I want from all different brands. The only downside to that is the sale is more than 6 months away. :[ Oh well, I don’t have any holy grail items from Bobbi Brown.

  12. Lisette

    This could not have come at better time. I have a list of items a mile long that I need to get from Bobbi Brown, and I’d been waiting to see if a sale would come up. Thanks so much for the heads up.

  13. Xtina

    I’m honestly not a Bobbi Brown user. None of their products really appeal to me. In my opinion, there’s nothing Bobbi Brown makes that’s innovative, so their pricing points aren’t justified. I can get a shimmery shadow, gel eyeliner, etc. anywhere. Brands that stick out to me are the ones which carry unique products, like Urban Decay with the shadow sticks and deeply pigmented eye shadows, or MUFE with the aqua cream shadows, or Illamasqua with their liquid metals palette. Bobbi Brown is a big yawn fest, but I am curious as to what their stand out products are.

    • pixxie

      you are so correct. I don’t see the justification for the price.. I’ll pass. how is the ILLamasqua liquid metal palette? I love love love mufe aqua creams. they last forever

      • Xtina

        The liquid metals palette is fantastic! A lot of the reviewers on sephora complained about it being too liquidy, but, I think the name of the product says it all! It’s not waterproof or long-lasting, but what it is is super blendable and smooth. If you put it on your whole eye lid it will crease.

    • daphne

      I like Bobbi Brown’s products for their reliable quality. Sure, the brand doesn’t do vibrant color, but the things it does do, it does really, really well. The foundation and concealer are among my top choices, their gel liners are fantastic, the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is great (esp for neutrals), etc etc. It’s not a super expensive brand – right about on par with Urban Decay or MUFE. I think consistent quality is way more important than innovative products, because what good are those products if they’re not top notch?

      • I think it’s also important to note that BB isn’t about vibrant color, too! I wouldn’t expect super bright color from BB. I expect solid neutrals, work-friendly palettes, and the like. A brand can be not to your taste, but just because it’s not your style doesn’t make it bad.

        • Xtina

          I absolutely understand that Bobbi Brown is about looking natural. I just don’t think it takes a $20 eye shadow to do so. Natural looks are the bread and butter of the make up industry, and with so many choices out there it just seems silly to opt for the more expensive ones. In my experience, a black gel liner is a black gel liner, whether it’s MAC, Revlon, or Bobbi Brown. Somethings are worth the money: I pay $60 for my Chanel vitalumiere foundation. I love Chanel’s shadows, too, but again, they’re so middle-of-the-road I can’t justify spending $60 on an eyeshadow quad when I can buy similar colors at MAC for around $40, or $30 if they’re in a prepackaged quad. Overall, my makeup buying strategy is: does MAC make a comparable product? If so, I’ll just buy the MAC product, and if not I’ll splurge.

          Not to be completely contradictory, but it is worth noting that BB did do that Brights Color Palette, which would suggest they’re trying or at least tried to move outside of that natural-color-box.

          • That’s totally fine – that’s more a value justification, but it doesn’t make Bobbi Brown a bad brand, which is all I was saying :) Bad = poor quality, not prices you don’t want to pay or products you don’t think are “worth” it.

            Yes, Bobbi Brown has done color – both with her Brights palettes along with various holiday offerings – but the core and theme of the brand is natural. I don’t think by putting out the occasional more colorful release that it changes their core values.

  14. Ly

    wait for the concealer & shimmer brick

  15. joanna

    oh man……I hate this…….new zealand just feels so so far away….

  16. Val

    OMG! I have gone crazy with this sale…I just spent $460 (before discount)!!! I love the Peony & Python collection so much that I just have to get backups of everything (some I already have backups) plus other stuff!!! I am so happy now!!!!

  17. Andrea

    Is this US only? They always are.

  18. daphne

    I ended up ordering a bunch, and I’m a little nervous! I got two lipsticks sight-unseen (at least in person) for the first time ever: Rich Color lipsticks in Mod Pink and Guava. I also got Ivy Shimmer Ink gel liner, Moonstone metallic cream e/s (I know feelings are mixed about this product but I love love LOVE them), and the holiday lipgloss trio.

  19. Anna

    So I’ve never tried any Bobbi Brown products and I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to try some. I ordered Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral, Rich Lip Color SPF 12 in Bare Pink, and Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink. All for 20% off and I qualified for free shipping and a sample of Luminous Moisturizing Foundation! And if this wasn’t enough, I went searching for coupon codes for Bobbi Brown and found that the code BEST55 still works to add a FREE Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Cobalt Ink!!! Woohoo!!!

    • B

      Thank you so much for posting the code BEST55. You need to type the code in, first I copied and paste it, but it kept saying it was invalid and once I typed the code it, volia!!

      I got two shimmer bricks, rose and beige, metallic eyeshadow in new black coco, AND the coblat eyeliner for FREE. Thank you.

  20. Donna

    I did a repurchase (fourth time) of the tinted moisturizer although I use less of it in the summer, I still use it. I also got the Brightening Moisturizer. I’ve never tried it, but it looks promising and if I don’t love it, now is the time to try it out and then send it back (but I don’t usually send anything back to Bobbi Brown). I also got the rich color gloss with the promo code. Thanks for the notice on this!