Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Bobbi Brown Eye Couture

Bobbi Brown Eye Couture Collection

Exclusively available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, this limited edition collection includes a twelve-pan eyeshadow palette and four travel sized brushes (with case).

Eye Couture Collection ($220.00)

Like a jewelry box for your eyes. Bobbi’s ultraluxe, gemstone-inspired 12 pan eye shadow palette has everything you need to dress your eyes for the season—including four travel size brushes.

Eye Couture Palette:

  • Star Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Diamond Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Peacock Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Onyx Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Amethyst Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Emerald Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Bonfire Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Topaz Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Bash Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Volcano Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Lapis Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Garnet Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Also includes:

  • Travel Size Eye Sweep Brush
  • Travel Size Angle Eye Shadow Brush
  • Travel Size Eye Contour Brush
  • Travel Size Eye Liner Brush
  • Black Brush Carrying Case

Availability: October 2010

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99 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Eye Couture Collection

  1. Eileen

    Would make a beautiful Christmas gift! Very glamourous palette!

    • cynthia

      $220 SERIOUSLY?! Does the shades of bit gold sparkles in it, for it to be priced like that, that is just ridiculous!

  2. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    HAHA!! Yeah right $220?? I would never EVER pay that much. That is just ridiculous.

    • Arantzazu

      I’m totally with you… Even if it seemed better -you know, the packaging and the colours-, I wouldn’t pay that amount!!

  3. The packaging looks cheap and those colors really don’t jump out at me~!

    • I fully agree about the packaging. It reminds me of those cheap 12 colour palettes I used to have when I was 12 or so, but at least those cost like $2, not $220! :S I like Bobbi Brown, but this palette isn’t doing it for me at all.

    • ak

      Exactly, the packaging looks like the palettes of eyeshadows that you get in dollar stores, at the discount end of a drugstore, or in Ross or Marshalls or something like that.

  4. Arantzazu

    Well, I’d have to see it ith my eyes, and touch it and swatch it… But in the photo promotion it seems to be ‘cheap’, in the sense of the packaging (that gold… humm) and the colours of the eyeshadows.
    It reminds me the palettes (bad eyeshadows, bad colours) you can find in a drugstore, for 12$…
    Don’t know, maybe right now everybody hates me, but that’s the impression it gives to me… ¬¬

  5. min

    …are you serious? 220?!

  6. Sam

    This is beautifull! Too bad i dont think that i could stand paying over two hundred dollars for this, but who knows…

  7. Yumi

    Couture indeed! The steep price tag certainly speaks to that!

  8. I haven been an avid Bobbi Brown fan for years but nothing about this palette wows me at all.

  9. mo

    honestly it looks like one of those holidays makeup set at walmart for 12.99. 220? thats crazy. i will pass!

  10. Alis

    Absolutely ridiculous. There is no way to justify spending that much on a palette with all the other affordable palettes out there that are significantly cheaper (I’m looking at you, Urban Decay).

  11. Samira

    This palette is definitely overpriced for what you get. Like the other girls sayed, the packaging looks very cheap ! And the colors aren’t attractive at all !

  12. Emily

    omg it’s SOO pretty but honesly, 220 dollars? I don’t have that kind of money for an eyeshadow palette

  13. Tamika

    HAHA! Before I even read the comments the first thing I thought was that it looked cheap. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so. Bobbi Brown can kick rocks with that $220 price tag . . .

  14. Nini

    220????? TOO MUCH

    (although doing my maths, it’s just 13 for each eyeshadow and brush…)

  15. 220??!? *jaw drops* Is it made of gold or something?!?

  16. I don’t like the look of the palette. It looks kinda tacky, in my opinion. I don’t like the shadows much either. $220 is pretty ridiculous considering I got 12 full-size shadows from the Naked palette for a mere $44 (plus, the colors from the Naked palette coordinate perfectly with each other and these don’t). I think I could treat myself to something better for that kind of money.

  17. Ekaterina

    Very unusial colors for BB.
    I’m leaving:(

  18. Jenifer

    Is Bobbi Brown on crack? who the hell would pay $220 for this? doesn’t she remember her customers are mainly middle class, middle aged women? This is not a luxury brand, I don’t even see Chantecaille for that much! I have a feeling the CCOs will be brimming with these, and even with that discount they wont sell. This actually turns me off from this brand completely!

    • Andie

      Just like that overpriced brights palette she put out a while ago. Tiny eyeshadows, too much money. I see them at all the CCOs near me.

  19. Courtney

    Extremely over priced and the colours aren’t spectacular. I feel like they’re colours most companies make a version of already. The whites look similar to some MAC whites and a lot of the others seem like they would have an Urban Decay dupe. It would make more sense to sell the brushes separately and have the palette available at a more reasonable price.

  20. Marian

    Unbelievable price! Never in a million years would I purchase this!

  21. Svetlana

    $220 ? Hahaha seriously this made me laugh so hard lol

  22. Amanda Enn

    $220.00 is RIDICULOUS !
    I’m still waiting to buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

  23. Tekoa

    I find the concept interesting, but the price causes me to leave it on the shelf. Maybe the eyeshadows have great payoff? That would make it worth it.

  24. Andie

    $220? Yeah frickin right. The packaging looks cheap, and the palette is probably pretty small. If I wanted lots o sparkly brights I would get the much much cheaper UD BOS. Those brushes also look very small, who knows if they will be good quality.

  25. darcel

    the first thing i thought when i saw this collection …is that the package reminded me of those super cheap makeup palettes you would want to buy when you were younger….the packaging of products definitely has to be outstaanding….if im gonna spend that kinda money on 12 e/s and 4travel sz brushes….i passssss!!!!!

  26. Courtney

    $220.00?! I’m sorry but that’s just extremely overpriced especially since you can get Urban Decay palettes for what $60.00? Those shadows are great as well. Too much money, even if it does have great color payoff it really isn’t worth it.

  27. Carie

    This is what happens when Bobbi tries to do color :/ And she must be delirious if she thinks anyone’s going to pay $220 for that cheap-looking set.

  28. Michelle

    I definitely agree with the majority here. The packaging is terribly done and the colors are very bleh. Honestly, I wouldn’t pay $20 for this, let alone the ridiculous price they’re asking.

  29. Nellie

    I assume the shadows are full-size? That’s the only thing I can think of to justify that crazy price tag; buying 12 shadows alone costs twice as much as this palette.

    That said, the colors don’t go together like a palette. It looks like someone closed his or her eyes and randomly picked shadows for this!

  30. alex

    i want to see her try to justify the cost of this on QVC.

  31. Michelle

    I would much rather spend $220 on Chanel products with classy packaging!

  32. Tiffany

    waste of money

  33. Thea

    honestly i think the palette looks nice but i could get an airbrush system and still have 20 dollars left? or a ghd and have 70 dollars left… im gonna pass on this palette, it probably costed about 50 dollars to make…

  34. Ashley D.

    Holy! The price… I though Guerlain was expensive. I really think this collection will be a flop because of that price…

  35. Caitlin

    I wouldn’t even pay $50 for this… lol.
    Christine– would you pay this much personally?
    This price is just WAYY over the top.. :(

    • I haven’t seen it, so I have no idea. Promo photos don’t really do anything for me (positive or negative ) – I have to see everything in person. I’d also have to know how much is in it, quality, etc. To judge a product on promo photos doesn’t work for me – I’ve learned it’s just not enough – you gotta see it for yourself.

    • Tamika

      She’s an affiliate, what did you really expect her to say? lol

      • I’m not affiliated with Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf’s, which are the only places that carry it. More importantly, my commitment is to my readers. Never having seen this, I have no idea what the quality is, so there’s no way to know if the eyeshadows are awesome or whether the shadows are full size, or what the packaging looks like in person. I’ve seen excellent promo photos of products that fall short, and I’ve seen poor promos for great products. I very rarely purchase anything sight unseen, whether it’s $2 or $200, because I personally prefer to see and try things for myself.

  36. Cynthia

    Neiman Marcus has this pallette. It’s beautiful and I was tempted to buy it but $225 is a little steep. I can wait to purchase it at the CCO.

  37. Kathryn

    The only thing “couture” about this collection is that ridiculous price tag. I’d rather go frolic in MAC for a day and blow $220 on something (many somethings, actually) that I’d actually wear.

  38. Maeve

    This packaging looks like the very first thing of eyeshadows I used when I was 12. Really cheap. $220? NO WAY.

  39. leesie

    I saw the price, and instantly felt a little ill.
    The only way I’d be remotely likely to pay THAT much for a single palette is if it were customizable. And attractively packaged. And probably encrusted with rhinestones. And maybe a diamond or two.

  40. diddlez

    i hope that price is a typo! or that palette better be made of gold.


  41. Leenie

    Pretty palette to bad It’s 220.00 dollars I would never pay this much

  42. Ellen

    Aside from the cost, the palette looks like an Amuse palette you’d get from Cherry Culture.

    • Cameo

      wow! im willing to pay alot for nice beautifully packaged make up! but $220 for it looking like a claires palette! no way! this is rediculous!

  43. i want whatever it is Bobbi Brown is smoking

  44. $220.00….. Are you kidding???? No eyeshadow is worth that!!!

  45. Evelyn

    220? is anyone seriously considering buying this because if you are i would be giving you the side eye like crazy, lol.

  46. karen

    I’ll pass. I’d rather put that money to a Chanel haul.

  47. tg

    Looks like one of those cheap palettes with 200 different colors that you can get at KMart for $12.99. From what I’ve seen lately, I think BB’s ego may be a touch inflated.

  48. Karen

    It looks alright… I could see people perchasing this just so they could say they have it.

  49. Nenita

    smh $220 is too much! i would never pay that price for makeup! -_-

  50. Evelyn

    If I didn’t know that was Bobbi brown I would never have guessed. It is so un-Bobbi!

  51. Greta-Maree

    tbh… the palette looks like something i could get from my dollar store s:

  52. Agreed with Evelyn!! It’s so un-Bobbi Brown-like.

    When I read the title, Couture, I was very excited. Then when I saw the photo, first impression was “OMG!! Looks like some eyeshadow palette from those direct selling catalogue or drugstore!”

    Sorry, I like Bobbi Brown stuffs and I LOVE eyeshadow palettes! But this one… even the colors are not positioned in an appealing way.

    And Bobbi Brown seems to be coming up with super expensive so-called couture/exclusive LE items. It’s just ridiculous!

  53. rebecca

    In this economy…does she REALLY think anyone will buy this? That price is almost a car payment for

  54. nicci

    seriously?! Bobbi Brown is trying to act like they are so high end when they aren’t for charging that ridiculous price. I could go to Target and buy all these colors for likely less than $50 and I’m sure better quality…what a joke :)

  55. Trish

    The palette looks quite cheap. Beside it will be about 280$ (210 euro) probably in Europe.

  56. Violet

    I voted “love it” – because I would love a palette of bright BB colors with brushes like that… but as everyone else has said, $220 is way too much!

  57. Christy

    It looks cheap to me?? and the price not worth it.

  58. Jazz

    Bobbi , what the heck is on your mind? I love your foundation and your concealer , but I- a sane and rational person – cant and wont spend that kind of money on a palette. I can buy 2 new pairs of boots for that price ( and have money left over for the grand lux)

  59. claire

    cheap and nasty looking :(

  60. Jimena

    I totally agree with the ones that said the pallet look like some cheap ones like maximum $10

  61. Jaymie

    What was she thinking? For that price that palette better come with a personal makeup artist to do my makeup every day!

  62. Lauren

    Bobbi Brown is quite a hypocrite. She comes out with a book aimed at young girls and preteens, then charges some outlandish price for eyeshadows. What effing teen can afford a $220 palette? I’m 25, and I wouldn’t even pay that. Let’s be honest with ourselves, she targets silly parents.

  63. saku

    Wow the case looks nice. But 220? before I saw the price I thought it was at least $50-70. No way, but I can get me Chanel and more for that price.

  64. serene

    This whole palette and packaging looks unattractive. The colours just don’t look like they go with each other.

  65. Amy

    When I first saw that palette I thought, I don’t have any Bobbi Brown cosmetics, that might be a good place to start. Lots of eye shadow options, and all together in a convenient case. But then I saw the price. Is that a joke? I would pay $50 tops for something like that. Even then I would have reservations. Ridiculous. Forget that.

  66. Orangeyouglad

    When I saw the colors, I immediately thought of UD’s Alice in Wonderland palette. But $220? I think she’s seeing how much people will really pay. Bobbi, you’re not Tom Ford, YSL or even Chanel.

  67. Christina

    Nothing about this excites me. Generic shimmery colors, little “travel” brushes, awful packaging and very overpriced.

    Bobbi Brown products (for the most part) are fine, but I just can’t see why they are so expensive. There are comparable products on the market for much less.

  68. Hannah

    I just scanned this and thought the price was $22.
    How very wrong.

  69. Victoria N.

    This is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to expensive.

  70. Amber E.

    I have to agree with the entire group here, this palette looks cheap, there’s no continuity to the colors, and even though the price tag may work out if you paid separately you don’t ever expect to pay FULL price for each item in a palette, especially as one as tacky as this. I’ve always tried coming around to the BB line but end up finding the same quality in other top brands at a better price tag. What really urks me is that they only have this at two higher end (only meaning higher price tag) stores, as if putting it in those higher end couture stores will justify the price tag. Fishy marketing as far as I’m concerned! The only thing that caught my eye were the brushes, they look fab for a palette. However, a few nice brushes and some shadows would NEVER justify me spending $220, sorry…..
    My hats off to the companies who understand our economy and still put out affordable quality products *ei: URBAN DECAY, KAT VON D, MAC, etc!

  71. Morena

    I thought WOW I want that! Until i saw the price…. NO WAY. Plus all of their stuff is expensice anyway.

  72. Kat

    So expensive! So much money spent in one shot, I’d feel too guilty.

  73. Federica

    It’s funny..Bobbi Brown is famous for her natural colors – too natural for someone- that she repeats every year…and this year, when taupe and natural colours are so trendy, she makes this palette, with absurd colours at an absurd price!

  74. Sonia

    That is so made in China. Has to be. Looks so cheap.

  75. Adrienne

    HOLD UP!!! This was just released this month???!!! I just got back from my CCO and they have about 6 of these. They quality of the brushes are just as superb as the full size ones (I have them in full size) and the eyeshadow case is about 5-6in by 4in. I swatched a few while I was there and the colors are gorgeous, somewhat more glittery than her normal eyeshadows but still gorgeous. Also they had it for 154.00 so check your local CCO before you buy if you really want it. I do so I’m getting it there next week.

    • Adrienne

      Oh yea forgot to add, in person, it doesn’t look this cheap. The brushes are very sturdy and the case of the eyeshadows is not so Dollar General looking like in the picture. The eyeshadows are very vibrant irl too so this is definitely one palette that you have to see before you buy, even for 154.00 dollars.

  76. That packaging looks really cheap :( I love Bobbi Brown, but this seems way too expensive! Leaving it, I’m afraid!

  77. Christy

    The colors look to frosty and dupable, I’ll pass.

  78. Shanda

    I agree, Bobbi lost her mine on this one. They look cheap and the colors don’t stand out at all….

  79. Florence

    wow, no palette is worth $220!

  80. I resent Bobbi Brown sometimes. She acts like everyone in the world has a bank account like hers and can afford to pay outrageous prices for the sake of beauty. NOT. She can keep her stinkin’ $220 eyeshadow palette and I won’t tell you what she can do with her brushes… >:o)

  81. Lola Laci

    This looks just like the one I got in the dollar store, minus the brushes & black plastic case!