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Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown EXTRA Tinted Moisturizing Balm with SPF 25 Review, Photos

Bobbi Brown EXTRA SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm ($50.00 for 1 oz.) is a thick tinted moisturizer that comes in a glass pot with a black screw-on lid. It’s available in eight shades: Alabaster (lightest), Extra Light Tint, Light Tint, Light to Medium Tint, Medium Tint, Medium to Dark Tint, Dark Tint, and Deep Tint.

It is described as, “A lightweight foundation alternative for dry, dehydrated skin, this formula is ultra-rich, and blends easily, giving skin a dewy look with light coverage. SPF 25 helps protect skin against damaging UVA/B rays. Dermatologist tested.”

Bobbi Brown also has a SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer (not so thick) that retails for $40.00 for 1.7 oz. (but I haven’t tried it myself beyond squeezing a drop or two out in-store, so I can’t give you direct comparisons). According to the Bobbi Brown website, though, the SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer is ideal for Normal to Dry skin types, whereas the SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizing Balm is recommended for drier skin types.

EXTRA feels like a cream and looks like one, too, in the jar, but you have to remember that it’s a tinted moisturizer and not use it as a cream–seriously, if you use it as a cream, you’ll end up with far more product than you need! Whether you use fingers or a brush (or a clean spatula, whatever!), you really don’t need more than a pea-sized application to cover the entire face with a sheer, lightweight layer of tinted moisturizer. It also has a lovely lemon-y citrus scent that’s dreamy (very tarte, not sweet).

This tinted moisturizer does have a distinct dewy finish; it was too dewy for my taste by itself, so I had to set with powder to minimize some of the dewiness–then it was just fine for everyday wear. It’s also definitely a sheer coverage product; I’ve tried some tinted moisturizers where coverage is a bit more than sheer (more like a light coverage foundation), but EXTRA is sheer. It’s like “your skin but better,” because it’s not going to hide too many skin imperfections, but it will help even out your skin tone. This is, though, the very nature of tinted moisturizers, to be sure!

When I’m on a good skin kick, EXTRA is just enough for me to wear on a daily basis, even with full makeup elsewhere (eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, etc.). With the dryness of the winter season, my skin is definitely more normal-to-dry, so EXTRA is just moisturizing enough to help keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I do, though, tend to use a moisturizer in the morning, because I often shower in the morning but not apply makeup until a few hours later. I don’t find it too heavy, though, doing that double-duty moisturizing.

I do think this may be a little too rich for those with normal or normal-to-oily skin types, just because it such a thick, rich cream-type tinted moisturizer. I would recommend trying a sample to see if it works with your skin type. Most tinted moisturizers feel more like a lotion or a thickened liquid foundation, but this feels just like a face cream, so it does feel quite nice when applied to skin. I would also recommend waiting five to ten minutes for it to dry a bit before layering any makeup on top (like blush or bronzer).

Bottom Line: I like it a lot, but I’m more of a matte-finish kind of gal, so the dewy finish is just not my style. I did receive several compliments from readers when I wore it in some looks this past month–some saying it looked better than my usual tinted moisturizer (Kiehl’s, lately). It’s a good tinted moisturizer for those with drier skin who are only looking for sheer coverage to help even out skin tone. It is also significantly pricier than Bobbi Brown’s regular Tinted Moisturizer–EXTRA costs $10 more and you get about 35-40% less. To be fair, a pot of EXTRA is going to last you at least a few months since you need so little per application, though.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you’ve been looking for a more hydrating tinted moisturizer, Bobbi Brown’s EXTRA may be the one to quench your skin’s thirst!

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See more photos of me wearing this tinted moisturizer!

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

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59 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown EXTRA Tinted Moisturizing Balm with SPF 25 Review, Photos

  1. Anastasia

    You’ve got perfect skin! And the moisturizer looks great, but I don’t think it will work with my oily skin :(

    • Perfect, that’s so sweet of you to say, lol!

      Nah, I don’t think this is suited to oily skin, since it is pretty moisturizing. Even the Bobbi Brown site doesn’t recommend their regular Tinted Moisturizer for oily skin :(

  2. lmnmakeup

    Your skin looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Basak

    Soo, can you tell me a tinted moisturizer that has a more matte finish?

  4. May

    thank u soooo much for all the reviews ur doing :)

  5. wow you have good skin Christine!

  6. Arianna

    seems really thick! I think it can break out acne prone people..

    • It’s thick in texture, but the amount you use is so little that it isn’t actually thick (it’s very thin and sheer) on the skin. I don’t think texture alone would break anyone out…

  7. Su

    Wow……..am I the first one??????
    Can you tell me your fav smokey eye pallet?

  8. Luisafer

    Remember long ago I bough some Tinted Moisturizing Balm with SPF, but was Almay LOL was really easy to use… this one looks great!!!

  9. Brenda

    I have to agree that your skin is looking EXTRA good (lol i couldn’t resist the pun). But seriously, it does even skintone well and it lets your own natural skin’s tones come through without looking too bronzy or what have you.

    A bit thick for my skin type which is combination or normal. For that glow and as a quick day look I have been using AVON Tinted Moisturizer with concealer where needed. It’s got a bit of shimmer but it’s good for the part of my face not covered by my bangs. I usually set with powder as well.

    • Haha! Thanks, Brenda 😉

      I wish I could figure out *why* it’s been good to me lately… though I don’t want to question good luck too much, either!

      Don’t you just love tinted moisturizer?!

  10. Anna!

    Wow! You are so naturally pretty, I aspire to look like you when I grow up. Thanks for the review! :)

  11. Aida

    Hi Christine, what shade do you use for Bobbi Brown and Korres?

  12. amy

    I like the dewiness and because I have drier skin, this may be a good option for me.

  13. Teresa

    You look gorgeous! I want to try this one but I’d never [be able to] pay that price! :(
    Also your lips look great in the first pic! Can you tell me what it is? Reminds me of Nymphette… Thanks! :)


    omg I thought you was more old but you look like my daughter young and pretty :) of course you are very beautiful.

  15. Lorna

    it looks really thick and creamy.

  16. Sarah

    oooo looks interesting! i’ll definitely check it out next time i’m at a bobbi brown counter.

    i was wondering, what are you wearing on your lips in the main pic? it’s such a beautiful pink!

  17. DonnaN

    Christine, can you tell me how you applied this? My skin is dryer this time of year, so this might just be perfect to get me through until summer.


  18. Kianna

    Wooow , so gorgeous you are ! [:<3

  19. Kharina

    What lip combo are you wearing on the first picture (where you’re wearing a brown/tan shirt)?

  20. Jasmine

    Do you have a tutorial for the eye look your wearing in the top pic?

  21. Diane

    PS. Christine, when you test out a foundation/TM, how many hours do you wear it before determining if you like it? Just curious how this wears after say 8 hours!

  22. you look better without makeup. in fact i’m always wondering why so many pretty girls already attractive without makeup wear so much of it thinking they are actually improving themselves. they’re doing the direct opposite i think. also i find it hilarious when girls consider their makeup to be “natural” when in fact it is obvious they have applied the same amount of circus paint only in lighter colors! if your makeup looks like makeup, chances are there is nothing “natural” about it since it is VISIBLY MAKEUP. you funny girls!!!

  23. Natalia

    I’ve been considering buying this since I really like Bobbi Brown’s foundations, but the price has been putting me off…

    How does it compare to MAC’s Moisture Tint?

  24. Sonal

    you look so pretty! I’m trying to figure out what eye colors you have on in the main pic. please fill me in. I need to check those out.

  25. inaya

    oh wow! do u just have the tinted moisturizer on? or is there more to the glow.. got any drugstor alternatives? also please tell me the secrets behind that amazingly beautiful eye work.

  26. inaya

    oh wow! your skin does look amazing. im a big fan of dewy make-up so please let me know if the tinted moisturizer is all you have on; oh and is the regular just as good. and finally, the futile question. is there a drugstore alternative?

  27. Natasha

    I have pretty dry skin, but it can get pretty oily on my t-zone (so I guess, combination skin?). Would you suggest this or the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, or any other suggestions? In terms of coverage, just something that can cover up discolorations.


  28. K

    The tinted moisturizer looks positively luscious but is definitely NOT for my skin type. Thanks for the review, though, I’m sure many will find it very helpful!

  29. shilpa

    hi christine,though u look awsome wearing this balm…but i wud like to knw if this product wud suit indian skin tone and indian humid weather….i have fair but pale skin which is of combination type,but i m in desperate search of a nice tinted moisturiser…plz suggest sm product