Monday, December 29th, 2008

Bobbi Brights Collection for Spring 2009

This January, Bobbi Brown will launch the Bobbi Brights Collection, which features the Bobbi Brights Palette ($70.00). This palette contains 35 soft matte shadows in a wide variety of colors from pink to blue to purple. Also, this launch will see four new shades of Creamy Lip Color ($22.00) in Coral Pink, Pale Mauve, Retro Pink, and Rose Brown. Six new shades of Lip Gloss ($20.00) in Cherry Pink, Coral Pink< Guava, Pink Beige, Pink Cloud, and True Beige will also be available this January.

This collection will be available January 2009 at Bobbi Brown Counters and

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59 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brights Collection for Spring 2009

  1. Nicole

    Oh my gosh. I wonder how the quality of this palette is.

    • That’s exactly what I first asked myself!

      • Leah

        Hi Christine,

        I just tested this palette yesterday and must say that nearly all the shadows are chalky. The color payoff is okay but they are smaller than the coastal scents pans and much chalkier.

        I was really disappointed because the idea and packaging are great. But this probably the worst quality palette I’ve seen from BB.

        Ladies, save your money and buy the CS palette or invest in MAC shadows. Hope that helps!

  2. Wow. Really pretty, but I wonder what the color payoff is like?

  3. Shayla

    And I wonder as well…are the mattes chalky? Has anyone used Bobbi Brown stuff before?

    Cause if this is actually 35 colors for $70, it’s a darn good deal!

  4. Kristen Elisabeth

    I’ve always loved bright colors but had a hard time with Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. I’ve used several and really haven’t got much color payoff out of them, which is why I switched to MAC.

  5. Vee

    The palette is a great idea….. though wouldn’t one of the CS88 palettes give you the same thing at a lower price?

  6. Eva

    If the colour payoff is alright, then this is SUCH a deal!!
    I usually like BB

  7. *SQUEALS* I want that palette!!!

  8. Lily

    I saw this the other day!! the 35 color palette, it was on a display. the pans are quite small though. but i loved the colors, so bright and vibrant! but I didn’t get a chance to play with it. I really want it though.

  9. Anitacska

    The palette looks lovely, but will need to see in person. Good price though.

  10. Kayla

    I saw this palette today at Nordstroms. I didn’t swatch it but the eyeshadows are very tiny, the whole palette is maybe the size of a little black book.

  11. victoria

    yeah, i saw it too at nordstroms and the pans are like dime size, if not smaller i think. don’t know the quality but it’s cute.

  12. Dee

    Everybody’s right. The palette is like mini-me sized. It’s definitely not like getting 35 full size colors.

  13. Ruth

    I really want the Coral Pink Creamy Lip Color, it looks gorgeous.

  14. I really want the palette, but I MUST see how the texture and pigmentation is first. I know this will break the bank.

  15. cloudburst

    It looks fun & cute, but a lot of the colours seem to be similar to each other.

  16. Lexi

    I’ll need to see swatches and hear feedback on the pigmentation, but it looks lovely.

  17. sreyne

    l reallly really want the palette..but alas they dont sell boddy brown where l live

  18. these shadows are too tiny…i just saw a review of these on youtube..

  19. claudine

    i hope the color payoff is good then i will get it …even if the shadows are small i think its great for travelling

  20. Haley

    I saw this at Nordstrom’s the other day and the size of the shadows were SOO small. Definitely smaller than the Coastal Scents palette. I wasn’t really too interested in it at the time because I didn’t feel like it was something I wanted. But I swatched a couple and wasn’t overly impressed.

    • I do like the size of it in a way, though – because I certainly don’t have room for a huge palette, LOL. I totally saw this as a really easy way to travel with a truckload of shadows!

  21. I ordered this on Christmas Eve – I just chanced across it on the website, browsing – and it should be in my greedy little paws on Friday, at which point I will be swatching and reviewing like a crazy woman.

  22. Hi Ladies, I bought this palette online before I’d even seen it in person. I do have a couple of videos up on YouTube showing this & using some of the shadows. So you can look there if you want to see more.

    The palette weight is 9.8g, so if you do the math, the cost of the shadows per gram is about one penny more than what you’d pay for the gimmicky MAC shadow palettes (the trios, the quads, the holiday sets, etc.) So honestly it’s not that expensive.

    The eye shadow pans measure 12mm in diameter. Yes, it’s small, but consider this a fantastic option for travel. Who wants to lug around large bulky shadow palettes or singles? This thing is compact, folds up & has a mirror. And with 35 colors, you are pretty much set to do any look you want.

    I think the shadows are soft – same as Nix’ie. The color pay off seems fine. I never tried BB before, so i cannot compare this to any of her other shadows.

    It’s definitely cute & I’m not sorry I picked one up.

  23. Ferarri

    Great for travelling but I got two lovely Estee L palettes which I bought for travelling, one in cool violet shades and one in warm browny shades. Guess I wont have much time for major makeup fun while travelling as I am always rushed. If I am going away for a week or longer, I will lug my bobbi brown living palette and my dior travel studio. More than enough for any functions.

    Love this bobbi brights but would prefer it to be larger. I worry about buying those unbranded ultra cheap palettes as I only have one GOOD eye and I dont want to risk it.

    • I totally agree with you that sometimes ingredients matter — a cheaper palette may be cheaper and just as pigmented, but maybe the science behind it could be bad for you, as you said, lead!

  24. Ferarri

    Ultra cheap doesnt mean CS as we dont have CS here. I am from a small asian country. The huge palettes that we have here are imported from god knows where….so I am worried about lead content in them. Just to clear things up.

  25. Darianne

    At a first glance I thought the lip gloss compacts were blushes, and absolutely wanted the very bright pink one, haha! Oh dear. The eyeshadows all look so pretty in their little compact, but I know i’d never wear such bright shades on my eyes in reality.

  26. Lys

    My mom works for Bobbi. She said the idea for this one, especially for why the pans were so small (after I expressed my discontent with how little product there was), was not have the brights be all over color, but little pick me up colors to add into your eye shadow looks. Which makes me think it’s a great way to go from day time looks to night, just pull this little baby out and add a little pop of color! BAM!
    But I know this is disappointing to people like me who love all over bright color. But anyway, I hope to get this next week. The colors are SO vibrant in person. I like Bobbi’s darker shadows so hopefully I’ll like these.

    • Thanks for giving us your mom’s insight!! :) I also really like the idea of this palette for TRAVEL. I mean, it’s so compact and yet you get so many colors to go. I just got this today, and the shadows are quite vibrant and pigmented for the most part–just not large (TINY). For me, travel. For someone who’s always wanted bright colors? FANTASTIC!