Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss

I’ll Show You Sheer!

Last but not least, we have Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Sheer Lipgloss ($20.00 for .14 fl. oz.) from Bobbi’s Black Velvet Collection. It seems like it’s different from Bobbi Brown’s typical lipgloss, as it’s specifically designed to be sheer. It’s also limited edition. I saw some reviews from 2009 left by customers, so the formula seems reserved for seasonal color collections (but don’t quote me on that).

In all honesty, this is about as sheer as it gets without being absolutely, positively colorless. On my lips, it gives my lips a glossy look and darkens them just a tad. There’s no shimmer, so it’s really just adding that wet shine to your lips–which is fine–but I don’t know if I’d run out and buy a limited edition shade just for that purpose! It looks so sexy in the tube, but the color gets lost on my lips.

It’s a slightly tacky formula with some thickness, but it’s not gluey. I detected a slightly sweetened scent to it, but it was subtle and I couldn’t really place it specifically–other than it was sweet. Even though there’s not much color, the gloss wears well, as other Bobbi Brown glosses have for me in the past; I get around three hours of wear all by itself. So this just might be a review where I bring your attention to her other lip glosses, which don’t tend to be overly opaque, but do impart more color than this particular shade.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: The formula is comfortable on lips without drying them out and seems to last longer than your average gloss. If colorless is your thing, you might consider this shade.


See more photos & swatches!

Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Lipgloss

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23 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate Sheer Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kgo

    I got really excited and then I saw how sheer it was, it needs just a hint more color to get me all riled up! Great color in the tube though…

  2. sophie

    whoa….that’s like no color at all. in the tube its like ”oh nice,dark brown” then on the lips its like nothing.

  3. lauraaaaa

    aw this gloss is too MEh

  4. hmmm… almost clear, I’ll pass… i love the texture of BB lipglosses, nice and cushy and moisturizing, but I HATE the little brush it comes with with passion…

  5. baby in a corner

    Hhhmmm… Have to say can’t really get my head around completely sheer lipgloss – I like mine to pack some punch!

  6. Meh, I didn’t think it’d be THIS sheer .__.

  7. Courtney

    Wow, when they say “sheer” they mean it! lol ;P

  8. CeCE

    a hot mess not good

  9. Alex

    You’re right the sheer ones are limited edition. Last year they brought out these beautiful hot pink and red lipglosses around summer time. The problem was they were only beautiful IN THE TUBE!!! Although, my red one does impart just a little more color than this one does…so I will pass. Thanks!!

  10. lunamaris

    hm, i wouldn’t buy a gloss in a “shade” that dark if it’s colorless on the lips. where’s the point?

  11. Joanne_

    if you all really would like a chocolate glossy lip, try MAC’s shock-o-late lipglass, its opaque…good day everyone

  12. Cheyenne

    Well at first I wanted this…but now I don’t. It looks even sheerer now. =/ disappointed that this and the liner was not good.

    At least black velvet is an AMAZING eyeshadow!! <3

  13. serene

    Eh, this would be a huge waste of money for me if I were to get it. Thanks for the swatch. Why would anyone bother to buy this? What’s the point? The tube colour vs the real colour payoff is so deceptive.

  14. inaya

    what are you wearing on your cheeks christine?

  15. Just looked at it and thought… What’s the point?

  16. Vale

    o_O the latest “there’s no colour at all” product by BB… all their e/s are just skin-colour. All blushes, skin-colour. All pencils, skin-colour… just lip products do keep some pigments… now also them are just skin-colour…
    Not to sound offensive, but each time I see a BB collection, that usually is a group of skin-coloured e/s and pencils, I ask myself “Which is the sense of this collection? Those are EXACTLY the same colours they have in all their collections! Who is going to buy the 34th neutral e/s???”
    Am I the only one perplexed by this?

    • I completely disagree (respectfully, of course) — their eyeshadows are far from just skin color, along with their lip products, pencils, etc.

      • Vale

        Oh, don’t worry. These are just opinions. I simply think that there are more than enough neutral tones in the world and each season I wait for something totally stunning by them but… again, just neutral tones… I got a bit discouraged…
        But of course I expected someone would had bought those products, if not, they would have closed the company long ago! 😀

  17. bobby

    wow how does this even get a B? More like F.