Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Beauty Rules?!

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette ($45.00) has me at odds! I do and don’t like this palette. I do LOVE the new and exclusive Pot Rouge shades to this palette. I also adore the packaging–I just think it’s cute and fits so well with the theme. I absolutely do not like the eyeshadows included in the palette, and I really disliked both of the sparkle eyeshadows.

My dislike of those two eyeshadows actually overwhelmed me for awhile, because I kept giving this palette a look of disdain. Once I sat down to write the review, though, I realized that only two of ten products weren’t so hot. I do think the Pot Rouges are really the highlight out of this palette, because they are wearable, flattering shades. Both shades are exclusive to the palette, as are the two lip glosses and Eclipse eyeshadow. (Ivory is permanent; Lightning, Orchid, and Crystal Gold have been in previous palettes.)

  • Ivory is a matte white ivory. If you have a few Bobbi Brown palettes, you probably have this shade somewhere! It’s similar to MAC’s Blanc Type.
  • Lightning is a sheer, softened gray taupe with silver shimmer and has a sparkle finish. It was in Bobbi Brown’s Aquamarine Palette.
    Orchid is sheer, sparkly lilac with a sparkle finish. This was in Bobbi Brown’s Orchid Palette, and I disliked it as much then as I do now. It’s just a mess to apply–fall out everywhere.
  • Eclipse is a matte, stormy black. It’s a nice black, but it doesn’t stand out strongly against other matte blacks available.
  • Baby Pink is a rosy pink with cool, blue undertones. It can be built up for a more intense look or blended out for a rosy flush. I was reminded a bit of Benefit’s Posietint, but Posietint is not as buildable.
  • Homecoming Pink is a medium pink with neutral undertones. It’s as wearable and buildable as Baby Pink, just darker and neutral. Fun find: Pale Pink from the Orchid Palette is a mix of Baby Pink and Homecoming Pink!
  • Air Kiss is a sheer, pale milky pink. It lightened my natural lip color a bit–essentially washed out my lip color.
  • Rum is a sheer rosy brown. It has a little milkiness to it, but it’s not as milky or as pale as Air Kiss.
  • Crystal Gold is a sheer glossy base with metallic bronze and copper shimmer. This is a Glitter Lip Balm, but I’d like this more layered over a lipstick. It’s a little streaky on its own.
  • Jet is a creamy, jet black eyeliner.  It wore well, and it wasn’t too soft or hard, though swatching it lightly on the back of your hand initially is recommended, just to wear down the sharpened point.

The palette contains 0.02 oz. Creamy Eye Pencil, 0.04 oz. x4 Eyeshadows, 0.07 oz. x2 Pot Rouges, 0.04 oz. x2 of Lip Gloss, and 0.04 oz. Glitter Lip Balm. After going through the math, the palette is a good deal. It’s not a fantastic deal, but it’s not a rip off. You get about $10 worth of Eyeliner, $20 worth of Eyeshadows, $15 worth of Sparkle Eyeshadows, $10 worth of Pot Rouge, $10 worth of Lip Gloss, and $5 worth of Glitter Lip Balm–so somewhere around $65 to 70 in value.

I don’t feel like this is a great palette for teenagers. Even though sparkle is fun and they always say it’s for the young (pfft!), both shades are prone to fall out, and I think the last thing a makeup newcomer should have to deal with is that. The Pot Rouges are forgiving, because they’re so blendable, and the lip colors are natural and wear with most looks–but it’s the eyeshadows that seem out of place for a palette geared towards teenagers.

P.S. — Though I am not a fan of lip palettes, particularly when lip colors are mixed with powder products, I did not let that personal bias influence the rating or grading of this palette, but I do still feel that way about them–haven’t changed my mind!

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: My gut says to pass on this, but if you’re a Pot Rouge fan like me, those pinks are hard to pass up.


See more photos & swatches!

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Air Kiss

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Air Kiss

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Crystal Gold

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Crystal Gold

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Ivory, Lightning, Orchid, Eclipse

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Baby Pink, Homecoming Pink

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Palette
Air Kiss, Rum, Crystal Gold

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22 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. elise

    I agree w/you, Christine. I wonder if Bobbi has visited any high schools lately or been to a mall, because teenagers aren’t wearing these shades, except for maybe cheaper versions of pink colors like the pot rouges, which are the only reason to buy this set.

    I was excited to see this palette as well, but the eyeshadows were too underwhelming for me to justify buying it :( Big leave it here.

    • tg

      I don’t know if things have changed since I was a teen, but there would have been no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that my parents would have bought me a $45 makeup palette. My mom and I wore drugstore stuff, but her friend gave her Clinique freebies, and when my dad found out that to buy a Clinique lipstick would be something like maybe $12 back then, he was ready to have an aneurysm. “What? $12 for a stick of wax? You have to be kidding me!” LOL, if he only knew what I have now…

      • Carie

        I’m a teen and I buy high end makeup… it just depends on the family really.
        I wouldn’t buy this palette though. I don’t know how she thought these colors catered to the teen market.

        • tg

          I think I would have liked to be part of your family. 😉 It was probably good that I didn’t know anything beyond Clinique or Mary Kay really existed or I would have been driving myself crazy trying to find a way to come up with the cash for some goodies.

          • meghan

            I think Bobbi is trying to cater to her teen market. Not teens overall because most of them don’t use high end makeup but she’s hoping those who buy her makeup or other high end brands will go for this. I’m a teen and I buy both drugstore and mid/high end stuff. I wouldn’t get this though. I’m with christine, I hate palettes with powder products and lip products! ew

  2. millie

    Will you go meet Bobbi Brown in Nordstrom downtown SF this November 5? I’m thinking of going. I’d be thrilled to meet her.

  3. Ada

    The eyeshadows look kind of chalky :/ And it looks like they didn’t use them either on their “teenager models” on that polaroid!

    I do like the blushes though!

  4. Bella

    It looks like as if they tried to combine those team Edward/Jacob palettes that came out a few (?) years ago.

  5. Xtina

    The irony of the packaging of this product seems to be lost on its designers. It’s called “Bobbi’s Beauty Rules” and it’s all about playing it safe, both the palette and the book; and yet the cover of the palette features a broken ruler?

    It’d be cool if you could do a review of the brights palettes found here:

    I’ve been thinking about getting this, but bobbi brown isn’t known for her wild colors. I’m doubtful whether these colors would show up at all. I’m not really a fan of BB, especially after seeing a clip of her on youtube with some yt guru, but I am interested in this palette.

  6. tg

    What a snooze. Normally I like BB’s stuff, but this one is a miss.

  7. Marian

    I’d pass for myself but I think this would be lovely for a teen just starting with makeup.

  8. Thanks for the honest review, very helpful.

  9. kat

    Elf came out with like packaging to these BB ones, with superior shadow pigmentation for only $5 bucks. Seriously, what a disappointment this is!

    • saku

      A few weeks I was close to buying this. Good save some money. And from the looks of it the eyeshadows and gloss shades has almost no color payoff.

  10. The colours look good on you and very flattering but the packaging is definitely a miss for me.

  11. sofia

    cool packaging but…leaving it

  12. im upset.i expected something better..preseentation was kinda wow to me…

  13. Alyssa

    I’m a teenager and I would never buy this palette. I love high end brands, but the only things that appeal to me in this palette are the Baby Pink and Homecoming Pink Pot Rouges. Teenagers do not wear sparkly purple and green eyeshadow, sorry.

  14. Elysia

    christine, your photo with “rum” looks especially good. great angle!

  15. Chrissie

    Hey Christine, I was wondering what you use to apply pot rouges? Could you recommend a good brush for cream blushes please?