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Is it weird that I consider Beauty Blender to be a gimmicky product? I mean, it’s just a very expensive sponge, which I love btw. Also, those blotting sheets infused with blush and hilighter, not bad in a pinch. Have Too Faced better than false lashes mascara. Haven’t tried it yet, but the reviews are pretty terrible, so no high hopes for that one.

For what it’s worth, I LOVE that mascara! I haven’t looked up any reviews for it – I can’t imagine what people could complain about unless they’re doing a poor job applying it!

That pink Benefit primer is pretty crazy gimmicky. Also sheet masks with some product listed like Caviar or platinum.

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Benefit Stay flawless Primer? LOL….That’s my all time favorite primer. I’ve tried at least a 15 primers including milk of magnesia, Monistat chafing cream and this is the best.

I actually really disliked the Beauty Blender. I tried it for a whole week, hoping I would like it. I tried it dry, damp, etc. Nope. Back to a stippling brush. 🙂

I’ve actually been quite lucky in avoiding most really gimmicky stuff, usually because we either don’t get the stuff here or it’s so expensive that you can’t really justify taking the risk!

On the other hand, I’ve probably tried lots of products with gimmicky *claims* – I think I tried some of those silly ‘pore refining’ peel-off nose strip things back when they first became a thing in my corner of the world (probably like 15 years ago!). Naturally, they did absolutely nothing, although they were kind of fun to use… 😛

I got those rub on eyeshadows. Kind of fun I had a lepoard print! But expensive, gimmicky and hard to use too!

Worst: Powders that need grinding (why?!) or any eyeshadows with those little pop out bullet sponge applicator thingies – always so messy and not necessarily a better way of applying product.

Craziest/worst: Any liquid/cream product with a brush applicator attached – so unsanitary (and I’m NOT a germ phobic but how are you suppose to ever clean them?) and those clicky pen applicators are horrible, nothing, nothing, nothing, wait forever, oh too much! And usually incredibly expensive for tiny, tiny amounts. NO THANK YOU.

Best: Some of Anna Sui’s stuff is really gimmicky but I love the lilac loose face powder in the huge, stupidly impractical ornate claw foot tub with the giant purple fluffy powder puff.

Got to agree about powder products you har to grind yourself. I really fail to see the point in those at all.

And why are they so expensive? I noticed that blushes, powders and eyeshadows with this feature are about 10 to 12 dollars more than the regular item of the same brand (NYX grinding blush for one -$24.99). So you want me to do more work AND charge me more money and I all get the same result?? Hmmm….
I think I’ll pass lol. Unless I’m missing some benefit from the grinding?

I love those Masterclass brushes, too, especially the large oval. It applies my foundation (MAC Matchmaster) better than any other brush I own. They DO look like funky toothbrushes or shoe shine brushes.

To me, the craziest beauty tool is still the eyelash curler. Those things look like medieval torture devices and I’ve yet to really get a noticeable curl out of one either (probably because I’m too freaked out to really crimp them in there).

I could not do without my eyelash curlers, lol! My eyelashes are so fine and straight that there is no point applying mascara unless my lashes are curled first as you just wouldn’t see them! They certainly have a learning curve but I have used them for decades and wouldn’t be without them. You also need to be selective with the mascara you use after curling too otherwise they’ll just be straight again. I wouldn’t bother though if your lashes naturally have a little curl. Definitely my favourite gimmicky product (in case you hadn’t noticed!)

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I have completely straight eyelashes (asian genes) and I would have NO eyelashes without the curler – mascara looks really weird when it goes straight forward and not up and out). I had been using it wrong for a good 5 years, until I tried a new angle and technique (crimp from base, crimp close to base, then crimp mid-shaft). If you have even the slightest curl, you can try different techniques with mascaras (the wiggle, the slow up-and-hold) to get yours to fan up and out more.

Nyx eyeshadow pencil in Milk. Yes yes, I know it is some bloggers favorite. Yes yes, I know it is accentuate the color and makes it brighter. And for me to buy from Nyx is a stretch. I refuse to buy Made in China’s stuff. This was made in Taiwan…so I gave it a try. Yes yes, I know the eyeshadow does appear nicer…..But the texture is tacky….sticky…gooey…and you have to get its special sharpener. So I did what some of these bloggers did. I heated the darn thing….unscrewed the back of the end and push it out into one of those Nordstrom sample jars. I got the whole thing in the jar. Then I got a glob of the remainder on my fingers. It took forever to remove the leftovers. It was like sticky tacky paint…and even water base paint is easier to remove. I felt that if this was going onto my eye area whether in a pencil format or with a brush….it was going to tug at my delicate eye area. I wear eyecream almost everynight and sometime even during the day if I have no makeup on…and been doing it since I was 17. There was no no no way that I was going to pull on my eye area. I dont even wear contacts for that reason along. I dont pull my lower part of my eye tissue just to place eyeliner. I rarely use eyeliner. No, I no longer have the edgy look. I dont want to have the baggy eye look like Duchess of Cambridge (Kate).
So yes, I like the concept of Nyx’s Milk, but there is no no no way that I am going to use it again. I search high and low for it too when of all places Sears didnt have it. I dont like to buy makeup online. Yes yes….OCD and old at the same time. 🙂

Makeup in my country is really expensive so I cant really afford to buy a product unless I know for sure that it has great reviews and works well so luckily I dont have any ‘worst product’ stories or experiences. But my favorite ‘gimmicky’ product is probably the See by Chloe paint-a-scent perfume. applying perfume with a little brush instead of spritzing it on atomizer-style is just such a nice experience.

At first I thought Sigma’s textured brush cleaning glove was just a gimmick, but using it in combination with a solid brush cleanser has cut my deep cleaning time in half! Now if someone wise would add that kind of texture to the cap of the solid brush cleanser jars, they’d have a hit product!

I was on vacay the last couple of weeks and was all over YouTube and saw videos re substitutes for the Sigma glove. One was a silicone potholder glove you can buy at Bed, Bath & Beyond (use that 20% discount certificate!) for about $9.00. It’s textured like the Sigma glove and WAY cheaper.

They also have a dupe for the sigma glove at target in the pet department. I believe it’s either for brushing or washing your dog. Looks almost identical. It’s purple and gray and it’s about $8. Can’t remember what it was called though.

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The closest thing I have to any of these descriptors is probably the Boscia Konjac sponge but despite its odd looks (my husband asked me why there was a “boob” hanging in the washroom) and the fact that it takes DAYS to dry, it is a really terrific cleansing tool.

I really don’t get sucked into gimmicks, but one that I received as a gift was color changing nail polish. It wasn’t something I was interested in to begin with, but it didn’t work regardless.

The ones I got were from Revlon, but I had seen them from a few other companies as well… it was a product for making little tiny “dew drop” sort of things that stuck to your eye lashes. They were calling them Lash Jewels, I think. The effect was nice, but time consuming to get right, and the little drops didn’t dry or anything, they were just little drops of goo that stuck to the ends of your eye lashes. I liked the concept, but it was an odd cosmetic product.

As beautiful as they are, I’m still not convinced about Stila’s Magnificent Metals shadow. I either get glitter in my eyes or it creases.

I’ve also not gotten great results with the Too Faced False Fibers mascara. I have a heated lash curler from Sephora that I’m not convinced gets me any results.

Also, any tingling lip plumpers. Maybe it’s because my lips are already pretty plump, but I think that’s a psychological thing to make you think you’re lips are actually plumping up!

Can’t wait for your book on the stila shadows lol. They look so beautiful but I have heard so many mixed reviews. Waiting to hear what you think 🙂

I keep one of those in my car so that if I need a quick blush I can use it with no applicator, just rub it on my cheek lightly and blend if needed.

I havn’t tried it, but the most obviously gimmicky product that springs to mind is the Loreal One Sweep Eyeshadow.
The small palette comes with a special curved brush that is supposed to add all colors to the lid, crease and brow bone in one sweep. It does NOT work and I can’t believe how it ever reached the shelves.. O_O

( See this video review by Emily Noel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rewwN1YjIns )

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The L’Oreal One Sweep eyeshadow palettes. I don’t know who thought it was a great idea, or who bought enough to keep them around and have the company make them in more colors. It was a mediocre shadow trio on its own, so usable, but the gimmick was this crazy large foam applicator + the configuration of the pan was supposed to make it so all you had to do was swipe once and have an entire dimensional eyeshadow look.

Crazy thing was, it actually kind of worked? But I found it impossible to make my eyes match each other just using the applicator. And if I have to haul out brushes for the pan, why am I using the gimmick in the first place.

Dustin Hunter did a great video review of this. I think he had to get drunk, first.

Profile photo of Jane

I’d never heard of that one, so I just googled it. I think you win for craziest gimmick! Those are insane! I can see the appeal of them… it’s like cartoon makeup, where you go from plain to full-face in one swipe with one brush.

Worst: Benefit’s Stay Flawless Primer!! It is too soft and breaks when I applied it… AND GAVE ME A SKIN REACTION THAT LASTED FOR A WHOLE WEEK!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 My (usually oily) skin got all red and peeled off!
Best: Too Faced’s Better than False Lashes Mascara. Wispy, long lashes 😀 I like it!
Craziest: Violent Eyes’/Lips’ eye/lip decals… WHAT!?!?!?!

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