Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

When it comes to lipgloss, I personally fall in love with two types:  insanely pigmented, nearly opaque colors or glimmering, dazzling, sparkling, and shimmering ones–but they have to be loaded with sparkle (and yet, they can’t feel gritty!).  Over the years, while stickiness isn’t a deal-breaker, I don’t like heavy, thick, goopy kind of glosses.  Reflecting on glosses I’ve tested out this past year, here were the ones I picked for my top ten!

What were your must-have lipglosses from 2013?

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63 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2013: Best Lipglosses

  1. I got Scandal in the Anarchy face case and its absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Veronica

    It still drives me up a wall that Burberry’s Sweet Pea was limited edition, while the coral shade wound up going permanent. Talk about buyer’s regret for missing that one!

  3. I am feeling like ” 3 yr old kid” right now :d
    jumping jumping jumping and saying yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    and reason
    i was waiting for lip gloss post and here it is 😀 you know dear
    last night only , i picked UD scandal with anarchy palette which is at discount 😀 i thought its not bad at double the discount 😀 and yaaaaa am so happy the pencil made it on top of the list 😀 😀

    right now from your list , I have # 8 YSL and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it 😀
    orange kisses to you Christine 😀

    for me the top lip gloss for this year –

    1 . CHANEL JALOUSIE , I can go on and on and on and onnnn for that 😀 it is stunning fuchsia shade which is hard to ignore 😀
    2 . MAC Cult of Cherry which i was able to pick last yr but started using in full swing only this year and have received endless compliments 😀
    3 . The year started with purchasing ” Lancome L’Absolu Crème de Mat Prun Elixir” in very first week and it is stunning shade of purple and is matte 😀
    4 . MY GA Lip maestro which I picked this year and have collected 4 so far and will continue to love them :)
    5 . YSL Glossy stains in shade # 8 , 9 and 13
    am eyeing lancome now gloss which are like GA lip maestro and am sure i will love them

  4. I also really like Burberry Lip Glows and UD Saturated. Would love to try an Armani Lacquer and find a YSL Stain that suits me! Apart from these I love the Laura Mercier Lip Glaces formula (fave shades are Violet and Bare Beige) and the new Guerlain glosses (I just wish the wear would be better).

  5. Easier to narrow down than blush, in my opinion. 😀 Here are mine:
    1) Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Canary
    2) Burberry Lip Glow in Brick Red and Coral
    3) Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Attirance
    4) Chanel Glossimer in Savage Grace
    5) Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine in Red Pow and Tangerine Vlam
    6) MAC Lipglass in Lust for Life
    7) YSL Glossy Stain in Fuschia Dore and Rouge Gouache

  6. Andie

    I bought the entire Anarchy Face Case (once it went on sale at Sephora for $23) so I could get Scandal! I love that formula. Most of the colors are show stoppers.

  7. I love the UD pencils – I have one in Big Bang, and it’s fantastic!

    I think my favourite lipgloss this year has to be the two Nyx Butter Glosses I got In a Douglas in Germany – very affordable, very comfortable, very pretty and smell like cupcakes! What’s not to like?
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  8. PJ

    I think I only purchased 1 lipgloss this year (mostly a lipstick gal). It was Laura Mercier glade in Rose Prism. Love the iridescence of it! I would like to try the Burberry next year!

  9. keG

    i agree-opaque coverage or glitter/shimmer( that’s not gritty ) are two types of lipgloss I like too! After looking at the list….I want to try the two Burberry ones listed. I have GA-701, and Chanel Reflexion and I really love them!

  10. I see that we have completely different preferences when it comes to lipgloss (except that we both like the creamier non-sticky ones). I like my glosses semi-sheer to semi-opaque (if I want color I’ll use a lipstick) with absolutely no glitter particles at all. I can tolerate very fine micro shimmer, though, as long as it’s not too obvious.

    I agree with the Armani glosses, at least texture wise. They look and feel nice and creamy on the lips and last a reasonably long time. I only have three so far, but I’ll be ordering more for sure.

    • While I love layering lipsticks and glosses, because I test lipgloss alone, I’ve gotten used to wearing it on its own! So now, when I do, I want it to be more opaque than not 😉 For layering, I just want SPARKLE!!! and glossiness. If I just want shimmer-free, I’ll just put clear gloss over a lipstick, LOL!

      We are definitely opposite! 😉 Guess that’s why they make 23984234 formulas!

  11. Kate

    OCC Stained Lip Gloss in Rhythm Box definite new favourite.Wish it would stay on a little longer though.

    • How long does it last on you, Kate?

      • Kate

        Unfortunately I don’t do timings like you do for your job, so at a guess I find the initial glossiness is gone after an hour or so and then if I haven’t eaten/drunk or kissed anything/anyone then maybe a couple more hours eventually leaving a stain. I wish the glossiness would last longer, but it doesn’t put me off using them as they are so lovely and don’t bleed on me like the lip tars do which I find odd as I don’t usually have this problem. Any tips on that gratefully received!

        • No worries 😉 Just curious what kind of wear you were getting that it felt short. The glossiness of Giorgio Armani’s Flash Lacquer might be more up your alley.

          Re: bleeding, my only thought is it might be too much product. Have you tried a clear lip liner at all?

          • Kate

            Ok thank you, Giorgio Armani is now on my wishlist! No I haven’t tried clear lip liner yet, I will put that on my list too! I have the 2 mini lip tar sets and so want to play with them more but the bleeding put me off. I will try your tips, thank you I really appreciate your reply :) Happy New Year to you and your team. x

            • Happy to help, Kate! Good luck — I know that the one thing with Lip Tars is if you apply too much, it doesn’t seem to work well (in fact, badly). There can be a learning curve with them, but it’s entirely possible you’re applying the right amount and it is still problematic.

  12. NYX Butter Gloss, hands down!
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  13. I’m more of a lipstick girl myself, but this is definitely a great selection! Of all these Giorgio Armani #519 Flash Lip Lacquer has to be my favorite.

  14. My favorites this year:
    Burberry Blush
    Buxom Dolly
    Buxom April (a little too much glitter, but I’ve worn it plenty this year)
    BE Moxie Shinning Star (love!)
    BE Moxie Hot Shot

  15. I got Chanel Reflexion (71) Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss for Christmas and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. It looks great on its own, but I am especially loving it layered on top of stains. On me it looks quite rosy which complements my coloring wonderfully. Definitely one of my favorite products from the whole year.

    I also am in love with the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss formula. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

    I also really like the one YSL glossy stain that I have. It’s my go-to special occasion color. People always compliment me saying how wonderful it looks on me, and I don’t usually get comments on my makeup.

    Biggest disappointment:
    Chanel Bagatelle lip gloss. It’s so sticky and barely any product comes out at all with the applicator so I have to dip it in 10 times to get enough to cover my lips.
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  16. Sara

    I just ordered the Anarchy facecase from Sephora since they are having the extra 20% off sale items, and I bought it mainly for Scandal! I figured its $19 online at UD but for an extra $5 I got the whole facecase. Can’t wait to try it out!

  17. Cat

    I really enjoyed reading through this list. Great variety! And I’m pleased to see Fuschia Fugitive on here, I think it’s the gold in it makes it pretty special looking while still somehow being very wearable.

  18. Lily

    Lancôme Rouge in Love #212 Ginger Star, Dior Addict Gloss #432 (your review)

  19. beka

    i love the ysl glossy stain #8! it was my first bold lip color and it started an expensive lipstick obsession! this is the only gloss i wear because it has the pigment of a lipstick. i might give the blue armani gloss a go because i love armani lip products and i think it would look great over lipstick.

  20. I’m more of a lipstick than a gloss girl, but I did feel like there were some real winners this year. Both Reflexion and Chanel Controversy (a vampy gloss that applies evenly!!!!) rated high for me, as did the Armani Black Pearl gloss. I finally took the plunge and bought a few of the YSL glossy stains and boy are they worth the hype. Great list!
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  21. There are a few glosses on here which are on my wishlist! GA #519, YSL Fuchsia Fugitive, plus I’ve had my eye on the OCC Stained Gloss Formula! Haven’t committed to the purchases though…yet!

    I did try one new formula this year, Youngblood Mighty Shine Lip Gel, which I’m quite a fan of, it’s quite a tacky formula but I like it! I got the shade Overexposed, a sheer purpled burgundy, I QUITE .

    And actually, I forgot, I bought my first Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipglosses very early this year, and now I’m almost out of Pink Tulle and running low on Citrus! Much, MUCH loved!!

  22. Still sad I missed Sweet Pea!

  23. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) i am on mission ” COLLECT TOP 10 2013 ” in 2014 …
    so the first thing i picked is ” CHANEL REFLEXION” … Christine …
    i had a rough idea that it is included in your post but was little blank ..

    picked it and asked SA .. i will return if i dont see it is approved by you ( she knows your blog)
    as my mobile internet was veryyyy slow in the store and after refreshing 5 – 7 times also i couldnt open the page …
    anyways …
    i billed it and said .. i will go home check it and then open 😀 if its not the same i will change it as i knew there is “ONE CHANEL” gloss in this list and also in ” TEMPTALIA Ask you ” you have mentioned that you like this range

    and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    yaaaa :D:D hahaha am so happy and if you can check some stats
    today i opened that post some ten fifteen times hahah
    as i dont use NEW PRODUCT on SUNDAY i havent opened it and also didnt tried on lips in store ..

    here some customers come and use gloss on lips .. so grosssss
    your reviews are savior always 😀
    shall update you tom how it looks on me 😀 😀

    can you imagine how happy i am right now ?
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  24. Doreen G.

    Nars dolce vita lipgloss, Nars sandpiper gloss.
    Queen vesuvius liquid lipstick in Coral and Fuschia.
    Bobbi Brown lip gloss petal pink.
    Sephora tube gloss in Sangria.
    Estee Lauder pure gloss in passion fruit shimmer.
    Lip fusion lip plump replump lipstick in baby.
    Tarte moisture surge gloss pencil in amused.
    Laura mercier plump lip gloss in bronze berry.
    Clinique almost lipstick in honey and almost blush.