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Best Makeup for Fair Skin

If there is any one question that I see often asked, it’s for recommendations for a specific skin tone. I think it would be fantastic if we could work together to create a list of recommendations from the people best equipped to give them — YOU!

This part of the Guide seeks to help our fair-skinned beauties find new favorite shades to love. Whether you’re fair-skinned yourself and can offer what you’ve found to work the best or you’re an experienced makeup artist or you have a fair-skinned friend who you know loves such and such product… we want your help and expertise, so please share it with us and everyone else!

To leave a suggestion, simply leave a comment and be sure to let us know what your skin tone is like (you can give your foundation shade if that makes it easier!), whether it’s warm or cool, and then rattle off your suggestions! Suggestions can be from any brand you want!

You can check out mine

For photos and swatching reference, please check out:

Best Eyeshadows for Fair Skin (Cool)

  • MAC: Carbon, Cork, Dazzlelight, Espresso, Omega, Phloof!, Shroom, Smut, Tilt, Woodwinked
  • NARS: All About Eve, April Fool’s, Brazil, Caravaggio, Iceland, Persepolis, Portobello, Unconditional Love
  • Urban Decay: Mary Jane, Roach, Sellout, Shattered, Sin, SWF, Toasted, Vapor, YDK

Best Lipsticks/Glosses for Fair Skin (Cool)

  • MAC Lipglosses: Morning Glory (Lustreglass), Oyster Girl
  • MAC Lipsticks: Angel, Dubonnet, High Tea, Hue, Odyssey, Sweetie, Syrup
  • NARS Lipglosses: Chihuahua, Belize, Striptease, Turkish Delight
  • NARS Lipsticks: Flair, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Trans Siberian, Venice
  • Urban Decay Lipsticks: Buzzkill, Lovechild, Naked, Peroxide

Best Blushes for Fair Skin (Cool)

  • MAC: Breath o’ Plum, Cubic, Peachykeen, Well-Dressed
  • NARS: Angelika, Copacabana (Multiple), Dolce Vita, Riviera (Multiple), Sin

Best Eyeshadows for Fair Skin (Warm)

  • MAC: All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Carbon, Da Bling, Deep Truth, Electra, Humid, Jest, Juxt, Naked Lunch, Satellite Dreams
  • NARS: Alhambra, Balthazar, Bohemian Gold, Hula Hula, Sea, Sex, & Sun, Star Sailor, Summertime, Wicked
  • Urban Decay: Baked, Blaze, Crash, Ecstasy, Eldorado, Flipside, Half Baked, Vert

Best Lipsticks/Glosses for Fair Skin (Warm)

  • MAC Lipglosses: Instant Gold (Lustreglass), Pinkarat (Lustreglass), Lychee Luxe
  • MAC Lipsticks: Blankety, Crosswires, Freckletone, “O”, Viva Glam I
  • NARS Lipglosses: Frisky Summer, Greek Holiday, Orgasm, Pillow Talk
  • NARS Lipsticks: Christina, Napoli, Niagara
  • Urban Decay Lipsticks: 5150, Indecent, Naked, Voodoo

Best Blushes for Fair Skin (Warm)

  • MAC: Blushbaby, Dollymix, Margin, Springsheen
  • NARS: Deep Throat, Luster, Orgasm, Portofino (Multiple), South Beach (Multiple), Torrid

My Recommendation Guide is a compilation of Temptalia’s and readers’ recommendations for the best of the best for different skintones. If you’ve ever wondered, “What are the best eyeshadows for my fair skin?” — this guide is intended to give you a good answer, or at least, a good place to start! Help us help others by contributing your own favorites.  You can access the entire series, as it stands to date, here.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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90 thoughts on “Best Eyeshadows, Lipglosses/Lipsticks, Blushes for Fair Skin

  1. j533j

    Thanks for this! I have warm fair skin, and I was always wondering what lipsticks would look best on me.

    • Teresa

      So do I! And my answer is corals and peaches. They tend to look very nice with my yellowish skin tone. Baby pinks tend to look chalky on me and neutrals are almost always too cool to be “neutral” on my lips. Other than those, I wear most other colors whenever I feel like it, but the peaches and corals tend to look the most “fluid” with my complexion.

  2. Dee Dee

    Thanks so much for this. I’m trying to build upon my MAC collection but I’m so overwhelmed by so many products.

    • Dee

      If you ever have an hour, just go play in the products. Depending on how nice the MUA is, they’ll give you suggestions but even if they don’t they’ll let you try on everything anyway lol. You’ll always be able to tell what looks good on you and what looks horrible and eventually you get to seeing why.

  3. Tracy

    What a great feature!!!! THANK YOU!!! I have fair skin, and look best in cool tones – so this is such a HUGE help. I’ll have to see what products I don’t have, check them out, and maybe add them to my list! I’m curious to see what others might suggest too!


  4. MC

    I love this idea!

  5. Fair and neutral skin (mine:-)
    Cream Blush: NARS Cactus Flower, Guele de Nuit, Riviera and Orgasm (Multiples)
    E/s NARS Madrague, Taiga, and all you mentioned already

  6. Samantha

    Thank you for posting this. It’s a great idea.
    I have fair skin with neutral undertones, so I find that both cooler and warmer toned products can work pretty well on me. I tend to prefer warmer-toned products, though. I have quite a few of the colors suggested.
    My best friend has very fair, cool-toned skin, and she can’t use black liner or mascara because it washes her out. Browns look more natural on her.

  7. fiaspice

    Really cool, I’m fair skined and I always wondered about this, I’m happy so see you are recomending shades from the Book of shadow I just bought, yay!

  8. daphne

    I think this is a brilliant idea! My only question would be how you define “fair” vs. “medium,” etc. Can you maybe provide a range of MAC foundations that you feel each skin tone comprises? I ask because I always thought of myself as “medium” skin (because I’m half Middle Eastern with olive undertones) until I started wearing foundation, and found that I was consistently matched to tones within the lightest 1/4 to 1/3 of a given brand’s range, which makes me wonder if some people wouldn’t consider me more “fair” skinned (for reference, I’m an NC25 in the summer, a little lighter than that but not quite NC20 in the winter).

    • Hey Daphne,

      I almost prefer people to classify themselves, which is why I think it’s important that anyone who adds to the discussion their own favorites makes sure to include what their skin tone is like (whether they include a MAC foundation shade or not). I thought about putting MAC foundation shades on the guide, but I didn’t want people who don’t use MAC to feel left out :(

      I do, personally, kind of think of NC15-25 as fairer, NC30-40 as more medium, and NC45-55 as deeper. HOWEVER, I’m NC25. I consider myself medium on the whole, but I’d tell you I’m on the lighter side of medium, you know? :)

      You can even post the same recs in both posts, too!

      • daphne

        Haha! Darn borderline skin tones :) Thanks for the explanation. I do get where you’re coming from. There is such a HUGE range of skin tones. I also think that sometimes it’s easy for us lighter folks to see people on the darker end of the scale as more similar than they really are (e.g. my Indian friend Lata is dark-skinned to me, but compared to our Black friend Mikhaila she is practically fair :P). Probably vice-versa is the same as well! I look at foundations like MUFE’s 110 and have a hard time imagining people who say that is too dark for them.

        I’ll have to think about some recommendations. I will probably just list some of my favorites, even though I like some colors that people might see as unconventional for a fair-to-medium person like me! I also feel like there is more leeway with eye makeup, whereas I’m more picky about blush and lipcolors (e.g. Raizin blush is gorgeous but I feel it’s definitely meant for dark-skinned people).

        • Haha, exactly! I mean, I’ve thought of myself as “medium” all my life, but recently I’ve dipped down to NC25, and I’m like… that’s not fair! I’m not fair! I don’t look like what I envision a fair person’s skin to be!

          I look forward to hearing yours! Listing your favorites is perfect — it’s all about what you like, what you’ve found to work for you. I just love the idea of fair people recommending their favorites to other fair people, because who would know what works better than if you have the same skin tone!

  9. yvette

    dubonnet is cool? i thought it was warm! it has so much brown in it. guess i don’t know my colors well.

    i always have a dilemma with what i am – i have yellow toned, fair skin, dark brown eyes, but light blonde hair. the hair throws me off. i guess i’m warm because i don’t have much pink in my skin??

    • Doesn’t necessarily *have* to have cool tones for you to be able to wear it :) Some shades can lean warmer but still be great for cooler skin tones!

      For cool/warm tones, this is my guide — look at the underside of your arm: are your veins greener or bluer? If they’re greener, you’re probably warm, but if they’re bluer, you’re probably cool. If you can’t tell, you’re probably neutral!

  10. I have fair-neutral skin, and I think you totally nailed the eyeshadow and blush suggestions. That’s basically my palettes, right there! 😉 The only one I would add is Club, but I get the impression that’s a love/hate e/s for a lot of people.

    I need help with lip colors so this is a great resource for checking out colors I haven’t tried. Thanks for this feature!

    • Thanks, Carrie!! :)

      There were so many eyeshadows, OMG! I just started listing whatever I thought of first, but I am a firm believer that most people can wear just about any shadow (MAC or otherwise) with the right pairing!

  11. Nic

    I have very fair cool-toned skin. One of my favorite blushes is MAC mineralize blush in Dainty. Vanilla eyeshadow is a must for me – I use it as my brow highlight all the time because it so closely matches my skin. Wedge has recently become a favorite of mine too. I also like NARS Irresistiblement bronzer in the summer. It’s matte and it isn’t brown, so it looks very natural on me.

  12. Jennifer

    I love this post!! Great idea.

    I am very fair skinned, warm undertoned with blue eyes and I’m happy to see I have a lot of these shadows. Some of my faves that weren’t there are MAC French Cuff (makes the blues pop!) and MAC Quarry which is an awesome compliment to. Best lipstick I have is definitely MAC Hue. And for blush I like MAC Melba because its the closest to my natural redness after its been concealed, that way I can control where it goes.

    Thanks for the post!

    • French Cuff would definitely work well on fair skinned people! I didn’t include any limited edition shades (IIRC, French Cuff was limited with BBR!). Thanks for the suggestions – so glad to hear what works the best on the people who know fair skin best–those who have it!

  13. claudia

    Wow, that’s a great idea ! I’m fair skined with pink undertones. For eyeshadows, I wear both cool and warm shades although I like warm undertones better. I like the colors you selected! I’m a bit shy with blush and feel more confident with dark plum colors. I don’t own many and my fave is On a Mission. I’m unsure about peachy shades ! As for lipsticks, I love bright and bold colors, it’s a nice contrast with my skin and hair. My faves are : Blankety (nude), Russian Red (red), and pinks: Snob, Show Orchid, Bombshell are few of my faves !!!

    • On a Mission is gorgeous :)

      Peaches might be a nice way to graduate to a soft, slightly warmed up shade without it being overly warm (as often peaches can be).

      Thank you for sharing your faves, Claudia!

  14. MC

    I’m fair and neutral, perhaps running a bit more cool, and another blush that I think works great is MAC’s Dame– it’s one of my favorites!

  15. Jennifer

    I’m an NC20… This might be silly question but does the “C” in it mean “Cool” ?
    One mac lady said I had some pink in my skin (so I’m thinking warm) and gave me Orb as a highlighter for eyeshadow.
    I know what cool and warm is, but I can’t really tell which I am lol…I just have always considered myself fair and white comes to mind lol.

    • I think of NC/NW as “not cool” and “not warm,” because I find it easiest to remember that way. Those matched with NC tend to be warmer while those matched with NW tend to be cooler.

      But nonetheless, look at the underside of your arm – are your veins green or blue? Green = warm, blue = cool; can’t tell = neutral

  16. daphne

    Okay, here’s some of my favorites as a generally-NC25 in MAC foundation (118 in MUFE HD, Sand Beige in Revlon ColorStay…I think that’s all I’ve tried :)) So this is warm (yellow/olive) fair-to-medium skin :) I’m actually very similar in coloring to Christine with just browner eyes.

    For lips and cheeks, I think corals and peaches are brilliant. In this family:
    Lipgloss: Lychee Luxe, Enchantress, LEs Pink Grapefruit, Utterly Posh Dazzleglass
    Lipstick: Funshine slimshine, See Sheer, Crosswires, LEs (brighter colors) Overrich and High 90s slimshine
    Blush: Margin, Springsheen, Benefit CORALista, Peachtwist (deeper), LE Joyous Beauty Powder Blush – the perfect coral-peach with just the barest hint of shimmer and my HG everyday blush.

    As for other color families, here are some random favorites:
    Lipgloss: Viva Glam V (just bought yesterday, great neutral!), Nymphette, YSL Golden Gloss #2, and LEs Strawberry Blonde and Mimmy.
    Lipstick: Lustering (for fun!), UD Naked, Viva Glam IV (perfect evening color) and LEs Brave New Bronze (perfect nude for my skintone, especially with a coral or peach gloss) and Spiceflower, my HG everyday lipstick color.
    Blush: Dollymix, Fleur Power (coralish), Dainty (mineralize), and LE Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush – best pink ever :)

    • Yay! You’re fabulous, Daphne 😉 Thanks for providing such a comprehensive and thorough list of your favorites! I completely agree — corals and peaches for our skin tone are amazing!!

    • Teresa

      Sheesh, it sounds like you were digging in my “everyday makeup” drawer. I can’t agree with you more and you made such a great list. Thanks Daphne! How about Pink Lemonade Lipglass? It’s probably my most used gloss. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. I’ll definitely try to get my hands on a tube of Spiceflower lipstick. Joyous is also my favorite blush of all time. I recently found a backup of it in a CCO and I’m guarding it like Gollum guards his precious.

      • daphne

        Ha! Nice to hear I have another makeup twin (I enjoyed this blog from the get-go because Christine and I have VERY similar taste!) I hunted down Spiceflower because I didn’t care for the other two items that came in the bag and I’m glad I did. It wakes up my whole face. Highly recommend it!

        OMG, Joyous has driven me crazy! I found it at a CCO, loved it to pieces, went on a depotting binge and went to work at it but shattered it trying to pry the pan out of the pot :( I repressed it but it was not the same after that by any means – the color got weird and too saturated. So I posted an ISO and got a new one, but I swear this new one is not the same pigmentation as my first one I picked up at the CCO! So I’m always on the lookout for *another* backup that might be the same as my original. Sad! The one I have will do for now but I swear it must have been wiped with alcohol or something because it’s just too hard for a BPB.

      • daphne

        Oh and thanks for the Pink Lemonade rec! Checked out Christine’s swatch and it looks like a slightly brighter version of Mimmy, which I am running out of – so maybe I will pick that up when Mimmy is gone! :)

  17. Silvia

    I am a NC43 and neutral. I did warmer tones when I started with makeup, but in the last years I am more into cool tones mostly. I think it is sometimes more unexpected. But I have to admit, sometimes I confuse it,as I do not plan each look before I put it on 😉
    Lipgloss: Magnetique, Love Nectar, Oyster girl, foolishly fab, (Plushglass,)Pink Lemonade
    Lipstick: Snob, Miss Ross,Plumful,hot gossip, Milan Mode, warm: overrich and ramblin roses and stop! slimshine:bare(Nars: Damage and Sexual Healing which is warm)(Benefit:partycrasher and skinny dip)
    Blush: Coygirl, but mostly use Fleurpower (don’t know if this is warm or cool?)
    Eyeshadow: almost any color, except for those on the red side. Really like teals and greens and some blue. But I can really recommend: all that glitters, mostly I do pair it with some brown for the crease (remotely grey or bark, or pigment blue brown)Higlighter: shroom or bone. I also like Dior 5 couleurs 990 Tender Chic (lavender and lilac Plum tones)
    at the moment am thinking about pervette and hug me lipstick…
    I don’t know if I have to stick to warm lips, if I did warm tones on the eyes. Is there a rule? For example Eva Mendes is in my opinion doing warm makeup but often cool lips. Any advice?

    • Those are some awesome recommendations, Silvia! Thank you for taking the time to share with us :)

      Makeup is many things, but creative is one big thing. If you like warm eyes and cool lips… nothing wrong with that (or vice versa). I’ve often done blue/teal looks which are sort of cool, but I love it with coral lips, which are warm!

      • Silvia

        aww, my skin is medium toned. So I posted a comment in the wrong section.
        But thanks Christine for your advice!

  18. sandra

    This is really great!!! Good idea!
    I’m a NC20 (winter slightly lighter) WARM and use some of the products mentioned. I’m so gonne read all the replys this weekend 😉

  19. Madeleine

    It sounds like me.Almost.However if I’ve worn Dubonnet l/s I can go and start making money…on the nearest corner lol
    There is no red or not red like that I look good in!I can pull off Brick-o-La which is more berrish to me than red.

    Christine what do you think about O! l/s for cool blond -daylights not evening.I think it’s too dark :(

  20. Eunice

    I have extremely fair, cool-toned skin. All of MAC’s NW15 foundations are too dark and look mask-like on my face. Right now I mix MAC’s Face & Body in White (PRO color) with MUFE HD Foundation in 107. I was wondering if anyone could suggest brands of foundation that offer very light shades?

    • Megan!

      I would love to know an answer to this also!

      • Susie

        Graftobian has a high def creme and powder for foundation use and it has the palest of shades. I use it their palest.

        It goes on smooth, natural and lasts for hours. Amazing product at a great price.

    • Aisha

      I always had such a hard time finding liquid foundations because I’m so fair. I’ve been using GOSH X-ceptional Wear Foundation in 11 Porcelain and its a perfect match (for reference I use MAC Studio Fix in N3 and Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural in Light). I really like GOSH for face and lip product.

  21. Nicole

    Great post, Christine.

    I like to add 4 more eyeshadows und a lipstick and a blush (everything MAC):
    – Mystery, because it appears cooler compaired to Espresso
    – Print, because smokey eyes won’t look so dramatic
    – Vanilla, because it nearly suites a cool skintone, perfect for blending out and softening
    – White Frost, I love this colour in the tearduckt area

    – Creme Cup, similar to Angel but with a much better texture and not so pinky undertone.

    – Dame blush, it looks so fresh on my skin and a little Well Dressed over the top is so lovely

    For reference I’m a NW20 to N5 girl with a cool undertone.

  22. Christina C

    Thanks for all the recommendations so far! I am MUFE HD 118, Revlon Colorstay Buff/Sand Beige, Studio Fix Powder NC 30 but Studio Sculpt NW 15. Strange, I know.

    Right now, for blush, I love Mac Pink Swoon, Cubic, On A Mission, Bobbi Brown Slopes and Nars Deep Throat.

    For lips, I’m loving the House of Mirth Deep lip bag, Mac Capricious, Hug Me and Most Popular (from Hello Kitty).

    For eyes, mostly neutrals. Mac Silver Thorn, Grand Entrance, Mylar, Vanilla, Naked Lunch and Style Snob. Bobbi Brown Slate is my favorite crease color. It goes with almost all my other shadows. I can’t pull off wild eyeshadow colors even though I love them.

  23. Jennifer

    I like and think these colors look good on me.

    I’m NC20, Green eyes, dark brown hair, dark brows.

    Shadow: Saddle in the crease and wedge or cork on the lid, and Orb for highlight from mac are good natural colors on me. However I wear Sharkskin paint stick, print, mulch, blanc type, girlie , sketch, the green palette from the mac art collection, purples look good on me too.

    Blush: Nars Orgasm, Mac Dainty, Mac Fleur Power, Mac Dollymix (Stippling brush) , Mac Ladyblush creme. I like pink or pink-peach blushes.

    Lipstick: (I’m not afraid of color on the lips) Mac Made with love, Mac Viva Glam 1, Rubywoo, Russian Red, Angel, Utter Fun, Red full stop, Capricious… Chanel Frivole, Dior lipstick in a fuchsia color, Benefits silky lipstick in good to go, Pinkarat from mac.

    Foundation: DiorSkin Nude in 020 . Mac in NC20.

  24. Jennifer

    Oh one more thing on lipsticks Chanel Rouge Allure in Phoenix , and Mac Milan Mode lipstick.

    I really like most pinks on me…Not into browns unless they have a pink or plum tone to them…I like reds even though they can be bright lol …

  25. mlou

    I’m fair& cool (NW10 or slightly lighter), but most of the shades listed above don’t work well for me. Just don’t compliment my skintone, or look too warm/dirty/etc , lol.

    Here are my recs for ppp/cools:
    e/s: Yogurt, Shroom, Sweet Lust BlancType, Bisque, Era, Quarry, Shale, Scene, Contrast, Handwritten, Humid. Typographic would also be a great one.

    lipglass: VG V, Lovechild, Underage, Cultured, VG VI SE

    lipstick: Creme Cup, Syrup, Speed Dial, Sweetie, LoveLorn, Capricious, NewYorkApple, MAC Red. For an LE shade right now, TotalWow is amazing blue toned shade.

    Blushes: Blushbaby, Mocha, CoyGirl, Well Dressed, Dollymix

  26. Michaela

    I’m an NW15.

    I tend to love wearing both warm and cool shades. However, if a shade is particularly cool, I have to work to make it look good.

    There are some colors that I go back to time and time again because they require so little effort. Chanel Eyeshadow Quad in Variations is one of these; it;s peachy-brown colors ranging from a lighter highlight shade to a really pigmented warm brown. I love the Mac Notoriety quad as well, although Notoriety (the eyeshadow itself) seems a little cool on me. Also love the Nars duo in Stage Beauty.

    For blushes, my best two (most flattering) are MAC Blushbaby and Cargo Rome. You have to be really lighthanded with Rome, though, because otherwise you can look really orange.

  27. I too am fair-skinned. Being a makeup artist and over 40, I have enjoyed the challenges of finding a mineral foundation that doesn’t clump up, stays on yet doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I FOUND IT!
    Larenim Minerals 2WM (WM is warm). For summer, I go to a 3 WM. I love them because they are in a compact and NOT loose. Check it out.

  28. Diana

    Hey!i`m very fair skinned,brunette with light eyes… so I like to wear a light golden eyeshadow and a red lipstick and with an almost nude blush. it looks so snow white :)

  29. Kathy

    Thanks for the recs. The only thing I’d add are some more vibrant shades. I’m NW15 pale, but I have dark hair and eyes so anything light and frosty (Oyster Girl) washes me right out. Although that seems to be my problem with lipsticks/gloss in general: not a lot of sheer, clear brights. Two of my favorites are See Sheer and Hot Tahiti. I haven’t tried Nars beyond their blushes (a little out of my price range), but I love Deep Throat.

  30. I have fair skin, for reference, I use the NW 15 color in Mac foundations.
    Here are some products I love:
    blush: Mac Dame and Well dressed, Nars Orgasm
    highlighter: Benefit high beam
    bronzer: Nars Laguna (used with a light hand, or it’s too dark)

    These are pretty much all the products I use that would specifically work on a fair skin. Other than these, I use every color! I even use darker colors as a blush, the key is to use them very lightly.

  31. Lena

    Whoo! Thanks SO MUCH for this, it’s just what I’m looking for!! You are the best. Seriously.

  32. I’m a NW20, live in Brazil, which means that in winter I am cooler than in summer (when my skin tends to neutral), because it is impossible to totally get away from the sunlight! Perfect matches for my skin:
    Blushes: MAC Cubic and Lilicent, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink+Powder Pink, Benefit’s Dandelion, Stila’s Lilium, Shiseido’s Innocent Rose B4.
    Lipsticks: MAC Creme Cup, Hue, Way to Love, Creme de Nude, Nude Rose, Plink!; Chanel Rouge Allure in Tender; Guerlain Kiss Kiss Shine in 662, 624, 668; Dior Shine in 256;
    Foundations: MAC NW20 and N1; normally the second lightest shade (2 or 20), porcelain, ivory, fair, light beige and alikes.

  33. Rachel

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Useful, but not overbearing. Thanks!

  34. dolce aria

    Heh the fun of foundation fittings! I got fitted for MAC foundation twice, within two weeks, to test other products than my Dior forever. First fitting? NW 20. Second fitting? NC 15. Its all so subjective anyways. I guess i’m neutral? Warmer tone blushes look AWFUL and orangey on me(I mean you, NARS orgasm and MAC prism-back to the contouring use whence you came!). Gold eyeshadows, similar to the ones in the ED book of shadows 2 look AWFUL. I can wear most other warm toned things though. I think the cools DO look better.

    I think what it is, is I don’t/can’t tan at all. My skin doesnt get darker, it just gets more varied undertones, which makes it a mess to fit. I definitely look a touch warmer now than i have in quite a while. PReviously I’ve worn Bobby Brown Luminous, in Alabaster, and Dior Forever in 010 Linen. I know i’m ALWAYS the palest color in a given line. The tweaky part is in seeing whether it looks too yellow. But no two makeup artists have said the same thing about my undertones. Its really weirdly trial and error.

    Right now, I’m lusting after “well dressed” for blush, Hue for lips(as well as Too Faceds Envy Me-my FAVORITE gloss ever!) Desire lipstick for lips(either dark, or blended down with gloss-I find i look GREAT in bluer tones and berries, for the skin. Not so much in a browner/orangier toned color like Cyber, which is similar to Desire in the overall shade family, though much more opaque) Sweetie looks nice too.

    Eyes-I’m loving UD’s sellout, for a more “natural” highlight color. Natural crease colors? I love Traxx, and Shale. (with a touch of Beauty Marked on an eyeliner brush, along the outer part of the eyelid, instead of liner)

    I also love EDs ink for eyes in Demolition(the brown). But then, i have red hair, so it looks great with my skin tone.

    So yeah. I think i’m NC 15, (which, you said is warm?) but wear cool colored clothing, and need more blue based blush/lipcolors.

    • Yep, NC15 would make you warm toned 😉

      I think you can wear whatever you want, and at the end of the day? If you feel you look good, that confidence can’t be beat!!

    • Brenda

      From what you describe, your comfort zone and clothing colours, sounds like you’re a cool toned sweetie!! Just looking at it from an artist’s point and schooling (not makeup, like paint and canvas LOL)

      With red hair too!! Kinda reminds me of Karen Elson who I think is FANTASTIC!!!!

  35. NW20 Red head, green eyes, freckles. Irish. I’m def a warm toned fair skin girl. Pinks are not good on me.

    Lipsticks to add: Mac Plastique. It’s my Holy Grail.

  36. Dorie

    Thank you for this post. I think its great advice for those just getting into makeup. =) As a warm girl (NW 15 in the winter time and NW20 in the summer), I’d like to recommend NARS in LoveJoy. It’s an awesome brownish rose-y color that creates a lovely flushed look with a little leftover tan. I think its perfect for the fall. I also like Prism and Mocha from Mac. Otherwise, I think these recommendations are spot-on; I’ve gravitated to most of these brands and colors naturally and the few that I haven’t (ie: MAC Margin Blush, UD Naked lipstick, and NARS Greek Holiday gloss) will definitely be checked out.

  37. Brenda

    Thank you Christine!!!! I find categorizing difficult because I figured out I have a neutral skin tone. The MAC artists give me NW20 for undereyes, but don’t recommend it for the rest of my face. I have hazel eyes (though they are very dark green and dark brown centres), dark brown hair with a lot of red and a freckle here or there

    I have shadows and blushes from both sides, it just depends on the colour really, though I do find the warm colours kind of melt into my skin better. The cooler colours I use when I want a more sultry, pouty, “lost child” or whatever look LOL!!! On me they create a moody atmosphere.

    And I think I’m heading out to search for Guerlain Gems Lipstick…I’m sick so i’m making myself feel better LOL

    • Brenda

      I wanted to add a bit! I have just bought MAC Lilicent Creme blush and its THE perfect colour for me. The Devil may care holiday palette gets used daily and my favourite lipsticks are Dior’s Vintage coral, MAC Way to Love (rose romance collection) Nice to be Nice lipglass (Hello Kitty). Sephora’s Rosy Glow lipgloss is the perfect rosy kiss colour.

      I currently use Almay’s smart shade concealer (although I think i got a too light colour).

    • Ohh, I hope you can find Gems! (And I hope you *love* it!)

      I’m definitely warm-toned, but I’ll wear whatever. I find that there’s really only been one shade that doesn’t work on me – certain shades of very bright, mustard-y yellows.

  38. Emy

    Crap. I bought Dazzlelight and I have warmer skin. -___- Nothing shows on my skin, it’s either invisible or bland! I should try Naked Lunch I’ve heard good things about it..

  39. Nathalie

    This is great! And I’m especially happy to see that I have many of the suggestions :-)

    My own suggestions from what I’ve noticed looks good on me:

    NARS Lipgloss: “All Night Long” and “Rose Gitane”
    NARS Blush: “Super Orgasm” (I ♥ this blush)
    MAC eyeshadow: Vex and Blissful Iris (I think that’s the name)
    UD Shadows: Purple Haze and Gunmetal

    That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head.

  40. Courtney

    I’m NW15 and I am having a really hard time deciding whether or not to buy MAC Snob. I love the color but when I do a swatch it looks very chalky and dark but I’m thinking there has to be a way I can work with this color, any suggestions? I want to love this so much but right now the color in the tube is all I can enjoy :/

  41. I love to use Patina on my eyes, and I’m pretty much as fair as they come :) I’ve got fair neutral skin leaning on warm, with some yellow undertones

  42. Katie

    I am a very cool toned fair person and I only have two eyeshadows from mac. Satin Taupe seems to work well for my skin tone but all that glitters really doesn’t look good on me. I think it is a little two warm of a color. When I wear it, it makes my lids look orange. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  43. Holly

    I am super pale. I wear BB foundations in Alabaster, and my skin has a cool undertone. In my opinion, a lot of the things on this list would look nice on fair girls with blonde hair and blue eyes, but I know a lot of these products just make me look dead personally. I’m super fair, but my lips are decently pigmented, and my eyes and hair are much darker than my skin (greenish brown eyes, light brown hair with red tones).

    Also, what about lipliners? :) My HG lipliner is NARS Rosebud–it matches the color inside my mouth perfectly.