Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes: Purple Lab Debuts on HSN

Temptalia was invited by Purple Lab and its founder, Karen Robinovitz, to come to their launch on HSN on Thursday, February 18th. Purple Lab showed five times on HSN, and the first one was an 9am show-time, but the big show was on at 8pm. I was there for both! This is an exclusive, inside look at not only how Purple Lab’s show came together, but the process itself and how things run at HSN.

It was a very interesting and educational experience, because there really is so much that goes behind-the-scenes to put together a brand’s launch on HSN. I asked how many people it took to go from the ground and up with Purple Lab, and it was estimated to be at least 100. It takes 100 people’s hands to get a show on the air and ready to go live! I think that’s just one of those, “Whoa!” moments, because as a regular viewer, I wouldn’t have even thought about that many people having to be involved to get it from the concept to finished product.

Karen is passionate about the products she creates and totally in love with her line, so it was an absolutely incredible experience to watch someone’s dreams all come true. She said to me and others on set that she didn’t want to create a product unless it was better than the one she was currently using. Karen wants all products to be “double duty beauty,” which means they’re multi-tasking products that aren’t just color, but are color and contain ingredients helpful to the skin. She’s definitely a strong, confident woman who’s going after what she wants, and she’s been able to realize her dream of being on HSN!

Purple Lab debuted on HSN to launch five new products alongside their first product, Huge Lips, Skinny Hips. The range now includes Cheek Implants (cream blush available in two shades), Lashionista Modelista (tubing mascara/liquid liner), Silk Sheets (foundation, available in four shades), Luvah (lipstick/lipgloss duo), and Luxury Squared (concealer/highlighter).

Check out the behind-the-scenes action!

The Purple Lab set! It wasn’t quite done at this point — they were still doing some of the finishing touches like painting on Wednesday.

See, there’s someone painting!

I like pink, so I dug the set concept. The left side is where the host and guest (that would be the brand, and in this case, Karen); the right side is the “model station,” where they have live models for before and afters (aka B&As).

Karen and her ever-supportive hubby, Todd. They’re totally love-dovey! If I didn’t have my own honey bunches at home, I’d be jealous.

Arrival at Bob Circosta Communications, Inc.! Karen was set to be trained for her HSN debut by Bob & Chelsea.

Chelsea Scott doing a practice run with Karen while at Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. Karen had a three hour training session with Chelsea and Bob to go over how to be yourself, stay calm, and talk about your products in a way that works. Bob Circosta is known for being “The Billion Dollar Man,” because he’s had individual product sales in excess of $1B since becoming television’s first home shopping host.

Chelsea talks to Karen with some last minute advice, before they do a mock trial of how it’ll go on launch day. They record her so they can play it back–both so she can see what she’s doing and saying, but so they can offer advice and critique.

Karen, Bob Circosta, & Me!

Karen’s 6″ heels. I lasted three hours in some kitten heels, while she was rocking these sky high heels all freakin’ day.  I’m still paying for those three hours!

Lighting above the set…

Set on launch day.

Soon, it begins soon!

Live models getting their makeup done and having fun in the green room.

Loved that there was a variety in skin tones and ages in the live models.

Getting the mic on Karen…

Chelsea giving Karen some last minute advice and a pep talk before she goes on.

Getting the Skype session up and running…

Look at how many people are on set… and this is like, with ten minutes until it goes live.

This is the control room… where it all happens. This is the hub, the epicenter! Shot taken about fifteen minutes before the 8pm show.

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21 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scenes: Purple Lab Debuts on HSN

  1. Ryan

    This is really cool. I have always been interested in how tv production happens and the behind the scenes stuff.

  2. Sunshine

    Wow, that is so impressive to see it behind the scenes! I’m always fascinated by things like television after having done a few appearances myself :)) It all looks amazingly polished on TV and so much more complicated and crowded in real life. You’re very lucky to be there Christine! Thank you for sharing, I had a blast looking at all the pics, lol

  3. Lydia

    This looks fun!

  4. virgg

    karen’s heels are gorg! so jealous :D

  5. Amy

    How incredibly exciting! Thank you for sharing something about the backstage operations–it’s so interesting to see how much work goes into the shows. Did you love it? I would imagine that you’d be a wonderful consultant to have on hand.

    • It was definitely a great experience! :) I love seeing things from a different angle – particularly the business side (since I’m in business school, ha)!

  6. Linda

    I watched the show. Didn’t know you were there in the background. The host Colleen had the pretty cool brown eyeshadows on and I kept watching hoping they were going to present whatever she was wearing. Any ideas?

    • Yep! I was on the set/green room for their first two shows (2/18 – 9am and 8pm) – wasn’t there for when Colleen was on, though. Purple Lab doesn’t have any eyeshadow, so I’m not sure what they used!

  7. Her shoes are killer, love ‘em and props to her for going after he dreams. She is an inspiration.

  8. Luisafer

    cool!!! glad you had the chance to go and have that great experience, so much fun!!! it’s always great to learn about new and different things!!! hope they do great!

  9. RAVEN

    Awesome Christine!!!!

  10. Lys

    Thanks for the behind the scenes glimpse. Love it! And the shoes – Karen doesn’t disappoint with her killer stilettos.

  11. Karen and Todd make such a cute couple but those 6 inch heels OWOWOWOW

  12. amazing! Thanks so much for including us! Love all the pictures

  13. moonbaby

    I WANT THOOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!

  14. S.

    Am I the only one sick of Purple Lab? I feel like they have taken over every beauty blog I love. The concept of the gloss itself is so silly (contains hoodia to curb appetite…yeah right!)and the line doesn’t really fill a void in the cosmetics industry. That said, in America, if you make it, people will buy it, even when that’s a $24 lip gloss.

  15. What a great behind the scence look I too am new to purple lab my daughter was a contestant in the model contest she ended up in number 5 but ahhh but it brought us to the company Purple lab!! They are really more than just A company they really put there Heart into the prouduct and it shows. I went to the launch party in NY and the products were just fab…Thank U for taking us behind the scence of a great prouduct and great company hsn…..Andrea :)

  16. Darryll

    Who is that gorgeous blonde fellow getting the skype up and running? Oh thats me.. lol good stuff here