Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

I meant to take these photos ages ago, because I finally organized everything back in March, but alas, time is precious and I wasn’t able to find a chunk of time until this afternoon! This post contains photos and brief descriptions of my MAC Cosmetics products.

Check out all of the photos…

Blushes, lip palettes, eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow quads

“Homeless MAC” — products I recently purchased, basically

MAC lipsticks

MAC lipglasses (and sigh, more lipsticks!)

“Rarely Used” container of MAC false lashes, pigment samples, extra foundations

Loose eyeshadow pots (that need to be depotted someday), liquid last liners, and a lone shadestick


More pigments; beauty powders/loose powders/bronzers; paint pots & fluidlines

Prolongwears, eyeliners

My four blush palettes

“Everyday MAC” container is filled with products I use whenever I do my makeup–like foundations, brushes, blushes, mixing medium, etc.  The container filled with Neo Sci Fi (bright orange packaged products) is products I have in rotation; I tend to do a lot of looks using the most recent MAC launch, and those products have a home here (and then get moved over to the “Homeless MAC” box when the next launch comes out!)

Holiday MAC from 2007, 4 blush palettes/5 eyeshadow palettes

Five eyeshadow palettes

“Oops, Too Much MAC!” box contains all brand new MAC products–a lot of them I just forgot to play with!  I also pull from this box when I include MAC products in Temptalia giveaways!  (I also have about 2-3 boxes filled with non-MAC products for giveaways, not pictured–duh, secret!)

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88 thoughts on “Beauty Stash: MAC Collection as of June 2008

  1. Fabulosity

    OMG I just had an eyegasm! Thank you so much for posting this! xoxo

  2. Fatima

    Um. I think I just saw a glimpse of heaven. My collection is a midget next to yours. LOL. Thanks for showing off 😀

  3. lala

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I’m surprised your boyfriend didnt put you on punishment already lol ..all that make-up!!!!!

  4. dawn

    Holy Crap! this stash is awesome! You must have just about everything that has come out! Fun!

  5. karen

    WOWO! love it!

  6. jesstooimpress

    ahhhhh gasp! Want to share? In love with your collection!

  7. Rosa

    Oh my, super lovely!!

    Do you think keeping eyeshadows in palletes makes them easier to use? I’ve been collecting since last year and I’m almost to the point where I can’t find colors!

    (Or is there a way to steal those eyeshadow display things from mac? That would be awesome since it’d involve not depotting, haha. Any ideas??)

    Oh and by the way, how’d you store your lipglasses/lipsticks before you had enough so that they’d stay up like that? The too-much-stuff is starting to become a problem with them too :[[ haha.

    • Hey Rosa!

      For me, I have to keep them in palettes, otherwise they get shelved and forgotten about. It’s way easier for me :)

      When I don’t have enough, I put them in smaller containers (I have some cheap square containers from Target that are smaller) or else lay them horizontally!

  8. viv

    omg. this is like.. WHAAMMAMAMA AMAZING!!!
    mine is next to nothing compared to yours 😀
    i shall go comment on your youtube vid for MAC collection now
    if you see a comment by naiviv1218, that’s mine :]

  9. viv

    oh and i was wondering.. why are some of the e/s pans square? :)

  10. :) Looking at other people’s collections gives me a warm, happy feeling, lol.

  11. gracie

    Wow…I am sooooooo jealous:)
    amazing collection!

  12. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Where did you buy the stuff to organize? I’m in the process of reorganizing everything b/c it’s just overflowing and there are alot of “homeless” things in my bathroom right now.

    Also, what is the stuff in the aqua blue packaging? What collection was that?

    • I think the clear plastic bins were from the Container Store, and the other bins are from Ikea. The silverware drawers are from Ross (so cheap there!).

      It was from Lure/Sunshrine (I can’t remember if Lure had bronzers, or Sunshrine only!).

  13. Pia

    *faints* this is one ultimate show-offs. Too much to take in in the morning. lol

  14. claudine

    love it…..i really love to look at other peoples collections
    mine grows fast too with all the collections mac brings out lately

  15. Trace

    Wow, Christine.. that is impressive!! Awesome collection, I’m totally jealous, lol.

    I just started mine so maybe in 4 more years I’ll be a bit closer to your caliber of massiveness, haha..

    • Thank you, Trace :) Definitely! You’d be surprised how quick it grows, and truly, my MAC collection is large, but it is on the smaller side for a lot of addicts, actually.

  16. Susanne

    What an awesome collection!! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow thats amazing. I want to play with it!

  18. Jennifer

    *Sigh* Makeup porn! It’s a wonderful thing!

    And makes me feel (only slightly) better about my own massive stockpile :-p

  19. OH MYYYYYYYYYYYY,I AM HAVING AN ”EYE ATTACK”GOD plz save me form dying!!:))))))FU… SMILING!!


  20. Nell

    Oh Christine….
    Thank you so much for this. I love looking at other collections, makes me feel more normal, seeing that I am not alone having that much stuff!!!

  21. claudia m.

    omg, i’m insanely jealous of you!!! Just kidding, you inspire shopping and looks and outfit coordinating, THANKS!! I love how everything’s organized, I tried last week and all I did was spread my stuff around and pile it on my face then put it back into different cubbies and now I can’t find my faves lol =)
    I’m feeling a little down today and this pic isn’t helping. I STILL can’t wear powder or foundation and it sucks sooooo much. Imagine only being able to wear a *little* cream or liquid blush, then having to wash it off immidiately when you get home ='(
    I DON’T heart sensitive skin.

    • Haha!!

      Thank you Claudia 😀 I am an organize FREAK! I am always on the hunt for a newer and better way to store things.

      Ohh, you poor thing!! Is it just a temporary thing about the powder/foundation?

      • claudia m.

        Nope, I’ve always broken out when wearing make up over my face. The only thing I can freely wear is eye and lip stuff. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise, I buy only 1/4 of the products I like!!!! =)

  22. Melissa

    Hi Christine,

    When you go out do you carry a large purse all the time to accomodate the palletes? I haven’t depotted my e/s or blushes because of that.

    • Hey Melissa!

      Nope, I don’t. I have a small purse, and I don’t really carry any makeup with me! I think I have Lil’ Sizzler lipgelee, Fuchsia Fix TLC, and I might carry whatever lipstick/gloss I wore for the day.

  23. Hey Chrsitine,
    Oh my gosh! I don’t think I can consider myself a beauty addict anymore cause your collection is so huge lol!

  24. Candace117

    UHM…do I see a star on one of your brand new packages…as in, dresscamp palette???? How could you not have opened this yet!!! I am dying for it!!!!!

    • I bought an extra DressCamp palette for a friend, but I think it fell through, lol!

      • Candace117

        oh my good lord…I keep rubbing my eyes in disbelief! LOL
        I was so taken with fashion lipglass that I didn’t order one, and I kick myself almost every day. Not even for missing out on the cute packaging, but the colors inside mainly! They are perfectly me! I’m so stupid…

  25. Ashley

    WOW now that’s a collection!!! I have a question though do you ever throw anything away???

    • Thanks, Ashley!

      I don’t usually throw things away – I give whatever I can away if it’s going to go bad before I get a chance to use it.

  26. Alexa

    wow i thought i had a ton of makeup.
    i have like 1/3 of your collection
    how do you depot the eyeshadows to put in the palette?
    do you burn it with a lighter then break it out with a knife? cause whenever i do that, the eyeshadows break and crack

    • lol, Alexa!

      I use the lighter/knife method. I found that the trick is to make sure you really get the glue to be melted down, so it’s easier to get it out. I think I’m about 1 broken for every 15 depotted? something like that. I know the flat iron and oven method are less destructive.

  27. Rubi

    I just stumbled on your site the other day after looking for a way to wear my mutiny pigment, I am new to MAC and I soo love your site! I am already jealous of your collection. Must hit Macy’s after work today.

  28. Ariele

    Gorgeous!! :)

  29. Vivien

    Are you looking to adopt a mac-addicted 19 year old?

  30. angie

    when do you have giveaways with mac? i never knew you did that !


    • Hey Angie!

      I have done several in the past, though I’m too lazy to go dig up some links. I tend to not have the time to get giveaways together, but I try to include MAC here & there!

  31. Anne

    oh my..!
    uh….omg….i just had an eyegasm too! 😉

  32. shangrila

    holy collection is right! wooooo! thanks for sharing! one day i’ll get there. hee!

    *still laughing at “homeless mac”-that’s cute*

  33. This is IMPRESSIVE!!! It’s a feast for the eyes of any make-up addict!!!

  34. April

    Can you depot blushes? I have so many and I can’t really find them all.

  35. Liah

    Totally irrelevant, but how do you clean false lashes? I tried leaving them in scalding how water for half an hour, and they just turn wrinkly and impossible for re-use after that. And this has happened to me twice, just after one use! I hope you can help me! :( I use Ardell lashes, which have the invisible lash band and it doesn’t put much weight on the eyes. I’ve yet to try MAC ones though!

  36. typicalgirl1726

    omgosh! my eyeballs just exploded! i lovvvvve this! your own MAC store! you have sooo many products im jealous! i wish i could afford all that! im slowly building my coolection since i started only like a month ago. :)

  37. ash

    hey Christine…just out of curiosity…have u ever given out some of ur makeups?
    well,if u decide to,(which i am sure ur friends r in line waiting for them…lol)
    you can start with me. though…lol

  38. Tina

    Hi there…out of curiosity, how much have you spent on your collection? I’m guessing it’s hit the 20 thousands? Maybe?

  39. Janelle

    Just watched the video for this on youtube, my face was literally like this @_@

  40. Aisha

    wow christine,if this is just MAC there must be more now and dont forget the other non-MAC brands. :)

  41. Leea

    Hehe do you ever lose anything in there? :) LOL
    sooo much makeup, I love these collection posts!