Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a beauty product that you love that seems like most dislike? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI can’t think of a product like that! I’m sure there is, but I’m 100% blanking. A lot of what comes to mind are products that I’d say a lot don’t think are worth it, but there are plenty of people who like them – like philosophy Shower Gels.

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50 thoughts on “Is there a beauty product that you love that seems like most dislike?

  1. Carrie

    Nyx shadow pencils. A lot of people have problems with them creasing, but I don’t! I recently discovered the amazingness of Milk and I don’t see myself giving it up!

    • Christina

      You use them without setting them with powder? I wouldn’t say that a lot of people hate them, they just like them as eyeshadow bases.

      • xamyx

        I use them on their own, and have no issues with creasing. However, with the exception of UD 24/7 pencil liners, I very rarely have any issues with any eye pencils.

  2. Yes! Maybelline’s Bouncy Blushes. It seems like everyone says they’re void of pigment and a pain to work with, but I love mine! Easy to blend, fun to use, and I get a subtle flush of color.

  3. Grace

    I love the brush on Urban Decays liquid liners, but I see a lot of people prefer other liquid liners with the more traditional applicator.

    • Olivia

      Me too! I received a perversion one with a palette and fell in love… It’s been gone for quite some time and I’m finally going to splurge on another one.

  4. Faith

    Maybelline Great Lash!

  5. I feel like I’m in a minority because I love MAC Studio Fix Fluid, possibly because a lot of people seem to report that it breaks them out. It’s seriously the best foundation I’ve ever used. It’s not perfect but it’s damn close.

  6. zainab

    It tends to go the other way, most people I know put a lot more store in skin care products than I do. But I’m the only person I know who owns and knows the purpose of a highlighter. My friend couldn’t see the point of them when I explained what they were (but she’s got beautiful skin, so for her it probably is a bit pointless).

  7. Quinctia

    I like Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse foundation fairly well, and I know a lot of people hate it. My sister likes it, too, though, so we apparently must have similar skin types.

    I also really liked a couple of UD products that were recently discontinued – the Pocket Rocket lipglosses and the last lipstick formula, that a lot of people disliked because of scent/flavor, which I didn’t mind in either.

  8. A Name

    Seems like a lot of people hate tacky/sticky lipglosses like Mac lipglasses, but with the non-sticky ones I’ve tried, I may as well be using vaseline – sticky ones are the only ones that work. Though I do want to try the Bobbi Brown ones.

    Also, Essie nail varnishes – a lot of people call them streaky and tough to work with, but I have about 20 and with the exception of Fiji (an almost white pink) they are the easiest for me to use.

  9. Malia

    I dont know about “love”, but Chilled on Ice paintpot. wasnt creasy on me like everyone else said, and I thiought it was beautiful layered under powder shadows. Also the Maybelline purple color tattoo, everyone said it sucked but I actually really liked it under some poorer performing purple shadows I had.

    • lat

      I agree about the Purple Maybelline Color tattoo. I have almost all of them, and that is definitely my favorite. I wear Mac’s Parfait Amour on top of it. It has become my go-to when I’m feeling like wearing a bright eye look.

  10. Most people have low reviews for Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara and “Ooh La Lift,” but I really find them highly satisfactory. There’s also Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer that garnered not-so-high reviews on MakeUpAlley, but it did wonders for my very oily pimple-prone skin (it’s actually the only moisturizer that has ever worked for me).

    • Christina

      I’ve never heard very negative reviews of the Benefit mascaras..

      • Leslie

        I have one for you… 😀 I seriously detest “They’re Real.” It’s one of the most mediocre mascaras I’ve ever used. I wanted to like it so, so bad, and couldn’t believe how horrible it looked on my lashes. I think it’s a love or hate thing. But isn’t every mascara? Lots of folks love Diorshow. Bleck, patooey. Another fail for me. LOL!

        • xamyx

          There are very few mascaras I absolutely detest, as I have naturally full, dark, long lashes, but Bad Gal is tied for first in that regard (along with tarte). Perhaps it’s because I’ve only tried “samples” of these, although it 3-4 separate tubes received with a significant amount of time between receiving them, but I would never bother to take a chance buying full-size.

  11. Sassa

    Foam eye shadow applicators. I buy them in by the truckload.

    • Christina

      Yes! When I first got into makeup, I used to throw away all of the makeup applicators that came with products because everyone was saying how unhygienic and useless they were. But now I regret it :/

    • Emme889

      Me too! I use them so much to pack on my eyeshadow on the lid, sometimes brushes aren’t enough, firm as they may be. They positively suck for blending, so I only use them for packing on color. :-)

  12. Oh yeah, Stila Long Wearing Liquid Lip Color (previously named cream stains or something along those lines). I. LOVE.THEM! They’re absolutely not perfect but I love them anyway! The color 1, Fiery, is my power red! There isn’t a day I wear it that I don’t get at least five compliments! I also own the colors Muse, Patina, Beso and Carine. I’m such a matte lipstick fiend.

  13. Michou

    I have to agree on the Philosophy Shower Gels. I don’t find them amazing (in fact I find them worse than gels that cost 1/3 as much) and most people look at me like I’m mad if I tell them so.

    I do, however, ADORE Clinique lipsticks whereas it seems most people I know think of them as “meh”, but the texture and natural color selection is fab to me. :)

  14. Veronica

    I really love Chanel’s Gri Gri, which I know you found disappointing. I’ve also noticed a lot of bloggers did not enjoy the Burt Bees lipglosses, stating them to be waxy and tad drying. They are a bit waxy, but I like them for that reason – they don’t budge on me! Even with the more pigmented shades, I don’t have to worry about feathering.

  15. Jennifer M

    Yes. The balm bellabamba. Hate it! It’s such a glitter bomb.

  16. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, but I actually like it. And there has been a lot of talk on BB creams, which is another product I love. Not because I believe all of the claims, but I like that sort of very light to light coverage.

  17. It seems that most products have at least some lovers and haters, so I can’t think of one that I’m alone in loving. I do think that there are some products that get a positive but unenthusiastic reaction that I think are very good or exceptional- I’m not at all put off by the tackiness of Mac glosses and I like how pigmented they are and how long they last; I likewise think that Armani glosses are phenomenal, but they don’t seem to get as much excitement behind them. I think that Le Metier de Beaute’s lipsticks are as good as their fabled shadows, but they seem to get ignored. And Guerlain’s Rose aux Joues blushes are beautiful and wear longer than any other blushes I have, but I think they get the short shrift because they don’t swatch very well.

  18. xamyx

    It usually ends up being the *opposite* for me, LOL! There are several products that get sooo much hype, but just don’t work for *me*…

    NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils wear like iron on me, but I keep reading such negative reviews/comments. Then again, I’m obviously not the *only* one who loves them, as they’ve been around for quite a while!

    L’Oreal lipstick & gloss; I’ve been wearing these for 25+ years, and will continue. The biggest issue seems to be scent/taste, but I actually really like it, although my main reason for buying any product is overall shade & actual performance. Now, if L’Oreal would just consider re-releasing the matte shades…

    This isn’t so much a particular product, per se, but I’m sick of the constant griping about eyeshadow palettes not having any/enough matte shades. While I like matte shadows, and find they serve an important role, I don’t have an issue with tossing a single or two, or even a small quad into my bag. It really doesn’t take up that much space, and if I have to carry less lipsticks, then so be it. I hapen to like more “complex” shades, and shimmers/glitters/frosts usually are the ones that provide that, and I have more than enough “basic” matte shades to complement them.

    • Oooh total agreement about “matte” eyeshadows! I love more complex shadows so the griping about not enough mattes tends to annoy me too :)

    • Emme889

      Totally agree with you on the L’Oreal lipsticks, love them and have about 10! Absolutely love the crayon-y/dirt scent! And yes, they NEED to bring back their mattes.

  19. Chelsea

    MAC mascaras! There seems to be this attitude that “everybody knows” that MAC’s mascaras are subpar, but I’ve always had good luck with them. Ditto their skincare line. A Clinique SA recently rolled her eyes and told me, “MAC’s not exactly known for their skincare.” True, and it’s a pity, because they have some truly great offerings in that arena.

    • Geneva

      I love their prime + prep lip, it makes my lipstick last a very long time. I just ate lunch and it’s still on. I used Tarte lipsurgence in Lively.

      • ceciliea

        could not agree with you more!!! i love mac mascaras and in my country they are about 40% cheaper that the other high/mid range brands. I only just bought my first mac mascara 2 months ago because I had been hearing such bad things but I am never buying another brand again! so much cheaper and better results!!

  20. Aelita

    lancome empreinte mask, my HG for 22 years now, just a basic clay mask really, buuut oh boy its so much better than anything else from the whole ocean of clay masks on the market!
    many people say its overpriced and so on, but for me it’s totally worth it!

  21. doroffee

    I like any drugstore mascara which people seem to hate for not volumizing enough, but that’s because I have naturally full and dark lashes, and I’m not going for a super falsie look for my everyday look… like NYC Showtime. That gets a lot of hate around my place. (yet, in exchange, I hate Maybelline One by One, because it makes my lashes a clumpy mess, yet people with sparser lashes love it).

  22. Erica

    I’ve read several complaints about Ruby Woo lipstick compared to other lippies, particularly RiRi Woo. I’ve never had a problem with Miss Ruby. In fact, I love Ruby Woo and will continue to wear it.

  23. I love Chanel Inimitable and Inimitable Intense mascaras to the exclusion of any other dark mascaras. They are the only ones that don’t give me tip breakage over time and they curl, lengthen and volumize my lashes perfectly. I don’t think they are much ‘disliked’ but lots of people think they are overpriced or don’t perform well enough to justify the cost.

  24. I love Chanel polishes, though some people say that tend to cheap quickly and are streaky. I don’t experience these problems at all
    And I LOVE Burberry Lip Mists, while many people prefer other Burberry lipsticks. I’ve never tried anything better!

  25. Oooh. Basically all mascara. Lol. I have naturally long, thick, & dark lashes…so even when everyone else in the beauty community calls something the “worst mascara” it ends up (unless it literally makes eyelashes shed) making my lashes look even fuller, darker, & longer. I’m pretty much useless at testing mascaras.

    On the other hand, I have had so much bad luck with all sorts of Mac products over & over – makes me sad :(

  26. Jan

    MAC In Extra Dimension eyeshadows. They can be a slight pain to work with but I haven’t found any slight metallic/shimmer that gets me as many compliments.

  27. Anet

    Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze by Revlon. I have it in Perpetual plum, and I love it most of all lip products I have ever tried, both from drugstore and high end. It is also probably the only lip gloss I have ever finished and repurchased. It lasts long, it gives a perfectly wearable, plum-red yet natural colour, it smells and tastes nice. Although it transfers, it transfers just the same as a transparent balm, no red colour stains on glasess. Funny enough, I have never come across a positive review on them, and they are almost impossible to get in the global the market… so I expect them to disappear pretty soon. Anybody apart from me, who loves them?

  28. I like Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I have long, dark lashes so I don’t really need much definition. I have also used it on models and it works in those cases too. I also like Revlon Colorstay foundation. A lot of people tell me it doesn’t work for them in terms of color or performance, but it works for me on both grounds.

  29. ceciliea

    I really like mac’s luster eyeshadow, don’t have any problems with fallout or fading. I like sff-foundation which it seems like most people hate.

  30. Nikki

    I’m a big fan of NYX Single Eyeshadows, but when I researched them before purchasing, I noticed that the reviews were very mixed. It appeared that most people either loved them or hated them.

  31. I absolutely love and adore NYX eye shadows and high shine lip glosses. They are better than many high end products. I think people don’t like them because they don’t have the status ascribed to them like other brands. That doesn’t mean they are not quality products though.

  32. Adele

    I love eyeshadows with flakey or chunky glitter! They are definitely a bit more difficult to work with than shadows with other textures, but it’s absolutely worth it for me.