Monday, July 7th, 2008


I got to the airport a bit earlier than expected (well, I was ready earlier than expected–courtesy of minimal makeup), and unfortunately, I missed the earlier flight by 5-10 minutes. ¬†Granted, it would have cost me another $30ish, which is the equivalent of two MAC glosses… But it all worked out, because there is FREE WiFi at the airport. Total score!

Yesterday, I went to the Palazzo, and I checked out Barneys, and it was quite an experience! Not only because of the [obvious] sticker shock, but because I was helped by some very knowledgeable people. I also managed to spend an hour or so looking at the tiger cubs at the Mirage (so cute!). Oh! And I saw lionesses at MGM Grand, as well. While I will fully report on my trip to Barneys later today or tomorrow (gotta upload a crap-ton of photos and crop them), here are some short and sweet lessons I’ve learned in Vegas (not all beauty related!).

Bring comfortable shoes. Okay, so I didn’t actually need to learn this lesson, since I did bring comfortable shoes (two pairs of heels–didn’t wear them–a pair of flip flops and some flats). But note to self: flat shoes, not necessarily so great when walking all day. Must invest in some shoes with padding, soles, and arch support!

Plan out your makeup beforehand. This is usually what I try to do when I pack makeup for any trip, because this way I can avoid bringing twice as much as I’ll actually use. I don’t mean down to the very detail, but say, “I want to do smokey eyes, a green eye, and a gold eye.” Just a general drift! For instance, in the past, when I’d go to see my boyfriend over the weekend, I knew I wouldn’t do more than a neutral eye, if that, so I’d just bring a quad with neutrals.

Get some dry shampoo. Ojon sent me their dry shampoo a week or so ago, and I really wish I brought it along on this trip. I considered it, but I hate checking bags, and it was too big to fit into my carry-on liquids’ bag. Why do you need to do this? Because Vegas is a smokestack, and everything you bring will smell like smoke. ESPECIALLY your hair. I wash my hair every other day, but at least on the days that I can’t, the dry shampoo will not only give me some added time to wash (which, in Vegas, I do not need), and it SMELLS good. What I like about it is that it isn’t a hairspray or anything that smells good – it’s a product that dry cleans your hair so it doesn’t make it feel gunky, hard, etc. I was so desperate for it that I went to Sephora and used their tester, LOL.

Make sure you bring a quart-sized bag! Don’t be like me, who doesn’t have any quart sized bags in her home. I was forced to fit what I wanted to bring, liquid-wise, into a SANDWICH bag. Luckily, at the airport, they had free quart sized bags, so I snagged a few for future trips. But those bags are twice the size of my measly sandwich bag. Don’t lose out on potential room!!

Lose weight before you come to Vegas! Buffets, foods, drinks… it’s all here. I suppose a lot of my generation spends time dancing the night away, which will definitely compensate for some of the overindulgence bound to occur during a visit. Unfortunately for me, I’m about as coordinated as two left feet. I can’t drink (I don’t process alcohol at all), so I saved some calories there, but oh, the buffets. I don’t want to eat food for another week.

Save gambling money and go shopping! If you aren’t a big gambler, think about checking out some of the shops around the strip (or even the outlets further out, if you have a car). I only spent maybe $80 or so on gambling, so it wasn’t much, which meant I didn’t feel bad when I made actual purchases. My boyfriend called me a sucker for playing slots (but I already knew you don’t play to win), but I did enjoy myself–well, at least when my money lasted longer than 10 minutes. It’s no fun when the machine just sucks it down straight away! But I am really glad I didn’t go gung-ho into gambling, because I had money leftover for shopping. Much more fun! You always get something for your money :)

I’ll share more with you over the next few days! For now, I’m going to spend a little time answering some comments before they call for boarding! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Beauty Blurbs & Chat – On Vegas & Beauty Lessons Learned

  1. Jessica

    Hi Christine –
    Your trip sounded like lots of fun! I’ve never been to Vegas, and I’ve honestly never had the desire, but I WOULD like to check out the shopping and the buffets!

    I just wanted to say I second your opinion about dry shampoo. I color my hair every few months and I use a lot of heat on it, so I really try not to wash my hair everyday, and the dry shampoo is a lifesaver, especially because my job requires me to be outside for long periods of time, so it’s great for touching up sweaty bangs and hairlines!

    I wondered if you’ll be doing a review of the Ojon dry shampoo? The only product of theirs that I have tried is that mask/oil thing that you heat up in your hands. Sadly, I didn’t like it because of the smell. I know some people love the scentl, but all I could think of was a day old cigarette butt floating around in the dregs of a mochaccino! I’d love to try their dry shampoo, but not if it has that “Ojon” smell!


    • Hey Jessica! They have sooo many stores, every hotel practically has its own mall!

      I will be doing a full review on the dry shampoo. There is a definite smell to it, though I haven’t tried their other products. Will have to figure out if it’s the same scent, LOL.

  2. evo

    i was in vegas a couple weeks ago and spent a couple hundred on slots. >.< lost it aaaaaaall!!

    and yes i overpacked on my makeup as well. i knew there would be a lot of walking and even tho i wore runners, my feet still hurts!

  3. Hi Christine,
    I like you pix- great work! Please email me when you have a minute.

  4. trojanchick99

    Word. Usually, I don’t gamble much in Vegas (just some Blackjack which is actually good odds if you know what you’re doing). I like to go when it’s warm so I can spend time at the pool and then get a spa treatment and shop.

    I’m going on a work related trip later this month and am trying desperately to figure out how to take less beauty related stuff with me. It will be really tricky since I need to find space for my diffuser (darn my curly hair).

  5. Sarah

    Dry shampoo is magical. I have the Oscar Blandi one which I LOVE. Plus it’s a powder, so it’s not required to be in the bag. During midterms / finals week when I stay up all night and don’t make showering my first priority (sorry, I’m gross. At my school we’re graded on a curve though, so I need to make sure I study as much as, if not more than, everyone else), I like to put half a palmful in my hair to perk it up. I also use it when my hair just smells bad from walking around in the city or being around people who smoke. It smells so good, like Sweet Tarts candy.

  6. Val

    Glad to hear you had a great trip in my hometown!I should have warned you about the shoes…sorry. Next time I can let you know about our local “hotspots”

  7. claudia m.

    On my cruise, I quickly learned I didn’t like gambling since I had nothing to show for it at the end, so I spent as much in the shops as my hubby did gambling, lol! I can’t wait til we go to Vegas, I’ll really have to save some moolah for those shops!

  8. Rubi

    HAVE A BLAST! I love Vegas, one day I am moving there (will be right back in the beach once the novelty wears off, lol) Visit the MAC store at Cesar’s Palace, you will love it. The Beatles Love show is awesome at TI. Enjoy your holiday.

  9. briana danielle

    Hey Christine,

    Just wanted to let you know small cosmetics like lipglosses and mascara no longer need to be in a bag! They can stay in your purse. It’ll give you more room for creams, etc in your bag! :)

    Employee SOP of TSA


  10. Kharina

    Hi Christine,
    How funny you are. Thanks for sharing your tips with us, especially the dry shampoo one ;p Glad to hear you had fun in LV! I’ve been there 3 times and truthfully…I cannot stand it there because of the fact that it is not only Sin City but also Smoke City, and with my asthma…it’s like being in hell for me. So my husband and I have decided to plan our vacations cruising instead. I LOVE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!! I definitely can still learn from your tips and apply for my future trips. So thanks again lovely!

  11. Sarah

    I hope you had a great time. I went there too over the 4th of July Weekend. When did you go?