Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Urban Decay

What was the first Urban Decayproduct you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Urban Decayproduct you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  The first products I tried by Urban Decay were back in fall 2008. It was when they debuted their dagger-adorned lipstick range, which were really fun to look at, though less practical to store! I also tried out some of their matte eyeshadows, like Electric, and they have a really soft, buttery matte formula that makes mattes easier to work with. Some of my long-time favorite Urban Decay products are their eyeshadows and their eyeliners!

Share your first time experiences with Urban Decay in the comments! :)

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171 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Urban Decay

  1. Andrea

    My mom bought me Midnight Cowboy and Urb back in 1998 and I’ve been collecting since! I know have almost every liner and single eyeshadow they have out as well as 6 palettes! I LOVE UD!!!!!!!!!

  2. rowan

    it was a metallic dark red nail varnish, & grey multicolour glitter liner. it’s funny how i remember that! i still love urban decay, use a lot of their stuff, they excel at eye makeup, amazing quality.

  3. Deb

    My first Urban Decay was in 2006 and it was eyeshadow in Green Goddess. I was attracted to the bright display case. The colors looked so much brighter than other brands.

  4. Desiree

    Urban Decay, as others have said, was my gateway drug to makeup. I had always loved makeup, but it was just random eyeshadows here and there in drug stores. In 2009, a friend of mine bought me the Sustainable Shadow Pallette. What really did it for me with this pallette was the UD Primer Potion. I had never gotten such color payoff before! Since then, I have bought nearly every palette they’ve released. They’re my absolute favorite brand, without a doubt.

  5. katrina

    my first “high end” makeup item was by urband decay. it was back in 2003 when i was a junior in hs. i bought sin eyeshadow and used it all over my lid. i had no idea how to apply makeup but the application was so fool proof that my nit picking mother actually complimented my makeup. i later bought roach eyeliner then big fatty mascara that same year.

  6. Cindy

    My first experience using Urban Decay was back in the 90s with a friend from junior high and she had the vintage liquid eyeliner that was black with rainbow glitter. I kinda wish they would bring it back lol.

  7. Terri

    My first Urban Decay purchase was the nail polish Roach, and the eye shadow Shotgun (which I mourn for everyday because it’s been discontinued!!!!!!:(. It was the mid 90s for me and I loved the tag line “Does Pink Make You Puke?” Best. Makeup. Ever.

  8. Mine was in the late 90s/early 2000s. Remember the tin packaging for the eyeshadows? I still have quite a few of them!!!

  9. Shelby

    I think it was 2005/2006…I bought their Lip Envy lip stain in Envious. I also received the Ammo Eyeshadow palette as a gift, I can’t remember which came first!

  10. Holly

    The first product I ever used was the eye potion and realized it was the best product I had found on the market so far. I have then since used multiple products and am also as pleased!

  11. Tara

    The first product i ever tried and bought was cherry eyeshadow. It was when I had just started wearing on a daily basis and I was into very neutral and light makeup. I had it for a while but ended up throwing it out.

  12. My first UD product was Half Baked eyeshadow, I’d received it in a swap. First of all, I loved the color and I’d always heard really good things about the brand, so I was curious to try it. I’d like to say this was around 3 years ago. I absolutely loved the texture and how smoothly the shadow applied! This had led to me buying Book of Shadows IV and V, 15th Anniversary palette and the Naked palette! I absolutely love UD shadows, even more than MAC ones. >_>

  13. Lyss

    My first Urban Decay product was the Deluxe Eyeshadow Fishnet. My first visit to Sephora, out of all the other eyeshadows in the entire store, it was the one that caught my eye and I kept going back to until I finally bought it. The sales associate, being the good up-seller that she was, convinced me to add on the original primer potion. Those two products together began my absolute love affair with Urban Decay.

    I’m at the point now where, oh, at least 3/4, if not more, of my eye make up is Urban Decay. I own 4 palettes (Deluxe, Ammo, Naked 1 and the 15th Anniversary set), a number of singles and a whole collection of their eyeliners. I’m also really loving those jumbo lip pencils they released. I have the bright red (F bomb) and it’s the first red lip colour that I’ve ever liked on myself.

    Their lipsticks are crap though… bought Gravity (I think that’s what it was called) and returned it after wearing it no more than twice. The colour was great but it had such a horrible taste to it that I couldn’t get past it. It’s a good thing that I was already in love with their eyeshadows because the lipstick was nearly bad enough to turn me off the brand for good.

  14. Jess

    My first ever UD product was from 2003 back when I was in junior high. It was the mini Lip Gunk set containing 5 colors- Asphyxia (bright bubble gum pink with blue shimmer sheen) was my favorite!!

  15. Andrea

    The nail polishes when Urban Decay first came out. They were the first company to make all the they’re so ugly they’re pretty colors. Hard Candy had the cream finish pastels and Urban Decay had the edgy colors…loved both brands.


    Their nail polish. “Does Pink Make You Puke?” Loved the names & colors. I bought the whole set. No one I knew wore colors like this. My favorite was Acid Rain.

  17. Lex

    Urban Decay was actually the first makeup I ever owned! It was a birthday gift from my mom on my 16th. 😀 The first products were a 24/7 eyeliner in Underground, and the Surreal Skin powder foundation, both of which I still use and love.

  18. Maureen

    I actually hate Urban Decay. I thought the Primer Potion was unimpressive and I care too much about a brand’s packaging design. I’m also not ever really in the market for the insane amount of neutrals they put out.

  19. Danielle

    I think my first Urban Decay product was the 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon! I love that stuff. I have a lot more of their products now! Other than the eyeliner..I think I bought the Book of Shadows 3 pretty much as soon as it came out. :) That was another early product of UD that I purchased.

  20. I miss the matte eyeshadows so much, the only shades they still sell are perversion and abc gum.

    That’s how I got my start w/Urban Decay, the matte purple shade and the eyeshadow primer.

  21. sarah

    i’m a new concert to urban decay, and my first purchase was the feminine palette last summer. they’ve spoiled me on pigmented shadows, and their 24/7 liner is now my favorite!

  22. Maya

    I think the first thing I purchased was one of the 24/7 eyeliners a few years ago, but I can’t remember which color it was. Probably something very bright because all throughout high school I would wear nothing on my eyes but bright eyeliner and mascara. What finally turned me into an eyeshadow girl was buying the Naked palette, though. I always gravitate toward really fun, bright colors that aren’t very wearable, so I never wore eyeshadow. The Naked palette made me realize I could wear eyeshadow on the daily.

  23. Madison

    i first tried their eyeliners that my mom bought me from sephora and fell in love from there.

  24. Pattie

    My first UD product was actually back in 02-03 and it was their uv light pen. I forgot all about UD until the Alice book of shadows launched in 2010. I now have Alice BOS, bos3, bos4, naked 1, naked 2, and the 15 year anni palette. I also have numerous single eyeshadows, mascara, and tons of 24/7 eyeliner as well as UD primer potion! I am in love with UD products more so than MAC.

  25. Genevieve

    Urban Decay is my favorite brand! The first Urban Decay product I bought was the “UD loves NYC” Book of Shadows from 2010. I bought it along with the Midnight Cowboy lipstick and the Lip Junkie gloss in Wallflower. I fell in love with their products from then on. Unfortunately lots of the products that I love the most have gotten discontinued. They’ve stopped selling almost all of their darker and brighter lipsticks. They also discontinued their cream shadows, and their bright matte shadows. I hope they bring out some new things that I love just as much.

  26. Tracy

    I’m a late boomer for UD. I got the Naked palette a few months ago and tried the primer potion sample size that came with it and loved it ! So I bought the full size too. That’s all I have… for now !

  27. I first got bitten by UD with the BOS. I was really impressed with how they put their palettes together. I countinued to buy palettes as they came out. The only one I missed out on was AIW … Would still like to get one if it is ever repromoted. I have bought many single e/s, liners and lip products via Haute Look. I’ve bought a few primers through Ulta and Sephora. The number one reason I like UD is they seem to have quality e/s palettes and even if their are a few colours I don’t care for it still makes it worth it to buy a palette instead of the single e/s.

  28. My first ud product was the eyeshadow primer potion because I heard so much bout it on yt.

  29. Michelle

    so after watching a yt makeup tutorial using the “get baked” palette, i went in to sephora to get it but they were all sold out so i ended up getting the “deluxe shadow” palette instead. ever since then, have always loved their eyeshadows and try to get what i can when i have the money available.

  30. Michelle

    First experience with UD is only a few months ago with the Rollergirl Palette! :) It’s pretty good. The shadows are soft and buttery, and the mini UDPP was a nice addition. I find that UDPP isn’t that great as I have other primers that make colors way more vibrant, and the shadows of UDPP are too simple for my tastes, so although I really like the palette and everything in it, I wouldn’t go out of my way to spend more money on UD.

  31. I remember buying their sustainable shadow box set. I think that was the first thing I ever purchased from UD. The most recent thing I’ve purchased from them was Free Love eye shadow.

  32. Rosalind

    I first heard about Urban Decay when I was about 17, before it was available in the UK. My Dad travelled a lot to the US for business and I would send him with a list of products I NEEDED, based on things I found on US blogs. Bless him for rising to the challenge and going into department stores to ask for things like Frostbite and Gash lipsticks. I think the very first one he brought back was a bluey purple, but I’ve forgotten the name – and oilslick eyeshadow. Loved the crazy colours in the lipsticks. Now I’m a 24/7 liner addict, I think I actually have them all.

  33. My first UD product was a single eyeshadow…Half Baked. Since I live in Germany, those products are pretty hard to get and I was lucky to find a friend from Canada who send it to me. I really love the texture, colour payoff end everything else. Half Baked is very good product to start with ;)Now, I just ordered the Naked 2 and hoping for it to be as great as well.

  34. Sass

    My first product was the Deluxe palette (seeing swatches on here I wanted it) and then I started collecting BOS — I have all except for Vol 1. I copped Vol 2. when UD “found a few left over” in their warehouse. I was happy I was able to get it.

  35. Krista

    My first Urban Decay product was Primer Potion back in high school. I was at Sephora and on of the ladies suggested it to me, let me tell you that just started my love affair with UD :)

  36. Rachel

    It must have been 1999 or 2000 – Bruise nail polish. I miss it!

  37. HOLLY

    My first UD was when I got the Ammo palette. However, I’ve been through several single shadow pots of Mowie Wowie. It is def my favorite color. I actually think their shadows are a lot like Kat Von D palettes.

  38. Roxanne

    My first Urban Decay product was Zero, the pencil eye liner. It’s amazing, black as night, goes on smooth and I still use it. It’s a little bit pricey at $18 but it is well worth it. It wear well, all day long.

  39. Kimberly

    The first UD product I tried was the eyeshadow Chains. I feel in love with it, it lasted a long time and the pigment was great. Sadly its discontinued. I am now a UD addict and use the Primer Potion, All nighter and Naked Palette on a daily basis.

  40. Lakitha

    I was first introduced to Urban Decay brand while working at Sephora in the late 90’s. I used to love the Lip Gunks in colors such as Roach and Gash.

  41. Taime

    I was late to try UD (makeup in general actually) but the first products I ever tried were UD eyeshadow primer potion and 24/7 glide-on pencil in Zero about 3 years ago. My UDEPP is still a staple in my makeup collection, as well as the Naked/Naked 2 palettes. I prefer Perversion over Zero now, but I still love the formula for the glide-on pencils. I have also recently added 24/7 waterproof liquid liner in Perversion to my staples (hoping to also try some other colors later). I stocked up on all the cream shadows I could before they were d/c and I really like those as well. Great smudge/budge-proof bases. I am also sad that the matte shades were d/c as they do have a nice buttery-smooth texture :)

  42. lizzym

    My first urban decay product was Shag, i fell in love with the color and the way it applied. it was like butter. From that day on i wanted to try more. i love their eyeshadows and eye liners. i have yet to try their lipsticks and lipglosses

  43. Maureen Alyssa Susanto

    My first and only Urban Decay product is Book of Shadows IV.
    I really love it, despite the bulky packaging :)
    Love the shadows, love the liquid liner, the mascara and of course the primer potion.
    I would want to buy Urban Decay products again, but they’re too pricey for a student like me ><

  44. Ericka

    I first used UD back in 2006. My first product was their eyeshadow primer, Adore deluxe eyeshadow, and the Ammo palette. I am glad that this brand has grown over the years and I am still using them today.

  45. Clotildes guimaraes costa

    Gostaria muito de comprar estas cores que estao nesta palleta de sombras? Tem aqui no Brasi?Onde? E se nao tiver, como posso comprar? Bjos e obrigada!

  46. Jessica

    My first UD buy was the original Naked palette. It was a godsend because at the time, I owned very little in terms of eyeshadow and it gave me room to experiment with lots of neutral shades. I still use this quite often, and it’s good to travel with.

  47. Felis

    I bought a bunch of lipsticks and nail polishes when they first came out in 1996, with the “Does pink make you puke?” adline. Roach, Bruise, Asphyxia, Smog. GOD I miss those days, because yeah – pink does make me puke. I suppose it only makes business sense that UD abandoned their edge, but it still disappoints crusty old punk me.

  48. Cat

    I received two shadows from Urban Decay. Both really glittery. A black and a beige one. I do like Urban Decay but I don’t love it.

  49. Sierra

    Like a few others here, my first UD experience was also due to Gerard Way’s make-up tutorial on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show, haha. I immediately had to go to Ulta to achieve his look, and I’ve been obsessed for about 4 years now. (: (I was 12 at the time)

  50. Danielle

    I first used “Chopper” eyeshadow back in the day. It looks really pretty on brown eyes!

  51. my first purchase was the Ammo palette before the brand was made available for us italians.. i did hear so many good things about this brand that i purchased it online and crossed my finger it would survive the customs!!
    indeed it’s pure love! i still have it and it’s the number one thing i reach when i have to go out of Rome for a few days, it’s so versatile and pigmented!
    that sold my soul to urban decay, definitely!

  52. Summer Hobbs

    My first Urban Decay purchase was the “Delux Shadow Box” back about 4 or so years ago along with a bottle of UDPP. I love the brand even more today and Own all the BOS’s and every palette they’ve come out with (except the black palette) I love them and my palette collection.. My favorite makeup brand hands down!

  53. Ivory

    It was about 15 years ago I made my first purchase from Urban Decay for their eyeshadows. Ever since, it have become one of my favorite brands for buying qualitative eyeshadows and lipstick. I just made my purchase for Book of Shadows III last year. And their Gash lipstick is still one of my favorite red shade.

  54. Ivory

    It was about 15 years ago I made my first purchase from Urban Decay for their beautiful eyeshadows. Ever since, it becomes one of my most reliable source for buying interesting & qualitative products. I bought Book of Shadows III last year. Their Gash lipstick is still one of my favorite red shade after using for so many years.

  55. Kahilah

    I was 16 years old in Paris feeling a little homesick and then I spotted familiarity, Sephora. Perhaps the most chic makeup artist I have ever seen convinced me unwittingly to tryUrban Decays Lip Gunk in Roach… It took me through Highschool And College… How sad that it was discontinued

  56. The Naked palette did it for me, I’m not interested in anything else because it’s only available online and the packaging is kind of tacky and impractical. 

  57. Nikki

    I think I can finally say that I am threw with Urban Decay.  I have tried two of their eyeshadow palettes and have failed at falling in love with either one.  My first product from this brand was the Naked Palette.  I was so excited to purchase this, but upon first using it, I was deeply disappointed.  After all the rave reviews, I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but I just was not impressed.  First of all, I didn’t like that the palette was basically a box of brown shadows that could be easily duped.  It bothered me that in the palette, all the shades looked different, but once applied on the lid, many of them looked too similar to me.  Furthermore, I didn’t like the fact that this palette was full of shimmery and glittery shades.  I really wish Urban Decay would invest some time into developing palettes that are more evenly distributed when it comes to shimmery and matte shadows.  Lastly, I didn’t experience very good wear with these shadows even with a primer (but I wasn’t using UDPP so maybe that is why).  I played around with the palette hoping to fall in love with it, but it never happened, so I returned it to my local Sephora and forgot the whole ordeal.  However, when the Christmas holiday rolled around this past year, I received an email from Urban Decay promoting it’s 15th Anniversary palette.  I decided that I would give the brand another try before giving up on it entirely, and again, I experienced the same disappointment.  This palette now sits inside my make up chest untouched!  I personally do not understand all the hype surrounding Urban Decay eye shadows.  I have worn less expensive, drugstore shadows with more color payoff and longevity than Urban Decay shadows have ever worn on me.  I’ve even tried one of their Lip Junkie glosses, and I am glad that it was a free gift because it is nothing that I would pay $19 for.  It has absolutely no pigment, and the only thing I did like about it was the minty feel and the shine factor.  So basically after these three failed attempts to love this brand, I’ve decided that I won’t be purchasing anymore of their products.