Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Urban Decay

What was the first Urban Decayproduct you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Urban Decayproduct you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  The first products I tried by Urban Decay were back in fall 2008. It was when they debuted their dagger-adorned lipstick range, which were really fun to look at, though less practical to store! I also tried out some of their matte eyeshadows, like Electric, and they have a really soft, buttery matte formula that makes mattes easier to work with. Some of my long-time favorite Urban Decay products are their eyeshadows and their eyeliners!

Share your first time experiences with Urban Decay in the comments! :)

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171 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Urban Decay

  1. The first time I experienced Urban Decay products was in this palette I bought where the packaging was made out of bamboo. I forget what it’s called but I remember enjoying the eyeshadows so much I went out and bought a couple of their shadows in Baked and YDK, which is still one of my favorite eye shadows!

  2. KaylaK

    Wow this is going to take some peeps back! My first experience was back in the late 90’s early 2000’s when I was in middle school. Urban Decay used to be carried in Nordstrom and me and my sister used to buy the nail polish they had back then. They had a ton of colors back then and a totally different style of packaging. My first makeup product from them was the “Vintage” liquid liner in Shattered.

    • Amanda

      Same time for me- late 90’s, early 2000’s and I was finishing up middle school. I bought this blue hair gel stuff that was scented and awesome…I wish I could remember the proper name for it, but it came with a little comb for application and the bottle twisted up. Also, I bought their lipstick that had “split personalities”, with one shade on one half of the tube and another shade on the other half. I had it in Jekyl & Hyde (sp?)

      Also, I had their eyeliners back when it had the World Trade Centers on their packaging. :/

  3. Elle

    Urban Decay 24/7 liners! I love them!

  4. It was the nail polishes back in the 90s, before they were a makeup line at all. LOVED THEM, with those colors like Shattered and Gash. I really miss those, even though everyone’s doing colors like Shattered now. They wore really well.

    When they showed up at Sephora with everything BUT nail polish, I was pretty disappointed and underwhelmed. It took a long time for me to develop some appreciation for their eyeshadow line in general, and I still prefer their more matte shades – they can go overboard on shimmer and glitter, for my taste.

  5. Urban Arsenal Palette was the first high end product I ever bought and it was a lot of money on a collage budget at $58 CAN. It was well loved and used up.

    The mascara is one of my favorites from it. I wish them made it in full size.

    The second think I got from them was Goddess eyeshadow and it was the most disappointing buy ever for $21 and no way to return it at I was in Toronto for the day and wasn’t worth it to spend another $0 to travel to the closest Sephora.

  6. sarah

    urban decay was my first high end purchse! i bought the ammo palette with my first paycheck from my first real job :) i love their palettes and the liners, both liquid and pencil..and just about everything else!

  7. leesie

    My first Urban Decay product was their shadow in Gash. I won’t lie; I totally bought it because I was (still am) a huge fan of My Chemical Romance and frontman Gerard Way was in his red-shadow stage. In my search, I remembered I’d seen a photograph of a model wearing the shade in an issue of Seventeen years earlier. So I bought it.
    After that fateful purchase, I learned what eyeshadow could be (until then I’d only used drugstore shadows). I bought the Deluxe Shadow palette shortly after, and the rest is history. UD is, and will probably always be, my favorite brand.
    I still own that first pan of Gash, and even bought a backup.

    • Laura

      That was my first purchase too! They used to sell UD in TJ Hughes in th UK quite a lot, really really cheaply. I bought Gash pan eyeshadow, Rockstar and Protest eyeshadow pigments and Honey liquid eyeliner. I’ve still got them all and I love UD now. Primer Potion will always be my number 1 UD product. I love it!

    • Sal

      Ha! That was my first experience with UD, too. After that episode of SURS where Gerard did that make-up demo, I somehow ended up with every UD product at the time that came in Gash and a stash of Ben Nye make-up. I still wear that eye shadow sometimes (I definitely have bought a fresh one since 2005), and I wear the Gash lipstick on a regular basis.

      Though, actually, I remember years before that, my mom owning the UD lipsticks that came in the packaging that looked like a shotgun shell/bullet casing. (I had a cool Jersey mom. 😉 )

    • Shelby

      You literally just described my friend’s first experience with UD! That’s so crazy…

  8. Faheema

    Was introduced to Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils quite a few years back. They were priced at £9 which was quite expensive for me as I literally had experience in buying makeup so didn’t realise how much it would be! I didn’t take the plunge to buy any till the Summer of 2009! (thank god for Boots 3 for 2 promos haha!!) I bought one of the mini sets of five, a full sized honey and a full sized 1999. I deffo think that UD do the best eyeliners on the market! They last for ages and do not budge whatsoever!! I finally got my hands on the original NAKED palette back in Jan last year. I think of it as a beauty staple! It’s so easy to do so many beautiful looks with this palette alone and cannot travel without it! Another eyeshadow I have been lusting over for years is Fishnet which I still haven’t bought hehe!

  9. My first experience with Urban Decay was the Naked palette, which sparked a huge love for the brand!

  10. My first purchase was the UD Naked palette, since then I’m a huge fan of te UD pallets!

  11. The Naked Palette was the first UD item I bought, and the 15th Anniversary Palette was the second – and those are the only UD items I own, actually. I absolutely LOVE them both, but nothing else has caught my eye.

  12. Tori

    Just last summer I ordered the original Naked palette and it quickly became my go to eyeshadow. It is so convenient and easy to use, plus the shadows are amazing quality for the money.

  13. I first used Urban Decay in high school in 1997. That was back when their products were in amazing packaging. Their lipstick was in metal tubes and their eyeshadow was in cute small metal pots. My favorite color was bruise! I had the bruise lipstick and nail polish. If only they would bring back this color! I still have a little tiny bit of this lipstick left just for the color. Through the years the quality of packaging of urban decay products has declined so I don’t buy Urban Decay like I used to. Bring back the 90’s, Urban Decay! BRUISE!

    • I second this – wish they’d release a line of “vintage” UD stuff! Bruise was fantastic.

      • Jo

        Agreed! Bring back a vintage line!! My first UD purchases were 3 eye shadows in Gash, Roach and Rust..and some liquid eye liners…Rust was the best! Nothing made my eyes pop like that colour and i havent found anything that even comes close..loved their original metal pots..even though the lids stuck xD

  14. I adore Urban Decay products, especially the shadows and eye liners. The first product I bought was the Alice In Wonderland pallette, eyeliners, then the Naked Palette, then the anniversary eye liner collection, then the anniversary eye shadow palette and now Naked 2. As you can see I am a fan. I also bought the little Summer of Love, 4 shadow palette which is great to carry in your bag.

  15. Jessica

    I bought the Naked palette and I was hooked. Urban Decay eyeshadow is all I ever wear!

  16. The first UD product I tried was their primer potion that I got in a sample pack and i fell in L.O.V.E the first thing I actually bought was the ozone eyeliner :)

  17. Agata

    I moved to the US 2 years ago and until then I didn’t know Urban Decay even existed. Then I saw the rave about the Naked palette and I tried to get it for a few months. I finally did and I fell in love with it. Since then I tried more of their products, love the eyeshadows, eyeliners and the Primer Potion. I have never bought a product from them that let me down.

  18. Stacey

    24/7 eyeliner in Zero, then Ransom eyeshadow (LOVEEEE) then ransom eyeliner

  19. Oh this one is easy. I fell for the Naked Palette when it came out, but it was out of stock everywhere. Finally managed to snag one on the Boots website and had a friend collect it and bring it across the strait to Belgium for me. I’m still madly in love with this palette, and whenever I travel it’s with me. I have collected a whole bunch of 24/7 liners since then and laid my hands on Naked2!

  20. Stephanie

    The first Urban Decay product I tried was the mineral foundation and the concealer. I didn’t know anything about beauty products then, so I didn’t know that I should’ve tried out some eyeshadows. Later, I bought the Naked Palette and I really love it!!! :-)

  21. Laura R

    My first UD product was the primer potion in Eden. I’m hooked! I have the original and Eden, and I don’t know how I ever did makeup without and eye primer. I’ll never be without this stuff again!

  22. Ana G.

    I started using the UD eyeliners, because of all the great reviews, in 2010. Since UD wasn’t sold here in Portugal, I couldn’t get my hands on anything but, at that time, I had a friend living in London and I asked her to bring me a Zero, Bourbon and El Dorado . It was love at first use :-) After that, I found an online store that sold UD and bought Naked, which only confirmed how great UD is. Fortunately, Sephora started selling UD here which makes my choices much much easier. Since then I bought much more eyeliners…

  23. Por

    I actually started using Urban Decay nail polish before any of their makeup. I think I had a purple with green duochrome polish (Bruise?), and one sparkling pink (Hot Pants?). The nail polish was just okay, it chipped so quickly on me. I think that was all I could afford at the time because the makeup was so expensive for me as a high schooler/college student. I always adored the ammo palette for the vibrant colors and sleek packaging.

    Now with a full-time job, I own so much Urban Decay! I love all of their eye makeup from shadows to primers and liners. I’ve also developed a liking for most of their lip products. I’m really excited to see the company grow and branch out into new products.

  24. Quinctia

    It was primer potion! I bought the original, used it consistently, bought a backup. Then I learned they’d come out with the Sin version and that was kind of the beginning of the end for me? Because I picked up that, then I picked up BoS III, the Naked palette, did my first UD HauteLook haul…

    UD is still my favorite brand. I wish I liked their face makeup a little better, but I love their eyeshadows and lipsticks the most.

  25. Jenn

    The first Urban Decay item I had was Gash lipstick and eyeshadow, back in the late 90’s. The lipstick was the perfect dark gothy red for my fair skin and the eyeshadow was amazing. I miss the old bullet style packaging in the lipsticks too! I wish they’d bring back the old packaging.

  26. Andrea Perez

    I had this silver palatte where the top slid over and it had a mirror when it opened. I still have it somewhere but it’s pretty old, probably from like 2002.

  27. Sarah

    Mine was BoS3! My first high end brand, it was a Tuesday in November – I remember being SO excited. I’ve bought a couple more things from them since but they aren’t my *favourite* brand.

  28. Megan

    My first taste of UD was in the late 90s with a little box set that contained a Hotpants lipgloss, a pink eyeshadow in a metal tin and a test-tube with baby-pink glitter in it. The lipgloss smelled and tasted AMAZING!
    Since then I’ve bought loads of UD products and received loads as gifts. I still have loads of their nail polishes, too. I love the 24/7 eyeliner pencils and Primer Potion, but my favourite UD gift was my Book Of Shadows Vol 3 – I obviously dropped enough hints!

  29. Jenny

    The first UD product I ever tried was this really terrible rubbery purple pallete I got from Ulta. It had some glittery eyeshadows, blush and lipglosses. I hated it. The glosses tasted funky, the blush was chalky and the eyeshadows were a mess. It didn’t put me off from the brand, because I didn’t realize it was an UD item. It wasn’t until after I had bought a couple of other UD things which I liked, that I realized the terrible little palette I had bought was actually from UD.

  30. Rainy

    My first encounter with Urban Decay also happened to be my first time in a Sephora. I was just amazed that “real” make-up could be actually be fun. I bought two lipglosses for myself as a 15th birthday gift. XXX Shine in a white glitter color and Lip gunk in Gash. I had bought 2 back ups of the XXX gloss before it was discontinued, but one was stolen at school and the other was destroyed by a “friend” after a fight.

    I actually really miss the matte eyeshadows, XXX Shine glosses, and Lip Gunks from when I first discovered the brand.

    • Amanda

      Oh, you reminded me about Lip Gunk! I bought it in “Kiss”, which was scented like Cherry-Cola. I remember liking the name because I was 13 or so and hadn’t ever kissed anyone before.

  31. A friend of mine loaned me her UD Gash nail polish, and I loved it so much, I had to buy my own! This was back in 2001.

  32. saraa

    I think the first product I ever got from UD was their lipstick in Gash . I remember when the dagger broke off and it took a while to get the cap off : ( I can’t exactly remember the year I got into UD though I keep buying from them . My favorite product then & now is the 24/7 eyeliner pencil line ! I love all the colors and they really stay put . I have had probably 10 + pencils in Zero & now I’ve switched to Perversion : ) My favorite black eyeliner for sure that doesn’t irritate my eyes !

  33. xtina

    This makes me feel like such a goofball because I can emotionally connect with a brand, but I was 15, it was 1998, and I bought an Urban Decay eyeshadow in Mildew from Sephora. I had seen it in some teen magazine — they did an article on different zodiac signs and associated makeup looks. It was actually in one of those old school tins where you pulled the top off. I liked the eyeshadow okay. I wasn’t crazy about the color, or the look as described in the magazine. I didn’t really pay attention to Urban Decay again until after I got out of college. When I was younger, I was really put off by UD because of all their glittery products which come off as very juvenile and unsophisticated. Now, I still stay away from the glittery shades, but I do like to dabble in the wilder colors like Woodstock and Hotpants for eye shadows. I also like their lipsticks, but I hate the packaging so I don’t buy them. I also liked UD better when they offered 40% off on their FFS instead of the measly 20% they’ve offered the last few times.

    • Duckses

      Our stories and ages and exactly alike. We may have even seen the same editorial. I beleive mine was a liquid liner in chains and/or lipstick in gash. I may have also had a couple of eyechadows, maybe spare change? Abc gum? I remember that they were even glittery-er and grittier than they are now.

  34. Melissa

    My first Urban Decay product was the Naked Palette that I purchased in June 2011. That was my first high end purchase! I have since acquired quite a bit of UD products. I LOVE their 24/7 eyeliners!

  35. Patty

    My first experience with Urban Decay was Roach lipstick and I had to HUNT for it! I guess it’s discontinued now but oh how I loved that lip color!

  36. Beckie

    pocket rocket lipgloss in James and d

  37. Esther

    I’m really new to UD. The first thing I bought of theirs was the Naked 2, and I’ve only had that for a few months! I lusted over it for a while and tried to find cheaper alternatives before breaking down and buying it. I’ve used it every day since I bought it :]

  38. I remember I had their Gash lipstick (because Gwen Stefani supposedly wore it!) and a duochrome nail polish (forgot the name, it was too sheer but looked amazing in the bottle) back in the 90’s! It wasn’t my first dept. store makeup, though (that would be Clinique). I just loved their edgy packaging and colors! I was only 13 or so, so I’ve been a makeup junkie for nearly a lifetime hahaha 😀

  39. Dominique

    It was a long time ago ! Packagings were totally different ( more elegant to my mind ) : I bought Gash lipstick and the nail polish. Then I stopped buying because I didn’t like the packagings. But when the Naked Palette was launched, I said ok, it’s really a great brand for eyeshadow palettes !

  40. Mariella

    My first Urban Decay product was their original primer potion, which was and is such a great product and when I first got it – in the very early days of eyeshadow primers – it was sort of “life changing” for me (I know that sounds hyperbolic but in terms of wearing eye makeup and enjoying it, it really is true!). After that, I think my next purchase was the original Naked Palette, then BOS III, the 24/7 shadow pencils (the chubby ones), several more version of primer potion (Eden, which I especially love, and Sin) and it’s gone on and on from there….

  41. Laurence

    The first product I got from Urban Decay was actually the Naked Palette ! And obviously I loved it.I think they make the best shadows, they’re so soft,pigmented and last really well. I’ve since then bought the 15th anniversary palette, a couple of 24/7 glide on pencils and the Naked 2, that’s not a whole lot but I love everything that I have !

  42. Linda

    Mine was in the late 90’s and it was the nail polish. I don’t remember what color but I know it was popular and hard to find. They had a small office in Mountain View, CA back then and were right around the corner. They let me come to the office and pick it up.

  43. Rachel

    I first bought Urban Decay during my first Sephora purchase around March 2009. They were their eyeshadows in Green Goddess and Midnight Cowgirl. Now I own way too much from them for my own good!

  44. GUSnail

    The firt thing I purchased was a beautiful irridescent purple eyeshadow back in about 2001. I didn’t wear make up often back then though, so I didn’t expand to any other products. I’ve begun to consistently wear make up within the last year, and while I’m interested in some of thier products (mostly eyeshadows and liners) I don’t currently own anything by them. Hmmm, I should really make it a point to change that :)

    In fact, I would like to repurchase the same eyeshadow I originally had of theirs, but online, I can’t tell if it was Ecstasy or Flash, or something else. I need to swing by Sephora to check.

  45. Yazmin

    my first ud product was the primer potion. i loved it. after that i bought some palettes via boots great offer of 3 for 2 on urban decay/cargo. ive got rid of the palettes because i didnt use them, as much as i thought i would.

  46. It was UDPP and I love it! <3

  47. Makaegan

    My first experience with Urban Decay was actually at a flea market about 10 years ago (I was 13)! My grandma gave me $15 to spend and I found a table that had Urban Decay eyeshadows (brand new and still in the packaging!) for $3 a piece. I bought all four of them–Grifter, Baked, El Dorado and Vert–and used them every day haha. I had them all until about 6 months ago when I finally threw them away, but they’re still the only eyeshadows I’ve ever hit pan on. Definitely started my love affair with Urban Decay and I can still remember the first time I saw the brand in an actual store. Their eyeshadows are still my favorites.

  48. Samantha

    The first Urban Decay product I tried was the Naked 1 Palette 😀

  49. Amy Em

    Big Bang lipstick that I bought in the late 90’s! I loved it! they had a bunch at the time (no daggers!) That were amazing and really fun colors. It was the first makeup line I loved. When they scaled way back, I strayed to MAC.

  50. Jennifer

    What was the first Urban Decayproduct you ever tried? Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely? What was the first Urban Decayproduct you purchased? Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

    The first Urban Decay product I used was the Deluxe Eyeshadow palette and the Urban Decay primer potion original in early 2008. It really did pave the way for the romance simply because I am in love with UD now and have consistently purchased items that catch my attention, which are a lot of their palettes. I still love and have my Deluxe palette, although I don’t use it as much now, I still love it the same. I don’t have my very first UDPP lol but I’ve purchased several tubes over the years. Still my go-to primer. :)

  51. Em

    I love Urban Decay for color selection. The first thing I ever bought from them was the Urban Ammo Eyeshadow Palette back when I was in high school. I don’t own it anymore…I think it finally bit the dust. I think Urban Decay makes great palettes; my only complaints is there aren’t enough mattes.

  52. Anna

    Urban Decay is the first (and only, so far) brand that I have tried. I love their 24/7 eyeliners, and the limited edition Quinceanera bag they released.

  53. Melissa

    My first UD purchase was the Alice in Wonderland e/s palette. Their eyeshadows are nice and easy to apply. I love twice baked and their primer potion. I also bought the Naked Palette last year and didn’t care for the colors on my skintone, gave it to a coworker.

  54. Brittany

    My first experience with UD was Christmas of ’09. My then-boyfriend got me the Super Stash of 24/7 liners and the Deluxe Shadow Box. And that is what started my addiction. I realized how important primer was after using the sample with the shadow box, and how great an eyeliner or eyeshadow could be. I then started buying their Book of Shadows and more – 2 years later it is still my favorite brand and my collection is HUGE :) I don’t know what I would do without their primer, eyeliners, or eyeshadows <3

  55. Joanne

    My first Urban Decay product was the Naked Palette. Thereafter, I fell in love with all their eyeshadow products as well as the much mentioned UD Primer Potion. I have since purchased the Ammo, Summer of Love, Feminine, NYC, Book of Shadows IV and most recently the Naked 2 palette. The formula and color pay off is excellent on most of their shadows.

  56. Miss J

    The first product I ever tried was UD Primer Potion in the Original formula. I heard a lot about this product from the net, and really wanted to try it since I have SUPER oily lids. I don’t know why I just didn’t order it, but I ended up spacing it. One day, my friend and I decided to take a small road trip, and we went to MAC; I was asking the girl helping us about eyeshadow bases, and she actually told me that she didn’t like any of the MAC bases then told me to go to Sephora and get UDPP! Hahaha. I thought her honesty was awesome, and she was so nice; she ended up actually drawing us a little map with directions on how to get there! That day I ended up picking up UDPP. Bummer that my lids must have gotten oilier over the years because it doesn’t work as well now. :( The UD products I have now are UDPP Original and Eden, Midnight Cowboy Glitter Liner, and Naked Palettes. Perversion and Demolition 24/7 Pencils are on the list to purchase. I like UD, but don’t love it.

  57. Kayla S.

    My first UD product was the Sustainable Palette! I fell in love with the quality of the eyeshadow and the packaging! And the names of the shadows! They have become my favorite brand for sure!

  58. Laura

    I first started buying Urban Decay about 10/11 years ago. I had several of their Face Cases – little palletes which included a selection of products including eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and usually a blush or highlighter or something. I think I had “Nymph > Glam”, “Bad Girl”, “Sellout”! “First Date > Pinup” and maybe one or two others. I used to love those things, although the eyeshadows were mostly very glittery and they could get messy. I then started buying a few single shadows including Acid Rain and Mildew. I still love UD and I have loads of their palettes, eyeshadows, liners and a few lipsticks too (although I hate the dagger packaging!). I also couldn’t be without my primer potion.

  59. Marian

    My first encounter with urban decay was the ammo palette and the deluxe palette (brought them at the same time) and it was loooovvveee…These palettes still get a lot of use even tho my collection has grown quite a bit since then.

  60. Janeen

    I, sadly, have oily lids and getting eyeshadows to not crease after an hour was almost impossible. I did lots of reading and found out about the primer potion by UD as being a high rated eye primer. First purchase :) Now all my eyeliners are from UD, plus I own both Naked palettes. Love. Them. Introduced my friend to them and got her hooked. And she’s done the same with her friends.

  61. Tigress

    My first UD experience was in 1996, the year they launched, when I went into Nordstrom’s for no real reason. I came across the counter and promptly bought a lipstick in Gash that came in a sweet bullet case. I think I was a Sophomore in HS at the time, and everyone would ask me what color lipstick I had on. I soon bought the Gash nail polish, the Gash liquid liner and the Toxic (the pinky purple one) liquid liner. I still have my original Acid Rain eyeshadow from that same year! I’ve been loyal to this company since the very beginning and they’re still my favorite.

  62. Rikki

    For some weird reason I never even heard of them as being any good until I saw the review post here for the book of shadows III. Bought it for myself as a bday gift lol and its a gift that keeps giving!!!! I now have all the pallets that are still avail lol as well as most liners and a few lipsticks. The mini primer that came with it is what made me try everything tho as I never had such an amazing primer!!!!!

  63. Marie

    My first UD purchase was 2 years ago and it was the single eyeshadows “Sin” and “Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.” I wore Sin sooo much, and even contemplated wearing it on my wedding day! I don’t reach for it as often as I used to, but I should!

  64. Ammo Box!! I hit pan on Chopper, Sin and Smog in like 1 month! 😀

  65. Laurel

    The first thing I tried was the XXX shine gloss in Carney, then some eyeshadows- I think it was sin and a purple and a blue one, then I tried the powder that came in a container with a puff. I always wanted the body glitters they had with the giant brush on the end and the glitter came through the brush, but my mom said it was vulgar since it was called “lickable something”

  66. The first time I ever tried Urban Decay was when I bought a matte purple eyeshadow in Purple Haze and the cocoa body powder from Hautelook last spring (2011). I fell in love with the stellar quality of the shadow and I now own a lot of Urban Decay and my roommate is addicted to it as well!

  67. Monika

    Urban Decay holds a very special place in my heart. I got a pan of X and Half Baked for my junior prom, and those were pretty much the only two eyeshadows I used for years. I remember when my pan of X shattered, a little part of me died on the inside. Since then, I’ve accumulated so much Urban Decay stuff (some of which I love and some of which totally wasn’t worth it). It’s one of my favorite makeup brands, for sure.

  68. My first experience with UD was with quite a few products, actually. I managed to snag 2 of the vintage primer potions, the 24/7 Baked liner, the vintage Oil Slick liquid liner, and two 24/7 minis in Bourbon and Stash.
    I LOVE the primer potion and I never wear eyeshadow without it.
    Baked is/was my favorite 24/7 eyeliner (I’m super bummed that they discontinued it) and I’m also quite fond of the other two. I really love the formulation of these liners because they’re soft, apply so nicely, and don’t migrate south as the day wears on.
    I’m not a huge fan of the Oil Slick liquid liner (mostly because there are a lot of design flaws with the packaging), but I still prefer it over the new 24/7 liquid liner.
    After my first purchase with them, I’ve put in countless others and now I have a pretty impressive collection. Urban Decay is definitely in my tip 3 favorite brands.

  69. Anna

    The girl who did my prom makeup introduced me to the primer potion. That sparked my obsession for makeup cuz that day I learned about techniques and stuff cuz I would just do powder, dark eyeshadow and eyeliner. It opened my eyes, I’m a big fan of UD now. I’ve got primer potions, 24/7 liners, book of shadows iv and most of all, the Nakeds :)

  70. Joanna

    urban decay naked palette!
    and the second one is naked 2~ haha

  71. Civa

    I think it would either be the primer potion or the 24/7 eyeliners…can’t be sure now :p

  72. XXX Shine Gloss in Carney was the first UD product that I tried (back in 2003, I think?). Love at first swipe!

  73. Lulee

    UD was one of my first high end purchases… I bought a couple of the 24/7 liners in deviant and electric back when they were $15… they are $19 now :O. I went back a couple weeks later for ransom. I loved and wore these liners to death.

  74. The NAKED palette.

  75. Marcie

    PRIMER POTION….love it!! didn’t know what i was doing without it before!! still use it..bought a palette and haven’t stopped buying their products and don’t think i ever will!!

  76. amy

    It’s only been a few years, but I remember seeing the Alice in Wonderland pallette, and I really wanted it, but it was sold out. Shortly after that, I bought several of the single Deluxe shades: Fishnet, Ransom, Zero, Scratch, Ruthless, Frigid, & Freakshow. The packaging was a little bulky, and a couple kept falling apart, so I finally depotted them; but the shadows are absolutely divine. Then there was the Naked pallette, and the Black Pallette, then the 15th Anniversary Pallette, BoS IV, and Naked 2, along with a few shadow singles and a lipgloss. I love UDPP, but I’m not a fan of the 24/7 liners.

    Oddly, though, back in the ’90s, I thought the products were aimed at adolescents due to the packaging, and therefore not amazing quality. I have since been proven wrong.

  77. Staci

    The Alice palette!

  78. Meredith

    my first product from urban decay was their 24/7 eyeliner in zero! i was looking for a new eyeliner at the time, and i have since repurchased it! :)

  79. jessica

    my first was their 24/7 concealer pencil from sephora.com. I wanted something great that would last all day for my wedding in 2010. I used it all up because I loved it so much, but never repurchased because I hated sharpening that bad boy. lol but then for our anniversary my husband couldn’t get off work to take me anywhere, so instead, he took me to sephora and let me buy whatever I wanted… and I got the naked palette and since then have spent waaaay more money than I should buying urban decay products but I’ve loved every one of them. everything they make is such nice quality and seems to last a really long time as well.

  80. Bee

    My first Urban Decay purchase occured just a couple days ago in fact- I bought the Naked 2 palette and I love it! The shades are so pretty and buttery, and they’re all easy to work with. Urban Decay is quickly becoming my favorite brand, and I have my eye on a couple of their deluxe eyeshadows now 😉

  81. Jennifer

    My first UD product I ever bought and tried/used was the original Naked palette. I used to loathe palettes and had ceased their purchase after a few bad eggs. I viewed them as cheap-looking, less quality for more quantity, etc. My disinterest in palettes even extended to my significant stash of MAC shadows–I avoided the pro palettes. However after the rave reviews of the “Naked” palette, I caved in and bought it–I ultimately fell in love with it. It changed my entire outlook not only on UD (I still purchase shadows and eyeliners from them) but also on palettes in general. While still very picky, I since have purchased a number of other palettes. Moreover, at long last, all of my MAC shadows are depotted and in pro palettes (so glad I made the switch!) 😀

  82. Barbara

    Urban Decay flavored body powders in Marshmallow and Honey! Pretty and very girly with their soft puffs! Don’t remember when though. At least 10 years ago!

  83. Jennifer

    My very first Urban Decay products were from the very early 2000s – I was still in middle school, and my favorite color was purple, so I got a squeezy-tube lip balm (I don’t remember what it was called, but the theme was cities, and I had the purple one, which was Chicago) and Asphyxia eyeshadow, and I wore them constantly! I no longer have either (I got rid of the last dregs of the balm last summer when cleaning out my stash), but I have had a long and fruitful relationship with UD ever since!

  84. Tiffany Filippini

    My 1st Urban Decay products were back in 1999 and it was their eyeshadows in Asphyxia, Grifter & Mildew. I was hooked from the moment I first bought them and haven’t looked back. They were the most pigmented, amazing eyeshadows that I had ever tried at the time, so it wasn’t hard for me to fall instantly in love.

  85. Ely

    Once i tried urban decay cosmetically, i could never go back to Walgreens.

  86. Susan

    I went into Sephora about 4 years ago. I told the gal there that I had no idea how to apply or wear eye color. She plopped me down in her chair and went straight to the Urban Decay kiosk. She applied Last Call, Sin, and Stray Dog. I was in love. I have bought SO MANY UD eye colors that I cannot count. I won’t wear anything else on my lids!!

  87. Sarah Lynn

    The first products I bought from UD were several eyeshadows many years ago when Nordstrom was having a HUGE sale because they were discontinuing UD from their stores. I wasn’t a fan for I thought the e/s’s were too glittery and chunky and too difficult to apply. I actually fell in love with brand a few years later when they introduced their eyeshadow primer, which has since becoming an HG.

  88. Kat

    1995 or 1996, at this store called Antique Boutique in new york city. The first product I bought was Uzi eyeshadow, back when it came in the silver tin. It was perfect for going out to clubs like Limelight, Tunnel, Twilo and Vinyl. I have not strayed from this brand since – I must have 50 eyeliners by now, and all the eyeshadow palettes… I just love the brand so much. I’ve just toned down on the glitter, that’s all :-)

  89. Chloe

    My first UD product I got when I was 16, back in 2002. It was a small palette called gypsy den. It came with 4 eyeshadows (Goddess, Mildew, X, Polyester Bride) 2 lip glosses, 2 lipstick colors, and a blush. I took it everywhere with me. I still have it, but don’t use it. What sucked was that the shadows started to transfer to the lip gloss and lip stick.

  90. Jf

    My first UD product was “asphyxia” purple lipstick and eyeshadow. I miss this shade.

  91. Genie

    My first UD was the fun pallet, I got it as a present from my parents. I had been searching for a bright pink, and Woodstock matched what I was looking for perfectly. I still have the pallet and have bought many more UD products since then, all of which I have been thrilled with.

  92. jackie

    Almost 2 years ago, after one of our first dates, my bf and I went to the mall. I told him I’d been wanting to try their primer potion and the deluxe palette had a sample of it. He was like, “get it.” Lol he said back then he was trying to impress me by buying me small gifts sometimes :)

  93. Kickin it old school!!! Started with UD back in high school.
    My first purchase was Bruise nail polish. I thought it was amazing that someone finally made colors that not everyone else had a million of!!!
    Still going strong with UD!! Have tons of palettes, 24/7 pencils, primer potion, almost everything. Lol!!!

  94. Marsha

    Way back in the 90s I remember visiting Atlanta and finding UD at a Nordstrom. This was back when the names of their products were more decay and less drug-related (wish they would go back to that). I bought Uzi and Crash eyeshadows on that trip and we’d drive 4 hours to Atlanta just to go shopping at this mall simply because they had UD at this store. LOL.

  95. Ana

    I loooove UD! : D … The naked palette made me fall in love with them.

  96. Shayna

    I got the Urban Decay Show Pony palette for Christmas a couple years ago when I first started getting make up. It’s been love ever since.

  97. Nicole

    I first was introduced to Urban Decay when they appeared on a TV showed called Stripped on the Style Network. I was still in Middle School at the time. I remember getting on their website and thinking one day when I had money I wanted to buy some of their products. I just fell in love with the bright colors.

    Then when I got a job I ordered the Sustainable Shadow Box. I liked it, but slowly kept ordering things from them and fell in love with their products. A lot of them I love and use almost everyday. I have a lot of their products, and the bulk of my makeup collection is from them.

  98. Annelies

    The Naked and Naked 2 palette were the two products I bought from Urban Decay. I bought them last month, but I really fell in love with them and I use them almost every day. So I can start exploring the other products of UD. :)

  99. Jamie

    I first heard of Urban Decay when a member of a band said he used their products, lol. I decided to look them up. When I was 17, after a long battle of makeup not staying on my face, I bought some UDPP and their Deluxe Shadow Palette (the purple velvet one) and I was instantly hooked. Still my favorite brand of makeup- wish I could afford to try all of their products!

  100. Karmela

    My first UD products were purchased back in the 90’s, when I was starting in College, saving up for my UD fix next purchase. My first products were Lipgunks (Hotpants,Gash, Buzzkill) and the eyeshadow in Asphyxia. I still have this eyeshadow! I loved those lipgunks with their great color, smell, taste and stickiness. I love UD then, I love UD now.