Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with NYX

What was the first NYX product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first NYX product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  The first products I remember reviewing were lip products–a fair amount of lipsticks and lipglosses when I was doing the Sultry/Summer seasons. I think there is so much variety at the brand–kind of like if you need a lipstick in a certain color (not yellow, blue, and the like, though), they’ll have it.

Share your first time experiences with NYX in the comments! :)

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58 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with NYX

  1. Nicola

    The first NYX products I ever tried were the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. I love using these as a base and I rather depot mine than keep them in a stick. I haven’t tried much else from the brand as there’s only one drugstore that seems to sell NYX in my city but I’m really interested in trying their blushes and eyeshadows. I’ve heard they’re really well performing for a drugstore brand.

  2. FeliciaK

    The Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils are by far my favorite products from NYX. Everything I’ve tried from them has been awesome, especially for the price! But the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils are absolutely amazing as bases and Milk is the best one to use under almost any color you have! I guarantee you it will make your eyeshadow pop! 😀

  3. I’ve still only tried two types of products by nyx, but I’m hoping to pick up some cream blushes and matte lip creams soon! So far I’ve tried six or seven of their jumbo eye pencils and find them really useful and gorgeous, and only one of their lipsticks in the color Chaos, which admittedly I’m not a huge fan of. I bought it for a specific use and have only worn it twice. It’s just too dark of a red for me and bleeds really easily. I think I’d probably have better luck with their more everyday lip colors.

  4. The first products I ever tried from NYX were their eyeshadows, I think Highlight, Sahara, Antique Gold… and I’ve pretty much been in love with the brand ever since.  Some of my other NYX favorites are their mega shine lip gloss, soft matte lip cream, and cream blush. They’re all really high quality yet very affordable.

  5. slim

    my first product was NYX eye base in the flesh tone. i used it until i started using mac paint pot in painterly. i am really not tht impressed with their stuff. but it is great for someone on a budget!

  6. My first experience with NYX were the jumbo eye pencils. I have 15+ colors now and I won’t look back. They make great products and I love that they are cruelty free

  7. ViolaNilsson

    I love NYX! The first things I bought from them were eyeshadow singles, trios, a palette, eyeshadow primer, blusher, and a lipstick! I knew everything would be awesome, b/c of rave-reviews. Love everything. I think they’re my all time fave brand! Such a huge collour selection, great quality too!

  8. xamyx

    I only have a pearl eyeshadow in white, and a red cream blush I bought on clearance several years ago just to play around with, so I really don’t have an opinion (although the eyeshadow is incredible). I would love to try more, but the only place near me that carries it is a small salon where the SAs *hover*, so I only went in once, and left almost immediately without buying anything. An ULTA is opening soon at my local mall, so maybe I’ll have better luck there.

  9. rawrmels

    I only have two nyx jumbo pencils. I have no repurchased any items bc of last years sale controversy. I had no interest in the sale and nxy wouldn’t address the sale disaster. Pretty bad customer service.

  10. rawrmels

    I only have two nyx jumbo pencils. I have not repurchased any items bc of last years sale controversy. I had no interest in the sale and nxy wouldn’t address the sale disaster. Pretty bad customer service.

  11. f0rtunefaded

    my first expriences with them was their  jumbo eye pencils but i dont really like them. my favorite products is their eyeshadow base in white, their matte lipsticks, and their cream blushes

  12. There’s a 20% off sale on cherryculture ending today. Does anyone know of any good single shadows, round lipsticks and mega shine glosses? I want to get some but there are just so many colours; and the colour swatches on the site aren’t very accurate.  
    I’d love to get some people’s recommendations. 

  13. Marian57

    I bought a few of the round lipsticks that everyone was raving about and I hated them. It was the smell that I couldn’t tolerate. It reminded me of those deodorizers in public toilets. I couldn’t get past that and never tried anything from NYX again.

  14. Never tried them, but I’ve seen it in the nearby drugstore all the time! I’ve heard decent things about their jumbo pencils. 

  15. MissLaurenL

    Love their Doll Eye Mascara and HD Studio Eyeshadow Primer. NYX, in general, is my favorite budget-friendly brand. 

  16. my first nyx product was a brown eyeliner pencil…later on, i bought several of the round lipsticks. i still like them quite a bit

  17. army_wife_in_alaska

    First few products I got from them are the jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk and sparkle nude, matte lip cream in antwerp, lip xtreme cream in candyland and nyx lipstick in haute melon. I’m looking forward to trying more.

  18. Alisha

    My first NYX product was their slide-on eye pencil. When it worked just as well as my UD eyeliner I was hooked!! I also love their matte lip creams and their nail polish although they have really whittled those down.

  19. nisha2710

    I first tried NYX round lipstick in Milan, now i’m hooked to them big time! I loved the quality and the price was just right. Now I have more NYX cosmetics than any others! LOL!

  20. t_zwiggy

    First thing I tried was the Jumbo pencils and their regular eye shadows. I have not bought anything from NYX ever since, and most likely won’t in the future. I know that they are cheap and everything, but the quality is awful! The eyeshadows are powdery, have crazy fallout and crease on me within 1-2 hours WITH a primer. I did like the colors, though, and the way they swatch on my arm :S

  21. hwendy

    I tried their 10 colours eyeshadow palette, lip gloss palette, lipglosses, lipliner, eyeliner and bronzer.
    apart from bronzers don’t show on me at all. the rest of products are really good for the price.

  22. fabdiva20

    My first NYX product was their Mega Shine Lip Glosses and have been purchasing them like crazy! They are the best lipglosses ever!

  23. They were two nail polishes, I still have them and use them very little since the colors are long discontinued and I love them.

  24. Mariella

    French Fries Jumbo eyeshadow pencil was my first purchase and as much as I loved and still love the colour, it creases on me, even with primer. But it didn’t stop me – I’ve purchased a few trios and individual shadows. I love the Rock n Roll trio and Iced Mocha shadow.  I only wish more of the NYX products were available locally, especially the “I Dream of….” palettes.

  25. Mariella

    My first purchase was French Fries Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil, which I love but which creases on me even with primer. But it didn’t stop me and I’ve since purchased a few trio powder shadows and singles, of which my favourite is probably Iced Mocha. I only wish more NYX was available locally, especially the “I Dream of….” palettes. I would love to get two of those.

  26. Machostage

    The first products by NYX I tried were the Ultra Pearl Mania pigments.  They were only .99 each back then so I bought a bunch of them, which I still own and enjoy using from time to time.  Later I tried the jumbo eye pencil in a couple of different colors, and because I’d heard so much about the one in Milk.  I found that I didn’t like these so much.  I’ve never been bowled over by the brand, and really already had more (MAC and Urban Decay) makeup than I’d ever need.  I was sure that I wouldn’t be purchasing any more NYX once I saw that it was the brand of choice on RuPaul’s Drag U, because I knew the prices were going to immediately jump since it had officially achieved notoriety, and I felt unsure that the products were worth a big price increase.

  27. AnnMarie

    I love NYX, my first product was the loose pearl shadow in orange. I was hooked, for 3 dollars you can not go wrong with loose pigments. I from there picked up the most of the roll on eye shimmers, and a bunch of pencils. I can wear the colors all day, with no crease or fall out. I simpley love NYX.
    Also, the reason why I decided to ty NYX, was Rupaul’s drag race season 2, they were the sponser. Anything that looks that pigmented on a dragqueen is good enough for me :)

  28. Wenz

    My first was either a eyeshadow angle or one of their lip glosses. Either way I am a huge fan of those megashine? lip glosses!! Ive tried a few of their blushes & their new bronzer is pretty good too.
    The “slide on eyeliners” are AMAZING!! I hope to try more from that brand but my ULTA is always out of their stock :(

  29. KurlsTho

    Soho glam palette . Hate it! Still have it, don’t use it. I do like their lip liners…the only thing I would repurchase from NYX.

  30. mel

    I LOVE NYX and Milani, they have amazing products for an excelent fair prince. My first NYX product was Flamingo Eyeshadow and Jade Ultra Pearl Pigment (the most beautiful thing, you should try this one). I got really sad when they discontinued the Chromatic Dramatic Pigment line, still makes me want to cry when I remember.

  31. nyx is probably my fav makeup brand! i have such a huge collection that I can’t even begin to mention everything that I love about the brand! Lipsticks, eyeshadows, palettes, glosses, balms, foundations, primers, blushes…i’ve tried it all!

  32. Cynthia Pleau

    Jumbo pencil !

  33. Angélica Van Dall

    a lipstick, orange soda.

  34. Mindy L Fraser

    Kiwi eyeshadow single

  35. Kristin Smith

    Nail polish or eyeshadows about 10+ years ago

  36. Viviane Nascimento


  37. Jenny Ramone

    I think it was an eyeshadow trio, the one with yellow orange and lime green. The yellow was so blah, but I liked the other two colors.

  38. Quinn Ryan Smith

    The milk jumbo eye pencil

  39. Sondra Villanueva

    Round lipsticks they are great.

  40. I nix Nyx…. wont buy it for the most obvious reason where it is made in.

  41. Veronica

    My very first experience with them was their jumbo eye pencil, which didn’t exceptionally impress me since they creased pretty easily on my hooded eyes.  I do like them as a highlighter for the inner eye, though.
    What I do use most from them is the lip products – lip liners and lipsticks.  The lipglosses wear nicely, but unfortunately the smell puts me off too much from them.

  42. Amani Mohammed

    cream blush (glow)

  43. NYX was my first lipstick purchase when I was starting to get into makeup! It was a tube of the round lipsticks…I remember being absolutely incredulous at how cheap it was. I find that their products are not as awesome to me as they used to be, but they still make my favorite mascara (Doll Eye Long Lash), and I LOVE their matte lipstick and matte lip creams–I think NYX’s lip colors match my skin tone far more reliably across the board than any other brand’s, which usually seem to cater towards non-Asian skin tones.

  44. Ciliza Xinx

    Jumbo Eye Pencil :) love it :)

  45. michou83

    I really love this brand. My introduction was with a black label lipstick (can’t remember the shade) and one of the single eyeshadows.  From there I had palettes and now I can’t live without my cream blushes and black label lipstics.  The product is extremely high quality for a VERY tiny price. :)

  46. sshine0923

    NYX is such a hit or miss brand. I absolutely love their Bronzing Stix (Cha Cha with Sun God is gorgeous). The jumbo eye pencils are okay, though they crease like crazy even with a primer underneath. The eye shadows are worth it for the price, they are pretty pigmented but extremely powdery. Need to try more items from the brand, but I’d rather save up and buy something from MAC or Makeup forever instead.

  47. layla

    I just bought my very first NYX product just a couple of weeks ago. I bought 2 of the chubby eyeliner pencils, one in baby blue and one in yogurt and I really love them! I usually avoid pencil liners because they tend to pull and tug at delicate skin but this product just GLIDES on! ULTA has a wonderful selection of the full NYX line and I really want to try some of their lip pencils and blushes next!

  48. Jenny86

    I have lots of NYX makeup, but the first thing I tried were their round lipsticks… and they dissapointed me. I don´t know, in my lips they seem to settle in the fine lines, but that doesn´t happen with my MAC lipsticks. But then I bought some eyeshadows, Megashine lipglosses (totally in love with them) and I´m so glad with those products. The powder & cream blushes are great too, and also their retractable and the slide on eye pencils, jumbo eye pencils, the Girls Nail polishes… wow, I just realized I have lots of NYX products! lol
    I´m now waiting for the Grow brow serum, but I have read generally good reviews about it :)

  49. Andi Clapp Lockhart

    Jumbo eye pencil in Milk. Not sure how I lived without it!

  50. nude on nude palette! I love it!

  51. Leticia

    I first heard about NYX cosmetics on YouTube tutorials and was really curious about trying them out. It is difficult to find it in Mexico – it was only sold in dollar stores and in a small shop downtown. Dollar stores don´t sell it anymore and the other shop is about to close…therefore, I haven´t had the chance to see everything that NYX makes. I´ve only been able to try some single eyeshadows, a couple of three eyeshadows palettes and some lip and eye liners. I really liked it all!  I wish I could get my hands on some of those fabulous eyeshadow palettes I´ve seen in some tutorials :( …..I believe NYX has many great products to offer at very reasonable prices and if I were able to buy some more products, I certainly would!

  52. Nikki

    My first experience with NYX cosmetics was with their Mega Shine Lip Glosses, and it’s been love ever since! I found out about these glosses when I was doing a random Google search for pigmented and opaque lip glosses which lead to tons of YouTube videos about this brand.  When I bought my first haul of these glosses, I couldn’t believe the color payoff, texture, or price!  Since I had such a good experience with their glosses, I decided to venture into their other products, such as their lipsticks and single eye shadows.  I am not too fond of their lipsticks (way too much slip for my taste), but their single eyeshadows are great for someone like me who doesn’t wear eyeshadow often, but needs a good bang for their buck when I do choose to wear it.  I must say that whenever I am looking a good product that won’t break my budget, I turn to NYX.  I am planning on trying their Jumbo Eye Pencils next! I hope this brand will be around for years to come! =)

  53. My first ever NYX product was their “Violet”/purple eyeshadow single  -absolutely LOVED it. And I’ve been hooked to NYX ever since.   And that was back as early as 2001 or 2002.