Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Milani

What was the first Milani product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Milani product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  Some of the first Milani products I tried were some old, old eyeshadows. Before they did the baked ones and the recently released pressed powder ones. The ones that were known dupes for some famous MAC shades. Here on the blog, some of my first Milani reviews included their amazing Liquif’Eye eyeliners and holographic nail polishes!

Share your first time experiences with Milani in the comments! :)

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30 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Milani

  1. Liquid’fye eyeliners.  They are ok….cheap and reasonable..but ok.  I like the brown better than the black.  Black looks like UD Perversion but I dont think it wears like Perversion….Also, I dont like eyeliners that stay one forever and need heavy makeup remover to remove it.  I want to see the new powder shadows, but they are not out yet.  I am still high end buyer….I like to test my products before I purchase….except Sugar Pill, of course.

  2. kate

    it would be awesome if the photos you put at the beginning of the post were links to the reviews you did of those products.


    i have one item from milani and i bought it ages ago before i started caring about where my make up came from so i didn’t even realize it was from them. regardless…it’s a blush and i still use it to this day! i went on their site and it doesn’t look like they carry it anymore so i need to watch how often i use it. it’s my favorite blush.

  4. t_zwiggy

    I have only tried their nail polishes so far and I do like them. Most of them are on the sheer side, but I find that they apply evenly and haven’t had any problems with bubbling or chipping.

  5. xamyx

    I honestly can’t remember when I made my first Milani purchase, or what it was. That said, I’ve been quite satisfied with everything I’ve bought. My favorite product is probably the Even-Tone Powder Foundation. Although the shade range is limited, I actually found a perfect one-Shell. It’s comparable to MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundatio, but it doesn’t change color after a few hours, and it’s a fraction of the price (especially if you find a BOGO, as I did). The baked shadows are good, but the palettes, not so much, though I *will* try the Primary one, if I come across it. The new singles are *still* unavailable, too.

  6. Adelle

    My first product is the Liquif’eye eyeliners.  I love it more than my Shu, UD or MAC eye liners.  It’s so smooth and they really stay put.  I’m such a huge fan I even purchased a backup.

  7. I’ve actually never tried Milani.

  8. mpca66

    I purchased the Milani Blush in “Luminous” which is the dup for NARS Blush in “Orgasm”, but the Milani blush doesn’t have much pay off – so after years of trying to get some darn color outta that blush, I finally tossed it. As a replacement, I purchased the Milani baked blush in Corallina and it’s a much, much better product.

  9. f0rtunefaded

    their baked blushes are amazing

  10. I’ve looked at Milani before but never tried it. Maybe I’ll try some after reading through the comments on this post! 

  11. Marian57

    I had the old Milani eyeshadows. I didn’t care for them, but then I don’t care for MAC shadows either. I also had lipsticks at the same time. Although some of the colors and textures were good, I couldn’t get past the smell.

  12. Mariella

    I’ve only got one item – Touch o’Sun Mosaic Powder. I like it very much. I purchased it at a Canadian grocery store that carried Milani product for a very short time and then cleared them out. It’s the only location I know of, besides a few Sears stores, that carried any Milani products at all and it was a pretty limited selection of the line. I think the same was true of Sears and I don’t think they carry Milani at all any more either.

  13. NeenaJ

    I don’t care for most of their products but, I must confess to two staples:
    1. Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner:  hands down, the easiest and best liquid eyeliner pen I have ever used.  When they next go on sale, I’m buying 2 more so I can stash 1 at work and have another as a back up.
    2. Nail Lacquer in Teddy Bare:  this was a limited edition color, I think.  But it is a terrific neutral.

  14. hm…I can’t remember if my first Milani buy was a neon polish or their Runway palette (Runway Eyes? I think that’s what it was called. I got the purple and silver version of the colorful one in the pic above). I thought it was ok…but, as most people have commented on, the long strips of shadow broke off in the pan very easily. I wasn’t super impressed and kinda stayed away from Milani for a long while…until I started hearing hype about those Metallic liners. Tried the automatic propel version and loved it! Can’t wait to try the new shadows

  15. stfuTaryn

    My first Milani product was their powder blush in Luminous, and it was love at first swipe.

  16. army_wife_in_alaska

    My first Milani product (and only one right now) is the rose bouquet highlighter blush they released this spring 2012. It was surprisingly better than some of my mac blushes.

  17. Nadia B

    Never used Milani, is it worth it?

  18. Abra

    This is a brand I don’t get the hype over other than their excellent eyeliners.

  19. Marci's Nails

    I absolutely love so many of their products!

  20. Stephanie Young

    They have fantastic creme nail polishes

  21. Michelle

    I started with the Crystal Gloss in “Summer Baby.” Such a pretty color! Then I went on to the Eye Tech eyeliner. Then the baked blush in “Luminoso.” Then the mineral blush in “Luminous” (favorite blush! Cheap and always flattering). Then I got one of the eyeshadows in “Java Bean.” Milani really is a good, affordable brand. 😀

  22. Veronica

    First thing I ever bought from them was one of the Lip Flash pencils, and it was an impulse buy.  I wound up really loving the product, so now it’s one of the brands I’ll give their products a look over occasionally when I happen to be in one of the stores that carry it.

  23. NancyYanez

    first milani product i tried is their mineral compact in “honey beige” during a 75% off sale at CVS.  omg, best drugstore foundation powder ever! First time i’ve seen a foundation powder thats yellow/olive! perfect for my skintone. too bad this product got discontinued! i bought the last two compacts :( 
    I also LOVE their blush in Luminous! good dupe for nars orgasm,.

  24. Kalhevki

    I bought one of their eyeshadow palettes (the blue one) with the bars, and the eyeshadow was super chalky, didn’t have color payoff for me, didn’t stay, and broke easily. It was a huge turn off especially since I REALLY loved the colors. I tried a few of their polishes but wasn’t very impressed with them, they weren’t bad but weren’t amazing either. They definitely didn’t have the same kind of longevity as my OPI or China Glaze (and some of my Essies).
    Not a huge fan of the brand, though I’ll have to try the eyeliners >.> 

  25. Sarah

    The first thing I ever got from Milani was a super hot pink nail polish rightfully named Electric Pink.  It quickly became my favorite polish to wear on my finger- and toenails for the summer — it was the hottest pink I’d ever seen!

  26. Cat G

    They’re baked eyeshadows and blushes look so pretty. The only thing I’ve ever bought from Milani was the baked blush in Red Vino. Ended up looking ridiculous on me, not flattering at all, too dark and uneven, so I returned it. I think it’s the only product in the last year that I’ve returned, actually. I will give them another try for sure though, I do hear good things.

  27. Cat G

    Their baked eyeshadows and blushes look so pretty. The only thing I’ve ever bought from Milani was the baked blush in Red Vino. Ended up looking ridiculous on me, not flattering at all, too dark and uneven, so I returned it. I think it’s the only product in the last year that I’ve returned, actually. I will give them another try for sure though, I do hear good things.

  28. Twirly Girly

    The first Milani product I purchased was YEARS ago – an eyeshadow quad that was horrendous. Then, I bought their eyebrow kit, which I love and still use. A single gold eyeshadow was next – I returned it when I discovered the glitter was only on the surface of the product. I tried the Liquif’Eye eyeliner, to use on my waterline, but it didn’t stick (come to find out I have “oily tears,” so NO liner is ever going to stick on my waterline). Last summer, I bought one of the Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eyeshadows in “Stunning and Sparkly” (gold) and it was my go-to minimal-look shadow all summer long.
    I also purchased the Milani Duo Sharpener – cheap, and thus far has worked with every pencil I have ever tried – including the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils!
    I recently discovered Milani Smooth Finish Cream-to-Powder Makeup, and I *love* it. It’s a dupe for BeneFit Some Kind-a Gorgeous, but at less than 1/3 the price (also seems to be better for oily or combination skin than the BeneFit product, as the Milani has more silica in their formula). Milani’s ia about 29.00/oz. while BeneFit is 85.00/oz. Better yet, the Milani product is offered in 12 shades, while Benefit’s has only 3.
    Still trying to get my hands on the new Milani Powder Eyeshadows, but none of the CVS stores in my area received any stock. However, they are available on the Milani website, so I think I’ll order directly from them (since CVS Customer Service was not in the least accomodating when I contacted them about the issue of not distributing any stock to any stores in large geographical areas).

  29. crystrill

    The old Milani eyeshadows remind me of the Livejournal MAC_Cosmetics group days. *memories*

  30. Melissa E

    My first Milani product was the eyeshadow in Desert Sun (I must’ve gotten this back in like 2006 I think).
    By far THE BEST gold shadow I’ve ever had. Super pigmented, no fall-out, and has this fabulous texture to it. One of the few products that I’ve never needed to wear a primer or base with (and I base for just about all of my eyeshadows due to oily lids).