Monday, March 12th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with MAC

What was the first MAC product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first MAC product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: MAC was the first brand I fell in love with, and the love affair lasted for a few years, but it has waned over the past few years. There are still a lot of amazing MAC products, both past and present, but there are so many other brands in the sphere, it’s hard to stay loyal! I remember really getting into MAC around the time they launched the Madame B. collection. My favorite collection–still–was MAC Moonbathe.

Share your first time experiences with MAC in the comments! :)

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169 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with MAC

  1. My first makeup product from Mac was spice lip liner and taupe lipstick. I loved them so much, I went back the next day and bought their makeup brushes – my first set of M.A.C brushes are all made from France. They are still holding up well :) I think they are vintage by now..haha.

  2. Melissa

    My first MAC purchase were very recent-last summer, to be exact. I got the Warmth of Coral blush which shows up so beautifully on me because I’m so fair. I also got the See Sheer lipstick which is the perfect day-to-day reddish shade for me. I love MAC products and have since collected 2 more lipsticks, an eyeliner, full 12 palette of shadows, Pearl cream color base, a mascara, and a lip glass!

  3. Barbara

    My first MAC purchase was a fragrance one in 1999. It was a purplish plastic case containing 3 “potions” -Hyper Souk, Nirvana, and Asphalt Flower. I still have this set of 3 fragrances.

    My first MAC makeup was Smoke and Diamonds eyeshadow!

  4. Hailey

    it was please me lipstick, but I rarely use it though :) It is too matte so I don’t like to use it but the color is so pretty!!

  5. Actually, today was my first MAC experience! I bought Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Sculpt Concealer in my quest for perfect skin like Dita Von Teese… and I have to say, I’m hooked. I love the way my skin looks.

  6. Tori

    My intro to mac was through the pret-a-papier collection (Made to order and kraft lipsticks) along with some permanent eyeshadows. I got jest, shroom, satin taupe, cork, trax, mulch (love!!!), sable, expensive pink and all that glitters.

  7. Val

    My first MAC product was a tube of Russian Red.
    And this love affair seems to have blossomed into one that is going to last a lifetime..
    when you want quality, but:
    1. you’re not willing to shell out for high end brands like Dior and Chanel
    2. you don’t want the limited selection a drugstore aisle gives you
    3. you also want something more special than the new hypes that come out every month in Sephora (sorry, smashbox)
    MAC will always have your back. If you want pigmented and reliable, MAC will always be there, and this romance will never break your wallet :)

  8. Courtney

    hue lipstick! i still adore the color and i’m on my fourth tube! :)

  9. Andrea

    my first purchase was 3N lipstick & 2N lipstick from the N collection! It started my obsession haha! & now I really hope 3N is coming back with the By Request collection!

  10. Shea

    MAC Peachy Keen blush! I got it like over two years, actually it might even have been three years, but it’s still going strong.

  11. Paula

    Wow, my first MAC Product was an Eyeshadow called ”Jewel”. I totally loved it, that was back on 2006 and I got it because here in my country Colombia, MAC opened a Store, I just got crazy!!! I still got it and after that, well I bought more and more MAC products! Lol!!! :)

  12. I think my first ever MAC purchase was Viva Glam V possibly but I was holding it in my ugg boot at a concert and I lost it :( then for my 15th birthday, my mom took all my friend and I to the counter at Bloomingdales. I picked out Cremecup Lipstick, Soba and Satin Taupe e/s and prep and prime transparent powder. Each friend was allowed to pick out one basic item. ( e/s, l/s, etc.) My mac addiction took off from there and I am now a crazy mac fan girl thanks to you, Christine! My one year mac-iversary is coming up and guess where I’m getting my makeup done for my sweet sixteen!

  13. Seishin

    My first Mac ‘purchase’ (my mother bought it for me), was Twiggy satin lipstick. I believe it was 1995.

    I still keep that colour in my rotation. :)

    Most of my makeup is either Mac of Smashbox these days. I always go back for their eyeshadows.

  14. Malu Martins

    My first MAC experience was around 95/96. I had recently moved from Brazil to Key Biscayne, FL and I was walking around Miami Beach when I stumbled upon the store. It was a pretty amazing experience, cause I was about 15 and getting pretty excited about make up. To my complete shock it was so much cheaper than any brand I had access to back in Brazil, like Helena Rubinstein and Lancome, and they had so many more colors and products than any other brand as well. To this day it was my best shopping experience, because the sales associate actually LISTENED to my skin concerns ( oily/acne prone skin ) and preferences. He was so precise in his recommendations that most stuff I still use or would still use had they not been discontinued. The products were: Matte liquid foundation NC35 ( perfect match ), Pressed powder NC35, Studio fix powder NC35. Bliss ( frost ) eyeshadow, Spice ( matte ) eyeshadow as a blush ( it was a larger sized eyeshadow from the permanent line, about the size of a CCB ), Spice lip pencil and my holy grail lipstick: Touch ( I’ve gone trough a bunch of them, more than any other product EVER ). I also bought two brushes, the 141 ( similar to the 275 ) and the 101 ( a large powder brush )and the brush cleanser. This was a pretty big haul, as you can see, but it was my fist full on complete make up set. It was around the time they released the Viva Glam I ( the Ru Paul red, at least that’s when they advertised it heavily ) lipstick, which I also bought, with the perfect excuse of helping a very good cause.

  15. loulouhex

    The cool club kids at my art school used MAC. On a weekend in like 1995, I went to the Nordstom at The Big City Mall; I bought a MAC Silver Dusk Powder, A Cyber Lippie and a Viva Glam Lippie. It was one of the first high-end makeup purchases I made-I was in college and just started to have money of my own. Then, I dressed more punk and goth everyday – so having these in my arsenal of fierceness was like, amaaaazing. I still have all three: the Viva Glam and Silver Dusk are usable, the Cyber is not. My favorite MAC period was the wearable yet insane campaigns, colours and textures of the late 90s – early 00s.

  16. saraa

    my first purchase from mac was an eyeshadow in Silverthorn which i believe was limited edition. i bought it for a play i was in. it did indeed pave way for a real romance ! i still have it and i definitely think it is a gorgeous color : ) i love mac’s pigments & lipsticks. i also love any multi-use products they have !

  17. Elisa Love West Indies

    My first mac product was “satellite dream” eyeshadow; and it’s still my favorite one :)

  18. My first MAC product is Melba blush. It’s my favorite blush of all time!

  19. Roxanne

    My first usage of a Mac product was using a friend’s eye shadow. I’m pretty sure it was Passionate, as well as Carbon. The first one I bought was either Carbon or Coppering. Some how I have lost both of them and it makes me really sad :( I think that Carbon is really replaceable, but Coppering is absolutely beautiful. I might have to repurchase, but I feel like (especially in Canada), they’re a bit overpriced.

  20. Danielle

    MAC started my for high end brands!!! My first makeup purchase was mythology and star violet eyeshadow. Now I own two 15pan palettes and a full blush!! My makeup collection was once just covergirl now i have everything from Nars to Bobbi Brown.

  21. daylami

    Lust lipglass, Angeldish lipstick (it was when Aquadisiac came out), and a Studio Fix that was too dark for me and had to go back. The MA was quite tanned and apparently wanted me to be tan too. :)

  22. Mica

    I must have bought my first MAC products in the late 90’s when I was in High School: MAC Studio Fix Powder, Mocha Blush and O lipstick!

  23. My friend gave me a Melon pigment for my birthday two years ago, and after a week of playing with it, I spilled most of it on my bathroom sink – but we’ve probably all done that at least once, right?! After that, I bought Carbon eyeshadow, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark, and a 208 at a counter during a trip to Sydney, followed by Honeylove lipstick on my way home. I still own all of those products, and I’ll keep the packaging for nostalgic reasons :) I do believe the change in pH levels from Sydney, Australia to Houston, Texas caused my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to change colors though, because it is now the most orange thing I have ever seen. It’s nice to warm up the cheeks a bit, but using it as a face powder is out of the question. I still love MAC as a brand for it’s affordability amongst other ‘high end’ brands, and it’s range of the type of products they make. However, they need to chill out with their collection releases, because three new launches on the same day is just a bit pretentious :p

  24. I live in Finland, in a city on the western coast called Vasa. We don´t have a MAC Cosmetics store here.. the closest one is in Turku which lies about 8 hours (there and back) away from Vasa. Thats why I haven´t owned anything from MAC until summer 2011. Me and my fiancé went on a road trip to one of my aunts and we went through Turku. I bought Satin Taupe, Swish and Paradisco. There are a few more eyeshadows I really want from MAC but since I don´t have a store near me its not something that Im crazy over :) I do love Satin Taupe more than anything and its the shadow Ive used the most from the ones Ive bought :)

  25. Hisa

    My first and favorite product that I’ve tried from MAC is Trax eyeshadow, followed closely behind by Teddy eye kohl. I have backups of both 😉 gorgeous colors and they both go well together. It definitely began my love affair with makeup 😉

  26. Dinitchka

    1) What was the first MAC product you ever tried? A lipglass in Desire. Garsh that was many moons ago!

    2) Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely? ROMANCE!!

    3) What was the first MAC product you purchased? Desire Lipglass, many moons ago.

    4) Did you love it? LOVED IT! Hate it? NO! Still own it? NO! :( It would be pretty dang old by now. I wish I had kept it though!

    My first e/s love was Goldbit. I wish it would come back because I can’t seem to find a dupe … Even though I know their is one :/

  27. Ember

    MAC is the only line I’ve ever fallen in love and that love has endured since the early 1990s. I didn’t wore a lot of makeup back then, and I started off with Florian lipstick and Cubic blush. When my sister got married in 1993 I got my makeup done at the MAC counter. I picked up Teak and Russet lipsticks, Buff blush, and Vanilla, Mystery, Folie, and Haux eyeshadows. The next week I bought the first set of brushes MAC made available to the public (they are still in great condition!). In the years since then I have amassed quite the colleciton. MAC made me feel comfortable with doing my own makeup, with great colours and very blendable products. I still use the shades I started out with, except the lipsticks which were discontinued years ago.

  28. Andrea

    I saw a picture of Madonna wearing a matte red lipstick and matte lipsticks were not really available back in either 1989 or 1990. Anyways, it was Russian Red lipstick by a brand that was coming soon to Nordstrom stores. That was it…I was hooked.!!!

  29. The first MAC product I ever tried was my mom’s Viva Glam V. I was probably a freshman in hs. That was when I first got really into makeup, but I loved UD. Then I discovered the Youtube gurus who all raved about MAC so I figured I should try something out for myself. The first thing I bought was the Rose pigment. It seemed like a good deal because pigments are so versatile.

    Turns out, I hate working with loose pigments, so I dont really use it very often. It didn’t put me off MAC though. I purchase from them pretty often, but I prefer other brands. Plus, I find the shopping experience at MAC to be unpleasant. I am still always intimidated by the sales people.

  30. Amy

    First thing I ever bought from them were Toxic Tale and Revenge Is Sweet from the Venomous Villains collection. I loved Revenge Is Sweet and it took awhile for me to get used to the brightness of Toxic Tale but now I almost always wear brights x]

  31. Kristanna

    RuPaul sucked me in with Viva Glam 1 and spice lipliner. Had a love/hate relationship with macs studio fix powder but love the lipglass. My first was purrrr. Still cant bring myself to back to mac it.

  32. Jer

    When in high school my sister used MAC for theatre and every day. I was given some green gel cleanser she bought but dried her out and i had acne so why not? well after that made my blemishes go away i never forgot the brand and moved to a city with out a MAC after high school and my skin was in hell with no green gel!!! While getting really into art and drag i missed my MAC even more cause ordering online was not the same as king in. Then one day me and a friend found out a MAC was opening and were the first customers in the city and i bought my green gel, electric eel, prussian, espresso, gesso, the riveting collection, and then some i was broke but happy to have MAC in my life again. No collection was better than NEOSci-fi!!!

  33. MAC was my first brand love, too. I don’t remember exactly which product I used first but it could have been one from the 2009 holiday collection, most probably an eyeshadow since I love MACs eyeshadow range.

  34. Andrea

    I tried a few things a couple of years ago – shadow, liner and lipsick – and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Then had a burst of activity last year with Peacocky, Wonder Woman and Quite Cute, but the sheer number of launches was too much and I’ve lost interest now. Still like what I got, but it would have to be something really special and unique for me to get anything from them again. Prefer Illamasqua as a line and speciality nail polishes like China Glaze, etc.

  35. ebvata

    My first MAC was a Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.
    Now i am a mua and 80% products is MAC in my make up collection :))))

  36. Lucy

    My first thing I got from Mac was Snob lipstick cos I read Drew Barrymore wore it

  37. georgina

    It was brush 266, cranberry and yogurt eyeshadow. Harmony blush, fondle lipstick, C-thru lipglass and Face and Body. I got all of that the 1st time I went to the Nordstroms MAC counter in 1999 and I been in love with MAC ever since.

  38. My first MAC product was Green Brown pigment back in the day when MAC Pro didn’t have a web site (almost 2000). You had no way to know what pigments were available unless you called and asked for it. But you could not ask for it unless you knew what it was. There were no lists to get in the mail or any ways to know what pigments were available unless you lived near a MAC Pro store, which there were very few of.

    I remember trying to call and ask about other pigments as I loved green brown and was told that I had to know what I wanted before I could ask if they had it. I would say I had no idea what they had, and was told there were too many pigments to read off. If I asked what blues they had for instance, I was told that they couldn’t tell me b/c all they had was a list to read from and no way to tell what color it was. So I had to know what I wanted before the could tell me if they had it. LOL. It was insane!!!

    So, despite the quality of products going down often, some things have gone way up- like at least MAC having a Pro site you can order from and see what is available!

  39. Anna

    My first purchase was All That Glitters and Cork eyeshadows, 224, 219, 208 and 242 brushes, blot powder and Hug Me lipstick (Big splurge!) And among all that stuff my favorite is All That Glitters eyeshadow… Love it!

  40. Karen

    I made my first MAC purchase in the mid-1990s…a lipstick called Faux, a mauvey pink. I also liked a peachy nude shade called Shrimpton (now discontinued). I purchased Faux a few times and then stopped, never to return to MAC until 2008 when I spotted the Neutrals Collection and my holy grail lipstick 3N. Since then I’ve been hooked on MAC! And I’m thrilled that 3N is the running in the buyer’s choice vote!

  41. My first MAC purchase was the Viva Glam V lipstick and the matching lipgloss. I was on my way home from uni and took a shortcut through a department store (as you do….) and when I saw them and had the MUA apply them on my lips I was instantly smitten and had to purchase.
    Sadly, the lipstick has since snapped and I haven’t got round to buying a new one yet. I do love MAC still, but I’m not as loyal to the brand as I once used to be.

  42. divinem (Melissa)

    MAC Purple Shower eyeshadow started the avalanche. I now own 150+ shadows, 70+ pigments, countless lipsticks, lipglasses, blushes, brushes, etc. So yes, it was a beautiful beginning! I love it, though I am tiring of MAC’s marketing antics. Still, I adore my MAC products. Couldn’t live without my cream colour bases in hush & shell and MAC Strobe Cream.

  43. Jennifer

    My first MAC product was the clear lipglass when I was about 15( I’m 24 now). I was in my tomboy stage for about 3 years but I still loved lipgloss. In 2008 my sister reintroduced me to MAC around xmas and I got the holiday brush kit and Gleam lipstick. I still have these items and have been MAC crazy ever since. I regularly purchase from MAC but I also love other brands. However, I remain loyal to MAC because of the wide variety.

  44. Leslie-Maire

    The first product I ever used was MAC Lipglass in Florabundance, with MAC BBQ lipliner.

  45. kp

    My first MAC products were Cyber and Viva Glam. It was back when the lipsticks were only $9!!!

  46. angel

    I love MAC. I love Mac no only because of there products but because of there customer service. I have never meet a artist there who was not helpful.( Well thats not 100% true, I have had a few experinces that made me go…Is she for really?) I learn alot of helpful techinques and how-tos at MAC. I love other “High-End Make-up” and I have like a killibillion points on my Sephora card. But i find that Sephora ( maybe this is only in my area) are terrible with advice, colors and foundation matching. They suck! So I am pretty much on my own in there. But being in Sephora to me is like a day in a candy shop. However I always find myself wander back to my first love…..

  47. STACEY

    I was first introduced to MAC in 1997 at the MAC counter in GA. I purchased Studio FIX (Still Use), a Chestnut Lip Pencil (Haven’t used in years) and Foil lipstick (No longer in production)… I love MAC and I am so thrilled the foundation never changed or I would be devastated…I love the shadows, glosses and my favorite blush is Sweet as Coca… Yes I am a MACaholic…

  48. shelly

    First MAC product I ever tried/bought was Tease Me lipstick (LE from 2003/04). Shortly after that I put in an order for other products (Scanty l/s (now discontinued), Bizaarish lipgloss (also discontinued), Plum lip pencil, Ebony eye pencil). Then I didn’t buy anything from them for about six years, partly because other things took precedence over makeup and also because I was exploring other brands.

    These days I do buy some things from MAC, but there are so many brands out there, including some that I haven’t tried yet, to explore!

  49. The first MAC product I tried was their lipstick in Something New. I instantly fell in love with it so I purchased Girl About Town and Morange…and so the obsession started. Hahaha!

  50. Tracy

    The first items I got from Mac were maybe 8 years ago. I got 2 cream blushes, a white eyeshadow in Chill and a black eyeliner. I was not impressed, and eventually threw everything except Chill. In the meantime, I discovered other brands, such as UD, Benefit, Too Faced etc. But in the past 2 months, after reading this blog everyday, I decided to try MAC again, and fell in LOVE ! I got a whole bunch of stuff ! What I like the most is their brushes, MSFN and blot powder !

  51. Aryn

    What is the Product in the 3Rd pic (off to the Riqht) it’s Beaufirul ?!

  52. lizzym

    mac was my first actual brand to fall in love with and my first purchase was the blacktrack fluidline my friend had given me the last bit of her little nearly empty fluidline and i fell in love. i still buy it every time i run out. while i still love mac i love finding new brands and amazing products.

  53. heather

    im obsessed with MAC lip products, but my first MAC purchase ever was trax eye shadow in high school, it was so shimmery and pretty…its still a great shade. i’ve been obsessed with MAC ever since-and it’s been almost ten years, so you can imagine how much i cherish the collection ive accumulated. my favourite releases have been Rock it!, fafi, and i *LOVED* venomous villains. sweet memories. <3

  54. Anne-Sophie

    I am a MAC addict. My first purchase from MAC was.. a big one! I had my makeup done by an awesome girl there, with pale pink, Smut, Shroom and an earthy green more on the cooler side. I bought them all, I bought my foundation, concealer, powder, and some brushes! Yep, that was love at first sight. Years after, I still buy my MAC eyeshadows.. neutrals, pigments, and lipsticks.. I often fall in love with their collections too! So it was a beautiful beginning and it still amaze me when I go there and I see all those beautiful colors :)

  55. Juliana Glumac

    My first purchase was captive lipstick and I have been hooked on Mac ever since that first purchase roughly 15 years ago.

  56. The first MAC product I bought was Shroom eyeshadow. I feel in love with it and MAC. I know Shroom isn’t an exciting colour, but to me it is the perfect base lid colour for everyday. I have bought many since and now have a full blown MAC addiction.

  57. Boba

    The first MAC product was MSF Soft&Gentle and I really love it!

  58. amy

    About 15 years ago, I picked up a lipstick called Bubbles, and with it a GWP which contained 2 nail colors, Bamboo & Raffia and a small bottle of hand lotion, all in a very nice makeup bag, which I still use. The hand lotion was amazing, but I don’remember the name. I absolutely hated the feel of the lipstick, and the polish, although perfect colors, were terrible-they flaked no matter what I did. I never bought MAC again, until I went on a quest for a perfect red eyeshadow in 2008. I never found one in MAC, but I discovered many great shadows and started picking up alot of purples & neutrals/highlighters. I still hate the feel of the lipsticks, but I bit the bullet and bought Archetype & Empowered because the colors were so great for me.

    My favorite collections have been Style Black, and Venoumous Villains. I also bought half the shadows in Peacocky.

    I loved the Studio Stick, but of course that was DC’d, and I like the Studio Fix powder foundation. I don’t wear blush, so I can’t comment on that.

    I don’t buy alot of MAC anymore because I have almost every color that I would actually wear from the permanent line, but I still pick up the occasional pigment or paint pot. I find it very annoying how quickly the collections come out, and even overlap, so unless something really stands out, I won’t bother. Besides, I have recently discovered the wonderful world of NARS…

  59. Rebecca S.

    My 1st MAC product was when they launched their Two Step Pro Longwear Lip Colour (looks like 2 glosses in 1 tube). I had been buying the Estee Lauder version of this already, and I was in love with EL’s product. MAC put out their version with many more color choices, and it was $10 less expensive, so I was really excited to try it. Sadly, it was a huge *fail* as the product simply was not as nice as the Estee Lauder version (dried out and chapped my lips much worse), and the packaging was so poorly constructed I had 1 broken tube right out of the box (the clear gloss fell off, but it remained sealed), and another that was leaking clear gloss from the beginning, but I didn’t know it until I found the pool of sticky clear gloss at the bottom of my traincase. I had to throw away the leaking one immediately. I was very disappointed in these, and I never bought them again. I actually still have them, though! I also still have the Estee Lauder versions I bought that year. They have since raised the price on these @ MAC, but I don’t know if the product or its packaging has improved.

    I later returned to MAC in search of a perfect brown shadow for my wedding in 2008, and I discovered Foile and Plushlash mascara. I still have these, too! The shadow is beautiful, and I think it’s rather uique for a deep brown. I am obsessed with mascaras, so this is not my all-time favorite mascara ever, but it is my all-time favorite MAC Mascara. My tube from 2008 still applies like new, and has not dried out or started to get that smell mascaras get when they turn. I’m shocked and impressed that the mascara is still usable. I’ve become a HUGE fan of some of their products, namely all lipstick formulas, MSFs, and the blushes–especially Sheertones. I’m glad my disappointment in that 1st product didn’t ruin my opinion of MAC as a whole. Win some/lose some, right?

  60. Nikki

    I have a love/hate relationship with MAC cosmetics.  My first experiences with this brand were four different foundations, which were all epic fails, but luckily I didn’t quit on them.  I would not recommend MAC foundations to my worse enemy!  My attempt to buy MAC foundations all ended with me having horrible breakouts and itching fits across my face.  I literally had to buy a medicated acne gel to clear my previously beautiful skin back to it’s pre-MAC state.  However, I wasn’t willing to give up on a brand that so many people are literally addicted to!  I knew there was a product by this company that I would love and I actually found two…lipsticks and tinted lip glasses!  MAC lipsticks are by far my favorites!  I love the fact that they offers such a wide color range and multiple formulas so that people can personally find the best shade for their lips.  Lustres and Cremesheens are the only two formulas I shop from because they provide some moisture and sheen which I love! The lip glasses are great as well.  They embody everything I want in my gloss: shine, moisture, pigment, and longevity!  MAC’s tinted lip glasses are my favorite HE glosses, and I own more expensive brands.  Many people complain about the stickiness of these glosses, but I think they are more thick than sticky.  Either way, MAC lipsticks and tinted lip glasses are the only reason I’ll step into a MAC cosmetics store or to a counter.  However, outside of the bad foundations, MAC also seems to have terrible customer service in person, so I rarely buy from an actual store or counter.  I only visit in person to swatch products and usually buy them online.  Again, I am so glad I didn’t give up on finding my perfect products from this brand! =)