Monday, March 12th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with MAC

What was the first MAC product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first MAC product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: MAC was the first brand I fell in love with, and the love affair lasted for a few years, but it has waned over the past few years. There are still a lot of amazing MAC products, both past and present, but there are so many other brands in the sphere, it’s hard to stay loyal! I remember really getting into MAC around the time they launched the Madame B. collection. My favorite collection–still–was MAC Moonbathe.

Share your first time experiences with MAC in the comments! :)

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169 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with MAC

  1. MAC Carbon shadow. Still the only thing I use every single day!

  2. Caroline F.

    My first M.A.C. product was a lipstick. Not sure if it was Russian Red or Desire (tone), but I can tell you that to this day, Desire (tone) is the product I have repurchased the most. 3 times I beleive, until I realized that I was getting a few lines around my lips and the lipstick was running into those fine lines. :-(
    Today, with the exception of brushes, I don’t purchase M.A.C. I buy one lipstick a year and that’s it. I like higher end products that work best to my opinion.

  3. Fani

    It’s the Fleur Power Blush. Ι still have it and I love it!

  4. Krista

    I’ve been wanting to try MAC for the longest time but remembered that I didn’t want to buy just one eyeshadow, as it is most known for so I took advantage of the shade range of the foundations and for the first time found one that matched my skin perfectly. I bought Studio Fix Powder in C40, which was my summer shade and used it nonstop that whole season. After that was the whirlwind romance between not just MAC (I bought a ton of product from concealer, mineralized skin finish naturals, pressed powders, paint pots etc.) but also with higher end and better quality brands like NARS, Urban Decay, Benefit, and Lancome.
    I’m way lighter now (NC25-30) but I never bought a lighter shade of that foundation, mainly because I’m no longer apprehensive with shelling out money on high end products, most especially foundation and concealer. But when all else fails, I wouldn’t hesitate going back to my first love. :)

  5. Cynthia M

    my first experience was their lipsticks. i think the first one i bought was Desire (?) and i’ve fallen in love ever since. they still are my favorite of all-time.

  6. My first ever MAC item was a lightly swatched Sumptuous Olive that I got from a Makeupalley swap. That was maybe a year and a half ago (I got into makeup SO late), and to this day it remains one of my favorite eyeshadows! I know what you mean by it’s hard to stay loyal when there are so many amazing up-and-coming new brands though. I try not to let the whole limited collection thing get to my head. I still do enormous research (with a lot of help from Temptalia of course) before deciding to purchase anything. While some eyeshadows/lipsticks I eventually purchased have become my favorites, the quality does not systematically excel!

  7. Jenn

    The first time I got anything MAC was probably when I was about 20 and I got a gift card from my Mom. I decided that I would go and get an MA to suggest a foundation and concealer plan for me. I ended up with Mineralize Satinfinish (which sucked by the way, but what did I know), Select Moisturecover (for under eye circles – which I don’t even have) and Studio Finish Concealer. Studio Finish was the real gem of the group…It’s 5 years later and despite the many, MANY concealers I’ve tried, this one still wins out!

  8. Kimme

    My first mac product was eyeshadows, it was either star violet or amber lights and from them I am a mac shadow addict. I have 4 palettes and counting. I love mac shadows the variety of finishes and colors ohhh weee. I have tried other brands but always go back to MAC. Ahhh my mac shadows. Love them!

  9. Chelle

    I went for my first makeover/tutorial at MAC when I was 12. I was in figure skating competitions and needed makeup that would bring my face out to the audience. Since I was so young, the makeup artist didn’t recommend much in the way of dark or bright colours… but did end up using Haux, Orb, Jest eyeshadows and Cubic blush and Silver Dusk powder on me. It’s like… 17 years later and I still remember that! Since then I’ve been obsessed. Haux was the first eyeshadow I purchased and I STILL have the same one! I rarely ever use it now (and there’s so much pan showing that there’s really very little life left in it) but it’s still fine – never went chalky or gross on me over the years.

  10. fabiola

    My first mac product was msf in natural, I need it a powder and a friend of mine told me about it, after my first visit to a mac counter I fell in love and has been my very first high end brand, but later I went to sephora and I have found so many other products from other brands, but my main one is still mac. My favorite collection from mac is venomous villlains.

  11. Yasmin

    i wouldnt say i fell in love with mac through product usage. I was at a time in my life where i was coming out of being a tomboy and i wanted to wear makeup by watching all the amazing youtube videos. But of course every popular Youtube guru were using mac in every tutorial, and i wanted to buy it, but i always thought it was too expensive and i couldnt. But it all changed when my best friend told me her sister had graduated from cosmetics school, and she was now a makeup artist and mac was suprisingly cheap for how much i earned, i began buying and buying, and i loved how the products showed up on me, plus the fact it was so popular at the time too.

    The first Mac Product i ever owned was MAC Steamy eyeshadow, after it was a gift by my friend. Now My makeup is 70% mac, but im discovering more new brands. Im currently loving NYX as its not available in stores in the uk.

    Ive since lost my interest in mac, and will only buy something if it really catches my eye and i will wear it, rather than collecting products. I feel as though all these constant makeup releases from mac are unnessecary and if i do miss out on a product, it will be released anyway in another future collection or a dupe will be released.

  12. Emma

    MAC is actually the brand that got me into makeup in the first place. I uasually bought my Mascara and Eyeliner in the drugstore, never really thinking about it. My mom got me a Benefit product, so I began to wonder if there are better options out there than cheap mascara.
    Not much later I bought my first MAC eyeshadow and I started to do my research and I stumbled across all those Youtube videos and blogs. Since then, I have bought so many MAC products (because I was in love with the eyeshadows) and I still love MAC, but now I know that there are other brands with awesome products, too. Still MAC eyeshadows are the ones I can work with best because they are not complicated to handle (at least not the ones I have), are usually fairly well pigmented and most colors are gorgeous and special. I have recently fallen in love with MAC’s blushes, too. :)

  13. My first experience with MAC was probably the most meaningful. It was the first time I had gone up to any makeup counter. I remember, I was so red and embarrassed because I was a guy. I was stuttering and just was a mess. But fortunately, I had a nice MAC associate, and she helped me pick out the tinted moisturizer (MAC Moisture Tint) and a concealer. While I no longer go for any MAC face products, I’m so happy I had that experience because it may have largely shaped my position and opinion and makeup these days.

    And I’m still friends with the SA; I frequently refer friends to her, just becaus she was so nice. Thank you MAC haha!

  14. Carla

    My very first MAC product was Frankly Scarlet blush.
    I bought it because I “needed” a red blush, and no other line seemed to offer that shade.
    I loved it, and then purchased Satin Taupe eyeshadow, then Fuchsia pigment. Once I discovered pigments, it was off to the races!
    Thus began a love affair that ended only recently, when I found out that Estee Lauder, MAC’s parent company, has begun contracting for animal testing in China. I no longer buy MAC, but I’ve started up with Inglot!

    • kj hemeon

      Did not know that. Please cite the source. I’ve been trying to be an NFC (not from China), bec. there are too many reasons to count. Animal testing should also be a no no.

  15. MAC was the first “high end” brand i got addicted too back in 2007 with Royal Assets. and it was a good year of loving that brand up to Hello Kitty collection came out then I’ve been tapering off with what I buy from them.

  16. Carmen Russo

    mac was the first high end makeup i had ever tried. i think my first product was either face and body foundation or a custom quad with parfait amour, goldmine, electra and i think swish.

  17. Heather

    I can’t remember which came first but either trax eyeshadow or thats so jade eyeliner!

  18. Jaye

    It was the Spice lipliner and the lipstick that was so popular, yet I forgot the name of it. It was the one that was all over the original 90210 and went with the Spice liner. It was a brownish color if I remember correctly and I was obsessed. From there, it just got worse. I bought it in 1993 on my first trip to NYC at Bendel’s. This was back when MAC wasn’t available every where and none of my friends in Oklahoma had heard of it yet.

  19. Ariane

    My first products were the Myth lipstick and the Jade Dragon nail polish bought at a CCO. I still don’t have much MAC makeup because it’s a bit pricey for me.

  20. GUSnail

    My beauty obsession started with MAC: All that glitters e/s. It soon moved to more colorful eyeshadows, then foundation, blush, etc, etc etc. For a while I was quite devoted to the brand, especially since their basics are reasonably priced in comparison to other high end brands. I have fanned out recently and now hold a few things from Bobbi Brown, Dior and MUFE.

  21. chris

    It probably was the Blot Powder, Studio Fix or Oh Baby Lipglass – a cult favorite in the African-American community. MAC was one of the first brands that offered a range of colors for women of color AND was “endorsed” by celebrities. We wanted options, not just Fashion Fair. I am PPID customer, so I always go to MAC first. I do have some favs from other brands though.

  22. Susan

    My love affair with MAC came later. I had never purchased anything from the line because where I live no store carried the MAC. I came on board with the Barbie Loves MAC. I purchased Moth Brown e/s and it still sits pristine in its box. It’s so pretty but I just can’t bring myself to use it. I like the brand but as with other brands, some things are just hit and miss. Although I like the vast color selection in the eyeshadows.

  23. Michelle

    You were totally the reason I got into MAC. I was always intimidated by the sales associates but having a resource to base my online purchases on made it much easier. I purchased Viva Glam Gaga I and never looked back!

  24. 1993 cream eyeliner- old formula- in navy….last for many years. bought another one and then switched to Stockholm since MAC discontinued it….like MAC brushes…but I dont care for anything else by MAC…the packaging always is stellar, but that is about it.

  25. Amy Em

    Viva Glam 1 was my first purchase and I’ve repurchased several times since. Most of my trips to MAC in the last couple years are for repurchases because it’s gotten to hard to pick up the special collection items :(

  26. luellarose

    mac were my first high end brand too and it was actually only a few months ago that i purchased any, however i had been lurking all their releases and watching youtube videos for so long, i actually had a whole list of LEs that i wanted! but i could never work up the guts to buy any. after a while it all got too much and when i noticed someone selling lots of limited edition items that i wanted i could not control myself and ‘splurged’ (or what i thought was a splurge at the time, haha..) on hibuscus, strange potion and bite of an apple blush. bit of a strange first MAC buy ha! i remember being horrified and regretting how much i had just spent on makeup but when they arrived i couldnt have been more in love.

    its funny because after that, i did something much more normal and ‘my first mac’ sounding, and went to the counter and bought creme cup lipstick haha. which is also lovely :)

  27. My first products from Mac I bought at an airport and it was the Studio Fix Fluid foundation and the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder. The foundation was ok, oxidized on me a little and I haven’t tried any of their foundations since. The Skinfinish Natural however, was lovely and I have repurchased and repurchased since and never gone a day without having it! :)

  28. Brittany

    WOW! First, let me say that this is a super cool post. My first MAC products: Show Orchid lipstick, Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation, and the eyeshadows in Bronze and Humid. I loved everything except for the Satinfinish foundation. It just didn’t agree with my skin. These products were the stepping stones for my love of MAC and makeup as a whole. Two years later I got hired at the counter and have been working for them ever since. The company gets some criticism but I think it’s a favorite among so many people because it’s affordable and they have something for EVERYONE. It was the first brand I tried and I work for them so they will always have a special place in my heart.

  29. Marjolein

    First purchase was the beautiful iris eyeshadow and the acid washed lipstick from the jeanius collection. I still love the colour of the eyeshadow and the formula of the lipstick.

  30. My first MAC products were eyeshadows, because everybody was hyping them: Nocturnelle, Vanilla & Humid (the year was maybe 2008?). Must say I’ve never been that disappointed in eyeshadows. They just didn’t work at all. I sold Nocturnelle and Vanilla after couple of uses. I haven’t bought eyeshadows from MAC since (except for 2 mineralize ones, which are ok). But I have quite a few lipsticks which I love. I also like their blushes and Prep+Prime spf50.

  31. My first MAC purchase was eyeshadow…I was like a kid in a candy store!!! I’d never seen such a shade range and ended up getting Sable and Vex then went back (while still in the mall for Tilt) which I still love!!

  32. Nancy

    I have been with MAC ever since it was available in department stores, many years ago. I first had a few eyeshadows, I don’t even remember their names. I’m older now and have tried to stay with them but they have very few products for mature women and no sales associates who can make a good recommendation for me. I still try to shop there but I find other brands have better sales associates who can make better recommendations for me.

    • Nancy, you are so right! Most of the clients I work on are older women and I so often notice the look of older women standing around the MAC counter looking hopeful but not really being addressed like they should be! Lorac seems to have more mature friendly makeup these days.

  33. it was about 5 days ago. 😛
    I got the Satin Taupe eyeshadow, i’m very happy with it!

  34. Jenny

    My first MAC item was their Shroom eyeshadow. It was OK, not worth the hype, IMO. But it led me to try many more things since them, so good some just OK. I love their Cremesheen lipstick and glosses. I finally got skin matched, and just bought the Studio Careblend Pressed powder, which I am completely in love with. I don’t really purchase any of the collections. Except for a gloss I got from one of the fall collections, I pretty don’t buy them.

  35. Lilia Beck

    My first purchase was from the Heatherette collection and did not like it, mainly because I didn’t know how to put make up on myself, but then later I purchased some eyeshadows to recreate a look you did like three years ago and it came out ok. Since then I fell in love with the brand and I am still in love. I do try other brands but I will always be loyal to MAC.

  36. jackie

    I am a bit of an old-timer! I began using Mac in about 1994 or so, when the products first became available at Henri Bendel in Chicago. My first purchases were Florien satin lipstick and Spice blush. Both of those items were re-purchased a time or two, but are now long gone as so many lovely shades have been discontinued. However, I still have and use the original lip brush I purchased that first day! I have loved so many products over the years, such as EPT tinted moisturizer, Wuss lipstick, Rosewood lip liner, etc. Those items are all gone now. These days, I buy so much makeup, it’s insane, especially for a wife and mother of four. Sadly…there is very litte MAC in the mix anymore. While I too believe that I buy less Mac due to the huge assortment of other products available, I would buy more if the MAC products returned to the quality that they once were. I know that in the past, certain brands, such as Estee Lauder, have gone back to the “vaults” and re-introduced formulas from several years back. If I ever had the chance to give any feed back to MAC, which I realize is no longer independently-owned, I would suggest a trip back in time. While I certainly appreciate the continuing technological developments which improve product wear, packaging, etc., I think the “old school” in this case was so much better. Does anyone else out there feel the same?

    • *nods*

      I do see what you are saying! I have been using MAC for about 12 years now or so. Although there are still some fantastic amazing MAC products that come along, they are more of a rarity these days. When they have a good collection it is GREAT, but so often the quality is sliding down.

  37. Jazzy

    Mac saint germaine. I was highly dissapointed. It made my teeth look extra yellow and my lips looked like a powdered donut. lol. On nc45 skin,can you tell I did not know what I was doing?

  38. Ana

    The first product I purchased from MAC was carbon e/s … I fell in love! I still have the same from 2008 and use it :)
    It’s my favorite brand ’till today and last year a counter came to my city, the girls there already know me haha I go every month to check the collections out.

  39. Janelle

    My first Mac purchase was Oh baby lip glass and chestnut liner. I still by the liner because you always need that color. I stop the gloss after 2 because I grew out of the glittery shade. I still buy and love Mac and that was over 10 years ago!

  40. army wife in alaska

    My first MAC product ever is lipstick in FAUX. Before I’ve never had an opaque natural nude lipstick and this just looks so updated and sophisticated on my NC 35 skin. After getting 4 tubes, I moved on to eyeshadows, but being a newbie with makeup I made the mistake of getting bright colors instead of the tried and tested highlights and neutrals. I still use those brights and I’ve expanded into neutrals, now I have almost all the bestsellers on their site. Still pretty much into it. Now I use their foundation too.

  41. Ko Ching Yen

    My first MAC product was the ‘of royalty’ lipstick

  42. My first MAC purchase was Good as Gold lipglass, Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow and waterproof mascara. I thought it was a splurge, due to the fact that I normally would buy 99cent makeup from the beauty supply store. Needless to say I fell in love. I now have a collection of over 200 eyeshadows, 150 lipsticks, 30 blushes and 10 MSF’s. I am totally a MAC head and I know it!

  43. Faheema

    My first MAC product was an eyeshadow duo from the Suite Array collection. It was Shallow vs. Deep and was given to me as a present around the end of 2008. The first MAC products I bought myself were two eyeshadows and the shades were Amber Lights and Sumptious Olive. Both are really pretty colours. Out of my entire collection I think Amber Lights is my most used eyeshadow. The next product I bought was Brunette mineralize skin finish. Since then my collection has grown so much in 3 years. I buy other brands but MAC is still my favourite 😀

  44. KC

    When MAC first came to my island shores about four years ago (I think), I didn’t stop by the counter for the first year I believe. However, when first stop by the eyeshadows I fell in love with Expensive Pink ( back then it was $42 local price, approx. US $21), a week later I couldn’t find it! I turned my room upside down looking for it. Defeated I went and bought another one. I found the first shadow two days later. And thus began my love affair with MAC.

  45. Dominique

    In fact I didn’t like M.A.C and when I purchased Mocha blush it was just to try ! Then I came back to the M.A.C store and I bought many blushes and lipsticks. I began this way… And I went on buying there of course !

  46. Kate

    I started with a beautiful purple eyeliner like ten years ago…it was a gorgeous blue-violet color that’s not available anymore. I loved the color but not the texture nor the lack of staying power. It was just ok…and that sort of set the tone for my experiences with MAC: a mixed bag. I really like some products but it’s not always my “go-to” brand for makeup.

  47. Emma

    My first purchases where 2 eyeshadows in humid and juxt, which I still have a loooong time later but don’t really tend to use any more. I went through a phase of wanting every colour under the sun but I tend to go for neutrals or purple mostly these days. It did however start my (quite big!) mac eyeshadow collection!

  48. Laurel

    My first MAC products were 3 eyeshadows: idol eyes, knight divine, and black tied was I was about 10. I didn’t really understand what MAC was though until about 7 years later. When I was 17, I discovered youtube and once I knew what MAC was I bought Cosmo lipstick and that was my first “real” purchase

  49. Megan

    I think Florabundance Lipglass was my first MAC purchase (around 2003) and I still love it. I’m NC20 with naturally pigmented lips, so this is my favourite nude gloss.
    Like you, Christine, I’ve loved MAC for years and I’d say that most of my makeup is from there, but I have gone off them slightly in the last two years or so. They have too many product launches and repromotes that I find them a bit boring now. Saying that, I still can’t walk past a MAC counter without having a look, haha!

  50. Adriana

    Pink Plaid lipstick. I’m using the fourth, I think.

  51. Noelle

    Oh, it wasn’t long time ago for me. First thing I bought was the Painterly paintpot and then Groundwork. I have a whole list of things that I wanna try from MAC products.

  52. Kathy

    I remember my first MAC purchase. I ordered 4 things online: Patisserie lipstick, Amourous Dazzleglass Creme, Black Tied eyeshadow, and Dipdown Fluidline.

    After trying out these products, I definitely became a HUGE fan of MAC’s lip products (and I’m still in love with their lip stuff). As for their eye products, I loved the fluidline, but I really disliked the eyeshadow I got. I own a few MAC eyeshadows, but because of that one experience, I’m still not a huge fan of them. I prefer many other brands of eyeshadows over MAC.

    Since that order, I’ve used up the lipstick, almost used up the dazzleglass, still own the fluidline, and have given the eyeshadow away.

  53. I was always a MAC shop addict. Their dark walls, all black theme, the visual designs and especially the limited edition collection counters. But I never went into one cause I thought that kinda shop would sell the most expensive products and I don’t have any money for it.
    When I went in for the first time to get one or two things, I saw that it wasnt as expensive as many other high end brands. It actually was the cheapest, more affordable even than Clinique.
    The first things I bought was Painterly Paint Pot and Blue Candy eyeshadow from Cindy Sherman collection which was released in October in here. It was the true blue I was looking for, for a green-blue combination. I still love Painterly sooo much, I want to buy like 4-5 pots of it to give as gifts to the people I would like to see using it lol MAC is a really nice brand and I don’t think there can be anything complained about. I’ll be getting some goodies this friday, my third purchase in a few months, yaayy! :)

  54. Pamela M

    I believe Myth was the first Mac product I tried, or it could have been a nail polish(back when they were ten bucks). But yes it did start a Mac obbsession.

  55. Hannah Spano

    My very first MAC product was Satin Taupe eyeshadow. Since then, my collection has multipled and multiplied :)

  56. Kenneth Strybosch

    My very first MAC product was the studio sculpt concealer… I had a gogo dancing gig that day but woke up seeing a rash all over my legs… Since I couldn’t cancel it and it was a lot of money I would be earning I used the MAC live support on their website and asked her what she would use! Instead of trying to sell me something she first said it wasn’t gonna be good for the rash, but after insisting she told me to use the studio sculpt concealer! I also bought my foundation that day:D And now I’m a make up artist with mainly MAC in my kit!

  57. Joanne

    The very first product I tried from MAC was a Studio Fix Powder and I feel in love!!! To this day it remains my very favorite foundation (and setting powder when I want more coverage). I also went through quite a few tubes of C-Thru lipglass and Siss lipstick. LOVE that combo.

  58. Sara

    I have no recollection of my first MAC product. It was so many years ago and I used to buy in bulks.

    My fav is MAC’s PLASMA BLU nail polish. I’ve been searching for a dupe ever since.

  59. RJ

    My first MAC purchase was Studio Finish Foundation (broke it accidentally within a week of purchase, concealer, britwit blush, mac brush no 217 and another one i don’t remember…

  60. Lee

    My first MAC purchases were a couple of eyeshadows from C-Shock. I loved the brights but I didn’t really know what to do with them. A few years later, I decided I wanted to finally learn how to do make-up properly and started researching make-up and techniques on the web. MAC came up over and over again so I started there with some basics and started brushes.

    MAC is still my favorite, I like buying new colors and MAC always has something new out but is still relatively affordable. Yeah. there are some misses but overall I feel the quality is pretty high.

  61. Shelby Songy

    we are a military family so our funds are not very MAC friendly. I kept myself away from it (even past all the pretty colors and I was an art geek in school) until I buckled and tried my friend’s fluidline eyeliner. Uh. I was hooked at how long it stayed on and how easy it was to apply. Then it all came crashing down with one color, two colors, ect…LOL. My husband’s paycheck hasn’t been the same ever since!

  62. JEN

    I remember purchasing two eyeshadows: Bronze and Ricepaper. I only wanted a “natural” look. I still use bronze and ricepaper but have veered away from MAC after a two year love relationship with it. I think I may own a majority of MAC products in my collection but it’s definitely seeing other brands in there. I still love MAC for my staple items (Fix +, Stud brow pencil, MSF Natural, Melba blush, and the eyeshadows) but I definitely have love affairs with other brands as well. The thing that turns me off the most is how much each collection recycles the same colors with different names. Nothing stays permanent!

  63. Ines

    My first MAC products were Tenderling blush and Gentle Coral TLC – I remember being 16 and these being real treats at the time. I have since fallen out of love with those two, but I have many MAC items that I still love today:

    Prolongwear concealer
    Blot powder
    Mocha & Well Dressed blushes
    Several brushes (e.g. 187, 168, 182 just to name a few)
    Ruby Woo, See Sheer, Sweetie, Plumful, Girl About Town & Korean Candy lipsticks
    & I’m particularly fond of their Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows.

    Although I’ve since then branched out to other brands (NARS, Bobbi Brown, Chanel & Dior are some of my favorites for color cosmetics), I still think MAC is an excellent starting point for those new to makeup – the pricing is still midrange for department store cosmetics, and the quality & color range is quite impressive.

    I kind of hate the number of mediocre collections they’ve been launching lately, without the addition of that many good core items. Everything great just seems to be LE or repromoted.

  64. Elsa

    Expensive pink e/s!

  65. Ada

    My first real interaction with MAC was not positive at all. It was when they collaborated with Rodarte in that incredibly offensive collection that used names like “Juarez” and “Ghost Town” for the products. Being from the Texas/Mexico border myself, the idea that anyone could seriously greenlight that concept without giving anything to the mass murder of women in that region was incredible. I sent them a letter of complaint and got a very unencouraging form letter response back. In the end though, and to their credit, MAC offered a pretty sincere apology and pulled the line, presumably eating the losses as well. (I was far less impressed with Rodarte’s response, but that’s beyond the point.) I was still put off by them for a long time, and didn’t actually buy anything from them until last year, starting with Rebel and Morange. While they’re not the most comfortable lipsticks I own, I really adore the colors, and appreciate that MAC does offer those kinds of shades in its permanent range.

  66. Brenda

    The first MAC product I purchased I believe was Nocturnelle and All that Glitters eyeshadow or it was Skew lipstick. Or maybe I bought them at the same time. Either way, i know there were the very first products I bought and tried and STILL have! It did start a love affair but that love hasn’t lasted.

    I have become disappointed with MAC in the last two years and their lack of quality and creativity. I also am deterred by the ridiculous hype in the collections and the inability to purchase the items. The extreme limits in quantities are very off-putting and I buy less and less because of it.

    My favourite collection thus far has been Neo Sci Fi and I wish I had been more into MAC at the time to purchase the entire collection. I also would have liked to have been around MAC for the Moonbathe collection.

  67. Keira

    My first MAC products I tried was Cranberry eyeshadow. I was at a cheerleading competition and one of my teammates mother’s put it on my eyes. I fell in love with the color. Later, my first MAC purchase was Cranberry, Hepcat, Parfait Amour eyeshadow. They continue to be my favorites till this day (I even bought a back up of Hepcat since it got discontinued)

  68. Sharon Hsu

    The first time online I bought a 4 eye shadow custom palette with frost white, satin taupe, carbon and passionate, and a single eye shadow louder please, and the mineral trio Calm, Cool & Collected. I had been thinking to by a shadow for lid, highlight, lining, and a playful color. But I was not really satisfied because the white frost make me look pale, the satin taupe was too shine (I never did makeup before), carbon was chunky, and passionate looked so similar to the other eye shadow I bought at the same time, louder please. However, when I tried the trio green eye shadow, I thought I look so pretty with that (>//////<). Also my roommate introduced me this blog and other makeup and skincare products, so I start to buy those……

  69. Samantha

    My first MAC product was the lipglass in Viva Glam V and I don’t have it anymore because I finished it and handed it in for back to mac, but I might be repurchasing soon :) I love it!

  70. Concealer… Studio Sculpt? Studio Finish?? LOL! I always get the names mixed up… Which one was in the glass pot? That was the first MAC product I bought for MYSELF :) Otherwise it was the 217 brush actually. Bought it, loved it, still have it (and a few extra ones LOL).

  71. Danielle

    I ordered MAC Angel lipstick and All That Glitters eyeshadow right before To The Beach came out :) So I’m still a little of a newbie I suppose 😉 Love them! :)

  72. Anette Hoejland

    Satin taupe eyeshadow and a greyish beige lipgloss…. Sine then? Oh my good, i have been turned into a passionate addict!

  73. Kimberly

    I was in LOVE with MAC’s Moontbathe collection! My first product was the powder, I can’t recall which one though, LOL. Too many.

  74. Maud

    i bought all that glitters, texture, and handwritten all at the same time, i had like no idea what i was grabbing but it’s still one of my favorite eyeshadow combinations 3 full eyeshadow palettes later :)

  75. Kate

    MAC eyeshadow in All That Glistens was the first higher end makeup product I ever purchased and one of the few that I’ve used up and had to repurchase. Still one of my favorites!

  76. Cheryl

    I got both Twinks and Handwritten at the same time. Loves them both :)

  77. My first MAC purchases were of their lipglasses. I bought 5 of them. Prrrr was my favorite and I still use it. I love MAC’s coloring system. I am an NW25, BTW. I wish we could do a list of products that go well with certain colorings. Such as this–would Satin Taupe eyeshadow look good on me? I keep looking at it–but never do take the plunge and purchase it.

  78. Sterndli98

    I can’t remember my first product because the first time I bought some MAC stuff it was with my best friend when MAC opend in Switzerland. We bought a palette togheter with lots of different colors.
    What really hooked me to MAC was the LE called Breakfast at MAC, they had a breakfast/makeup morning planned with it and there I bought my first brushes(which I all still have) and my beloved patina eyeshadow, I can’t remember how many times I bought patina.

  79. Isabela

    My first ever MAC product was Mocha blush. I actually wanted Dame, but the lady at MAC took Mocha by mistake and I didn’t notice until I got home. I’m not sure why I didn’t go back to the store and changed it to Dame..
    I didn’t hate it, but I don’t think Mocha is the most high-quality or unique blush MAC has. It doesn’t do a lot for me. I still own it, but I don’t love it and it’s one of the blushes I use the least out of my MAC blushes.

  80. Daniela

    My first mac product was creme da la femme lipstick

  81. AnGeLwInGz

    I never tried Mac until about 2 years ago. I wanted to learn how to do a “sunset eye” so I ended up purchasing Copperring and Goldmine, and as I was waiting for the sales associate to find the colors I saw Creme de Violet. It looked so beautiful in the tester because it was all sparkly and glossy from everyone’s finger grease but I was super disappointed when I got home and still haven’t worn it. After that I went on a Mac eyeshadow kick and got a whole lot of them at once to play catch up, I ended up returning a lot of it. I don’t dislike Mac eyeshadows (although I much prefer Urban Decay’s formula overall) and some of my go-to’s are Juxt, Jealousy Wakes (of course), and Shimmermoss. I have a blush, some glosses, and a couple of lipsticks also.

  82. Em

    Brave Lipstick! Still one of the best colors for me!

  83. Bee

    The first thing I bought was a plum-colored lipglass…which doesn’t complement my skintone at all, but I was only 15 and I didn’t know anything about make-up 😉
    I haven’t bought from them recently, but there’s definitely a lot of products I want to try out. The thing I love about them is how great of a range of colors and finishes they have. The downside about them (as a lot of people have mentioned) is the limited edition collections. Everything is sold out so fast, and half the time the stuff isn’t even great quality :l

  84. Summer

    I vaguely remember trying MAC in high school and owning one of the round, black powder compacts. I became very preoccupied with Benefit and Chanel and eventually purged my MAC from my collection.

    This past summer, I took the plunge into MAC again, and found possibly my FAVORITE eyeshadow ever, Stars n’ Rockets. I also got my hands on a BNIB Smoke and Diamonds and understood the hype! I really like their eyeshadows and lipsticks. While none of their foundations or skincare work for me, I like MAC’s color options just fine. Their lipstick does seem kind of hit or miss for me; I either really love them or I feel underwhelmed.

  85. Elle

    MAC Oh Baby Lipglass! Everyone in my senior class was wearing that shade so I HAD to have it!

  86. Mariella

    My first MAC purchases were Redwood lipstick (no longer available), Quarry and Orb shadows and Desert Rose blush. All but the lipstick are still going strong (I hit pan on Desert Rose a few years ago but there is still tons left). Yes, I fell in love – no other lines at the time had the selection or the sort of creative funkiness of MAC. Every day, I use at least one MAC product (if not blush or shadow, it’s concealer or setting powder, a brush or two, a highlighter). MAC isn’t my only cosmetics love affair but it’s certainly one of them.

  87. Camilla Urstad

    My first ever MAC products was three eyeshadows. Fig.1, Shroom and Haunting from the Alexander McQueen collection. Shroom I must have repurchased 3 or 4 times after that, my daily go to.
    Shortly after that I bought a set of 3 Liquidlast eyelines in Aqualine, Point Black and Coco Bar. And those where amazing! Still have the Aqualine (whats left of it) and the Coco Bar (never used, not a big fan of brown eyeliner). But they discontinued the Liquidlast!! How am I supposed to get my pop of color from now?

    I’m a huge fan of MAC, but since I live in Norway it’s difficult to get hold of other brands in that price range..

  88. Miss J

    MAC was the first brand I fell in love with using. We legit had three non-drugstore brands where I live when I was growing up! I only learned about MAC and other brands once I started getting interested in makeup communities and beauty blogs. My first MAC purchase was from their site in 2004. I can’t remember the exact first product or products ever, but I can remember a handful of my firsts. First foundation picks were Select SPF 15 and Full Coverage, which I don’t use either now, or any MAC foundation for that matter. The only MAC foundation I ever want is HyperReal. First lipstick was either Brave or Faux, I can’t remember which one. One of the first lipglasses was Pink Poodle. Sushi Flower, Bitter, and Creme de Violet were some of the first eye shadows. Violet and Fuchsia were the first two pigments. The only of those I still have and use are the shadows and pigments. The first collection I ever purchased from was Tempt Me/Tease Me. I remember the quads, the two shadows from Tease Me, the lipglasses from Tease Me, and Prrr. That first full collection experience was also the first time I ever went to a MAC location. I remember the woman who helped me, and I believe she still works there today. She kind of made me hesitant to go back because she seemed so disinterested and never smiled. I get the impression she thinks she’s posh and elite, lol.

    I was pretty brand loyal to MAC for a long time. I started to branch out more when we got a Sephora that was close enough to me. I still love a lot of MAC products, but my love for the brand isn’t the same as it used to be. I guess I grew tired of MAC antics…the crazy frequent collections and the sucky attitudes from their customer service put me off. There are so many brands to play with now, and while I still love MAC, I’m too interested in trying new products from all different brands to stick to just one.

  89. Jacqueline

    My first MAC product was a Sheertone blush in Blushbaby. It wasn’t until this year that I purchased my first MAC product, so I still have it and use it all the time! I have sensitive skin and was wary at first, but since the blush didn’t break me out, I decided to venture out and try other products from the brand. :)

  90. My first Mac product was a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and the 129 Brush, and I really liked both of them, but when it comes to Mac I actually don’t have a ton of stuff!

  91. flip-flop-chickie

    MAC lusterglass in wonderstruck! i remember buying it when i was 11 or so – too young!

  92. Jennifer

    I’ve known about MAC for a long time. I had friends who swore by their makeup. I recently purchased MAC studiosculpt foundation and mineralize skinfinish natural (My friend had an employee discount so I decided to give it a try). It was a nice change from using bare minerals (my skin is much too dry to use it in the winter), but that wouldn’t stop me from trying other foundations in the future.

  93. Sagehen

    My first expwerience with MAC was Glam Lipstick, the first color sold to benefit AIDS research (it was discontinued in 2007 to my chagrin). I am dating myself but it was only available via mial order at the time in the US. I bought it and LOVED it. I bought many tubes of it, especially once it became available in stores in the US. It began a love affair which is still going strong. I was pleased to find that they had a full-coverage foundation which matched my skintone perfectly (also discontinued). I did not think I could wear makeup with my dark skin until I found this line of richly-pigmented, long-wearing cosmetics. MAC and I are growing apart as the continue to stop making foundation dark enough to suit me and go more and more into the expensive limited edition stuff with messy launches, but I still go back to this line when I absolutley have to look great.

  94. Jessica

    I first got into makeup at the young age of about 10 via YouTube makeup and beauty gurus. From then I bought cheap makeup, and for a while I was into nail polish, cheap, mind you, but I was always lead back to makeup. I so desperately wanted to try MAC but ut was insanely expensive here, like 40 bucks for a lipstick. I purchased my first Mac product a few days before I turned 12. It was a pro long wear lipcreme in overtime which looked a lot like snob and was a mistake purchase. Getting mixed up with all the names the s/a was throwing at me, I told her overtime thinking I would be opening up a lipstick that was a bright, fun pinky red fuschia but instead I got a pale pink. I still own it however I barely wear it. After that about a day or two before my 12th birthday, my dad got me a sheen supreme lipstick in ultra darling, seeing the swatches online and I loved the color. A bit darker than I expected, I continued to wear it to this day. After that my mum went to America and picked me up a bunch of Mac stuff while she was there. I still love Mac so much better than the cheapies you would get in the dollar store.

  95. Jillian

    oh gosh i can’t really remember, but I think I bought Sunbasque blush or Lovelorn and Shy Girl Lipsticks. It was only recently I had begun getting into MAC because I was always intimidated. Now, I have way too many lipsticks, blushes, paint pots, foundation, etc. Surprisingly, I don’t have any eye shadows, but that’s because I love my naked palettes sooo much.

  96. Sally

    MAC wasn’t my first higher end makeup brand, but it most certainly is the brand that I own the most of. My first MAC products were Lipstick in Lame’ and Lipliner in Spice which I purchased in High School and I am still upset that they discontinued Lame’ as it is a MLBB shade for me. Like Christine, my love for the brand has waned considerably in the past year. I find myself looking at brands that are similar, like Illamasqua, who just do pigmentation so well, especially with mattes, and every product is consistently good! I long for the days of MAC amazingness! Lure and Smoking Collections were impeccable and it has been almost 10 years since those launched. MAC, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, focus on quality not quantity and you’ll see your loving fans run back to you!

  97. Amanda

    Christine- or anybody who knows-

    Could you please tell me the name of the gorgeoussssss orangey-gold shadow in the picture on the left?! Judging by the packaging it’s LE, but STILL.

  98. Amanda

    I bought Paradisco and Mulch and my first 2 MAC colors. Wore them together everyday for about a year and then started to explore into the brand.

  99. My first MAC product was probably their lipstick in Myth, which I got in 2005 at a duty free store before going to Japan. I have no clue what happened to it, but I think I probably finished it. I only got back into MAC within the last year or so, and have explored more into everything they have again. I’m definitely back in love with their lipsticks, along with Kissable Lipcolours (my favorite items from them right now), Fix+, Prep + Prime Skin, and their MSF Natural powder.

  100. I think my first ever MAC purchase were eye and lip palettes from Nordstrom. I believe they were called Shademates?

    Then I went many years without purchasing any MAC. I rediscovered it a few years later and picked up some items during Hello Kitty then followed with Naked Honey. Then I learned about CCO’s and went a little nuts and got way too many things. For awhile I was addicted to the new collections but that quickly faded. I think the last time I bought something in a freestanding store was either Colour Craft or Starflash. Then I tried to cut back. I did splurge on Wonder Woman lipglass when it came out.

    I have way too much that I’ve never used and have been trying to really sort out and decide what to keep and what to purge. I just think there are so many options out there now and find the newer MAC collections underwhelming. The only newer items that really tempt me are the fluidlines and paint pots. I’m a total sucker for pigments and was on a quest to collect as many as I could. Then I got annoyed when they downsized them while increasing the price. I know that realistically the amount is still way more than I need but I still found it frustrating.