Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Lancome

What was the first Lancome product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: The first product I tried by Lancome was Pixel Pink, which was a lipstick that was part of the Pout-a-Porter series.  From there, I tried some of their summer bronzers, which usually have really gorgeous designs on them (my favorite was the Bamboo one). There are definitely products I like by Lancome, but it’s not a brand that I seem to gravitate towards on my own. I feel like I need someone to tell me something is amazing before I’ll check it out.

Share your first time experiences with Lancome in the comments! :)

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41 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Lancome

  1. litlaur

    My mom has always worn Lancome Definicils mascara, so I’ve known about Lancome since I was a kid. The first product I actually tried was their Dual Finish Powder Foundation, which she received in a GWP. It was totally not my shade, but I loved how smooth it made my skin look.

  2. Tried their liquid eyeliners and I’m in love !!! I tried one of their palettes though (the teal one) and was a tad disappointed…

  3. Lancome is owned by Loreal and tests on animals back in those days.  I think I only bought one item from Lancome because it came with gift with purchase a French bread roll.  Lancome like Estee Lauder just does not excite me.  I am surprise it has lasted as long as it has.  Other brands have rolled and out.

    • Dominique33

      Yes it belongs to l’Oréal, it’s been so since 1964 I think… It tests on animals, I wonder what products are not tested ( drugs, shampoos, pet food as well ), sad and it has to change.

      • xamyx

        @Dominique33 They’ve been working on alternative methods for a few years now, and they’re nearly at the point they no longer do animal testing.

      • xamyx

        @Dominique33 They’ve been working on alternative methods for a few years now, and they’re nearly at the point they no longer do animal testing.

  4. Dominique33

    I started with a blush. Then I purchased few makeup products. In 2007 or so I purchased a very lovely lipbalm in a very pretty glass box. At that time Lancôme was still classy. Now it’s quite low cost makeup and packagings though the ” In Love ” collection is very nice on the whole.

  5. army_wife_in_alaska

    I’ve been given Lancome lipstick samples and creams by my mom when I was younger but my first real Lancome product I bought for myself was their Teint Miracle Foundation. It works really well for me and I’m happy that AAFES carries a Lancome kiosk at our PX. I also normally get my serum from this brand but I can’t say I have tried alot of their color makeup.

  6. xamyx

    Lancome was my gateway brand into HE cosmetics when I was about 15. Back then, they offered *constant* GWP/PWP deals, and they were more cosmetic based rather than skincare based. My mom, although she never wore makeup, was always game to try new perfumes, so I was always able to talk her into trying a Lancome perfume, so I could have the GWP. One of my favorites back then was a lipstick in Crushed Rose. I also really liked the mascaras, eyeshadows were much better, and the powder kohl pencil was amazing. It was many years before I tried a foundation, but I wasn’t impressed, although I really liked it, as I could get the same thing from L’Oreal at. Third of the price. I don’t buy much Lancome anymore, as I feel the quality has diminished and I have since moved on to other brands. I still stop by the counter on occasion if I happen to pass by (although the SA’s are extremely pushy), and while at Sephora I’m looking at too many other brands. It seems Lancome is focusing alot more on skincare, and as a result, the color cosmetics aren’t as good.

    • freshpinklips

       @xamyx Really? I started out with Loreal when I was a brokeass teenager and then moved on to Lancome. Loreal breaks me out; Lancome doesn’t. I can actually tell when I take off my makeup whether I used Loreal or Lancome. I do agree that Lancome SA’s are kinda pushy. lol.

      • xamyx

        @freshpinklips I started with L’Oreal, too, but when I actually had a job and could buy my own makeup, I decided to try the foundation, which was *exactly* the same as the L’Oreal one I was using at the time (only I don’t remember the formulas anymore, LOL). I’ve only ever had an issue with CoverGirl foundations in the past, when they had an ingredient called “Noxell” (I’m not sure if they still do), which caused my skin to feel tight, dry, and flaky. I really loved the eyeshadows back then, too, but they don’t seem as “buttery” or pigmented. The Lancome SA’s at the mall I go to regularly are sooo pushy, and I usually end up leaving. For some reason, it’s only that particular counter.

    • leihyingyang

       @xamyx  Lancome makes good foundation and NO the L’Oreal formula is NOT exactly the same as the Lancome one. I used both and the Lancome foundation is quite better than the rather thick goopy and kind of smelly L’Oreal one. You seem to like belittling brand you don’t consider “high end enough” to “impress you”.

  7. Marian57

    The first Lancome products I tried were skincare. I just love their Galatee Confort cleanser, their alcohol-free toner, Tonique Douceur? I don’t use them anymore because they’re a bit rich for me but I love the fragrance.
    I use their dual finish powder foundation in summertime. Love Definicils mascara and Artliner.

  8. LJ777

    Their foundation – especially teint idole 24hr – is wonderful for oily skin. My new favourite foundation by far.

  9. torahan

    I cannot remember the very first product, but my first real haul ever was from the L.U.C.I-collection in 2008. Ever since I have looked forwards to seeing every new collection. More times than not there is something wonderful there, and I always find the products to be of good quality.

  10. My mom loves Lancome, so I first tried it out after watching her use it and playing around with a lot of the gift eyeshadows they give out. She still uses Lancome…I don’t. Not sure why I don’t gravitates towards it; maybe it’s because I associate it with my mom’s generation of women! 

    •  @annedreshfield haha..I’m almost 50 and I still associate this brand with older woman as well.  LoL  

      • xamyx

        @wwendalynne @annedreshfield Which makes it all the more ironic that they fired Isabella Rosselini as the face of Lancome because she was “too old”. Never mind she still looked a good 20 years younger than she was at the time, which you’d think would be good in pushing their anti-aging skincare products.

      • hwendy

         @wwendalynne I actually wouldn’t say it is an old lady brand as there are so many older but chic ladies. (look at Monica Belluci for dolce gabbana.) the image of Lancome is so out of date. the packaging, the campaign photos and etc are all so not modern and cheapy…
        BUT, some products are actually really good. It is a shame. if you only look at quality not the image, I would say it is much better then Chanel in general.
        but we never know, maybe they make good money from keeping this image. There is probably a big market out there.

        •  @hwendy okay, well CHIC old lady brand then … *giggle* :0)  

        •  @hwendy  @wwendalynne I agree — the problem is their marketing and branding, not so much the product themselves. I know a lot of women (of all ages) who swear by some of their products…but I’ve never really thought about trying it myself because they’ve never caught my interest themselves, you know? Now, if I were looking for a certain product and a friend told me to run out and try Lancome’s, I probably would. But that’s word-of-mouth marketing, and not by the company. 😉

  11. Miss J

    Lancome was my first “HE” brand. I can’t remember the FIRST product, but I know it was my go-to brand for mascara for a long time. Hypnose was my staple mascara. I had a bunch of their Juicy Tubes and a few shadows. I had a concealer that I think is now discontinued. I had a cream shadow in a tube similar to MAC Paints. Hmmm. I think I had the Artliner. I also remember wearing Lancome Miracle Perfume in HS. It’s not a brand I look towards on my own, but I will try stuff if I hear good reviews.
    BTW, Christine, do you know if the new Lancome lash curler is supposed to be the dupe for the Shu lash curler? I heard it was either Estee Lauder or Lancome that was coming out with a dupe, but now I can’t remember.

  12. Lyn

    I really like Lancome, I think it’s because they were the first brand to properly colour match my skin and I still use the Teint Miracle Foundation! I also like their cleansers and Bifacil. Their La Laque Fever Lipstains are super underrated but I wouldn’t buy eyeshadow or eyeliner from them. I also like their packaging especially the Rouge in Love lipsticks so love them for skincare and lippies but not for the eyes in a nutshell :)

  13. Carol

    My first Lancome product was a blush called “Rose Terre” and it was from the mid-60s!! Actually, it was my first makeup purchase ever & I still have it although I’ve definitely hit pan! I’m still in love with the brand.

  14. lucklesscinnamon

    Hypnose was my first high-end mascara – possibly even my first high-end product? I still like Lancome’s mascaras (though without buying them any more), but whenever I swatch their blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows or even eyeliners, they just don’t seem good (or when they do, there’s nothing for my skintone) and so I’ve never had anything else from them. They seem to have some nice foundations – but again, nothing my colour! :(

  15. hwendy

    Lancome is my first skin products brand and I think her skin products do nothing to my skin.
    and I started trying out her products only since last year as the brand image was not that attractive to me.
    but after trying out some products, I have to say it s actually worthy to try out this brand.
    if I want dramatic eyes, my favorite mascaras are Virtuose or doll eyes, or drama, I love them all.
    I really like Bi-Fail instant eye cleanser as well and
    by far, the best foundation i have tried for oily skin is Teint Idole Ulra 24H which is the only one actually makes my face look less oily.

  16. Lancome is very much run of the mill middle department store brand and not one of my go to brands for cosmetics.  I can’t remember the first Lancome product I ever purchased to be honest as it was eons ago, but I do use one of their skin care products now, Visionnaire, which is a milder resurfacing serum that my skin seems to be able to handle on a bi-nightly basis.  I would have to read a really rave review on a product before I would purchase a cosmetic from this brand.

  17. Jennifer

    I recently decided to give the Lancome Teint Idole 24h foundation a try and I really do love it. I’ve also really liked their Bi-facil make up remover and have also tried their Hypnose Drama mascara.

  18. minek

    I’ve always loved Lancome’s Art Liner. Also, the Declarin Indigo gold/blue palette!

  19. minek

    Also, Defencils mascara is amazing.

  20. ashtraygirl6

    Defencils mascara 15 years ago, followed by a huge love for colour focus eyeshadows – now  15 years later I still use lancome’s mascara but L’Extreme and hypnose precious cells insted of defencils

  21. KaseyCannuck

    My favourite product was the Aromatonic perfume. I almost cried when it was discontinued. I would buy it at GWP time to try other products. The ones I liked were the Definicils mascara and the Bi-facil makeup remover, though not enough to purchase the full size versions. I found their cream samples to be so full of perfume that I wouldn’t dare put them on my face…I used them as hand or body moisturizers instead.

  22. Mariella

    I used to use a lot of Lancome products when I was in my 20’s and 30’s (blush, lipstick, their mascara, which was the only one I used,  and skincare) but I don’t think I’ve purchased a Lancome product in the last 20 years….I guess nothing has really appealed to me much and there’s so much more to choose from these days.

  23. YUUUUP

    The first Lancome product I ever got was a lipstick called Poodle Skirt. I bought it in a little beauty boutique in a Tanger shopping outlet. I remember getting 2 of the same color because it was on sale. The color is still available now. I also have that same lipstick in the shade “pink in the limo”. This shade is “discontinued” from places like SAKS or Sephora but I can still find it at Lancome counters at my local mall and Bealls Lancome counters. I only use Lancome Dual Finish Powder, I dont use any other foundation/powder/tinted moisturizer/BB cream etc on my face, just dual finish. You get a lot of product in the compact (.67 oz) so it lasts awhile, it has medium coverage, its SPF free so it doesnt break me out and it comes in so many shades that I can find a perfect match whether I’m fair in the winter, light the rest of the time, and medium after a summer tan at the beach.

  24. InkedAngel78

    I think my first experience with Lancome were the Juicy Tubes and the concealer palette ‘Palette Mix’.
    The concealer is great, I still use it, but the Juicy Tubes didn’t do much for me. 
    Just a few of their products I really love:
    Hypnose WP mascara
    Definicils WP mascara
    Art Liner in Black
    BiFacil makeup remover (takes off even the most waterproof products)
    Teint Miracle foundation
    Photogenic Lumessence foundation
    Color Idéal foundation

  25. Leticia

    The first Lancome product I bought was Definicils Mascara and I loved it so much I repurchased it many times. But then prices got too high and I had to stay away from the brand for a while. Later on I tried some other products and I really liked them all: Bifacil eye makeup remover, a daytime moisturizer with grape seed oil in it that I think is not sold anymore, a body scrub that smelled so yummy and is now discontinued, Juicy Tubes, which I love until this day and with GWP I tried a few lipsticks and blushes, which I also liked. These days I´m only using their Dual Finish Powder, which I love and some Rouge in Love lipsticks, which I confess I´m obsessed with – I want to get more and more colors! I also enjoy their Tresor and Tresor in Love perfumes. Right now I’m thinking about getting Teint Idole foundation, but I’m not fully convinced because of the shades available here. However, in general, Lancome is a brand that I really like and tend to look at when I´m able to give myself a treat!

  26. AmyHe

    The first makeup products I ever touched we’re probably from Lancôme as my mom uses their skin care and makeup. I remember playing with those free eyeshadow palettes and mascara 2 years ago before I really got into makeup. I don’t feel like it’s an old lady brand as there’s so many colors that an older lady might faint if someone put it on them. I do think it’s on the chic French spectrum especially with the new lipstick packagings. I love certain Juicy Tubes just cuz it smells nice xD I have bought some makeup products from the Spring 2012 collection that I absolutely adore and wish I could have gotten the whole collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of their Rouge In Love lipsticks either. Love the tininer and cute lipstick packaging that still holds the same amount of lipstick

  27. AmyHe

    I also think their La Laque Fever glosses and other glosses are underrated and I love the Beach Gem art liner I got. Beautiful sparkly color, but it stains a bit >

  28. Safyre

    Lancome is my mom’s favorite makeup brand – I think it’s because it was accessible and not ovetpriced back in the ‘old country’ (we moved to the US from Belarus). The first product she purchased for me was their wet/dry foundation (not sure of the exact name), and it came with a gift set that featured their definicils mascara. In having re-purchased both those products I discovered their amazing Color Design lipsticks in those gift-with-purchase type things. While it’s not the first brand I think to shop for anymore because I’ve got my own favorites, I do have a bunch of their blushes and lipsticks on my wish list.