Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Guerlain

What was the first Guerlain product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Guerlain product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  The first Guerlain products I ever tried were their KissKiss Glosses, which I really liked–it was moisturizing, longer lasting, and had a very pretty shimmer. The next product after that was a Meteorites Pressed Powder (not the compact one, but it was a little larger). I remember I really loved their Exotic Paradise collection that came out in spring 2009. Guerlain is one of my favorite brands, because they put out small, edited launches that usually knock it out of the park. I don’t find too many flops within this brand!

Share your first time experiences with Guerlain in the comments! :)

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67 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Guerlain

  1. The first thing I tried from Guerlain was a sample of the Rouge Automatic Lipstick in “Coque D’Or” and it really put me off the brand entirely -_-… It was way too slippery!

    • I got that sample too (from Sephora – the mini one?) – I don’t like that either, I find it a bit too slippery and the color is not right for me, but I own a full size Rouge Automatique, and the texture is great!

  2. I remember begging my friend to let me try her Terracotta bronzer. I’ve been pining for it ever since.

  3. snm

    Meteorites was my first touch with Guerlain but in a different way.As a kid who liked to mess with her mother’s stuff,mostly make up that is,I was pretty sure that the pretty jar filled with little colorful,sweet smelling balls sitting on the drawer was something to play with.So I did play,which resulted with half of the product smashed and our rug covered with a luminious glow.And yeah,she was angry:D
    Years later,as a conscious customer I went for the Meteorites again.Guerlain is a brand that I can afford occasinally and every time I do,I fell in love with the quality.Lately I fell in love with Rouge Automatiques(thanks to guess who:)).My most recent purchase is the blush Soleil Couchant.It is so great that I have been using it non stop for 2 weeks.It was a painful splurge but worth it.Too bad their blushes are not getting as much rave as Chanel does because they are great enough to justify the price tag,unlike some high end brands.

    • Chantal

      Oh no! Crushed and spilled Meteorite ballz! :( Of course, you were only a child, but your mom must have been sad.

      Now that you are grown up, have you ever given her new Meteorites as a present? That way you could laugh about the past, and also enjoy your common love for Guerlain!

      I wish I had those kinds of memories with my mother; I’m the one who got her into makeup. But she really doesn’t understand the luxury brands. She is more pragmatic about it, whereas I love the transformative aspect and the fantasy. Guerlain is my favorite brand; there is something about it that makes me enjoy using their products, beyond their obvious quality. The beautiful compacts, the delicate fragrance…it just speaks luxury and femininity to me. It’s not something I could explain — except to a fellow Guerlain lover!

  4. Actually my love for Guerlain is entirely your fault, Christine! I read some reviews on your blog then I went to the counter for a swatch-fest. Then what can I say… I fell in love! My first purchase from them is the KissKiss Extreme Lipstick in 120 Rouge Infini, which I still consider my perfect red lipstick to this day.

  5. I remember I have just started high-school and I’ve spent all summer working so I wanted to buy some high-end make up as a reward. I’ve decided I need a blush and I’ve already set my eyes on Dior, but at that time Dior had a really cheap looking packaging. The SA then recommended Guerlain and I’ve been in love with the brand ever since. There was a period when I have only bought Guerlain. However, I have branched out a bit, but even today a large majority of my stash is Guerlain.
    They have excellent eyeshadows, face powders and bronzers. Still, my favourite product so far is Rouge Automatique in Nahema.

  6. I’ve used Guerlain Pressed Poweder and I absolutely LOVE IT! The brand is on a bit of a pricey side but it is well worth the money. They have quality products that don’t look gunky and last all day.

    I reccommend Guerlain to anyone who hasn’t tried it, you won’t be dissapointed!

  7. Evelyn

    The first thing I tried was the Rouge G lipstick in Grenade. Loved it. Then I bought my first Meteorites and the magic it worked on my dull skin was amazing! All those light diffusing properties definitely help distract the eye from imperfections. It’s definitely one of my top 3 favorite makeup companies.

  8. My first ever Guerlain purchase was the KissKiss Stick Gloss in Rose des Sables. I love that one sooo much because it’s the perfect natural color for me. I got it on a buy one get one promotion. I used the gloss so often that I eventually ran out and right now I still haven’t repurchased because I couldn’t find it anymore :(

  9. amy

    I remember getting a sample of some sort of skincare product whem I was in high school, and I absolutely hated it. It smelled too “perfumy” and really irritated my skin, which is not by any means considered sensitive. I have not tried anything else since from this brand, as I consider myself a concienscious consumer, and I won’t even consider repurchasing a brand that gave me an adverse reaction, as I don’t believe in returning used cosmetics, and I *never* swatch testers anywhere near my face. If a sample ever came my way, I *may* consider giving it another try.

  10. Eileen

    My first Guerlain encounter was with perfumes: Shalimar and Sous Le Vent. Almost 50 years later, I still have a love affair with Sous Le Vent. As for cosmetics, my first love was and is the Météorites pearls. I have quite a collection and always purchase the latest edition. I must admitted, I am quite the Guerlain fanatic and own a slew of Guerlain cosmetics.

  11. t_zwiggy

    The first product I tried was their bronzer. I was so disappointed! So heavily scented (what I would call an old lady fragrance), I can smell it on my face at the end of the day. The color was also completely wrong for my skintone, way too yellow.

    I have many Guerlain products that I really like (mostly face products like highlighters), but never use because of that awful overpowering scent.

    Whenever I see anything Guerlain now, all I think is “Soooo prettty, but not worth the migraines”.

    • Have you considered leaving your powder compact open for a few days? Or you could put it next to a bowl of lemon juice or vinegar – I have heard they’ll absorb the scent :)

  12. Never bought Guerlain and only tested the products in store. But what a funky look palette in the middle Christine.

  13. Ioanna

    The very first Guerlain product I bought and tried was a make up product. It was the then “Divinora” liquid liner in black. Guerlain still makes the liquid liner under a different name though. The formulation back then was a little disappointing as it was drying fast in the bottle. By years, the formula has been improved. I still buy the liner, which not only has bold colour but stays on amazingly well. <3

  14. Frckls

    Kiss Kiss Lacque in Sensual Nude! I have huge troubles with nudes. They tend to lean too brown, too mauve, too pink (Barbie pink on me bcs of my yellow medium skin), etc. But THIS is love at first sight! It’s the perfect peachy-pink nude. It doesn’t wash me out, not too brown/mauve/pink, but subtle enough to let me rock any statement eye makeup! LOVE!

  15. Stephanie t-p

    First purchase was kisskiss essence de gloss 461, gorgeous color!
    But I love their lipsticks! Rouge g Gabrielle is my everyday, kisskiss insolence de rouge is te perfect red, and the rouge automatiques are amazing colors and packaging!
    I also love the creativity of their powders, they’re all wonderful with exceptional quality, my favorites are the meteorites compact, and the bronzing powders. I wish I could wear a foundation but they’re all much too dark for me, but they look amazing on clients, which is another reason I love guerlain, because my customers love it, and it’s an easy sale!

  16. Gina

    First and only Guerlain purchase was the Rouge G in Gigolo. It’s so stunning, from the color to the quality. I can’t wait to try more. I thinking I might save up for the Meteorites!

  17. Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic, the colorful pearls…love it! Even my little girl, then 3 years old, loves it so much. And till today, during special occasions, she would take a brush and apply all over her face. She just knows! :)

  18. Dominique

    I think it was a Kiss Kiss lipstick, followed by les Voilettes quite recently and 4 Rouge Automatique.

  19. Iliana

    My very first purchase was Meteorites several years ago. Now i have 90% of their permanent products (disc ones too) plus almost every LE product from 2008 till now.
    I really like their fragrances too! Last week i visited the Guerlain boutique to get the summer collection and i also bought Cuir Beluga fragrance from L ‘Art et la Matière line…
    Yes, i love Guerlain LOL!

  20. Audrey

    I really like Guerlain, but it’s something I just can’t afford right now. When I was flying home from Japan the Tokyo Airport had this huge summer sale going on and I picked up the Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Primer. It was the first primer I had used that didn’t break me out and I STILL have it 2 years later. When I realized how old my bottle and went to get a new one I about died (I honestly was trying to get rid of my Yen when I was coming home and didn’t really pay attention to the price) I hadn’t realized how expensive it really was (go figure it was the only one that really WORKED).

    Since then I’ve gotten to try samples of their lip glosses and so forth, I really, really like the company, just not something I can splurge on just yet XD

  21. Lilinah

    My first was real Shalimar perfume that i purloined from my mother. It was my signature scent for decades. A few years ago i purchased a set of 3 mini Meteorites. And then i got Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder in Blondes, which is probably the FINEST bronzing powder in the entire world! I confess i bought it on eBay and got a good price.

    I dream of getting a Guerlain lipstick (you do such good reviews, Christine!) and of getting a LE holiday set of Meteorites some year.

  22. AnGeLwInGz

    The most I’ve ever experienced with Guerlain is playing with the beautiful products at Sephora. Sadly, I just cannot afford them :(

  23. Claire

    my first ever guerlain product was their parure aqua foundation. i have acne prone skin and this NEVER breaks me out. it feels like your applying a moisturizer and the colour matches perfectly. i have since bought most of their products including the meteorites pearls and pressed powder, 4 eclats blusher, terracotta lose powder, liquid eye liner, face and eyeshadow primer mascara and the list goes on and on… im totally in love with this brand!! even though they are expensive they last forever. the foundation lasts for over a year (i use it daily) and i have never been able to finish any of the meteorites powder and pearls!
    i suggest it to any one. i prefer to save up a bit and spend it on a guerlain product. hopefully now ill buy the new terracota bronzer/blusher by emilio pucci 😀
    dont give up on the price tag, its worth giving them a try 😉

  24. Marina

    I have yet to try a Guerluin product, though I’m dying too. What’s your absolute favorite, Christine?

    • Rouge Gs are probably my favorite. I also love Parure Gold (foundation) and Les Voilettes (loose powder), both products I reach for regularly. I also love the pressed Meteorites – they add that “what are you doing? your skin looks so good right now” effect.

  25. Ninja cat

    First product ever was the Terracotta Light bronzer. A new Shoppers Drug Mart had just opened and I had received a voucher for a FREE Guerlain bronzer. I’m not talking puny sample size; I’m talking a free full-sized product, so how I could turn that down? While getting that I spotted the Guerlain by Emilio Pucci collection, and there, that started it because I bought the whole collection. I’m in love with their Meteorite products and think that since the Rouge Automatique line came out, they finally fixed the drying lipstick problem. Now if only they’d fix their lipgloss!

    • Stephanie t-p

      Ahh what shoppers? Like in Ontario? I didn’t know the Emilio Pucci line was launched yet /:

      • Ninja cat

        A Shopper’s in Alberta. This was a few years ago (2007) when Guerlain and Pucci first collaborated. I got that collection. The collection this summer is their second collaboration.

  26. Luv Jaime

    My love for Guerlain started with the Terracotta Bronzers, which I first tried about 13 years ago. I just started wearing makeup then and could get away with a measly translucent powder and bronzer (oh how I miss those days!) To this day, my makeup arsenal is not complete without a Guerlain Terracotta bronzer!

  27. divinem (Melissa)

    My first Guerlain purchase was Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette in Voilette Du Soir 461. Lovely, buttery texture, beautiful payoff. An excellent first experience. I’ve never been disappointed with a Guerlain product.

  28. Kimmie T

    My first product EVER was the metorites the little balls. It just makes my skin look a little more special

  29. Em

    I haven’t tried anything from Guerlain yet, but I’m dying to get my hands on the Météorites Compact Powder….all thanks to the raves you’ve given it :). My Sephora has a really small Guerlain section, but I’m visiting my aunt later this week and she lives near a much bigger one, so I’m planning on getting a view things…this powder is definitely on my list.

  30. jhoanne

    i have fallen in love with guerlain since my very first tube of kisskiss lipstick! then came the rouge g’s, the meteorites, and of course the bottles and bottles of parure extreme which has become my holy grail foundation!

  31. Guerlain was the first prestige brand I ever purchased. I already loved their perfumes (particularly Mitsouko) and on a friend’s recommendation, I tried their eye kohl, which is still one of my favourite products ever. I tried one of their foundations after reading some rave reviews of it, but I found that the colour was a little too dark, even on the lightest shade. :-(

    It took me a while to get hooked on their colour cosmetics, but once I caved and tried my first Rouge G, I was done for. They’re still one of my favourite “couture” brands (my preference goes back and forth between them and Armani) and I look forward to their launches like a girl going on a first date. I just wish they’d release the pale girl foundation colours here!

  32. Lizzi

    I bought their My Indulgence perfume in December 2007, and when you’re a high school junior, dropping $95 on one perfume is a big expense. But, I had my first makeup purchase from them when I was at the French pavilion in Disney’ Epcot last May. They have a Guerlain boutique there, and I bought one of the $49 chic lipsticks, I forget the name of those ones. I’ve made a deal with myself that’ll get a Terracotta bronzer only when I’ve used some of mine up. I agree that their stuff is of high quality and worth the prices.

  33. Marian Humin

    Although I own many, many Guerlain fragrances, I have only tried one item from their cosmetic line. I bought the Terracotta loose powder kohl liner. The packaging is pretty. I feel comfortable applying it but I have to say, I rarely reach for it. I much prefer a pencil or liquid liner.
    Although I am often wowed by Guerlain packaging and their reviews are often stellar, I haven’t delved into this brand and I can’t tell you why!

  34. Jennifer

    I hadn’t heard of the brand until I started reading this blog :)

  35. Jen

    While I just happened to be walking by the Guerlain section at Sephora, a SA stopped me and asked if I needed help, when I told her I was just browsing. She proceeded to ‘show me something really nice’ which was brushing Meteorites over my face. I didn’t notice much but I thought the pearls were very cute, but I couldn’t afford to purchase such an expensive finishing powder yet… I wouldn’t even know how to use it well…I was just starting out with makeup at the time, didn’t even have much makeup at the time… of course my collection has grown 1 year later… and perhaps when Sephora gives us the holiday gift card this year, I will purchase those pearls… teehee…

  36. bxboricua

    Just bought my first Guerlain product, Rouge G lipstick in Gina :) It’s gorgeous

  37. Guerlain cosmetics are extremely popular and of high quality. I can not wait to try it.

  38. Little Red

    My first encounter with Guerlain was through their fragrances specifically Samsara in 1998. It was glorious stuff. I’ve just recently started buying and using Guerlain makeup. So far so good.

  39. CeeBee

    I adore Guerlain!

    My first products were the beige Meteorites, I think I have an old Winter Radiance one around soemwhere as well. The next was a Kisskiss lipstick, which was too strongly scented and unbearable for me, so that went to a new home.
    More recently, the Rouge G (I think I have about 12) and Rouge Automatiques (LOVE Coque D’or and Apres L’ondee!) but I think I treasure the Blush G most of all…

    Fragrance wise, Idylle is lovely, the Aqua Allegoria’s are usually interesting and wearable but Insolence and I do NOT get on. At all.

    The skin care range is OK, quite highly fragranced but horrendously overpriced.

    Oh, and KissKiss gloss in Rose Tentation (865) is possibly the most wearable neutral pink gloss ever in the whole entire universe.

  40. The very first product was not make up but perfume. Guerlain Insolence. Since I try that, I only put this perfume!

  41. San

    My first Guerlain purchase was rouge G lipstick in Gracia and i remember Christine advising to get a shade that was wearable,i was stunned a the price but once i applied i instantly knew the difference it covered all the dark pigmentation and plumped my lips and was worth every dollar i paid for it.
    later i tried their foundation parure aqua,meteorites pressed compact adn eyeshadow..i love them all..nothing disappoints,if it were not for the price my collection wouldve been much larger :)

  42. It has been so long ago, I dont even remember. I think it was the makeup compact or was it the foundation. I did buy two sets of duo eyeshadows and still have them….brand spanking new. Back then over 20 years ago, only I Magnin in SF had Guerlain. And they even had this points reward for some gift. The one major thing that I really dont like about Guerlain is that it promotes a product such as a compact foundation where you can buy refills for the foundation or another compact for eyeshadow and blush. Then a year later, the product is discontinued way before I even hit the pan. So what is the point. Also, the product is way way way expensive. I love French brand cosmetics. That say, French brand cosmetics should be made in FRANCE, not Italy. Let Italian products be made in Italy. Buying a product made in France is just so chic.

  43. Violet

    My first Guerlain product was one of the Meteorites, I believe. I must’ve been about 10-11, and I got it second-hand from my aunt. Next was a bronzer, but it’s now too dark for me. I love their Rouge G, I got Gigolo as per your recommendation! Thanks!

  44. Wendy

    Cruel Gardenia Meteorites! It had been sold out everywhere online for at least a month; even when a store check through Saks turned up nothing. I called my local Saks, and the SA searched and found me one at another store.

  45. My first Guerlain product was their Le 2 volumizing mascara – what a flop! Especially considering the cost. I recently picked up the Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer in Blondes and LOVE it. So the brand is redeemed in my eyes….Whatever you do, avoid Le 2!

  46. Sarah

    Today was my first experience with Guerlain! I order the Rouge G Le Brillant in Betsy B62 as a special treat. The color is perfect and I love the glossy look. I do love the look and heft of the mirrored holder; it is such a treat to put this lipstick on! I’m excited to try something else now.

  47. my first is Cruel gardenia! very late I know but better late than never! 😛

  48. Mirta

    Ooooh I bought a Divinora The art of lines palette years ago and fell in love instantly! I still have it but of course I don’t use it anymore. I’m so sad that it’s to old to be used again :(

  49. My first product was the Guerlain Blush G! So beautiful. I still own it, and my collection is growing! They do really awesome Products for the Face!^^

  50. Ivory

    The first thing I tried/bought from Guerlain is Un Air de Samsara, a flanker for summer of the grand perfume of Samsara. It did pave way for a true love with the brand. I have been using Guerlain products for over 15 years now. My 2nd bottle of Un Air de Samsara is still kept on my shelf and used frequently during summertime. I have more than 50 bottles of Guerlain perfume.

  51. Stacey Watrobski

    Cannot afford. But hey, cheers to those who can! Wait…I take that back. I have their eye kohl and it’s pretty boss. More effort than I’d like but it’s a great brown and the shimmer doesn’t overwhelm the color. So there’s that…

  52. Danielle Marie

    Thanks to you Christine I am completely obsessed with Guerlain! I loveeee their Lingerie de Peau foundation, as well as their bronzer, powder, and lipsticks! Thanks for introducing me to a fabulous brand! :) My first purchase was their bronzer I believe, and as a result I got hooked!

  53. Ana-Lisa Becerra

    Over the past year, this has become one of my favorite brands! I love their Lingerie de Peau and Terracotta Skin foundations, Meteorites Pressed Powder, lipsticks, and 4-eyeshadow palettes. I only have a handful of these items because they are so expensive, but they have all been worth it.

  54. Hadas Purple Abramovitch

    Awesome brand. Tried out lately parure aqua and it’s great :)

  55. Wendy Lynne Misener

    First Guerlain purchase was foundation and similar to Ana-Lisa’s story, it has quickly become one of my favourite brands along with Tom Ford.. much to my wallet’s chagrin. I love both Lingerie de Peau and purchased it despite some negative reviews, and also Parure Gold fluid foundation for times when I would like a little heavier/moister coverage. Overall, their colour collections always have something of interest and they are on-trend, but unique. Definitely a consistently great quality brand in my opinion.

  56. Iris

    My first encounter with Guerlain is when I saw Christine swatched the gorgeous Rouge G Garconne and my jaw literally dropped. It was my first and only lip stick that I have ever paid $50 + tax for. The second item I bought is Lingerie de Peau foundation. It looks so sleek on my skin and feels supreme. My friend also bought hers and we couldn’t stop admiring each other whenever we wear it.