Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Estee Lauder

What was the first Estee Lauder product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  My first Estee Lauder products were mascaras! That’s kind of a weird way to start using a brand, I think, particularly because Estee Lauder isn’t as known for their mascaras as other brands (like Dior and Diorshow).  After that, I tried some of their skin care, which I did like, though sometimes the scents of their skin care range can be too heavy for me.  I really like what Estee Lauder has been doing recently — the products are stellar with some fantastic colors and ranges.

Share your first time experiences with Estee Lauder in the comments! :)

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46 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Estee Lauder

  1. litlaur

    The first Estee Lauder product I used was their So Clean Deep Pore Mask. My face looked and felt so smooth after using it. I hate that they discontinued it. I’ve tried similar masks, but nothing else quite measures up.


    EL is my mother’s brand. She has always used it because their mascara was the only one she could use without having an allergic reaction. Since it was her brand…it was my first taste of make up. I can’t say that I stand behind any of their products really. Nothing really sticks out from them that makes me want to go back to the brand.

  3. Dominique33

    I started with Frost apricot ( ?) so far I remember A Renutriv lipstick. Then I used skincare ( Time Zone 1st version, DayWear, Re nutriv light weight, Nutritious, Triple Creme mask ) and then again makeup with an eyepalette called Enchanted berries.

  4. I am not a fan of Estee Lauder and the brand falls into the same category as Clinique and Lancome for me.  They play it too safe and boring and their skin care products are not earth shattering either.  The EL fall 2012 collection has caught me by surprise and looks a little edgier than normal, but I doubt I will purchase anything from it.

  5. Angie

    My first Estee Lauder product was their double wear foundation, I absolutely love it for special ocassions, as it does not budge and it has quite good coverage. I was completely drooling for their mad men collection a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t justify the purchase-especially because I have similar products already, but I was so in love with the packaging! Now I have a few other Estee Lauder products, such as their Sumptuos Extreme mascara, and some samples from their skin care (which I absolutely love).

  6. When I was a teenager (I think I was about fifteen or sixteen?) I received an Estee Lauder kit for Christmas. Two palettes of eight eyeshadows and one or two blushes each, four lipsticks, and mascara. I think there were a couple of eye pencils in there, too (brown and black). The products were pretty good, as I recall, but for some reason, I’ve not used any EL products in years. I think it may be because it’s got the “mature woman” stigma surrounding it. That said, I’m intrigued by the Fall collection. Don’t know if I’ll purchase anything from it, but I’m very intrigued and interested to see where the brand is going now.

  7. I’ve recently discovered Estee Lauder. My first purchase was their recent Pure Color (Macy’s Brazil collection) blush.  I ended up buying all three and they are amazing!  Insane pigmentation and a lot of product for your money.  I just purchased two of their new LE glosses and they are great as well.  I’m scared for my wallet if I ever try their eye shadows.

  8. xamyx

    Like with Lancome, EL was one of my first HE brands, which I tried via the GWPs, which were awesome back then. I found myself drawn to their shadows, and actually bought a few singles. I found the pigmentation to be very good, and the shades were nice, sophisticated neutrals. As for mascara, I was never a fan, and the lipstick, while nice, wasn’t something I couldn’t do without (many DS brands deliver the same results). I eventually moved on to other brands, but when I returned to EL a few years ago, I noticed the pigmentation to be on the sheer side. While I don’t love them, I haven’t written them off, either. I am interested to see what the Fall collection has to offer, but I’m not getting my hopes up (although the palette, polish, and the two dark lip products look very appealing).

  9. Vex

    I was twelve years old and purchased one of their nail polishes after it had been described as “the color of luscious, melting sorbet” or something similar in Swedish Cosmopolitan. (I really, really loved sorbet – still do – but the nail polish was beautiful, too!)

  10. Same here! My first Estee Lauder product was a mascara, and I really loved it :-)

  11. yellowlantern

    The first product I tried from EL was their Individualist foundation (no DC’ed) which I loved and considered my HG during the years I had dry skin. As my skin became more oily I turned to other brands as the Individualist became too creamy and moisturizing for me. I’m still open to going back to EL for foundation because of my very good experience with them.
    I do feel like their color cosmetics however are too conventional and could use a dose of creativity. I feel like EL’s colors and packaging are  “old” in a bad way. Old is not always bad, for example Guerlain is “old” in the sense of having been around forever and I’ve seen my older aunties using their meteorites powder and lipstick since childhood, but they have a more luxurious aura via price, packaging, and colors that it doesn’t feel out of place to be a 25 year old buying their cosmetics!  

  12. Elle

    My first Estee Lauder purchase was quite recently, actually. I bought the Pure Color Blush in Witty Peach and LOVE it~!! I was so impressed with the brand, that I went back about a week later and bought their Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby. Definitely, a brand worth checking out. Don’t let the “old lady” packaging drive you away. There are a TON of fantastic finds within the brand. :)

    • Gina

      I love Crystal Baby! It’s the only lipstick of theirs that I own, since a lot of their shades are really frosty, but Crystal Baby is fantastic! Such a pretty, natural warm pink.

      • MiettaReynolds

        Crystal Baby is going to be my next purchase! I heard about it from Sam on Pixiwoo and loved it when I swatched it! :)

  13. Gina

    The first thing I ever tried was their skincare–their Soft Clean foaming cleanser, and their DayWear moisturizer. The cleanser was a bit too drying, but I love DayWear–it’s become my HG daytime moisturizer. I’m not a huge fan of their makeup, but I really like their Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara, and their new Pure Color Sequin glosses are awesome!

  14. I think Estee Lauder has been evolving in a really interesting way recently — particularly by appointing Emily Schuman (from Cupcakes & Cashmere) as an “ambassador” of sorts. She’s really refreshed their online presence, I think. I’ve been more and more interested in them, when before I never would have touched their brand for fear of using an “old lady” makeup! 

  15. Kafka

    I haven’t had a “beautiful beginning” with Estée Lauder. I’ve had beginnings, but not beautiful.  For the most part, but not always, what I would buy would be their lipsticks. I’ll admit that one of my favorite hot pink shades was an old EL one, eons and eons ago, but texture and application weren’t beautiful.  Hello, lipstick on the teeth.  I don’t have much to say about the brand. Like Wendy, I lump them with Lancome & Clinique. But there are actually a few products from each of those 2 brands (such as eye makeup remover, etc.) that I actually like, so EL doesn’t win even there. 

  16. armacinnis

    I’m not huge on their makeup because their foundations break me out and their mascaras are far too wet for me. However, their skincare is what I’ve been using for the last 4 years. I am in love with their new Oil-Free DayWear especially. 

  17. SarahGrace

    The double wear concealer is a HG for me and I looove their mascaras! Also I had a berry toned eye shadow palette that I used to have till it broke…was so beautiful in a really classic way.

  18. Lauren13

    My Mom always used Estee Lauder, so it was the first makeup brand I used.  I experiment with a lot of brands, but I still buy Estee Lauder.  If I wear foundation, hands down, the Doublewear is the absolute BEST foundation for my incredibly oily skin.  I also like their lipsticks, mascara primer, and mascara.  I now use Smashbox BB cream most days (an Estee Lauder brand) but still use the Doublewear powder.  

  19. ralbury

    I keep hearing people refer to Estee Lauder as an old lady brand but I have the opposite reaction to this.  I’m  44 and always thought Urban Decay and Benefit were “young brands” and not really for someone like me.  Then I started actually researching and trying their products and came to love some products from both brands. So the reverse was true for me.  It wasn’t until I started delving into their products that I came to realize that they were not necessarily exclusive to a certain demographic.  If you make a good product, people will buy it no matter what their age.  I know I am generalizing so I hope I don’t get any flack for this but I also think certain brands that sell at higher price points (i.e. Guerlain, Cle de Peau, Armani, Dior and some would argue Estee Lauder) tend to be marketed to “older” women because those are typically the ones with more disposable income to spend on high-end products.  As for Estee Lauder, I like their toner, eye make up remover and eye shadows.  Also, love their recent Teal Topaz nail polish. My first EL product was a rose colored lipstick that they discontinued years ago.  Love reading everyone’s comments…

  20. lucklesscinnamon

    Double Wear foundation! I wouldn’t have touched EL at the time, what with its grandma-makeup vibe, but for the fact that I was oily, my country was humid, and I was desperate for foundation that wouldn’t get all. over. everything. I can’t say I loved the finish (DW Light is much more natural, though), or the shade selection, but omg, how it stayed put. And I no longer think of EL as old-fashioned. Their packaging is still hopelessly staid, but recently, the products themselves have been bright and exciting and wonderful quality. I love the Pure Color eyeliners, especially Electric Teal. <3

  21. Mariella

    When I was still in high school I bought a facial care kit – it had “Facial Shampoo”, a special toning rinse (almost like cream rinse for your hair), a toner and I don’t know what else but I really remember the facial shampoo as I loved it and used it for as long as it was available. I also loved a deep purple eye-shadow and that was a standard of mine for years. I’ve still got some Lauder products that haven’t been available in decades (I’m not exaggerating) – mineral bath salts from their “Spa” line (probably from the 70’s but it still smells fine), some “milk based” facial scrub powder (you mix it with water).  My favourite lipstick of all time was from Lauder – Datenut Red. I’ve kept a small nub of it in a tube in hopes that I might find a perfect dupe of it but, of course, I always forget to take it with me when I shop. I think it might be very close to Guerlain’s Habit Rouge, which I am planning to buy in the next week or so.  I need to remember to take this little “antique” with me.

  22. Amanda Fusinatto

    Love my Double Wear foundation! :)

  23. LeAnne Byrd

    It’s their wand. I use their mascara for the wand. It separates every last lash in a natural looking way.

  24. Marianne Bekebrede

    Double Wear was my first buy but I found it very heavy on my skin. Used a lot of their foundations since and loved most of them. I currently use some of their skincare and I really like them.

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  26. Mahima Nayyar

    My mom took me to buy my first cosmetic product ever when I turned sixteen. It’s a color called dusky mauve – I still have it. It was an awesome memory and I have since come back to the brand. Currently using skincare and some makeup (mascara and lipstick) of theirs.

  27. Mahima Nayyar

    My mom took me to buy my first cosmetic product ever when I turned sixteen. It’s a color called dusky mauve – I still have it. It was an awesome memory and I have since come back to the brand. Currently using skincare and some makeup (mascara and lipstick) of theirs.

  28. I think my first Estee Lauder item was either a mascara or a lip gloss from a gift-with-purchase my mom had. I was always stealing her GWP’s and after a while, was taking her Estee Lauder lipsticks and eyeshadows as well 😛

  29. Cat G

    I’m always surprised that people my age don’t check out Estee Lauder. Everything I’ve tried from them has been great quality, and it’s a brand overlooked far too much by the younger generation in my opinion (although DoubleWear foundation has seemed to be the exception to this). Rather than an “old lady” brand, I just think they’re a classic brand. I’m a girl who has MUFE, Mac, UD in their collection, as well as products from more classic lines like Estee Lauder and Clinique and I love it all. So, in sum, I think people should check out EL now, particularly since they seem to be trying to reach out to a younger clientele. 
    My first purchase from them was a lipstick in a hot pink color. I remember I bought it at the time because of the color and how great it looked on my lips, but later on I was impressed by how moisturizing (totally non-drying) it was and how long the wear lasted! Their lipsticks are so underrated, they’re great!!

  30. t_zwiggy

    I can’t think of a single Estee Lauder product that I have been completely satisfied with. First thing I tried was an eyeshadow palette. The shadows were dry, powdery and poorly pigmented. Second was an eyeliner. It looked plum in the bottle, but it was so watery and sheer once applied that you could barely see it, just awful. The glosses I’ve tried have been to dry and thick for my liking, but I haven’t bought any of their glosses in probably 10 years, so that might have changed now.
    I actually do like the formula of some of their sheer lipsticks (can’t remember the names), but I just can’t get over that awful synthetic fruity scent.
    Estee Lauder is one of those makeup brands that I forget exists. It has nothing to do with the impression a lot of people seem to have of them being an “old lady brand”, I actually like that not every brand is focused on trends and cool, funky colors and gimmicky products. But when I want my safe, neutral and classy products I rather get something from Guerlain or Chanel. It might just be that I consider most of their products mediocre leaning towards bad.

  31. Leticia

    My first high end foundation was EL and I really loved it because the shade was just right and the texture comfortable. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it again because it was way too expensive for me and then it was discontinued :( . I tried later a couple of lipsticks and one of them turned out so horrible (it had an awful taste and turned darker after applying), I stayed away from the brand for a while. I then tried their Pleasures fragrance and I really like it – I consider buying it again someday. The most recent item I´ve bought is a single eyeshadow (from their Pure Color line, I think) and it´s a pretty nice light and shimmery neutral I do wear often. However, for some reason (not the “old lady” aura – I really don´t mind packaging that much) I am not drawn to their products and when I have a chance to splurge, I always think of other brands. I guess the fact that their salespersons have not been the nicest ones has affected my approach to EL as well – with so many brands to choose from, I feel no need to go back to a counter where I get a so-so service.

  32. Jennifer

    My first department store makeup was actually from Estee Lauder. I bought the Double Wear Light foundation and used it for two years. I really do love it and would repurchase. I also really like some of their lipstick colors such as Vinyl Voltage which is sadly discontinued. I wish they’d bring it back!

  33. Julia

    My first experience using EL was from the GWPs my mom would get (she was a big Youth Dew fragrance fan) – she would let my sister and me split the makeup up.  I remember one eye pencil that was a beautiful periwinkle-light purple color.  Through the years I have bought an occasional lipstick or mascara – all nice.  These days I use the double wear  foundation, eye shadows and nail colors.  I think the brand has improved and I am drooling over the fall collection promo shots. 

  34. MiettaReynolds

    Ohh I’m loving this question! Just this very week I purchased my first Estee Lauder things! I initially tried out the new Invisible Fluid foundation with a free product sample voucher but I forgot to shake it up before putting it on my skin so it turned out really…oily or something. I went back and spoke to a lady there and asked if I could try the DoubleWear foundation as I’ve heard it gives good coverage (I can get a bit red on my cheeks near my jawline). As she was applying it, I saw the glosses that Temptalia reviewed recently and was so excited because I LOVED them when I saw them online. I swatched Cosmic Pink and Violet Rain and fell in love with them even more! So they were my first purchase :) but I went back for the DoubleWear foundation (in Ecru) and picked up a lipstick (Long Wear in PinkBerry or Pink…i can’t remember). I can’t believe I’ve overlooked the brand till now! I’ve always gone for MAC! Thanks heaps Christine for the gloss review! xoxo

  35. freshpinklips

    First thing I bought from EL that wasn’t handed down from my mom was their time zone eye cream last year. After Philosophy brand eye cream ruined my delicate eye area with burning sensation that left me with horrible darkened crease in the outer corners. (I am CURSING that brand forever!!!) I invested in a good eye cream after the sting subsided and decided on EL brand. ELtime zone eye cream made the horrible darkened burn marks from stupid Philosophy eye cream disappear after a couple of months. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with ugly eyes. This made me like EL skin products alot. (I found out the Philosophy eye cream sample I got from Sephora had retinol in it but it wasn’t written anywhere on it just on their website! This happened in 2010)

  36. Ana

    The first product I tried from EL was their eyeshadow quads and they weren’t that pigmented, the sumptous mascara is amazing and the lipsticks smell so good! My aunt has used EL for years and she almost always give me things from the brand.

  37. Veronica

    Their Pure Color Intense kajal liners were my first products by them, and they remain some of my most used pencil liners.  (This coming from someone who vastly prefers liquid and gel!)  While it’s not my go-to brand, it’s definitely a counter I glance over when I hit Nordstrom’s.  Their lip shades are the next product I plan on trying from them.  :)

  38. casey23

    I don’t know if it’s the color or the reason is that my aunt used to always bring my mother Estee Lauder pallettes from the States when I was a child, I king of have an image that Estee Lauder (as a makeup brand – probably because of the never changing packaging style) is a brand for mature gals (I am so sorry if I am offending anybody!!).
    But I used Estee Lauder’s skincare range on and off.. I am kind of neutral about their quality or impact on my skin. Though I can honestly say that I never saw an Estee Lauder product (skincare wise) that deserves the money I gave them, so I probably will not continue to use them when I am through with my stock. 

  39. I have used EL Lucidity Foundation for over 20 years.  So greatful EL have not discontinued it.  Yep.  In between I have tried some other brands, but have always gone back to Lucidity even when my skin have changed over the years.  The application, texture, color, wear and look sets it apart from all the brand names that I have used.  EL eyeshadow colors and blushers and lipstick dont work well with me…they are too fruity.  I gave all my EL gift with purchases away to other people.  Even though I am much older than many of the readers here, I still consider EL as a more mature brand.  My grand aunt who has now in heaven loved loved loved EL and had a collections of GWP in her closet and that in itself put me off of EL.  It was so long ago, but I think the first EL purchase was skincare set.  I had a bad case of acne then and I desperately tried every brand available.  It was actually a good skin care set.  I currently use the makeup  cream like remover  “take it away” and it does take off the difficult makeup gently.  EL is not bad, but just not trendy enough for me.

  40. Miss J

    This was a post yesterday? Wow. I must have got all caught up with the Outlaw post that I didn’t notice this one, LOL. 
    Anyway, I can’t ever remember using Estee Lauder, myself. I think a lot of that has to do with my first experience being called a shoplifter. (I was somewhere 12-14, probably.) I don’t care that it’s “the old lady brand.” I’ve never really been super excited by anything I’ve seen, and with that experience, it’s just not a brand that I pay attention to at all.

  41. qmokoena

    @EsteeLauder @temptalia u can just see de beauty.enuf said.i love estee lauder http://t.co/VUCdVhWw

  42. KF

    I’m pretty sure an EL lipstick was one of my firsts.  I practically bought my three local Nordtroms out when EL paired with Tom Ford a few years ago and I live for their yearly summer campaign like Bronze Goddess.  

  43. Chipmunk

    First EL product was the EL advanced night repair synchronized complex serum. Got it because I started reading reviews by Paula Begoun and decided I’d been using the wrong products all along! 
    Have still been using this serum ever since as I simply can’t do without it :) My day moisturiser and serum are both EL too. Makeup wise, the only thing I’ve tried is their Mascara too!  I’ve tried both the Sumptuous Extreme and Double Wear and like both : ) although I’ll probably never have to buy one because I’ve gotten so many samples as gifts with my skin care purchases!

  44. ingerasata

    I’ve never tried anything from this brand. It’s not a brand I’m interested in.