Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with CoverGirl

What was the first CoverGirl product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: I can’t remember if I had tried anything prior to the blog, though I feel like I must have. The first product I reviewed was the Smoky ShadowBlast. I remember being most impressed by their LiquilineBlast eyeliners, though. Those were really fun!

Share your first time experiences with CoverGirl in the comments! :)

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43 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with CoverGirl

  1. Nicola

    I think the first CoverGirl product I ever tried was a foundation and it was terrible! Although at that time I knew nothing about makeup and it was probably the totally wrong shade and formula for my skin. I moved on to some mascaras after that but overall, I don’t think I’ve ever really been a huge fan of CoverGirl. I don’t have much, if any, of their products. If I’m going to buy drugstore, I tend to drift right to Revlon and Milani.

  2. Marta_DC

    I bought the lashblast mascara and I absolutely love it! I can not live without it! I’m from Spain, and I bought it last summer in Las vegas, I’ve been this summer again and I bought almost 10… I would love I could find Covergirl in my country.

    • Jenny86

       @Marta_DC Qué bueno encontrar a alguien de España por aquí Marta! Yo estoy tentada de comprar alguna máscara de Covergirl pero al no venderse aquí no estaba segura. Qué tal son estas máscaras? Has probado alguna más aparte de la Lashblast?

  3. mpca66

    Not a fan of Cover girl .. their eye shadows have no pigmentation, never liked their foundations (I’ve tried the CG clean for oily skin). Tried the Lashblast mascara and didn’t really dig the wand. The natrual lash brow gel is ok, but since it’s in a clear tube – looks gross really quickly. Had one of their press powders, but the tab broke and the compact would not stay closed. Yup, not really a fan.

  4. yellowlantern

    My first product from them was their clean foundation like 11 or 12 years ago. I thought it was okay because I didn’t know any better now I think about that foundation and shudder at how cakey it was. 
    I stayed away from the brand until Lashblast came out, but for me even the waterproof version smeared a lot on me (which is weird since I rarely have that problem even with cheapie mascaras). I have one their powder foundations I keep at the bottom of my purse for emergencies, but I don’t think it’s anything special in terms of how my skin looks with it on. It’s okay for the price, but it’s certainly not good IMHO.  
    I pretty much avoid the brand.

  5. aradhana

    my first covergirl products were two pencil eyeliners, in black and dark brown, with smudgy sponges on the other side, but that was about 20 years ago! they were easy to apply, very smooth, and inexpensive. i repurchased several times, and at the time, that was all the makeup i wore…
    i’m not even sure they still sell those liners. i’d probably buy them if they did!

  6. My first covergirl product was the lash blast mascara a few years ago..being a blogger/vlogger you really get curious to try out everything that all the other bloggers are raving about. I mean it’s an okay mascara if you are really into big brushes and volume, I personally love length and spidery lashes, this didn’t deliver that.

  7. My aunt and my mother used to buy CG foundation and powder. I still remember the perfumey smell of them both. My actual color match was never available, so I would buy Classic Beige powder. It lived in my junior high backpack.

  8. xamyx

    Back in the 80s & 90s, CG was *okay*, since it really was one of the less expensive DS brands (they were one pricepoint above WnW), but even then I didn’t buy much. I tried a couple foundation formulas, but they smelled rancid (like Noxzema), and dried out my skin. I found eyeshadows hit or miss, and the lipstick was a bit oily. I guess I bought alot because of price, but since they’ve raised their prices, I’m not so willing to take a chance. For the prices their now charging, I may as well go with Revlon or L’Oreal, which I’ve had good experiences with.

  9. I love their trio in shimmering sands, I think it’s a must have for anyones collection no matter how large or small. My sister loves their loose powder but I’m on the fence about it. Brow pencils are alright as well. I don’t like lash blast and I seem to be the minority in that fact.

  10. Cat G

    My first product was a gift of two eyeshadow quads that had neutral-greenish eyeshadows and neutral-brownish eyeshadows. They were both horrible, nearly no pigmentation, super powdery, scratched my eyes putting it on and trying to create a look. Threw them out and then got my friend makeup since I couldn’t believe all she ever used CG eyeshadows.
    I don’t have a good relationship with this brand at all. I basically shun it.

  11. 18thCenturyFox

    Going to HS in the 90’s I was very aware of which makeup was produced by Proctor & Gamble. They had a horrid animal cruelty track record and Cover Girl was one of their babies. I think prior to discovering this I had not liked anything they produced so it was no hardship. Yup, no CG since 1992?

  12. jeneyg

    I used covergirl a lot when I was younger (powders, foundations, and such). But I don’t remember absolutely loving anything in particular. Right now I don’t own anything from covergirl.

  13. army_wife_in_alaska

    My first CG product was their cheekers blush in “Party Peach” I purchased some years ago. It is a nice peach with a subtle sheen that just brightens my cheeks while giving it a flush of color. It made me look so healthy. I actually like how it smells and it’s very similar to MAC Immortal Flower.  

  14. Fairiechild

    As Shelby W. had mentioned in a previous comment the CG eyeshadow trio in Shimmering Sands is the best product they make!! I cannot live without this eyeshadow trio, and it is a constant basic in my make-up bag!!!! The pigmentation is rich and perfect, and the texture is smooth.To me it is the perfect combo of matte and shimmer (the darkest color being matte). LOVE IT!!!!!!

  15. Scarlettheweary

    I’ve tried alot of stuff by Covergirl in the past, and it’s been a hit or miss for me. Some stuff is really bad, some is good.
    A product by them that I love are their Lashblast 24 Hr Mascara; great stuff! Stays on ALL day and makes your eyelashes look incredible. The only bad thing is that it’s very difficult to get off at night.
    Their liquid eyeshadows are pretty bad, crease very horribly and their lip glosses are very sticky.

  16. Liz9969

    I think my first ever mascara in high school was CoverGirl.  Fast foward to now, I wouldn’t say that it’s a brand that I really gravitate towards.  I remember trying LashBlast about a year ago and being confused as to why it is so popular.  I have a couple of cheekers blushes that I’ll use every once in a while.  I actually really like some of the Cheekers colors, it’s just that they don’t last very long.  

  17. KaseyCannuck

    The first products I tried were way, way back in high school and were cheap and I thought they did the job at the time. My skin was an endless oil slick, so I was never without a pressed powder compact, and I remember LOVING the smell! The eyeshadow quads came in decent neutral colour combinations back then and were my go-to’s for a number of years, into my early 20’s. I actually hit pan on a plum-coloured quad and had to repurchase it, and hit pan on it again. I can’t remember the name of it now. The mascaras and eye pencils got the job done, nothing special I remember about them.

    A few years ago I tried the Lash blast mascara, and I’m not a fan of the big rubber brushes.

    There are so many higher quality products out there now, I have no reason to go back to Cover Girl but I will give it a glance when I pass by, because I never know…

  18. EstherKudron

    I think Covergirl was one of my first makeup purchases. My mom used a lot of their products, and when I started wearing drugstore makeup, they were easily at my disposal. I don’t recall what the first product was, but as of right now, I think all I use from them is a loose powder.

  19. clfcliff

    I believe it was a mascara that I LOVED. Nowadays, I don’t use much by them. I think the last thing I used was the Natureluxe foundation. It was decent.

  20. Marian57

    Cover Girl was probably the first makeup I used consistently throughout my late teens and 20s. It was made by the Noxell Corporation at the time who also made Noxema, which I also used. The makeup had that mentholated medicinal smell like Noxema did and I loved it. It was touted as being good for your skin. I used the foundation, pressed powder and eyeshadow. I didn’t care for their blush , lipstick or mascara at the time.

    • Julia

       @Marian57 That totally is my memory too – the Noxema smell – it must have been late 1970s.  I can see the glass bottle – it always looked too pinky orange for me.

  21. Ana

    The first product I’ve ever had from covergirl is a quad named “Country woods” and then was lashblast (which I love) and finally a lipstick called “divine” (it’s purple and sooo long lasting)

  22. Mariella

    I don’t think I’ve used many Cover Girl products, even in my teens. But most recently, I purchased an eye shadow trio (Shimmering Sands, I think it’s called) which is a bit too frosty and doesn’t have all that much pigmentation in the darker shade but it’s cheap and decent and great for my gym bag and a quick swipe of light makeup for on the way home.  I’ve also tried a few of the lipsticks that were reviewed here at Temptalia (Fervor and one other one that I can’t find just now) and I was surprised by how good they are.

  23. Jackie

    Cover Girl was probably one of the first brands of makeup I tried when I was in high school, along with Revlon and Maybelline.  One of the first products of theirs that I ever tried (and loved) was their Cheekers blush in Rose Silk…I wore it every day until I just about used the product up.  I also used their pressed powder compact religiously and still use it to this day over 15 years later!  I like some of Cover Girl’s products, although I’ve certainly ventured into wearing other brands…but for a very inexpensive alternative, it’s not bad.  I would recommend it to young girls who are just getting into makeup and want to try something inexpensive.

  24. blueraccoon

    I think I had a CG compact back in middle school, just some pressed powder. I don’t remember the smell but I liked playing with the compact. I thought I had a blush by them, too, but thinking back I think it was either Clinique or Estee Lauder, and it was a GWP blush my mom gave me :) I haven’t used CG in a while, I guess because I associate them with high school in my mind.

  25. I don’t think I own any CoverGirl! That kind of amazes me, actually. I bet I used them I was in middle school/early high school, but I honestly can’t remember. 

  26. Czarbina

    I don’t remember my first ever CG product and I don’t have too many of them, but I absolutely adore their NatureLuxe foundation! I was searching for my HG foundation (which I still don’t think I’ve found) and as far as drug store foundation goes, the NatureLuxe liquid foundation is stellar. I mix an appropriate amount with an oil-free moisturizer and treat is as a tinted moisturizer – the results are a lovely and glowy light-medium coverage.

  27. I do not like Covergirl at all and I own zero.  I tried a number of their products years ago and it was enough to turn me off the brand forever.  I don’t like their lipstick, their mascara is the single worst I have ever tried (Great Lash??  total misnomer!) and their nail enamel was not even remotely in the same ballpark with Revlon.  I have no desire to buy any of their products.  I would rather buy Rimmel, Revlon, Quo, L’Oreal if I was shopping DS brands.

    • basia77

       @wwendalynne Great Lash is Maybelline.

      •  @basia77 LoL..I don’t own any of that either! ;0)

        • basia77

           @wwendalynne I tried Great Lash when I was a teenager and hated it.  They keep writing about how it’s a makeup artist favorite in magazines so I tried it again, thinking maybe my application technique has improved.  It is the worst garbage ever! It’s a good thing we have blogs like this now for reviews!

        •  @basia77 My story with Great Lash is exactly the same.  I’m completely still baffled that it continues to be on any ‘best’ cosmetic list at all. !!!!

  28. Chelle

    Crackle nail polish back in the 90s when I was a teen and some creamy coverup thingy that I can still remember the packaging for, but not the actual product name. The products were decent… but they’ve done nothing since then that has turned me on to them again.

  29. huiledecoco

    Not a lot of CoverGirl fans here! The first product I tried was probably a concealer when I was a teenager, but there are far better concealers out there.
    I currently use their Tone Rehab liquid foundation as my everyday base, and I love love love it for my dry skin. I also have the Natureluxe lip balm in Hisbiscus which is another favourite of mine. 

  30. Veronica

    I first tried their eyeliner, which was a total dud.  Their eyeshadows didn’t wear so great on me, either, so they’re really not the drug store brand I look at for eye products.  I own a bottle of their foundation, which blends quite nicely, but it’s thicker coverage than I needed so it’s not my go-to.  I do really like their Lip Perfection line, however, and they have the best lip pencils I’ve found in DS brands.  That’s about it, though.

  31. Quinctia

    Eh, I always have a tube of concealer from them, because the liquid one with the blue cap has always worked well for covering blemishes.  I also have one of their lipsticks.  Not much of what they do wows me, though.
    I think the first product of theirs I ever had was a powder compact.  Everyone seemed to carry one of them around when I was a young teen.  It’s kind of funny, I rarely even use pressed powder now.

  32. amalia22e

    I’ve only tried two products from them and I cant remember which was first!  I bought the pressed powder they had for some kind of give water or wildlife fund something like that (saw it here on Temptalia).  I hated it so much that I threw out the product and kept the case.  It was the smell that threw it overboard for me, and the powder itself was horrid as well.  I also got their lip perfection lipsticks which to this day I still like and use a lot.  

  33. Sharon Lynn M

    I must have had some CoverGirl eyeshadows in high school, but my mom also sold cosmetics (what was then Vanda Beauty Counselor) so I got most of my makeup from her. One thing I did buy over and over again was CG’s “Professional” mascara, with the comb instead of the brush; it fit my budget and did the trick, as did their eyeliners with the smudger on the other end. I haven’t bought either in years, though. The only CG products I use now are their pressed powder compact and their concealer that’s mixed with Olay moisturizer (don’t remember the name of it offhand).

  34. amy829

    When I was about 11 I had a quad eyeshadow that was three shades of purple and one pink. I wore it everyday.

  35. My first was a face powder, though I don’t know which one. I always wanted to try something after seeing ANTM, but since you can’t buy the brand in the Netherlands I had to wait till I went to the USA. Loved it!

  36. Diana123

    My first was an oil free powder and a triple palette called Soft Suedes. I remember the scent of the powder being off-putting (almost like noxema scent) and the darker shades in the Suede palette were kind of chalky. I currently own zero CG products. 

  37. Leticia

    I am fond of Cover Girl because many of my first makeup products were from this brand. The very first one was a compact face powder and I loved it, the shade was a good match and I actually did like the smell! Later on I got a couple of liquid foundation, a few lipsticks and a navy eyeliner that I loved because it had a sponge tip on the other side (it was the first time I saw  an eyeliner with a “built in blending sponge”)! I also tried some concealers and eyeshadows, which were fine though not spectacular. I did love their Cheekers blush in Pretty Peach, which I repurchased numerous times. I have not really liked more recent CG products I’ve purchased, particularly the LashBlast Mascara, which does nothing for me. But I don´t count the brand out and still take a look at their products whenever I visit a drugstore (well…..I actually take a look at ALL brands when I´m at the drugstore :) !)