Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Clinique

What was the first Clinique product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Clinique product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  I remember my mom buying me Clinique’s 3-step system when I was a teenager (it was closest I ever came to beauty as a young teen!), which I don’t remember liking, but really who knows–I probably wasn’t even using it right, LOL! I actually am a fan of Clinique’s skincare range. I find a lot of it just works; not too many claims, nothing over-the-top, and it does the job I need it to do. I also love how affordable it is.

Share your first time experiences with Clinique in the comments! :)

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35 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Clinique

  1. For me, it was Guava Stain lipstick. I used to sneak my mom’s and wear it to school. :)

  2. The first Clinique products I ever bought were the ones from the 3 step program. REALLY long ago… I loved it but currently my skin is more high maintenance than that :
    However, Clinique kept being one of my fav cosmetic brands ever! There are a few products that turn me off, but overall I love it!

  3. Loraine

    My first Clinique product was the High Impact Mascara. I was only 13 and I had a difficult time justifying a $20 dollar mascara but I as definitely impressed. At the age of 21, Clinique is definitely one of my go to’s:)

  4. xamyx

    I’m likely to be in the minority, but I really dislike Clinique. I’ve tried a few lipsticks, and the colors, nor the formulas were any more special than anything I could find at a drugstore. The same with the eyeshadows and loose powder. The worst, however, has to be the eye cream I tried. My mom bought a perfume several years ago and with it came a GWP that contained several products, so I don’t remember the name of the eye cream; what I do remember, is that it burned, badly. The first time I tried it, I figured it was because it was a new product, because sometimes when I try a new skincare product, it takes a few applications to get used to it. I tried it for 3-4 days in a row, and not only did it burn, the skin around my eyes was red. My skin is far from what would be considered sensitive, so I don’t know why this was so bad. I will never purchase anything from Clinique again.

  5. Dominique33

    It was such a long time ago ! Honestly speaking I don’t remember, maybe the Dramatically moisturizer but it didn’t work well. Years later I was very happy with Moisture Surge, not so happy with Turn Around cream. Moisture Surge is really my favourite. I don’t own much Clinique make-up, a few lipsticks ( some are old ). So I would definitely say late happy beginnings : moisture surge !

  6. The first Cinique product I bought was the Chubby Stick in Graped-up. I love it and use it very often. Some days ago I bought another shade. Both of them are always in my handbag and I use in instead of lipstick when I’m at work and do not have mirror to apply a lipstick properly. The add a little color to the lips, so they do not look awfully naked together with the rest of my make-up.

  7. jeneyg

    Clinique was probably the first beauty brand i’ve ever tried. My mom used clinique when I was young so I’d go through her stuff. It’s not my absolute favorite brand but they have good products for pretty good prices. Right now I use their  lash doubling mascara and it is wonderful!

  8. LJ777

    Clinique was my first skincare too – but 3-step didn’t help my skin at all…it actually made it a lot worse (I was using type 3).
    I really like their pore refining serum though – feels lovely on the skin. And All About Eyes eye cream is nice and gentle for young skin too.
    I also think their gifts and free bags are great – I always get my mum’s left-overs!
    One of my favourite lipsticks is actually Clinique, but it was in fact a GWP!

  9. Superdefense Sfp 25! My first Clinique product and also the one that I keep repurchasing again and again. 

  10. paneradfisk

    I have tried their 3-step-system, I was lucky that it didn’t ruin my skin like so many others, it just didn’t do anything for my face at all. It smelled bad as well. It’s really expensive here in Sweden and I don’t like them. I will not purchase their skincare and probably not their makeup, especially since my dermatologist told me Clinique was the worst skincare brand on the market – they really try to seem cleaner than other cosmetic brands like Dior and Chanel, but I just don’t buy it.

  11. Cat G

    What was the first Clinique product you ever tried?  Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, probably when I was in middle school. When I was growing up, Clinique was my mom’s top brand pick (probably still is) so there was always Clinique skincare products for me to try.
    Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  Yes, I think Clinique is a classic quality brand. They don’t have exciting colors in their makeup but for neutrals and great skin-care, they deliver.
    What was the first Clinique product you purchased? Clinique Like Mink Eyeshadow Duo
     Did you love it? Hate it? I love it so much, it’s probably my favorite duo ever.
    Still own it? Yes and I will buy it again once this one is used up.

  12. Angie

    The first and only product I have ever used from clinique was their Dramatically DIfferent Moisturizing Lotion, it did great, moisturized and didn’t break me out, but I have found better moisturizers and have moved on…and I just haven’t tried anything else from them.

  13. Nicola

    My beginning with Clinique was not so beautiful! I first tried their 3-Step system and absolutely hated it! It made no real difference on my skin at all and it smelt so strongly of alcohol and ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. It completely put me off the brand however, maybe their makeup is worth a try?

  14. GUSnail

    I had the 3-step cleansing system as well in my early teens.  Years later I had an eyeshadow duo I liked from them that had a green and purple color in it (still some of my fave colors to wear on eyes).  Thinking back (haven’t bought a Clinique item lately) I do remember liking their City Block.  I’ve also been looking at their make up removers lately.

  15. Mariella

    I’m seriously dating myself but I bought Clinique products when they first came out and there was ONLY the 3-step.  I was in high school but living on my own and working as well (teenaged angst with parents – man, did I learn  never to give at teenager an “ultimatum”).  Anyway, I remember that the soap cost $10 which was an outrageous price for a bar of soap back then.  I was a faithful user for quite some time.  Now, I still purchase Clinique from time to time but it’s more makeup (they have good liner pencils, for example) but don’t use their skincare except occasionally a eye cream or Turn Around cream.

  16. I currently use Clinique’s gentle eye makeup remover, even though it makes me look like a raccoon in the process. :) I know several people who adore their lipsticks, though, so I might have to branch out! I love their iconic packaging. 

  17. Daniellenm30

    I think my first Clinique product was probably the High Impact Mascara (mascara seems to be my introduction to every brand). I have since tried a lot of their other products, but have yet to find one that really wows me.

  18. Jennifer

    My first product was their Redness Solutions moisturizer, which I still use today. I agree with Christine that it doesn’t work miracles, but it is soothing and hasn’t caused me to break out so I’ll call it a winner :)

  19. Ines K

    Moisture Surge Extra – still a summertime favorite, and a bunch of GWP lipsticks I scored from older female relatives & my mother, including Tenderheart, Rose Taffy, Bamboo Pink and All Heart. Some lipsticks were a miss (too brown or sedate for a teenager), but I still love Rose Taffy & All Heart to this day!
    It’s an affordable brand that performs – with the prices of drugstore stuff rising (especially here in Canada), I agree with you, Christine, that it’s very reasonably priced for something touted as “prestige.”

  20. t_zwiggy

    First thing I tried was their 3-step system (type 3 for oily skin) and it completely wrecked my skin. It took about a year for my skin to go back to normal. Prior to this my only skin issue was oiliness, I rarely had a breakout and my skin was not sensitive at all. After about a month of using the Clinique products I had breakouts all over my face, and it was so dry in places that it almost cracked. I even developed rashes on my face that I battled with for a couple of years. My dermatologist had to prescribe a steroid cream for them to actually go away. I will never ever use any of their skincare products again!
    I also have a couple of makeup products from Clinique and I do like those. My favorite is their Rich Texture Blush, but I believe it has been discontinued for a while.

    • hwendy

       you are not alone!. clinique is famous is causing skin problem and not everyone has courage to try their makeup products after that…  

  21. I got my prom makeup done at Clinique. I wanted it done at the Channel counter but with the 3 product buying requirement my mom said it would be too expensive. I tried a lipgloss (I loved it, but lost it a couple months later), a pressed powder and a liquid foundation for my sister. I don’t like their skin care stuff I’ve tried. 

  22. DJTay

    My first product was one of the pressed powders… I don’t remember which one. I was using Covergirl and a friend gave me her compact because she did not want it. I still love quite a few of Clinique products: the mild facial soap is my go-to cleanser, New Clover is my fav blush and I love High Impact mascara. Plus, my dry skin loves their foundation formulations for some reason. I did have a bad experience with the Toning lotion when I used the three step system.    

  23. Idhren

    My first Clinique product was last winter Almost Powder Make-up Foundation for normal to dry skin. The packaging is UGLY but the product itself is just perfect for me. I used pure mineral make-up for some time but ultimately got sick of the mess and always slightly too powdery-ashy products. The compact “mineral” make-up (it contains talc, among other things) was very welcomed addition to my stash and I haven’t been using other foundations since then. I currently have the three lightest shades for my nc15-25 skin which I use accordingly to season and my skin tone.
    Almost Poweer Make-up is great as it’s not drying (I do need regular peeling and light moisturising beforehand, because my dryish and sensitive-prone skin) and when it sets on the skin it starts to mix with my skins oils and it ends up looking AMAZINGLY natural and pretty. I do need to touch up the T-zone though, but that’s ok since the compact is just that, I carry it with me all the time anyways. Oh I oculd go on and on forever about how great it is!
    I haven’t really tried other Clinique products but I got this sample of High Lenghts Mascara, which was really disappointing. Weird brush, weird finish, weird spider leg lashes… Meh. I much prefer my ultimate mascara MaxFactor False Lash Fusion.

  24. a_c

    All my mother ever used was Clinique, and it’s what she started giving me for skincare when I was a young teen. I was Type 2 in the 3-step system and it was great for me! I also really loved their little pot of Air Kiss lip gloss that came with a lip brush, which they sadly no longer make. The wand/tube version isn’t the same consistency or shade. Throughout high school, I raided my mom’s GWP collection for eyeshadows and lipsticks, got into their Almost Lipsticks (I still love those, and still miss the old colors!), and had them do my prom makeup which resulted in my first “real” makeup purchases.
    As I’ve gotten older, my skin’s gotten oilier (the opposite of how it should be!) and I’ve moved away from the Clinique 3-step system to other things, but I have recently started using the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, which I love, and their foaming acne cleanser and clay mask, which have been working well so far. Moisture Surge (original version) was also a godsend for me in the winter months during college when chlorine and cold weather did a number on the skin around my eyes (think red, scaly dry skin…). Other than those things, I  stick to their lip products (mostly Almost Lipsticks and Chubby Sticks) and I also use the Advanced Concealer and City Block.

  25. mairynB

    I do like Clinique’s moisturisers (Moisture Surge Extreme Thirst Relief especially), but their foundations and mascaras don’t impress me at all. Nor do their toners – sure, they do a reasonable job, but do they have to smell so strongly of chemicals, alcohol, etc?I often buy their products when they have a GWP deal – the little moisturisers and the like are really convenient.  

  26. alison p

    i think my mom bought me a three set system as a kid too, haha!
    my mom gave my a mini happy when i went away on a high school trip, so that one has some sentimental value.
    as an adult, i’ve REALLY loved the superbalanced makeup and stay matte pressed powder. i love the redness solutions foundation too. i recently bought five of the almost lipsticks and want to get the other three, and am now intrigued by the new chubby sticks…
    i really do like clinique :)

  27. LaurenKaye

    i can’t believe no one has said this yet–Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.  the only make-up (besides my beloved Laura Mercier Tinted Foundation, LM cover-up, and Rosebud Salve) that i’ve ever actually replaced once it ran out.  looked great 20 years ago when i started wearing make-up, looks great now.

  28. jennyh

    Clinique is my favorite brand, so I am glad you mentioned them in one of these ‘Beautiful Beginnings’. I think they are a great line, reasonably priced high end and excellent quality. I have loved many of their products through the years, and I have rarely been disappointed in anything I’ve bought from them. The only thing they make I truly dislike is their Happy Perfume, but their Happy to Be perfume was wonderful, and I miss it!  My mom got me started on Clinique. She would get bonuses and my mom would give me the extras she didn’t like. She still does it and I’m 35! LOL. I don’t remember exactly what my first product I used from them was. It may have been the 3 step skincare.  I do distinctly remember going to Dillards and buying a Black Honey Almost Lipstick  when I was maybe 13 or 14 and that was my first make up purchase from them. They have alot of things that I swear by, the High Impact Mascara, Clarifying Lotion, Chubby sticks  and they have a lot of items that have been discontinued over the years that I still trying to find dupes for.  Their products last so long, that by the time I go back to buy them again, they are often discontinued. I’m still preserving a Black Lily Lipstick that I’ve had for years, that once it’s gone it’s gone, because I CANNOT find a dupe for it! 

  29. casey23

    My feelings with Clinique was somewhat high and low :) Clinique was the first (near) high end product I used for skincare. My cousin brought me DDML from the States as a present when I was in high school. Because I was oily skin, back on those days I believed my skin never needed moisturizer (what a mistake!) So I was not happy with that… After years, when I was doing MSc, I bought Clinique’s three step program (no.3) the cleanser wa good, but tonic was a mess and the moisturizer was not enough, so I really disliked Clinique and cooled off from the brand entirely (at least for a few years too :)) Then next year I gave them another chance(like they needed one from me :P) the lipsticks were amazing, I really liked their foundation and the two brushed mascara, however I hated their another moisturizer as well (I don’t remember the name, I believe it was fused with antioxidants!) But after your review I gave a chance to moisture surge and it is a lovely moisturizer I use it daily, and after that I gave a chance to their BB Cream, and guess what?! It’s great too :) So basically, I really like them as a makeup brand (except for eyeshadow :S) and so so as a skincare brand!

  30. First purchase : 3 Step in Type 2 & High Impact Mascara 
    I wasn’t very impressed with either of my choices and it is very expensive in Australia. Their products are hit or miss and they don’t stand out very well so I tend to avoid Clinique.

  31. Clinique and I go way way back…first dept store brand purchase prior to the Chanels, YSL, Estee, Sisley  and all those discontinued brands in between, way before Sephora, MAC …I had bad case of acne then..so I bought this liquid foundation for oily skin…bought the shadows, blushers, eye pencils,  the entire kitchen sink…and got loads of free gifts in the interim…This was over 30 years ago…when I was 14 and a freshman in high school.
    Can you believe the powder blusher was actually .40 oz.?   I dont think Clinique products have a lasting quality.  I dont like the 3 step…strips away the natural skin oil.  I didnt think the lip products were great.
    It is  just that it was my introduction to makeup….Alot of girls in high school wore Clinique…
    Those ladies at the counter were really nice to me, dress in a lab coat…and willing to put makeup on me to help me decide a color.
    Today, I dont hate Clinique, but it just doesnt appeal to me. 

  32. AlexSteproe

    The first ever makeup products I used were Clinique! My mom always felt Clinique was the best line for your skin. I used to use the soft finish powders but the lightest color was hard to find and still was a bit too dark for me. Im just that pale. 😛

  33. Leticia

    Clinique!! Like jenmhilton, I am glad you mentioned them here in Beautiful Beginnings. The first product I bought was a three color lipstick palette that I loved and took with me everywhere. I then got a brown pencil eyeliner that on the other side had a sponge dipped in eyeshadow (which was inside the cap) – I absolutely looooved that product! Afterwards I got the 3 step system and it worked great – my skin’s condition improved, I got much less breakouts, a more even tone and my cheeks were no longer dry. I’ve really liked every product I have bought from Clinique – like you said, Christine, I believe that with nothing over the top, their products deliver. Even today, all my skin care products are Clinique – I have had no reason to look for something else. Their Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is the most wonderful moisturizer and I cannot rave enough about their Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss. I cannot live without these two products!
    I also love their makeup line. If I were not a makeup addict, I could be perfectly happy wearing only Clinique products. Their foundations are very good, always natural and light and never pore-clogging. I especially enjoy their Super Powder Double Face Makeup and their Almost Powder Makeup. I really like their Lash Doubling Mascara, which is still one of my all-time favorites and which I have repurchased numerous times. Their Lash Power, High Impact and High Impact Curling are great mascaras as well. I love their Cream Shapers for Eyes, which are so pigmented and creamy but long lasting. Egyptian is an amazing shade and Chocolate Lustre is a must have in my stash. And their lipsticks – Wow!!! I love how pigmented and comfortable to wear they are and a bonus: no taste or smell!! Their Butter Shine LS are so creamy and pigmented I cannot get enough and their Long Last LS are so comfortable to wear and really long lasting – IMO, the feel is very similar to Lancome’s Rouge in Love.
    I especially love that you get high end quality for a reasonable price. I can honestly say I´ve never felt ripped off or disappointed with Clinique, which is definitely my favorite cosmetic brand!

  34. Wendy Ervin

    My Grandmother started me on 3-Step at 12, she had me sit in that white chair and I was hooked! I loved it so much I eventually became a Counter Manager for the brand at Macy’s. Over the years my skin has changed so much that I don’t even use it anymore…sad really.