Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with China Glaze

What was the first China Glaze product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first China Glaze product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  I’ve been in love with China Glaze since I first tried it! My initial shades were Tree Hugger and Secret Peri-winkle. Then it was the Rodeo Diva collection where I loved Wagon Trail. Cheap, good formula, and huge color range–what’s not to love?

Share your first time experiences with China Glaze in the comments! :)

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37 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with China Glaze

  1. Mandie

    You have Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals products pictured for this post!

  2. madeange

    I love China Glaze! First color I owned was Starboard, back when Jade colored nails were “it”. China glaze colors are usually nice and opaque. Can’t really comment on the duration because I change my nail color almost every other day! My fav nail colors ever has to be Secret Peri-Wink-Le!

  3. Natsume

    I LOVE China Glaze!   My first polish was Virtual Violet, and ever since my collection has expanded. x3 <3   My favorite polish has to be It’s Alive. It’s just the perfect green glitter polish.. I’m addicted to glitter polishes.

  4. litlaur

    My first China Glaze polish was For Audrey, and it pretty much became an instant favorite. These days I spend more on smaller brands (like Cult Nails and RBL), but I still love China Glaze.

  5. JillBaldwin

    China Glaze is definitely one of my top three nail polish brands (with Zoya and Orly). My introduction to CG was Ruby Pumps, at a nail salon getting a pedicure with my mom. I can’t really pick a favorite color, but like you, I ADORE the Rodeo Diva collection! I have entirely too many CG polishes for my own good (my husband would agree). Most recent additions to the collection are the Prismatic collection and a single of Strawberry Fields (LOVE this one! great for summer).

  6. Lauren13

    My first china glaze polish was Ruby Slippers.  I really like that one, as well as Strawberry Fields.  However, overall, I don’t really LOVE China Glaze.  The staying power is meh.  Plus, I’ve gotten several colors that are difficult to work with and take forever to dry.  I’m mainly an OPI girl, though I like Zoya too.

  7. Ana

    CG is my favorite nailpolish brand! I’m always following the collections and buying bottles, I tried them 2 years ago and my first shades were coconut kiss and shower together, my favorite shade is for audrey!

  8. Raindrop

    China Glaze is not easy to get in Germany (unless you order from the US), but I really wanted Sea Spray, because I loved the swatches I’ve seen online. So I went to a distributor for professionals and paid ~12$ for the bottle. But it was love at first sight 😀

  9. kathrynvm

    I think my first one was Ruby Pumps and I was hooked!  I went back and got Spontaneous, Innocence, For Audrey, and Lemon Fizz.  Now I have the whole Anchors Away collection as well.

  10. I LOVE China Glaze. It probably is my favorite brand because it really does seem like they cater and listen to all us nail enthusiasts. My first China Glaze I ever bought was Fortune Teller and it is still one of my favorites.

  11. My first CG polish was Skyscraper! It is amazing, I love it so much! And now CG is one of my favorite brands.

  12. Greenbergl

    My first was Coral Star and I loved it so much that over the next week or so I bought 3 more CG polishes (grape juice, rainbow, and for audrey). My collection is around 27-30 now.

  13. Makaegan

    China Glaze is by far my absolute favorite nail brand. My first shades (they were BOGO at Sally’s) were Shocking Pink and Watermelon Rind. I didn’t like the color of Watermelon Rind as it didn’t go with my skintone, but I was HOOKED when I put on Shocking Pink! I’ve never been able to get into OPI or Essie–they’re too thick and they *never* dry–but China Glaze, to me, is perfect as far as formula goes. I haven’t had one bad one yet!

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    The first time I used China Glaze was probably when I used to get my nails done at the salon. Their brands were always limited to China Glaze, OPI, Essie, and Misa. I have no idea what the first color I tried or purchased was. I really like their color selection but on me they don’t last as long as Essie or Illamasqua. 

  15. Jennifer Moreno

    My first one was Ruby Pumps and I still absolutely love this color! Then I bought In Awe of Amber, For Audrey, and Little Drummer Boy which is one of the best midnight blues in my collection! Now I own about 10 bottles of China Glaze!

  16. Oh my I don’t remember which was my first, all I know is that now I have 30+… I love love love China Glaze, it’s personally my favorite polish brand.  I’m eagerly waiting for the new summer neon collection to come out!!

  17. Sher

    My first CG nail polish was Turned Up Turquoise, and I’ve been addicted since.  It’s one of my go-to staples; I can probably blame my polish addiction to CG. LOL  They wear wonderfully, and love how they’re free of formaldehyde.  So many of my nail polishes are CG now; to the point that I called stores to track down ‘Fast Track’ and ‘Lux & Lush’ from the Hunger Games collection.

  18. indigoangel258

    My first China Glaze was Platinum Silver. It was a *disaster*!!  It was so goopy, impossible to apply and it never fully dried! I was denting the polish 24 hours later and had to remove it and threw the bottle out. It definitely put me off of China Glaze for awhile. Mind you that was about 3 years ago and I currently own about 46 China Glaze polishes; so I did eventually learn not all CG polishes are that bad! 😉

  19. PamelaH

    My first CG was For Audrey & then it went from there to many more…LOL. Mof I just stopped by Sally’s a few minutes ago & picked up White Cap & Fairy Dust. So far the only one that I’ve gotten that I didn’t like was Peachy Keen. I bought Chachacha not long ago & it was a b*tch to apply. Streaky as heck, but once I got it right I love the color.

  20. The first time I ever used China Glaze was when I bought one of their basic black nail polishes. I have no clue what it’s name was because it ended up getting ruined and I threw it away. I wasn’t immediately in love with the brand after using it. I didn’t really fall in love with CG until I bought two of their Crackle polishes (“Cracked Concrete” and “Crushed Candy”). After that, I got “For Audrey” and “Shower Together”. I love them all and I’m definitely keeping them until the bottles are empty!

  21. My first China Glaze polish was Spontaneous! Within the next 6 months, I had ~20 more. They are my favorite brand of nail polish. They really seem to listen to their fans and they always put out adventurous collections. The formula is good and very consistent.

  22. My first China Glaze = Harvest Moon and while I adore their colour choices, I do not get the wear I get from OPI, Zoya, or Dior (a personal fav).  I will still purchase the odd CG just for the sake of buying a really interesting or funky colour because I have to say their range is impressive.

  23. Quinctia

    I think my first China Glaze was For Audrey, which everyone online raves about.  I didn’t like it–I just really don’t get into cream polishes.  I haven’t let that keep me from the brand, I have several of their shimmers and glitters, though I can’t remember the names off the top of my head.  I like anything sparkly, and theirs have a good formula!

  24. Marian57

    My first China Glaze was “Naked”. I still love it. It’s my perfect pink!

  25. Nailsneverfails

    My first china glaze was Ruby Pumps and Gussied up green! I’ve been hooked ever since!

  26. beachgal

    Gosh –  I think my first CG was back in the 90’s – old bottle form. It was an apricot cream which was a huge fad then pre Fr and Am mani days. I don’t still have that bottle as I purged my collection and only kept OPI shades that I thought I would wear when I needed to way downsize for a move. Now I find I need to downsize again and again! I think I re-discovered China Glaze when we finally got Sally’s into my area 1 yr ago. Prior to that I bought a few off eBay starting with shades from 2008.

  27. Kathy

    My first China Glaze polishes were Ruby Pumps, Awakening, Blue Sparrow, and For Audrey.  From then on, I was in love.  China Glaze is my #1 favorite polish brand.  They’re cheaper than most drugstore polishes, and yet they have some of the most unique colors with amazing quality.  Can’t beat that!

  28. Linda

    My first was Dorothy Who a blue jelly glitter. Super pretty, and since then it’s one of my fav polish brand.

  29. avamiav

    Channelesque!  I used to be OPI loyal, but Essie and China Glaze have come out with such interesting collections, I’m favoring Essie at the moment, but just picked up some CG summer neons <3

  30. Snakes in the basket

    my first one was Ahoy! It was actually the first nail polish that i HAD to have. Usually i would just go to the store and look at the bottles and pich one, but this time i knew i needed it as soon as a saw a swatch on the internet.
    still very happy with it :)

  31. Chester_99

    Lemon Fizz was my first China Glaze love! It got me hooked on their good quality and the huge range of colors made it easy for me to own almost 70 shades now.

  32. Daniellenm30

    I’m trying to remember what my first China Glaze color was. It may have been Entourage. China Glaze definitely has the most unique colors and the nicest selection of greens. They are my favorite brand of polish… and I cannot wait for the new Summer Neons collection!

  33. stefffie78

    Shower Together! still one of my faves!

  34. Nikki3184

    CG is my fave polish brand, hands down. My first one was Tree Hugger and I’m at 100+ bottles now. It’s hard to pick an absolute fave within the brand, but For Audrey is an undeniable classic. My favorite collection as a whole has to be Up & Away, with Christmas 2010 Tis the Season to be Naughty & Nice in a very close second.

  35. EnchantedDaisy

    I was looking for a festive red for Christmastime a few years back, and Ruby Pumps by China Glaze looked awesome in the bottle. It was the first CG I had tried. I had previously been very disappointed in drugstore brands coming out way lighter than they were in the bottle, but I was hoping a upgrade in price meant an upgrade in quality as well.  It was!  I love CG colors, quality and the brushes! It also gave me hope to buy other mid-range brands like Orly, and OPI. Loving them as well. I now have a tidy collection of about 5 CG polishes: including my favorites- Ruby Pumps, and Riveter Rouge.

  36. MichanAlistairMuggleborn

    The first China Glaze polish I got was Kiwi Cool-Ada~
    I’ve still only owned Sun Worshipper and Ruby Pumps after that… I really need to get more polish. >.<

  37. Nikki

    I have always been a fan of professional pedicures, but one day last year I decided I wanted to attempt to do my own, but I didn’t have any polish.  So as always, I grabbed my laptop to Google a great brand, and China Glaze swatches immediately and repeatedly came up.  I was intrigued by the shade range and the fact that I hadn’t heard of the brand, so I grabbed my keys and ran to Sally’s Beauty supply to check out the inventory in person.  I only bought one shade, Spontaneous, a decent medium purple.  I wasn’t that impressed with the basic color, but the formula was amazing.  It was so opaque that I could have gotten away with one coat really.  Also, the creme formula was so shiny that I didn’t need a top coat either.  The wear was nice as well.  With all these positives, I had to try other shades, so slowly but surely, I have added the following shades to my small collection: Peachykeen, Re-fresh mint, Innocence, and Custom Kicks.  I really love them all!  I still get my regular manicures and pedicures (manis and pedis are my only true “me” time), but now I take my own polish because I literally cannot stop collecting this brand! Plus, I like to touch up my nails when there is a chip.  China Glaze is the only brand of nail polish I use now! I cannot wait to get more!